Happy Malasada Day!

Which is known in other places of the world as “Fat Tuesday.” 😀 Most of the Portuguese in Hawaii came from Madeira or the Azores, and they brought this wonderful tradition with them. Alas, I didn’t have any Portuguese coworkers who brought in a big box of these hot crispy treats (probably for the best, considering *sigh*), but I hope other people out there indulged before the start of Lent!

Anybody giving up anything interesting for Lent? *vbg*

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8 Responses to Happy Malasada Day!

  1. fizzybrat says:

    I am giving up bedtimes. It will be a sacrifice, I know.

    I love that the whole idea of those yummy little things is to use up all the bad (good!) stuff in the house before Lent. Makes me want to see what I could make with all the butter, chocolate, sugar, and white flour in my kitchen. And then fry it in oil. 😀

  2. pippin3 says:

    Malasada Day! Why am I missing all these ‘holidays’?! *grumble* (I had my first malasada at the Punahou Carnival, hot off the fryer. I’d never had anything like it — light, a touch of sweet, and surprisingly crunchy and chewy. Onolicious!)

    • Alyx says:

      Pippin, you had malasadas at one of the best places to have it! Nothing like homemade from the fryer….mmmmm. I haven’t been to the Punahou Carnival in decades. *nostalgic smile*

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