There are so many other blogs and sites and stories out there, I’ve decided to create a page just for links. I feel lucky to have “met” some of these people…if you like their work, please let them know.

(Note: Some sites, particularly the ones in the bottom half of the page, have not been updated in as much as a decade, or are completely offline except for archived versions. However I’ve kept them listed if I feel they contain reading material worth checking out.)

Anna Reilly Spanking Romance Ashtale Beck’s Coordinates
Emma’s Story Corner Fantasy Spanking Fiction Fizzy’s Halloween Story
Home At Last Leandra Summers, Lesbian Romance Logan’s Secrets
Not So Submissive Peach’s Corner Pixie Tails
Raine’s Musings Sapphic Submissions Tales by Tarabeth
Thanatos’s Path, Adventures and Stories The Musings of Miss Mackenzie Wayward Angels
The Torch-lit Journal Words In My Head Yankee Top ∞ Brit Brat

WLW TTWD – This site is a community of women into F/F spanking. It’s on the Discord server and is more of a forum/chat environment rather than a blog. It’s welcoming and lively, with several different topic areas – ranging from spanking, BDSM, and brats’/tops’ area to serious discussions, fiction recommendations, music, or art. A Discord membership (free) is required.

Charmer’s Fan Fiction – This page/interview is all that remains of a talented XWP kink writer. *sigh* She had a great site. The story links are no longer working, unfortunately. Here are some of her individual stories I was able to dig up via the Wayback Machine (who does good work, please donate to them):

Bearblue’s Bluehaven – “Wild Side” – Also courtesy of the Wayback Machine, this is the specifically kinky stories page of talented writer/blogger of F/F stories. The ones on this page are Xenafic by various authors, but she does have other realms and original works on her site. She warns that some stories unfinished and will never be finished, but she’s a good writer and worth checking out. An uber Xenafic (demon characters) which is novel length and particularly hot is Warlord Daze.

Breaking Glass or Breaking Down – Stories page of blogger who lives a DD lifestyle. She also has a few F/F spanking stories. Has not been updated since 2013.

Journal of Lexus Grey – Multiple fandoms (The 100, Legend of the Seeker, Warehouse 13, Defiance, Firefly, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Once Upon a Time, Continuum, Grey’s Anatomy, Dollhouse ), mostly F/F, some F/M. Many are BDSM/intense, but all well-written. The above link is to LiveJournal, but find her free stories on Archive of Our Own.

To Read or Write? That is the Question – Stargirl888 has Glee disciplinefic on LiveJournal. According to her profile she’s written for various fandoms (Twilight, Star Wars, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, Glee, Downton Abbey, Vampire Diaries, Xena: Warrior Princess, Criminal Minds, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), but I haven’t been able to find them (not sure how to navigate LiveJournal but you might have more luck! 😋 ) Last updated 2015.

The Mockingbird Song (XWP disciplinefic) – 12/26/13 update: The authors have removed the story and are selling the published book. The link has been changed to where you can purchase it on Amazon. Any questions, feel free to contact the authors directly: Stardawn and Kikilia.

Xanthe – This is a talented author who writes in multiple fandoms (Stargate: Atlantis, Suits, The X-Files, NCIS, The West Wing, Sherlock Holmes/Sherlock, Dr Who) and also original stories, some for sale. As far as I can tell, all pairings are M/M. Relationships are romantic and very dom/sub oriented.

Cat’s Fiction – (Courtesy of the Wayback Machine. The author might have a new site, but I don’t know where it is.) Cat writes original DD stories, all M/M pairings. Not all the links work, and many of the titles are pay-only. But the free ones are very enjoyable — well written, with long-suffering tops and patience-trying brats.

Pink Rabbit Productions: – This is a fanfic site with F/F pairings in various fandoms (Xena, Buffy, Stargate, All My Children, Birds of Prey, etc….too many to list) by various authors. It’s mostly vanilla, but high quality, and there are sprinkles of kink in places: e.g., check out “Bound” by Bailey B under the Star Trek: Voyager category. It also contains one of my favorite stories of all time, a very dom/sub treatment of the Alien: Resurrection film that was fantastic. Seriously, this novel-length series could’ve been a movie itself. Click HERE and look for the Alien story by Pink Rabbit Productions.