The Wools of Gearstick

The Wools of Gearstick

by Loki Renard

Early morning came to the Bucket earlier than other places. Perhaps it was the clanging of guards carelessly slapping batons against metal grilles, perhaps it was the atmosphere of low level anxiety that pervaded the entire place, whatever it was, Loki found herself waking up before the birds most mornings.

Wriggling around, unable to get comfortable, she decided to see if Callie was awake. Peeking across the room, Loki let out an experimental whimper.

Her eyes closed, her hands behind her head as she dozed, Callie heard the sound and smiled a satisfied smile.

Loki’s eyes narrowed. There it was, proof that Callie enjoyed the pain she’d inflicted. She liked that Loki was still hurting from the spanking. She was a big, mean, bully with no compassion at all.

It had been several days since Callie had wrenched Loki over her lap, but her ass still bore the marks of the strap, and her ego ached almost as much as her bottom did. Being in prison was no picnic, and though it wasn’t as if she’d had much respect prior to the whole exercise hour ‘incident’, at least she’d had her pride. Then Callie had seen fit to have it stripped away by two of the prison’s bulkiest inmates, and all because of a few harmless stories. It wasn’t fair, Loki thought to herself, squirming onto her side and pouting deeply at the wall.

Eventually the time for breakfast rolled around and it was with a total lack of enthusiasm that Loki dismounted from the bed and made her way to the hall of slop, limping as she walked. Half of her stilted gait was due to her backside hurting after Callie’s callous whipping, the other half was because she wanted to make sure Callie felt bad for having spanked her so very hard in front of all the other convicts.

Much to Loki’s disgust, Callie didn’t seem to care all that much about the limping or the whimpering or anything. Indeed, all Loki’s winces of pain were met with that same satisfied smile that made Loki want to do very, very bad things. Breakfast itself did not improve matters.

“Did you whip your bitch again, Callie?” an inmate called out just as Loki was about to sit down to eat. Chortles of laughter rippled through the assembled inmates and even some of the guards. Loki found herself burning bright red as she whipped her head around to see who had spoken. It was a little weedy newbie, some punk trying to gain some cred by ragging on Loki, who had now become a very visible, very easy, target.

“I’ll fucking…” Loki muttered, turning with the idea of laying the law down to the little twerp but she found herself shoved down in her seat none too gently by Callie on her way past to another table. “Save it, fish,” she said in commanding tones, giving Loki a significant look over her shoulder.

Loki did save it, only because she didn’t want another public face off with Callie. They’d done that once, and she’d lost badly, she knew well enough not to repeat the performance. She satisfied herself with flipping the weedy inmate off and making a mental note to find out who the heck she was.

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Callie sat down at her usual table with a heavy sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Velda asked Callie with a knowing smile.

Callie shook her head and jerked it back in the direction Loki was sitting. “Waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Velda looked surprised. “She’s not still giving you trouble, is she? I would have thought you’d given her all the attention she needed for a lifetime the other day.”

Callie smirked. “She’s angry. She’s looking for a reaction and she’s not getting one. Sooner or later, she’s going to do something stupid. I’ll bet my Sunday beef on it.”

“Mmm beef. If you were giving better odds, I’d take you up on that bet.”

“Exactly. I don’t know why I agreed to take her on,” Callie said, shaking her head. “She’s so much damn trouble.”

“And she’s heading this way,” Velda remarked.

Callie frowned. “Already?”

“Looks like she didn’t even touch her breakfast,” Velda noted, licking her lips.

Sure enough, Loki came half limping by a moment later.

“Hey.” Callie reached out, grasped Loki by the back of her collar and pulled her back down to sit on the bench next to her. “What are you up to, fish?”

“Nothing.” Loki put on her best face of innocence and adjusted her reading spectacles, the ones that made her look bookish and demure.

Callie looked suspicious. “If you even think about making any more trouble…” She let the threat hang in the air.

Loki shook her head hurriedly. “No ma’am, I learned my lesson,” she assured Callie.

“Okay, get out of here then,” Callie said. There was no point jumping down her throat before she’d done anything.

Loki scurried away like a scalded rat, leaving Callie more suspicious than ever.

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If Loki had been allowed to forget the punishment, perhaps she would have been able to get past it a little easier, but it seemed that nobody was quite ready to let her hear the end of it.

C.O. Henderson stopped by the cell that afternoon. Callie was out visiting, but Loki preferred to stay in the cell. The snickers from all and sundry were hard to deal with and it wasn’t worth starting trouble with the other inmates, let alone the guards.

“How are you doing?” Henderson asked, stopping at the cell door and leaning casually against the bars.

Loki looked up from her book and shrugged. “I’m okay.”

“They must have been some pretty interesting stories you were telling.” There was amusement in Henderson’s gaze, so Loki allowed herself to smile a little.

“They were, it’s a pity they’ve been lost to posterity.”

“It’s a pity your posterior lost to Callie,” Henderson riposted wittily.

Loki rolled her eyes. A screw with a sense of humor. Delightful.

“Behave yourself, okay?” Henderson donned her sunglasses, then looked over the rims. “They’re not all as understanding as Callie in here.”

“Sure,” Loki replied, seething silently. Callie had ruined her life. Her whole life.

“Tell me a story, fish,” Callie said later that night as they lay in the darkness.

Loki wrinkled her nose and said nothing. She’d be damned if she would tell Callie a story now.


Loki snored loudly, pretending to be asleep.

“Don’t make me come over there.” The warning was soft, but the tone was deadly serious.

“I don’t feel like telling a story tonight, alright?” Loki snapped, regretting it instantly. There was silence. Total silence. Then the bed across the room creaked as Callie stood up, grabbed Loki by the scruff of her neck and shook her a little, reminding her of her utter helplessness.

“What’s been getting into you, fish? You’ve been pouting all day.”

“Nothing,” Loki squeaked.

“You need a reminder about how our arrangement is supposed to work?”

“No Ma’am,” Loki whimpered, for real this time.

“Then hows about you tell me a story.”

“Okay, okay,” Loki agreed. The story she told wasn’t very good, but it seemed to mollify Callie, which was all that really mattered. Another long day melted into a night of broken and tortured sleep.

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The other shoe dropped a day or so later. It had been quiet, too quiet, but Callie had been semi-lulled into a false sense of security by Loki’s meekness. Maybe she was just going to sulk and pout for a bit. That made sense, she’d been through a lot. It would be odd if she bounced back without any reaction at all, Callie mused as she played cards with some of the other cons.

“Callie,” it was Velda interrupted the hand. She was slightly out of breath, an unusual state of affairs for the older woman, who usually took life at a steady pace.

“Yeah?” Callie looked up from her hand. Two jacks, two queens – that had to be good for some favors at least.

“She’s… your…” Velda gestured in the direction of the laundry and made the slashing hand gesture synonymous with fighting.

“Oh. Shit.” Callie tossed down her cards, forgetting the game completely. Velda didn’t need to finish her sentence. Loki was in some kind of trouble.

Worry filled Callie’s mind. What if she’d been jumped? What if she’d been shanked? It was unlikely, but with Loki it was possible. Maybe she’d provoked someone she shouldn’t have done. Maybe someone had simply snapped.

Callie arrived in the laundry to see Loki straddling another inmate who was face down on the floor with a pair of panties stretched over her head in what was surely the largest wedgie of all time. The other inmate was yowling and begging to be set free, but Loki clearly wasn’t inclined to acquiesce to the request. She had a wide grin on her features as she taunted the less fortunate inmate and seemed to be quite enjoying herself. Callie breathed a sigh of relief. She was safe. Unfortunately for Loki, Callie’s sense of relief was followed almost instantly by anger. Of all the stupid reckless things to do in prison, fighting for no reason was pretty high on the list.

Loki had yet to realize that Callie was there and was looking exceptionally proud of herself, but she quickly became aware when Callie reached down and yanked her to her feet, dealt a gunshot hard slap across her ass and then pushed her up against a wall, allowing the newbie with the wedgie to escape unharmed.

“What the hell are you doing?” Callie growled.

“I’m setting weedy straight,” Loki growled back, her tone imitating Callie’s perfectly.

Callie laughed humorlessly. “You’re not setting anyone straight. Setting people straight is my job.”

“Yeah, well maybe I can take care of myself now,” Loki said stubbornly.

“Fish, you are way too big for your britches,” Callie said grimly. “You are going to start something you can’t finish if you don’t watch out.”

“No, it’s fine, I’ll just hit people. That solves problems, right? ” Loki snapped.

Callie shook her head. “Is that what you think? You are such a little girl sometimes. It’s about respect, see? You show people respect, you get respect. You’re damn lucky you teamed up with me when you did, otherwise you’d be in some serious trouble by now.”

Loki crossed her arms over her chest and frowned, turning her head away from Callie in a show of total defiance. Callie was seized with an almost overwhelming desire to tear strips off the brat.

“Get back to the cell,” she said, her tone controlled.

“Don’t want to,” Loki replied obstinately.

“Listen little bitch. Get your ass to the cell now before I strip you down and beat you here,” Callie growled intimidatingly, giving Loki a taste of the mean front that had kept her safe all these years.

Loki wasn’t buying it though. She’d dug her heels in with the defiance and clearly didn’t plan on relinquishing her spot until she was made to. It wasn’t until Callie grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and dragged her back to the cell that Loki went, kicking and squealing the whole way.

Finally back in the cell, sitting with her knees drawn up on her bed, Loki watched Callie pace the length of their cell, back and forth, back and forth.

“I should beat your ass ’till you can’t sit for a month,” Callie said, shooting a vicious look over at her.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Loki protested.

“Do you know what would be happening to you if the screws had caught you and not me? You’d be in the hole. Solitary.”

Loki shrugged. “I can handle the hole.”

“That’s what they all say, before they’re in it,” Callie warned direly.

“Well nothing happened,” Loki pointed out pragmatically.

“Yet. Nothing happened yet. That newbie you had on the floor, how do you know she hasn’t got protection of her own?”

“She’s a little punk, she had it coming,” Loki asserted.

“She’s not the only little punk in here,” Callie said, looking at Loki significantly.

“Whatever,” Loki sniffed disinterestedly.

Callie frowned. Where the hell was all this attitude coming from? That was new. In the beginning the fish had been damn keen to keep on her good side and barely looked anyone in the eye. Now that she’d had her ass spanked, she was suddenly a mouthy little wretch who got into fights. Could spanking actually make a brat less well behaved? No. That wasn’t it. The fish had another whippin’ coming, and she was going to get it.

“Drop ‘em,” Callie ordered.

“Fuck off.” Loki had the temerity to grin as she said the words.

Callie stopped in shock. Nobody spoke to her that way. Nobody. Certainly not the fish that depended on her for protection. It was with great difficulty that she fought back the rising anger.

“Get out.”

“What?” It was Loki’s turn to look surprised.

“You heard me. I said get out.”


“I don’t care. Just get out.”

“Fine. Get in the cell. Get out of the cell. Have it your way lady.”

Loki got up and got out quickly, leaving Callie breathing deeply and clenching her fists. It was no good spanking someone when you wanted to put them through a wall.

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It was a Thursday. Chocolate pudding night, but the food tasted like ashes in Loki’s mouth and she never got to eat her chocolate pudding anyway. Had she really done anything so terrible? If she let herself be picked on, she’d never hear the end of it, and Callie didn’t say shit to the inmate who had been taunting Loki. She’d just let her be the butt of jokes. What kind of protection was that?

Loki stabbed at a floppy carrot. There was every chance that Callie wouldn’t let her back in the cell later either. Not that Callie would have a choice. The guards would force Loki in whether she wanted to go or not. Sooner or later, she was going to be locked in a tiny room with an angry weight lifter. Better do what she could to rebuild the bridge she’d detonated earlier.

Sighing, Loki stood up, picked up her chocolate pudding and delivered it to Callie. Callie didn’t even look up when Loki put it on the table, so Loki picked it up and placed it between Callie’s arms, in front of her tray. Callie didn’t say anything, so Loki nudged it a little nearer to her. Again, Callie ignored her. Loki nudged it a little closer still.

“I got it, fish,” Callie grunted finally.

“Good,” Loki replied, pushing it a little further still.

It was the push that broke not the camel’s back, but the careful balance of the plate, which tipped over the edge of the table and sent the chocolate pudding cascading into Callie’s lap.

“Oh shit,” Loki gasped. For a moment she considered running, but even in her slow motion panic vision, it was obvious that the guards weren’t going to give her anywhere to run to. So she did the only thing she could do to evade Callie’s furious look and shut her eyes.

She felt Callie grab her and went limp. There was nothing she could do to stop the inevitable now. She was dead meat.

The feeling of Callie’s strong thighs under her belly sent a jolt of panic through her, but instead of painful blows across her backside, Loki felt nothing. She was pressed down in place with the arm across her lower back, but aside from that, nothing else happened at all.

Eventually, she opened her eyes and looked up to see what was happening. Above her, Callie was continuing to eat her dinner as if nothing were amiss, as if there weren’t a wriggling inmate trapped over her lap. Loki gave a few half-hearted struggles, trying to get up, but it was pointless, she was well and truly trapped until such time as Callie saw fit to let her up, and so far, Callie didn’t even seem inclined to speak to her.

With a sigh, Loki settled into position and waited for Callie to bring the pain.

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The End

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