Happy King Kamehameha Day!

Kamehameha I was the indigenous warrior who united all the Hawaiian Islands under one kingdom in the early 19th century. My chief reason for mentioning it now is that I have a holiday from work and am going to celebrate!  😀

One treat I have for you is a new story from Woodsy, the same talented writer who gave you a spanking poem several weeks ago. I was happy to see the same things I loved in his poetry were present in his stories — an authenticity of emotion and sense of playfulness, for example.

Anyway, here’s a link to the story on his blog. Enjoy, and let him know how much you liked it: The Torch Hands.

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If You Could Go Back

I read an amazing poem today, and want to share it with you. It’s called “If You Could Go Back” by Danny Bryck:

I know, I know
If you could go back you
would walk with Jesus
You would march with King
Maybe assassinate Hitler
At least hide Jews in your basement
It would all be clear to you
But people then, just like you
were baffled, had bills
to pay and children they didn’t
understand and they too
were so desperate for normalcy
they made anything normal
Even turning everything inside out
Even killing, and killing, and it’s easy
for turning the other cheek
to be looking the other way, for walking
to be talking, and they hid
in their houses
and watched it on television, when they had television,
and wrung their hands
or didn’t, and your hands
are just like theirs. Lined, permeable,
small, and you
would follow Caesar, and quote McCarthy, and Hoover, and you would want
to make Germany great again
Because you are afraid, and your
parents are sick, and your
job pays shit and where’s your
dignity? Just a little dignity and those kids sitting down in the highway,
and chaining themselves to
buildings, what’s their fucking problem? And that kid
That’s King. And this is Selma. And Berlin. And Jerusalem. And now
is when they need you to be brave.
is when we need you to go back
and forget everything you know
and give up the things you’re chained to
and make it look so easy in your
grandkids’ history books (they should still have them, kinehora)
is when it will all be clear to them.

–Danny Bryck

Be nice to each other, okay? We’re all struggling with stuff, and we all want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. Aloha, Alyx
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Keeping our spirits up

Hey there, fellow isolators! Are you going stir crazy yet? My biggest regret is not feeling like I can safely walk to the park or the beach (nevermind that all the parks and beaches have been closed…it would still be nice to get some exercise by walking to them).

But here are a couple of things which brought some cheer into my life. Credit the first one to Mil, who sent me the link from Facebook (which I don’t use). It brought tears to my eyes. So viruses can spread all over the world, but so can music:


This second thing is a free course offered by Yale University online. It starts today, and I’m one of the world’s worst students, but I am going to try it out. Who’s with me? 🙂


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A cool spank poem (not mine!) and more

Hey there. I hope this post finds you well. I want to be upbeat and positive, but to be honest I’m scared as heck. Every day I read stuff about people refusing to take this pandemic seriously, or not understanding the term “exponential growth.” When something is growing exponentially, it has the potential of reaching enormous amounts in a very short time, even if it seems to start out very slowly.

If I asked you to give a penny the first day, 2 cents the second day, 4 cents the third day, etc., for a month — in other words doubling the amount you gave me each day — do you realize you’d be paying me over $10 million on the 31st?? It’s crazy! So please, please, PLEASE do take this seriously. If not for yourself, then for all the people who are even more at risk and would probably be the very ones “sacrificed” if we have to triage health care because we don’t have enough supplies and beds for everyone.

I’m staying indoors because I am in a couple of “higher risk” groups. But if other people are running around and passing it on (without knowing it), or contaminating the areas I MUST go (like stores to buy food), I will not be pleased. *sigh* Okay, enough growling — I promised you a poem, didn’t I? 🙂

I was surprised to read a poem about spanking which was both hot and moving, and avoided cliches. I was even more surprised to find it female-focused when written by a man. But if you can’t put aside assumptions and embrace diversity in a pandemic, then when the hell else can you do it! 😀

Woodsy said: “…this was just me turning the kind of poetic storytelling stuff I sometimes do to… like I say, kind of a cosmic spank theme (I figured what the hell, throw the universe in), after a sort of half dream one sleepless night…  and I thought a poem might be a novelty….”

I thought it was brilliant. And if you want to check out more of his work (albeit not spanking related), I will post a link to his blog at the end. So without further ado, here it is:

A spanked and starlit kind of girl

In you,
I’ve fallen beyond my universe…

into a sore and glowing place,
where all the injustice
of galactic collapse,
all the guilt
of withered moons,
all those mean,
unseeing worlds
and all indifferent trails of dust
are paddled raw
and swept aside

by the
swift and overwhelming sting
of your comet palm,
swinging out of orbit
to crash
like my own personal apocalypse
across my lunar surface.

I’m a space girl,
and lost
in a blue floating dance
across the simple,
loving tribute of your lap.

Caught out in mischief
and marched across the cosmos
in disgrace,
I kick and I howl across your knee,
free at last
to dissolve.

I am a spanked
and reborn thing,
hungry for the humiliation of your smacks,
the throbbing
of a defeated bottom,
glowing in its own starlight.

I wait,
aching for more,
stung by the pause
and desperate for a spanking
that’ll make the whole galaxy spin backwards.

I wait,
pink and tender
in the eye of my own perfect storm,
and your hand lands
like space dust woven out of mist…

stroking and gentle,
a wave of fingertips, rolling out to sea…

so barely stated,
it leaves hardly a ripple on the ocean glass
of my burning,
desperate rear –

and yet…

and yet…


I arch my back beneath your grip
and I stretch and I struggle
and I yelp and I yowl,
like a dam bursting…

straight into your embrace.

You smile at my ecstatic,

and the spanking begins again in earnest.

Suddenly, I am rediscovered…

even here, in the universe of the dispossessed.

OW!  OW! OW! OW! OW!

I am home…

and now the stars are singing my song.

— Woodsy

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Oh you lucky readers!

Hey there lovers of lesbian romance! I just got some great news, which I am very happy to be able to share with you. Those of us who appreciate a good F/F spanking story will be familiar with the author Leandra Summers. Her “Emily’s Choice” story contained the single hottest beginning paragraph of any TTWD story I’ve ever read! 😀

In the past she’s made her books available for free so that readers can get a taste of her work, and I have to admit I am one of those lucky readers who took advantage of her generosity. 😉

Well, she’s doing it again, this time with a new romance book she’s written. Although it’s more lesbian romance than lesbian spanking romance, she says it does “still contain the elements of one partner being more dominant than the other. One part does contain a very mild spanking.”

The free download will be available for one day only, Monday, March 16. So go grab yourselves a copy, and to show your appreciation be sure to leave a review! Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085WVJD5T

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A gift that keeps on giving

Christmas may have passed, but the celebration continues! I was surprised a couple of days ago by a drawing from a villager of long ago — ABC! I knew she was a brat and a rascal, but I never knew she had such artistic talent! And it turns out it’s all “natural,” as she’s never taken an art class…amazing. I have to say, the drawing looks wincingly realistic to me, and I really hope she continues to warm our…uh…hearts  😀  with illustrations like this one!

Find it on the Links page, or click here to see her art: After Caning. And let her know how much we appreciate gifts like these! 🙂

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Another lurker with a new story!

I think this might be a record for the number of new submissions (and you all do know how much I love submissions 😉 ) for the holiday exchange! Another lurking villager who writes under the name of Nicky Read says she has a story for us this year, and hopes to have more work soon on her blog. What good news for us F/F kink fans! Please do check it out and let her know how much we love people de-lurking just to give us gifts. 😀

You can find the story listed on the Links page, or go directly to Nicky’s blog with this link: Two is good. Three is better.

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So now the naughty presents are coming in….

😀  Just kidding! This is a very nice present from a scamp I haven’t heard from in a long time. I’m happy to have her participation in our holiday exchange, and you will be too once you read her story. You know the drill: you can find it on the Links page, or access the story directly with this link: Sam’s Secret Santa.  Thanks as always for your encouragement of our authors and gift-givers…your appreciation means the world to us. 🙂

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Another Unexpected Gift

This one was unexpected in more than one way, but you’ll see what I mean if you read my comment on her blog. 🙂  Thanks to Ellie for participating and gifting us with this story, and a reminder to everyone of how much these authors enjoy your appreciation of their work. It’s the kind of gift that benefits both the giver and receiver. 🙂

As always, find a link on the Xmas Exchange page, or click to go directly to her site: Santa’s Cookies.

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You know it’s going to be a good year….

When your New Year starts with a new story from Claire Britain! Yes, she has put another gift under the tree, and I know all her fans are cheering. 🙂  You can find it on the Links page, or click here to go directly to the story on the Wayward Angels site: Holiday Intervention – Part 2. (She sent me the wrong link — are you listening, Claire’s top? 😀 — but luckily I was able to figure it out!)

Be sure to let her know how happy we are to see the continuation of this story, as well as any new work from her!

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