One good whack deserves another….

Okay, okay, I know that’s not how the saying goes. But it’s still true. 😉  And even more so when it comes to good anthologies. So without further ado, let me pass on some great news from spanko fiction writer Clare Britain:

‘Second’ Call For Submissions

Last summer we published an amazing anthology of Lesbian Spanking Fiction… and this year, we want to do it again! Yes, we are going for round two.   And guess what?  That is also our theme – Seconds.

We are looking for stories from 4k-10k words that deal with the theme of seconds.  That’s to say, second chances, second time, second helpings, second date, seconds on a clock … the way you interpret that is up to you. You can twist it anyway you want, and as you saw from the submission last year, we know you can all get creative.

So, it’s that time of year again.  Open those word processing programs and get started!

Submission deadline will be July 1, 2018 and like the last book it will be edited by Stardawn Cabot and Claire Britain and will be published with the proceeds going to a charitable organization.  Our first Anthology, Fourteen Firsts: An Anthology of Lesbian Spanking Fiction, to date has sold nearly 600 books and raised hundreds of dollars that went (and is still going) toward the Red Cross, especially toward those that were affected by the devastating hurricanes last year.

If you are interested, please contact Stardawn Cabot or Claire Britain and let us know.  We will eventually need your full manuscript in a .doc file, a short bio, and links to your blog or author page (if you have one).

Happy writing everyone!  We are looking forward to all the wonderful stories you create!

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Who Knew?

First of all, let me put a disclaimer out there: I come from a generation that looked at Shane from the “L Word”:Shane, The L Word

…and would think, “She’s an attractive woman…if only she would fix her hair!” 😀

Okay, maybe it’s not a generational thing. Because I’m sure there are women my age who are more stylish and trendy, and who think that look is hot. So it’s more of a “conservative me” thing. Now I’m the most progressive and liberal person politically. But when it comes to “fashion” I’m definitely behind the times. And to be honest it hasn’t bothered me for years. I’m just me, and I’m fine with that.

But now I’m with a woman who’s much younger than I am, and though she accepts me fully the way I am, she has been trying recently to “update” my look, especially when it comes to my hair. It’s been quite a revelation.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t leave the house unless my part was perfectly straight. One hair out of place and it would bug me no end. As I grew older I loosened up about that a tiny bit, but I still would never leave the house with my hair messy. In fact, I thought everyone was like that. If I saw someone with their hair out of place, I would think it was because they didn’t realize it. I felt sorry for them that no one had pointed it out before they left the house, like I would do for my lover.

Now I’m dating an artist, and she wears her hair like Shane. And I’ve come to realize (through several conversations) that this look is not only not a mistake, but that it takes some effort to achieve. Mil has assured me that people spend a lot of time and money to attain the look of not caring at all what their hair looks like. (And bless her, she does find the irony of it quite funny too.)

So I let her mess with my own hair, and I mean that quite literally. I let her put “product” in it (BTW, the wordsmith in me cringes at using the noun this way, and it’s disconcerting to find these products have names with “clay” and “wax” in them), and achieve the look which she assures me is much nicer than my own carefully blow-dried effect, which she calls “80s lesbian hair.”

Her (scrunching and tossing my locks around): There! That looks great!
Me (incredulous): Really?? It’s SUPPOSED to look like I just got out of bed and didn’t fix my hair?!
Her: It doesn’t look like that. But at least it doesn’t look like your grandmother used her curling iron on it.
Me: Whaat?! Are you serious??
Her (chuckling): Sorry, not really. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” That’s like something they would say.

And I would go out into the world, and would feel the urge to fix my hair every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror, but eventually I got kind of used to it. And I liked it. But I didn’t really like the perfumey smell of the product she used.

Her: Oh, I should let you use my salt spray, that doesn’t smell as strong.
Me (again incredulous): You mean there’s a product that creates the same effect as when you go swimming and don’t rinse off well enough?! *shudder* I HATE that feeling!
Her: *laughing*

Another time, seeing my hair after I woke up:

Her: You brushed it, didn’t you?
Me: Of course I brushed it! Having that product in it made it stick up all over the place!
Her: Come here, let me fix it. *proceeds to add more product and create as many clumps as possible* There, that’s better. Eventually you won’t have to add any more product…it’ll just do it on its own.
Me (horrified): Well, I should think so! If you add enough cement dust to anything you can build a wall.

Okay, I didn’t say that last bit. But I THOUGHT it. As I said, it’s been quite a revelation, but I am enjoying it. It’s funny how much my early training is being stood on its head (so to speak) and it feels good to loosen things up. I told Mil I was going to make a blog post about the experience, but was worried it wasn’t really “on topic.”

Her recommendation? “Maybe you should write, ‘Your hair should always look like you just got spanked.’ ”

I couldn’t have said it any better. 😀

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The gift that keeps on giving…

Good news! Christmas continues with another story, and the reason this is a gift that keeps on giving is that it’s only part one. 😀  So lots more spanky goodness ahead!

Beck has gifted us with another story about those kinky athletes we love, Cameron and Madison (and Reece and Sawyer). So go check it out on her blog, Beck’s Coordinates, find it on my Links page, or just click here to go straight to the story: The Game. I know you’ll be as grateful as I am that’s she’s participating this year, so be sure to let her know how much you love the story. 🙂

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Since we didn’t get blown up….

Warning: This has nothing to do with TTWD. And it might be kind of a downer. Feel free to skip it if you’d rather not read a serious post.

Some of you might have heard there was an emergency alert that went out in Hawaii yesterday morning at 8am: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” It happened because someone pushed the wrong button, creating a real alert (going out to everyone) rather than the test alert (going out to just people in the building). It took 38 minutes before they sent out another alert saying it was a mistake (although there were tweets before that from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and various government officials).

As you can imagine it caused some hysteria. People trying to hide in their bathrooms, or put their children down a storm drain. People driving through red lights, since we only have 15 minutes before it would hit. People saying goodbye to family members. Tourists hiding in basements, travelers having to go through TSA twice (since they weren’t allowed to check in the first time), people frantically trying to find out if it was a mistake. And the aftermath — sobbing by the roadside when you realize you’re not going to die after all, trying to explain to kids that we’re sort of at war even though they didn’t know it, and realizing they have to now live with a fear they never had to before.

Anger at the Idiots-in-Chief in the US and North Korea who have put us into this situation. Anger at the newbie who screwed up big time. Anger at the government because they obviously don’t have safeguards in place to prevent this (“My phone prompts me three times when I want to delete something and even then must use a passcode!”), and didn’t have a way to cancel it immediately after it happened (“There wasn’t a procedure to reverse a warning, so we had to wait for FEMA to approve a message saying it was a mistake”). They are saying at the very least someone needs to be fired for this, as it was a HUGE mistake that impacted so many lives.

Well, I beg to differ. I lost a friend yesterday. She had cancer, and she had elected to die with dignity, rather than suffer through any chemo or waiting till she was in too much pain. In other words, she took her own life.  And one of the last things she posted was: “You tell me I am an inspiration. So, be inspired, from this moment on in every conversation, think well of the person in front of you, love them even if you don’t know them, look them in the eye and tell them they are good. I heard the Dalai Lama speak once on world peace, he said just be kind to the person next to you. That’s it, that is the answer to saving the world, just be kind to the person next to you.”

We are all better than the worst mistake we have ever made. We are all capable of redemption…and forgiveness. We are all capable of greatness. We are all deserving of love. I’m very grateful today to be alive, for more than one reason. Thank you all for your support and good wishes. I so appreciate your presence in my life. 🙂

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It must be a record…

The number of post-Christmas stories I am receiving for this year’s Holiday Gift Exchange totally outnumbers the stories that were on time. But as a record number of brats are involved, I guess that’s no surprise! 😉   (Yes, yes, I know mine was late too…*SWAT!* for even planning to point that out!)

Anyway, another wonderful gift has been added to the pile under the tree. This time from Ellie, and you can find it on the Links page, or go straight to her blog, Tales of a Rogue, to find it: It Takes Three.  Be sure to let her know how much you enjoyed it. Thanks for participating, Ellie!

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Time for a Super Story

Written by a Super Brat, about a Super Brat, and featuring an appearance by SuperTop. Impossible, you say? Not at all! Because we have on the Links & Xmas Exchange page a late submission (or, as she puts it, a very very early submission) from CJ. She clearly put a lot of work into it, and I’m flattered by the cameo of Ms. Emily Winters. Trust CJ to think of a character like SuperBrat! *LOL*

Anyway, go check out her story and let her know how much you liked it. You can find it on the Links page or just click here: SuperBrat. Thanks for participating this year, CJ! 🙂

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Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

That’s Hawaiian for, “I got a story for y’all”! 😀  Okay, maybe not. But I do have a New Year’s treat for you, thanks to very welcome story by Claire Britain, whom I know is an author well-known to most of you. This is the first time she’s participating in the Christmas exchange, and I do hope it’s not the last. 🙂

She explained her story is late because she’s been battling the flu, but I assured her none of us mind, and that she’s still not the last one. (So anyone still hesitating about it, get moving! *g*)  Anyway, do let her know how much you enjoyed her gift, which you can find on the Links page, or just click here:  Holiday Intervention.

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