The first Lunar Yule/Christmas

By Ginger Wolf

It was the Eve of the Solstice when Cana started being a brat. She had met her sweet Luna back in June and was smitten at their first conversation. From there her love bloomed and her brat began to surface testing the waters with Luna. But the coming Solstice brought her bratting even more.

Luna was getting ready for work and Cana off on leave was pouting on the bed huffing softly.

“Stop trying to distract me My love” Luna chastised her softly but Cana just whined and picked up her phone scrolling through pics trying to behave slightly. Luna was half way through her makeup when Cana’s self control slipped and she started poking and trying to show Luna pictures from her phone.

“Looook at this one…. come on its fuuuny”

Luna growled as once again her eyeliner wasn’t right “Cana” her voice slightly raised and Cana stopped mid sentence and folded her hand in her lap. “I’m already running late and you don’t want to make me late to work now do you”

Cana quieted down pouting but didn’t bother Luna anymore that morning. As Luna kissed her goodbye she apologized for raising her voice and Cana apologized for bothering her and promised to do better about it.

The eve of Christmas/Yule came round and Cana hadn’t been an less of a brat that entire week. In her mind she knew she just wanted attention but rather than admitting she needed something she acted out instead earning her attention even if not the kind she craved. Luna was irritated but her love for Cana calmed and eased the irritation.

After a day of clean up and wrapping gifts and calling family they went to bed exhausted but excited for the next day. Little did Cana realize that her visit in the Barracks wasn’t going to be the only time Mrs. Santa was watching her. And while her self care had improved she knew she wasn’t communicating properly and it was a form of self sabotage to her budding relationship because deep down she still didn’t believe she was worthy of Luna’s love.

The clocked struck midnight and Cana found herself sitting up in bed face to face with what she thought was a distant memory. Santa smiled and waved for Cana to follow her to the next room, eyes wide and mouth quickly drying she slide out of bed and followed as told watching the ground the whole way. There in the next room Santa sat on the armless chair and patted her lap as indication to where Cana needed to be. Cana shook her head and stood at the door way and whispered “I….I can’t that….that’s Luna’s job now not yours… she’s my Top and only she gets to punish or reward me”

Santa chuckled and said smiling “I didn’t say to bend over my lap child I meant for you to come and sit and tell me what’s bothering you. Now come on your Luna won’t awaken unless needed”

Cana blushed and sat on the couch instead and Santa move to be beside her as Cana started to explain. “Its just well Luna is so amazing. She smart and funny and beautiful and strong. I just I don’t know if I am enough for her. She deserves so so much and I don’t have a lot to give and I am always going to be a brat….. and I know I just know she is going to grow weary of me and find me annoying and leave…. I chase away everyone in my life after all even my own flesh and blood rejected me….” she trailed off hands in her lap where her gaze remained intently.

Santa school her head “so rather than communicating your worries and fears you just acted out and poked at her instead to attempt to speed along g what you thought would happen.”

Cana flinched a little and mumbled “well maybe…. and I wanted attention and I just don’t know how to ask or tell anyone that and I….. I’m just a mess when it comes to this stuff….” Santa sighed and whispered something softly and in moments Luna was at the door with a concerned look.

“You thought I would hurt you like that. That I would leave just because you did a few things to bother me.” She sounded concerned but also hurt and Cana squirmed under both thier gazes and mumbled “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that……”

Santa stood and walked to Luna handing her something and whispering into her ear before she turned and spoke to Cana again “this Little one is you present this year as well as your coal” and with that she was gone leave Cana fiddling with her hands in front of her Luna who had now moved to the chair.

“Over here Cana, we need to have a little discussion about communicating”

Cana stood and shuffled over to the chair and blushing red from her ears to her neck she placed herself on her Luna’s lap bracing herself lightly with her hands already regretting the nightshirt with no underwear beneath it as it rose exposing the curve of her sit spots perfectly for Luna. The first smack landed on her left cheek and caught her by surprise as she squeaked. Luna was using just her hand at that moment but her strength was obvious to Cana as she was warmed up quickly with the smacks alternating cheeks and several firm ones landing on her exposed butt.

Cana was squirming and gasping after just 2 minutes and after 4 she had started crying softly all the while Luna lectured her on the value of communicating when things were going through her head and that she was supposed to rely on her and allow herself to be supported and loved and not purposely try to cause herself pain nor bottle up her feelings and needs.

At 5 minutes Luna stopped momentarily to tell Cana to move to the couch and lay over the arm and lift her shirt to her waist. Cana sniffling moved quickly and did as she was told whispering soft apologizes as she went. “I’m sorry… I promise I’ll communicate better… I’ll try I really will.”

As Luna moved behind her she pulled out Santa’s gift the first was a leather strap the second was a surprise for later after they finished here. “She gifted a strap My Little Bird and I think 6 stroke will be plenty to end this punishment but only if you are ok and consent otherwise we can just do a second hand spanking tomorrow to cement in the lesson.”

Cana shook her head and softly whimpered “I trust you Luna I do…. I… I chose the strap now for the punishments and to be now not later please.”

Luna smiled “Ok My Love the 6 ok I want you to count them for me.”

Cana nodded and the first stroke landed. She gasped out “one” in a squeak and the next she grunted moving her hips to try and ease the sting. The next two followed quickly taking her breath away and she managed to gasp out “3…4” before tears slipped from her eyes and the final 2 land in lines of fire on her sit spots and she jumped up and threw herself into Luna’s waiting arms and she hoarsely whispered between little sobs “5… and 6” she stayed there wrapped in Luna’s arms, her butt burning and the stinging sensation spiking as her shirt brushed it as it fell into place. “I’m sorry I was such a butt…. I really am sorry and I am so lucky to have you”

Luna smiled “Little Bird I am the lucky one here to have such a sweet girl in my arms even if she can be a brat. I love you so much just as you are.” Luna guided Cana back to the room after she calmed down and wiped away all the tears. “You know I did hear someone wanted attention and I think this other gift is perfect for that” she grinned and pointed to the bed “lay down Love….. oh and hands above your head”

Cana saw that glint of desire in her love’s eyes and excitedly layed down being ever so careful of her sore butt. Once in position Luna moved slowly towards Cana and started kissing gently along her neck and cheeks teasing her with almost kisses but never giving her the satisfaction.

“Santa was kind enough to gift us that wonderful little womanizer you were eyeing the last time we went out” she grinned as Cana gasped at the lowest setting and very quickly Luna made it a night Cana would not forget as she gave into the pain and pleasure and returned each one to Luna in moans and gasps, with kisses and bite and teasing of her own as they switched places before they fell back into perfect slumber. Happy, content, and ready for their future together.


4 Responses to The first Lunar Yule/Christmas

  1. Alyx says:

    GingerWolf, thank you for gifting again with another story about this lovely couple. We should all be so lucky as to have someone who loves and understands us so well. And we should all be so lucky as to have a Santa like that one! 😀

  2. Wookie says:

    Hi GingerWolf. I agree with Alyx , this couple are special. Another beautiful story with a subtle reminder to us all just how important communication is. It’s so easy to get lost in your own thoughts when a simple conversation can put things right. Thank you for sharing 😁

  3. Robin says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely gift Gingerwolf. I love the story and your sweet couple and I really feel for Cana having such hard time believing she can be enough for her lover and trusting her to stay. I’m so glad it ends so good for them! I wish you a wonderful 2020 Gingerwolf!

  4. Claire says:

    Aww, I loved this story, so sweet and Santa came through for both of them.😁
    Thank you Ginger Wolf!

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