Are we just too boring?

It’s sometimes said that spankos are the vanillas of the kink community, and if you’re a spanko you know exactly what that means. Compared to many other BDSM practices, simple OTK palm-to-bottom action seems relatively mild. And while there are obviously lots of overlapping practices (playing with bondage or whipping or age-play, etc.), most of the time a spanko’s main interest and source of arousal is the act of spanking itself. The rest — like lecturing, corner time, mouth-soaping, etc. — is erotic only to the extent that it showcases or leads up to the main event.

I’m not saying that watching an authoritative woman (or man) on screen, or reading about them in a story, is not sexy in itself — it definitely is. But if s/he never delivers a spanking, one’s interest would wane, right? Well, mine would. *g* However what we consider “the main event” is apparently not interesting enough to carry a plot….or is it?

This is what I was pondering while being frustrated over the kinds of kink films which have been available to spankos. I’m not talking about the vids you can find on Spanking Tube or the ones made especially for this audience by the likes of Chelsea Pfeiffer or Pandora Blake. I’m talking about mainstream movies, the likes of which include “Secretary,” “Fifty Shades of Grey,” or most recently, “The Duke of Burgundy.”

Full disclosure: I’ve never seen “Secretary,” my DVD player wasn’t working properly during  “Fifty Shades of Grey” so the sound was off and I had to rely on subtitles, and I’ve only just (like last night) seen “The Duke of Burgundy.” So perhaps I’m not qualified to speak on this topic, but that’s never stopped me from having an opinion before. *g*

And seriously, I do think my point is a valid one, regardless: That it doesn’t seem as if producers believe a film about normal average people who just happen to have a kink would appeal to the masses. So the films are about people who are somehow “damaged,” have deep emotional scars, or whose thinking or psyche is twisted in some way.

I am not saying that having baggage makes one not “normal,” because goodness knows we all have baggage and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But what bothers me is that such individuals and their kinks will naturally be associated with each other in the minds of most viewers. That is, because those are the only sorts of films covering the subject, it will be assumed that people who are kinky are that way due to some sort of emotional scarring.

It would be different if there were also films who portrayed relatively well-adjusted people who happened to be kinky as well. It’s not the existence of those very odd women in “The Duke of Burgundy” I object to, it’s the NON-existence of any other kind of kinky lesbian relationship to compare them with.

But then maybe a story about a domestic discipline couple just wouldn’t sell, unless they also had some weird “hook” about them. Maybe the romance of spanking isn’t enough — maybe there has to be beautifully photographed shots of insects* interspersed with the discipline in order to set the tone of how twisted the lifestyle is beneath it all. (*This, in case you haven’t seen it, is a shot at “The Duke of Burgundy.” And brats, if you ever want to make your tops appreciate you more, then take them to this movie. Unless you’re self-centered, controlling, emotionally immature, and into golden showers, in which case it’ll be nothing new for them.)

So then I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of movie we could make, which would sell and still portray us as balanced individuals. Maybe a couple of lesbians in the Old West? You could have top/brat and cowgirls and leather all in one. Or maybe the “turning” of someone completely vanilla into a rabid spankophile? Then the dramatic tension would come from the delicious confusion and eventual arousal of someone very new to the lifestyle. Or set an everyday couple in a compelling situation, like having to survive in some dystopian future, and make sure one tans the other’s behind at regular intervals.😀

Any other ideas out there? With all the creative F/F spanko writers in this community, surely we can come up with something! Maybe some rich lesbian spanko will read this and want to fund the project. Or even…..Kickstarter, anyone?😉

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Yup, that long-awaited event is here: TMT published a new story! You can find it on her blog, on the Links page of my blog, or just use this link: Let Nothing Ye Dismay. Be sure to let her know how much you liked her gift–  *breaking off as I am trampled by people rushing to read*  Uh…nevermind.😀

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Well, it’s not a Christmas story…

but it is a Christmas present (albeit belated). Thanks to everyone for being so patient, and to everyone who participated in this year’s Xmas exchange. My story is up, and dedicated to all the citizens of the Global Village. (TMT: tag, you’re it!😀 )

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Another gift is up!

Ash has posted her story (which those of you who follow her already know), and she said it came out a bit longer than she intended, but figures most people won’t mind. I’m sure of that too.  :D  Go check it out here: A Wolfy Christmas, and be sure to leave a comment on her blog to let her know how much you liked it!

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Merry Christmas Eve!

And Merry Christmas to some of you in parts of the world ahead of mine! :D  (Not to mention Kwanzaa or Festivus or any other holidays you celebrate, including Hanukkah, which ended last week.)

We have 3 more gifts to share, and I’m feeling really blessed by the wealth of talent. :)  First Peach has submitted a new story for us to enjoy, a “pre-quel” of last year’s story, with her trademark naughty humor. I know all her fans will be thrilled, so go check it out here: An Early Xmas Present, and let her know how much you liked it.

Next Beck has also written a new story, with the same characters that have become familiar to (and beloved by) many of us. It’s great to have a new writing “voice” creating the F/F stories we love (even if she does have a habit of using up all the best androgynous character names….just kidding😉 ). Go check out her story on her blog: Part 2: Christmas Miracle, and also let her know how much you liked it.

Finally, we have a gift from Bystander, which was a lovely surprise. Not a surprise that she would write a beautifully moving story, but it was unexpected to have her participation. By, I hope you will continue to surprise us like that!  :)   Check out her story here: Angels and Allowances, and be sure to give her the encouragement which will make sure she keeps on coming back!

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Another gift for us!

And I really must commend this villager on her creativity! Hupotasso has gifted us with something especially fun this year, so be sure to check it out: Hupo’s gift.

So all of you who say you can’t write a story — now you have no excuse!😀

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Ho, ho, ho!

Is it that time of year again?! Has it really been a whole year since I posted anything?! Good grief, someone SPANK the blogmistress!😀

*cough* Ahem.

Let there be tidings of great joy, for tonight, on the Links page, is posted our first story of the annual Christmas exchange! Yay Tigger! Go check it out and tell her how much you like it!

I’m expecting more stories and links to stories to follow, including *fingers crossed* my own humble effort. It’s been a tough year for a lot of folks, and it warms my heart that people are sharing their talents for all of us to enjoy.🙂

And btw, it’s not too late to send something in! This year, due to the difficult circumstances all around, I’m accepting gifts till Boxing Day. It doesn’t have to be a story either — a poem, a song, some artwork — we’d love to have you participate. So get going!

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