Question for the WordPress techies out there

You may notice I have a “Back to Top” link at the bottom of my story pages. The problem is that the “#top” tag I insert into that link is recognized just fine by IE, but not by Firefox (and Google Chrome, I’m told, though I haven’t checked it). How can I get around it?

  1. I’ve tried inserting an id=”top” in the uppermost element of my page, but that doesn’t take me to the TRUE top of the page.
  2. I know I could insert the full URL for the page, but that’s actually reloading the page, and has that slight hesitation which I don’t want.
  3. It’s WordPress’s template which I need to get into, but I don’t really want to learn PHP, altho I know I probably should. *g*

Does anyone know some quick PHP code which I could use that acts like an anchor tag? Or some other trick which would accomplish the same thing? If not I’ll probably either take the link out (I know it’s not totally necessary but I like it), or use option #1. Thanks.

Additional grumble: The “insert link” feature of WordPress doesn’t work in the Visual tab in Firefox, unless I’m doing something wrong. I have to add links via HTML or use IE (which is what I’m doing now, irritating). *grr* Time for lunch.

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6 Responses to Question for the WordPress techies out there

  1. pippin says:

    Would this work by adding it to each page?

    Back to top

    • Alyx says:

      Brilliant, worked perfectly in IE and FF! 🙂 I Googled this and no one else mentioned such an easy solution! They all had complicated PHP suggestions. *LOL* No idea if it works in Chrome, but someone who uses that browser let me know, okay?

      Thanks, Pippin! 🙂

      • pippin says:

        Yes, it works in Chrome too. 🙂

        • Alyx says:

          Great! I don’t suppose you want to check Safari, iPhone, Blackberry, iPod Touch, and Palm for me too, huh? *vbg* Just kidding. Thanks for your help. 🙂

          (Dang, you users use a lot of different browsers. Don’t tell me now I have to worry about the mobile browsers too! *groan* Ah well, the wave of the future, I suppose.)

  2. pippin says:

    Oops … attribute is: “#header”

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