A Birthday Story for Mil

I’m sure people wonder about the things Mil does to deserve a spanking. It’s true she has a wicked sense of humor, and a well-developed talent for making one’s palm itch. When I say “well-developed,” I mean she really has figured out the exact thing to do or say which is guaranteed to make a person want to wallop her. I’m not surprised by it – being a spanko and an intelligent woman, she grew up having to find ways to draw the attention she deserves.

Which is not to say she causes trouble or acts out on purpose. Nor does she constantly “brat” to gain attention. Besides being intelligent, she is evolved, which means she has maturity and compassion and a sense of responsibility. So honestly, most of the time she is very well behaved, and there isn’t any good reason to spank her.

Once in a blue moon (or a red moon, in her case), she will make notable mistake – like leaving her keys in the door to her apartment, or drinking to excess. But those are rare occasions, and she usually does learn from them. Especially if I help her memory by applying some heat to her seat. *eg*

However in spite of those rare mistakes, and in spite of her talent for saying provoking things, she actually doesn’t usually give a top a good reason for discipline. No, the reasons I find to spank her are admittedly little things…..


“Honey, get over my knee, right now!”

“Wha—What?! But why?!” Mil has just come out of the shower, still damp and wrapped in a bath towel. She likes to walk around that way, but only because they are staying in Alyx’s house, where Alyx’s parents also live. Otherwise she would no doubt walk around naked.

“Because I’m going to give you a good hiding!” Alyx has selected just two implements from her arsenal, and has them lying on the bed: her favorite leather paddle, and her cane.

Mil obeys reluctantly, laying over Alyx’s lap while Alyx is sitting on her bed. Even though she’s now stretched out on the bed too, somehow it doesn’t feel very comfortable. “But there’s no reason for that!” she protests.

“Oh, I have a reason, all right,” Alyx says grimly. She picks up the leather paddle, which she know Mil will feel even through the towel. “In fact I have more than one.” She lifts the paddle into the air and brings it down with a thud. The towel is thick and it takes several swats before Mil starts to feel it.

“Ow! What do you mean? I didn’t do anything!”

“Is that right?” Alyx unwraps her girlfriend like a big present. Her lovely body is still warm from the shower, but Alyx’s eye is immediately drawn to the sunburned areas of her neck and shoulders. She uses the hard leather paddle against Mil’s unprotected bottom, and the difference in intensity is felt immediately, as Mil squirms against the sharp smacks. “How about letting yourself get burned like that?? I told you how strong the sun is over here!”

“Ow, ow, ow! Honey, it’s the stupid foundation I used! It says SPF 30 but it bloody isn’t!”

“Yes, and that’s exactly what I mean! You can’t rely on MAKE-UP to protect your skin! You’re supposed to use regular sunscreen!” Alyx’s irritation at Mil’s foolishness makes itself felt in even harder whacks. Soon her bottom is the same color as her sunburned face.

“It’s not make-up! It’s a moisturizer, and they lied—Ow, ow!” She locks one ankle over the other…it seems to help her bear the pain as it builds. The licks of the paddle are both stingy and thuddy and it’s hard to keep still when the smacks come fast and furious.

Alyx pauses. She observes a scar on Mil’s lower back. It’s healing slowly, but it’s still a dark brown, and looks exactly like the result of the implement she picks up next – the cane. She runs her finger over the mark. “I can’t believe you did this to yourself using my massage pillow!”

Mil tries to look over her shoulder. “Yeah, I don’t know how that happened! I guess your motor is stronger than mine at home.”

Alyx growls. She hears things like this all the time from her love. “I’ll give you a stronger motor!”

Mil starts laughing. She hears things like that all the time from HER love. “Honey, it was an accident!”

“An ‘accident’ that could only happen to you,” Alyx points out, tapping the cane against Mil’s bottom. “I’ve never had that happen to me!” She lines the cane up across the top of Mil’s buttocks, then brings it down with a swish. Mil gasps at the fierce burn.

“That’s because you hardly use the massager! You didn’t even realize how great it was till I showed you how well it works! I had to— OW!”

Mil always seems to want to answer back when she’s in this position. Alyx shows her why it’s not a good idea, as she lays down a series of lines with the cane. Each one is preceded by a soft tap of the rattan, and followed by a single incendiary stripe across both buttocks, and a muffled yelp from the brat. Soon there is a set of red tramlines from the top of Mil’s hips to the very top of her thighs. Mil is breathing hard, but she has stopped her back talk.

Alyx puts down the cane. She runs her hand over Mil’s bottom gently. In spite of using both paddle and cane, she has been quite careful. She knows her girlfriend has a high pain tolerance and an amazingly resilient bottom, but she also wants to make sure not to reach her limit. Alyx is looking forward to ending with her favorite implement of all.

“Now the final thing,” Alyx begins softly, “is your wasteful use of towels.”

“Huh??” Mil asks, genuinely puzzled. “What are you talking about??”

“You already had one brown bath towel hanging on your towel rack, and then you pulled out another one, and put it on MY rack….”

Mil starts giggling. Now she understands what Alyx is referring to, and the silliness of it cracks her up. “Honey, I got mixed up! There was a white towel on your rack—  Wait, wait, ow!”

Alyx starts the spanking in earnest, using her palm to land brisk swats all over Mil’s well-warmed bottom. “Do you know you got ME mixed up?! I started to use that brown towel, and then I realized it was yours! But now you had TWO out, and one of them was hanging on my side!”

“Yes, I couldn’t understand why you moved your towel onto my rack….”

“That was YOUR towel! It was always on your rack! I simply changed my towel to a white one! What’s so difficult to understand about that?!” Alyx focused her swats now on Mil’s sit spots. She went back and forth, over and over, making those rosy cheeks bounce with every whack. Her palm was starting to ache, but it was the kind of ache she cherished. It meant her girlfriend’s bottom had to be red hot and throbbing by now.

“But we both started out with the same brown towel! Why did you change yours and not mine?” Along with her aggrieved questions, Mil was alternating “ouch’s” and laughter. It was such a stupid thing to be spanked for, and the confusion had been genuine. But in spite of the playful subject matter, Alyx’s hand wasn’t fooling around – her bum was really sore!

“Because I had been using that towel from before you arrived here,” Alyx said. “It was time to put it in the laundry. I don’t get what’s so hard to accept about me using a new towel!” She lined up her hand carefully to land along the length of Mil’s crack – she knew each swat would sting Mil’s inner cheeks and be the most painful whacks yet. Sure enough, Mil cried out at each of the ten blows that followed.

“Now that is a thoroughly spanked bottom,” Alyx said with satisfaction. She shook out her burning hand. “Whew!”

“Honey, that hurt,” Mil said with a pout, rolling over. But she couldn’t help giggling as she rubbed. “I was really confused by those towels, you know.”

“I know.” Alyx started chuckling too. One of the things she loved most about her adorable girlfriend – besides the fact that she had the most spankable bottom – was her sense of humor. They laughed at nearly everything together, and it was wonderful. “You’re a goose, but I love you.”


Happy Birthday, O Wasteful One! I look forward to many more years of finding good reasons to spank you! *kiss* 

4 Responses to A Birthday Story for Mil

  1. Mil says:

    Just thought I’d come back and a comment on this page too. This was the best pressie and biggest surprise. It makes me laugh so. 😀 Thank you, my love. 🌷 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼

    • Alyx says:

      Aw, I’m happy you liked it. And it was very hard to keep it a surprise. 😀 It makes me laugh too, the way you always do. *kiss* Happy Birthday and looking forward to sharing many more in the years ahead!

  2. Claire says:

    Ha ha I love this and as they say laughter is the best medicine, even for a sore bum!😁

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