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Keeping our spirits up

Hey there, fellow isolators! Are you going stir crazy yet? My biggest regret is not feeling like I can safely walk to the park or the beach (nevermind that all the parks and beaches have been closed…it would still be … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Been MIA….

(For you non-Americans, that stands for “missing in action.”) Hey there. I know I’ve been a bit absent of late, and I apologize. Things have been very busy, but also very stressful. I’ve been going through some stuff, and some … Continue reading

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Who Knew?

First of all, let me put a disclaimer out there: I come from a generation that looked at Shane from the “L Word”: …and would think, “She’s an attractive woman…if only she would fix her hair!” 😀 Okay, maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Since we didn’t get blown up….

Warning: This has nothing to do with TTWD. And it might be kind of a downer. Feel free to skip it if you’d rather not read a serious post. Some of you might have heard there was an emergency alert … Continue reading

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Are we just too boring?

It’s sometimes said that spankos are the vanillas of the kink community, and if you’re a spanko you know exactly what that means. Compared to many other BDSM practices, simple OTK palm-to-bottom action seems relatively mild. And while there are … Continue reading

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Great post on Indy’s site

More about governesses, though of an intellectual bent, rather than fiction fantasy. 🙂  Indy brought up some interesting points about F/F fiction and relationships. Check it out here: More on Governesses, Dammit. What do you guys think? Do women like … Continue reading

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So What is Submission, Really?

A couple of disclaimers before I get into a potentially thorny subject: First, I’m going to be making sweeping statements about human nature and ideal ways to evolve. I will also be discussing a recent RL incident, and some of … Continue reading

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