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A couple of implement recommendations

As some of you know, I have a mini collection of implements. But I have to admit that most of them don’t get used regularly, and that my favorite implement is still my sturdy right palm. 😀  However sometimes you … Continue reading

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So What is Submission, Really?

A couple of disclaimers before I get into a potentially thorny subject: First, I’m going to be making sweeping statements about human nature and ideal ways to evolve. I will also be discussing a recent RL incident, and some of … Continue reading

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So…the Cane!

I hesitated about posting on this subject, because I’m sure I won’t be saying anything new. Lots of people have discussed it before this…it’s been an implement of correction for hundreds of years. What’s more, I have very little direct … Continue reading

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One of the few times you’ll hear me sympathize with brats….

So I cleaned for days (not full out, except for one day, but a little each day for a week), getting ready for TMT’s visit. Very thoroughly. Everything that could be dusted was dusted. Walls, ceilings, light fixtures and stuffed … Continue reading

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Not a story…

But it is something, at least. 🙂 This little fantasy was inspired by a couple of things, including a hot-looking wooden implement and a remark made by my sometimes-top, intending to help me with my current writer’s block. Although her … Continue reading

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Great news!

My friend Pippin has created a beautiful site, which will be a repository of a multitude of F/F kink material! Something long overdue, and something which I know will be of interest to you naughty readers out there. 😀 She … Continue reading

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The Tao of a Top

Fizzy recently used a phrase in one of her forum posts — she referred to “the Tao of Tops” — and it made me wonder if there was such a thing. According to Wikipedia, “Tao or dao is a Chinese … Continue reading

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