Turning the Tables

Turning the Tables

by Alyx

As Callie chewed her on her roll she pondered the problem that was Loki. She wasn’t angry about the wasted pudding, the remnants of which would have to be washed out of her uniform later. She knew that had been an accident. But the defiant attitude which had led up to the accident worried her. After the major punishment inflicted, Callie never expected to have such an angry brat on her hands. In retrospect, the spanking in the yard might’ve been a mistake. But Callie wasn’t the type to agonize over the past. The only way through any problem was forward.

The problem in question, a warm weight against her thighs, was now tugging on her trousers.

“Aren’t you finished eating yet? The blood is pooling in my head. A person could pass out this way, you know!”

In spite of herself Callie had to laugh. “Relax, fish. I’ve had plenty of brats over my lap for a lot longer, and none of them have fainted on me yet!”

Loki subsided again with a sulky grumble. Callie drained the rest of her milk carton and came to a decision. She would take the fish back to the cell and have a heart-to-heart talk with her. While physical chastisement had its place, the brat she was in charge of now was a bit different from her past subs. This one was…sensitive. It wouldn’t hurt to take the time to make her see exactly why it was a good idea to listen to Callie.

Right at that moment, she was approached by the newbie Loki had attacked. Her name was Cindee or some such nonsense which Callie couldn’t remember, but thanks to the brat she would henceforth be known as “Weedy” in Callie’s mind. Tall and skinny, with stringy blond hair and a nasal-ish voice, she irritated Callie almost as much as she did Loki.

“Oh good, I see you found a way to keep your bitch under control,” she snickered now.

Callie felt Loki stiffen and patted her bottom warningly. “Look, Weed–, er, Cindee. Let me give you some advice. Better not to go shooting your mouth off when you don’t know everything involved, okay? I’ll keep my bitch out of your way, and you just keep out of hers, got it?”

“Sure, sure, no problem,” Weedy said with an obsequious smile. “I just thought maybe you could use this.” She held out what looked like a small pizza shovel or cutting board. “I work in the kitchen, see? We cut bread on this but I think you would find it handy for keeping that one in line!” She laid it down on the table next to Callie’s tray with an evil chuckle.

“No thanks, I have everything under control—” Callie began, but Loki had heard enough.

“You fucking bitch, I’m going to kill you!” She erupted with a furious struggling to free herself.

“Hey! Settle down!” Callie said sharply.

“Yeah, yeah, really under control, I can see that,” Cindee derided.

“Just wait, bitch, I’m going to kick your ass! You better not ever relax, because I’ll be coming after you!” Unable to rise with Callie’s strong arm holding her down, she kicked out in an attempt to reach the sneering newbie. Cindee jumped back in alarm, but continued to taunt her.

“Oh, real brave with your top there protecting you! Just bring it, bitch. Because I’ll be ready next time!”

“Cindee, shut the fuck up and get out of here!” Callie shouted, attempting to intercede between the squabbling fish. “Loki, you shut the fuck up too. If there is any fighting, I’ll kick both your asses, you hear me? Ouch, son of a bitch!” Callie let loose with a string of profanities as one of Loki’s sneakers connected solidly with her right shin. The cafeteria fell into a sudden silence.

Loki froze. Cindee scuttled off like a frightened crab. Callie sat, hunched over and breathing heavily as the throbbing in her leg gradually subsided. When it was bearable, she stood up with a growl. Fuck the talking, she had had enough.

She grabbed her brat by the collar and pulled her upright. Holding her firmly, she turned to march Loki back to their cell. Then, with a grim setting of her jaw, she reached back for the bread board. The heavy wood made an ominous scraping sound as she lifted it off the table.

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Loki protested the entire way back to the cell. “It wasn’t my fault! You saw it! That bitch came over to hassle ME!”

“Wrong.” Callie’s tone was menacing. “She came over to talk to me, and you should’ve let me handle it. You’re about to learn a lesson about keeping your temper, fish.”

Once in their cell she wasted no time in sitting on her bed and pulling Loki between her knees. Down came both trousers and underwear, then Loki was bent unceremoniously over Callie’s left knee. Callie’s right leg pinned both of Loki’s between hers – she knew once she started spanking there was no way the brat would be able to keep still.

Callie held Loki down by the back of the neck – hard. Loki had to balance on her elbows and rest her head against her forearms to prevent her forehead from touching the cold concrete floor. She felt the bread board pressed against her bottom and whimpered. It covered her from the crown of her buttocks to halfway down her thighs and felt as hard as granite.

*CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* Five times it struck her in quick succession, before Callie paused. Loki’s head whipped up in astonishment, eyes and mouth wide open. Nothing could’ve prepared her for the awful explosion of pain that solid wood makes against a vulnerable bottom. Callie was actually using moderate force, as she knew the kind of bruising a paddle could cause. But she was hitting rapidly to make up for it, building a fiery burn that had Loki bucking and wriggling as much as she could in her confined position.

Callie laid down a second set of five whacks and Loki took in a deep breath to scream. There was no way she was going to survive this torture. But the Goddess of Brats was looking out for her again, for suddenly there appeared her salvation, in the form of C.O. Henderson.

“Let her up, Lee.”

Callie stopped mid-swing, but didn’t release her prey. “Just give me another five minutes, Officer. She’s earned this spanking, I promise you.”

“I have no doubt about that,” the guard said with some amusement. “But no can do. Her lawyer is here and I’ve got orders to escort the so-called ‘Ms. Renard’ down to see him. Right now.”

Reluctantly, Callie released the brat and watched as she scrambled to right herself and restore her clothing.

“So-called? What you talking about?”

“You want to tell her, Whatever-your-name-is? Or shall I?”

The young inmate, face flushed from her spanking, suddenly paled a little. She avoided looking at Callie. “I’m not talking to anyone but my attorney.”

“Henderson, what the hell is going on?” Callie frowned in annoyance.

“Your fish here – her name’s not Loki Renard. That’s just one of the many identities she’s stolen. I guess she thought she’d keep that one. She would’ve gotten away with it too, if we hadn’t arrested the real Loki Renard two hours ago.”


“Yup. For pandering.”


Henderson nodded. “She ran a brothel. Anyway, guess this one’s lawyer needs to advise his client on how much trouble she’s in now.” She grabbed her by the arm. “Let’s go, you.”

Callie sank back down onto her bed. She felt like she had been punched in the gut. She caught the younger woman’s eye just before Henderson led her away. “You and I, we’re going to have a long talk when you get back,” she promised.

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The End

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