Holiday Exchange

Sharing a “gift” around Christmas time is a tradition that started in 2013. Over the years, many generous individuals have contributed their talents, sharing stories and poems and drawings, even crossword puzzles and music! You can find their creative endeavors below, and you can contribute to the festivity by leaving comments and encouragement. đź‘Ź 🎄

If you’d like to participate in our holiday exchange, please contact me at alyxfic @ (that’s not a link, and remove the spaces to get a proper email address).

2022 Christmas Exchange

Woodsy’s gift: Under the Cathedral Roof

Andie’s gifts: The Darcy Effect and Christmas Refit

KM’s gift: First One In Last One Off

Patti’s gift: Red Bottom Brats

Nicky’s gift: A Season to Remember

Peach’s gift: An Invitation

Mil’s gift: Pornament Xmas Card

Alyx’s gift: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Claire’s gift: The Four Day F*ck-Up

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2021 Christmas Exchange

Woodsy’s gifts: The Tiptoeing of Candlestones and The Naughty Silence of Carly’s Angels

Wookie’s gift: They’re Just Words!…

KM’s gift: That’s Seven Then…

Patti’s gift: Zero to Brat and Cookie Christmas

Nicky’s gift: Holiday Cheer

Peach’s gift: Return

Alyx’s gift: The Reminder

Robin’s gift: A Yule Adventure

Shae’s gift: The Gift of No Control

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2020 Christmas Exchange

Nicky’s gifts: Secret Diaries of a Brat #1 and Snow and Angels

Woodsy’s gift: Falling for You

Emma’s gift: Four Shillings and Sixpence: A Christmas Story

Ellie’s gift: Christmas Decorations

Patti’s gift: My Christmas time Brat

Angelica & Woodsy’s gift: A Smashing Royal Christmas

KM’s gift: Krismas with Libby

Ash’s gift: Mila Gets Two Tops

Legendarydanger’s gift: Charcoal For Christmas

Shae’s gift: A Red Christmas

Peach’s gift: In the Times of COVID-19

Xen’s gift: Wicked Girls Reprise

Mil’s gift: Mil’s Half-arsed Christmas Story

Alyx’s gift: Miki’s First Christmas

Robin’s gift: A Christmas Poem

Claire’s gift: 2020 Spanking Olympics

Beck’s gift: Wildcard

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2019 Christmas Exchange

Wookie’s gift: All I want for Christmas…

J’s gift: An Untitled Christmas Story

Peach’s gift: Dancing on Ice

Alyx’s gift: A Matter of Seconds

Ginger Wolf’s gift: The first Lunar Yule/Christmas

Xen’s gift: Wicked Girl

Sam’s gift: A Holiday Special of the Gauntlet

Claire’s gift: Holiday Intervention – Part 2

Ellie’s gift: Santa’s Cookies

CJ’s gift: Sam’s Secret Santa

Nicky’s gift: Two is good. Three is better.

ABC’s gift: After Caning

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2018 Christmas Exchange

Wookie’s gift: I Am Fine

Tigger’s gift: A Fairy Tale

Lainey’s gifts: Temple of Love, Three Colours Red

Tigger’s & Claire’s gift: Brats Survival Guide

Shae’s gift: More Holidays, More Problems

Stardawn’s gift: A Little Christmas Gift

Peach’s gift: Happy Slappy Boxing Day

Ginger Wolf’s gift: A Barracks Christmas

Beck’s gift: The Game Part 2

Special Christmas Reprise from TMT: Let Nothing Ye Dismay

Ash’s gift: Gwen and Aisling – When Lovers Match

Alyx’s gift: The Gift

Logan’s gift: From: Ma’am To: Little Bit

Ellie’s and Mishi’s gift: Brat in Business

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2017 Christmas Exchange

Wookie’s gift: Paper Warrior, (Previous comments to Wookie’s story)

Jojo’s gift: Elf Warming!

Peach’s gift: Rosy-Cheeked Christmas

Stardawn’s gift: Candy Caned

Jazz’s gift: The Fan

Alyx’s gift: Christmas in Japan

Claire’s gift: Holiday Intervention

CJ’s gift: SuperBrat

Ellie’s gift: It Takes Three

Beck’s gift: The Game (part 1)

Ash’s gift: Gwen – A Winter Tale

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2016 Christmas Exchange

ABC’s gift: The Elf on the Shelf

Micah’s gift: Irish Lace

Tigger’s gift: Tigger’s Letter to Santa

CJ’s gift: When Change is Thrust Upon Us

Peach’s gift: Maddy & Gen 5: Aloha Xmas

Mil’s gift: Getting Home

Ginger Wolf’s gift: Hope

Alyx’s gift: Helping Hand

Thanatos’s gift: Artemis and Elaine – Part 5

Aly’s gift: Asking For It

Ash’s gift: The Claus’s Clause

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2015 Christmas Exchange

Tigger’s gift: Tigger’s Christmas Show (Down)

Hupo’s gift: Global Village Holiday Crossword Puzzle

Peach’s gift: An Early Xmas Present

Beck’s gift: Part 2: Christmas Miracle

Bystander’s gift: Angels and Allowances

Ash’s gift: A Wolfy Christmas

Alyx’s gift: Miki & Me

TMT’s gift: Let Nothing Ye Dismay (blog no longer available)

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2014 Christmas Exchange

Bijou’s gift: Ruda Wakening

Micah’s gifts: Home for Christmas, Marty and Vickie – The Easter Incident

Hupo’s gift: Sharing Holiday Traditions

Tigger’s gift:Siri

CJ’s gift: A First Christmas Gift

Peach’s gift: Quantum of Holiday Solace

Beck’s gift: Christmas with Carter

Alyx’s gift: The Night Before Xmas

Kati’s gift: THREE PIECELETS (or maybe just two…), Xmas Equation Solution

Thana’s gifts: Yule Gift, Another Christmas Gift

Ash’s gift: 2014 Christmas Story

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2013 Christmas Exchange

Micah’s gift: Marty and Vickie

JB’s gift: Red

Peach’s gift: Keep the Candle Lit

Tigger’s gift: A Brat’s Night Before Christmas

Bahamagirl’s gift: A Christmas I Will Never Forget

Bystander’s gift: Memories and Realisations

Mil’s gift: The Lantern and the Christmas Beetle

Thanatos’s gift: A Fancy Christmas

Ash’s gift: Santa’s Helping Hand

Fizzy’s gift: A Long Winter’s Whack

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