What happens when brats conspire??

Yes, I know, usually it means Trouble. 😀  But this time, it means a treat! Ellie has written, and Mishi edited, a new Christmas story for our holiday exchange. So check out the link on the Links & Xmas Exchange page, or go directly to Ellie’s blog, Tales of a Rogue: Brat in Business. Be sure to leave a comment and let them know how much you liked their contribution!

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29 Responses to What happens when brats conspire??

  1. Ellie says:

    I appreciated the parallelism a lot 😂

  2. Leandra Summers says:

    Great story…all f them have been inspiring to read. I’m sorry not to have participated with a gift on here…however I could make one of my novellas on Amazon kindle free for download on a chosen date if that could be considered a gift?
    Leandra Summers

    • Ash says:

      *having a looskie on amazon* This looks interesting. 🙂 I’ve never seen these before.

      • Leandra Summers says:

        I’m happy to choose one and let you all know a date so you can download it on kindle for free. I see my last 2—‘Emily’s Choice’ and ‘Jo and Jane’ have for some reason been listed as erotica ( which they are not)…so they don’t appear in general search. They are pure discipline with some sex scenes as found amoungst normal loving women… very similar to many stories on here. Choose a date and I shall list one for free download via Amazon. After all…it is only because of Alyx and Anna’s site that I took the plunge to publish in 2016.


        • Ash says:

          I’d love to read a story of your choice. 🙂 What about Friday? It’s before the weekend, and it gives people time to find out. 🙃

          I’m just taking charge here! Anybody feel free to disagree. Like who died and made you boss, Ash. 🤣

          • Leandra Summers says:

            Okay…let’s see if anyone else has a preference by tomorrow. If not I’ll then put ‘Jo and Jane’ on for free. The reason I choose that one (although ‘Emma and Melissa’ sells the best and ‘Emily’s Choice’ is probably written the most professionally) is because it most closely follows my own life.
            Will check on here tomorrow if see if any other date preference.

            • Carrie says:

              Oooooh, I love finding new authors and books. I just did a quick Google and yours books fab Leandra!!!!! Your offer for a free gift is a real treat around here!!!! Can’t wait… I’ll stick it in my diary so I don’t forget… Couldn’t have that! 😂😂😂😂

              • Leandra Summers says:

                Carrie…I love your excited use of !!!!

                • Carrie says:

                  Could you tell I really, really meant it? 😂😂 Out of curiosity, where in the world are you? You can’t have to say…just wondering 🙂

                • Leandra Summers says:

                  Carrie..I am currently visiting my family in South Africa..but go back to the Middle East on friday. I have lived in Sa, Namibia, Cyprus, Spain, Saudi, UAE and Qatar. My partner and I will prob settle in Spain one day….

          • Wookie says:

            I’m with you Ash…way to go! You’ve assumed the boss mantle with style and ease! 🤣
            Yes please Leandra I’d love to read one of your stories too. 😄

    • Alyx says:

      Welcome, Leandra! I’m sorry not to reply sooner….it was New Year’s Eve here when you posted, and I was “flat out like a lizard drinking” (which they say in Oz for god knows what reason!). I had not a moment to myself.

      Anyway, a belated welcome and a response: Not only would that be considered a gift, but it would be a very generous one! I think it would be wonderful for you to do that, and I have no objection to Ash’s suggestion of January 4 (I’m assuming that’s the Friday she meant). If you send me the link I can make a proper post about it. (Alternatively, feel free to visit the Global Village and make an announcement yourself. 🙂 )

      I had not had a chance to check out your work either, so it’s a great way to introduce it to those like Ash and myself. If anyone else has an objection to Friday, please speak up!

  3. Wookie says:

    Alyx, whilst I have no intention of detracting people from Leandra’s awesome offer, I have to say quickly, I loved the the idea of “flat out like a lizard drinking” – that has to take the ROTFLMAO award!…thank you for that gem! 🤣

  4. Ash says:

    Gee, Alyx… how much did YOU have to drink! *snigger*

    • Alyx says:

      Ahem! If you look up the meaning of that colorful saying, you will see it means to be VERY BUSY, not having anything to do with drinking! *whack!* And I just had a small glass of wine, then an even teenier cup of champagne at midnight.

      That’s why I think that saying is so odd. Though to be honest, I was first introduced to it before I even met Mil, and it was another Aussie who said, “Flat out like a lizard in a jam jar.” *shrug* They’re weird, those Aussies! 😀

  5. laineytales says:

    Thanks Leandra that is such a kind offer.

    Ash should get a reward for stepping up and taking charge in Alyx’s “absence”. I’m sure Alyx will find something suitable for you! 🙃

  6. Leandra Summers says:

    Such a lively thread! So suitable to the lovely ‘what happens when brats conspire’ story!

    I’ve not heard that expression Alyx…despite working with a lot of Australians and having dated one ten yrs ago.
    I have looked at the dates and unfortunately the first date it allows me to offer for free is Monday the 7th (has to do with kindle unlimited enrolled dates)…so I can do that or if you prefer a Friday then the 12th January. Also it will be ‘Emily’s Choice’ (as Jo and Jane I have to wait until end January). The link to the book is https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KXZWZ9B

    Let me know which of the two dates you prefer and it will be waiting for you all on your chosen date.


    • Alyx says:

      Hi Leandra,
      I’m sure everyone is anticipating the event, so the earlier date would be perfect. Thank you for the link, and I’ll make a post about it, and if you’ve no objection, will announce it on the Global Village message board as well? (If you prefer I not, just let me know. Hopefully most of the same “characters” will be reading the blog anyway. 😀 ) Thanks again for your contribution to the holiday exchange….I’m sure everyone will be thrilled with the unexpected treat! 🙂

  7. Leandra Summers says:

    Thanks for announcing it Alyx…yes it is fine to put it on your globalvillage board.
    It will ready for download for free 7th January 2019 then… Happy Reading and also Happy New Year.


  8. Peachie says:

    That’s a great gift Leandra. Thank you for your generosity. I remember reading a couple of your stories before (one was about a foreign student). I’ll go to Amazon and check them out.
    Happy new year!

    • Leandra Summers says:

      Hi Peachie…I am not sure that was me…I don’t recall writing about a foreign student…but maybe we see ‘foreign’ as different as I would see someone from USA or Uk as foreign. I also tend to write about women in their 30’s and 40’s. Hm…you have intrigued me. Perhaps you are referring to Marla…set in a slightly altered world where one could legally be placed under ‘discipline’.

      I hope you enjoy Emily’s Choice. The dominant boss scenario is always a favourite for me.


      • Peachie says:

        YES it was Marla! There were two books if my memory is correct. 😉 Ok not a student (sorry) but someone who was stuck in a foreign country (passport/visa issue?). I really enjoyed the stories. I remember one of the women was a therapist and her office was described as serene and zen-like. So far ring a bell? LOL
        I bought them a few years back but unfortunately my old kindle crashed last year and somehow I couldn’t recover the account and therefore can’t access the books on it. 😦
        Look forward to reading Emily’s Choice! Muchas gracias! 🙂

        • Leandra Summers says:

          Yip…def it. There are three books and I put them into one volume..Marla, the trilogy…easier and cheaper for people to read. What was so interesting was that people who read it tend to like the two supporting characters….one of whom is the therapist…and their spanking relationship….more than Marla herself. Once Marla finds love herself however her character flushes out. My first attempt at published writing they were….( interestingly enough it was from Alyx’s Site and Anna Reilly’s that I decided to go ahead).

          All of you write such great spanking stories that I happily read….just knew I had to reciprocate!

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