Dance With Me (Intro)

confrontationDance With Me

by Casta Diva

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This story springs from the happy coincidence of discovering Debelah Morgan’s ‘Dance With Me‘ while lying in the bath and thinking, “Hmm, but what if?” If you can, listen to the song – it neatly presents the passion, humour and drama of those wonderfully mad moments in our lives when, despite ourselves, we leap into the unknown. Time frame: Season seven.

Disclaimers:  Being my first attempt at fan fiction, I solemnly declare I have absolutely no idea how to write a disclaimer…. However, all the characters belong to Paramount, except the ones who don’t, who are mine. This story is about two women who have trouble keeping their hands off each other, so if that is illegal where you live or if you are too young to do it yet, then do not read on and for heaven’s sake, if you get easily worried by such things – best switch off now. This has been fun for me to write: I hope it is a pleasure for you to read.  

Please do not archive without permission.

Note from TMT: Casta Diva is the pen name I wrote this story under and, since it is now a timepiece, I’ve kept the original introduction. My love of strong women, of unto-themselves, complicated female characters and the nuanced power struggle which happens when they clash, began here for me as a writer so it is a story I have great affection for.

My love and thanks to Alyx for her editorial patience and steely punctuation. It’s so hot when she gets like that! 🙂

1 Response to Dance With Me (Intro)

  1. Alyx says:

    You know, I’d never seen that video of Dance With Me before now! I don’t think there was a link in the story’s previous incarnation, and I’d forgotten to check it out. I like it…it’s sort of tango-fusion. 😀

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