Paper Warrior

By Wookie

Coming down the stairs Jaimie saw it, sitting there in all its glory…the box. Well, to be more precise the unwrapped box containing the new mobile phone that Drew was giving Jaimie for Christmas! It was still unwrapped because Drew had been checking it and wanted to make sure all was okay for when she gave it to Jamie in the morning! Jaimie knew about the gift and was under strict instructions to not touch or even look at it until Christmas Day when she could open it….

But it was really difficult because Jaimie so wanted to pick it up and check out all the important stuff like ringtones, internet, social media sites and photos, still… no… she promised Drew she would leave it alone ….

Then Jaimie remembered two things, the first being her tall, dark and gorgeous partner was caught up with a business call in their home office and the second, Jaimie needed to go down to the local store for a few last minute items that she had said earlier, she would get whilst Drew was busy. Quickly dashing off a note saying where she was headed, she slipped in the office and slid it across Drew’s desk. Drew scanned it briefly, smiled and nodded okay, returning to her conference call. Jaimie shot back to the box and carefully removed the phone, knowing that Drew would be busy for at least another hour. This would give her time to go to the store and back but more importantly check the phone out on route and have it back in the box before Drew was any the wiser!

Gleefully she slipped through the door, having grabbed her jacket and started walking down the street towards their local general store.

Jaimie examined the phone carefully. It was beautiful! Just the deep azure blue colour that she loved so much. The sleek contours and brilliantly gleaming screen were awesome. Now where is the power button……she checked the sides of the phone and tried the two set side by side on the left…nothing…. Checking again Jaimie pressed the small one on the top edge…still nothing. Okay she thought, pressing the Home button…not really surprised when once again the screen stayed stubbornly blank. Hmm, Jaimie stared intently at the phone, then ….OUCH!.. as she staggered, losing her balance and almost dropping the phone, before she scrambled to catch it safely in both hands. Stopping, Jaimie glared at the offending street lamppost she had just walked straight into. Rubbing her shoulder and arm she shot a look around, checking to see if anyone else had seen her crazy stunt. Luckily no-one was about, so Jaimie set off once more towards the store.

Within seconds her attention was solely on the phone and finding that elusive power button. Turning it over she saw a small locking switch that had the word NO clearly etched on it. Staring intently at the little switch Jaimie pondered, was this something to do with it…..but that doesn’t seem right, why have a power switch at the back…. plus it clearly says NO which could number? Hesitantly she contemplated pressing it but then the thought of breaking the phone or causing a malfunction was too much to chance…besides its always an obvious button, not a switch tucked away in the back like this….

Still desperately trying to figure out the phone’s layout Jaimie became half aware she was at the crossroad in front of the store. Without a second thought she stepped forward…the angry screeching of brakes and a car horn screaming furiously beside her causing her to jump back in alarm, the phone once more leaping out of her grip. Jaimie scrabbled wildly to catch the phone before glaring at the irate driver, who was shaking his fist at her along with voicing angry epithets in her direction. Feeling mortified at her carelessness she waved the driver on, mouthing sorry as he passed her. Checking the road was clear this time she quickly jogged across.

Covering the last few yards Jaimie made one more concerted but unsuccessful effort to locate the apparently invisible power button as she reached the store. Grumbling with frustration she opened the door and walked in….


Back home Drew closed the conference call down, pleased that, for once the board chose not to drone on needlessly and elected to halt the proceedings in light of the holidays. Checking her watch, Drew saw that Jaimie had been gone only a few minutes at the most. Deciding to meet up with her girlfriend at the store, Drew grabbed her jacket and walked out of the house, closing the door securely behind her. Stepping out on to the pavement she saw the unmistakable form of Jaimie up ahead, the smaller girl sporting blonde highlights in her shaggy, golden hair. Drew suddenly stopped, catching her breath watching Jaimie almost bounce off the lamppost as she walked right into it. Observing the girl rub her arm and glare at the post Drew smiled, knowing that would have hurt, yet not understanding why Jaimie hadn’t seen it. As Jaimie walked on Drew, knowing she was obviously ok, carried on looking to catch up with her at the store. Keeping her eye on Jaimie, Drew noticed she was nearing the crossroad yet didn’t seem to be slowing down. What on earth was the girl doing Drew wondered, then recoiled gazing in horror as Jaimie stepped blindly into the road… about to scream out in warning Drew saw the car brake violently and the driver blast at Jaimie with his horn. Frozen, Drew watched Jaimie wave the car on before walking on, once again not concentrating on her surroundings and disappear into the store. Drew, shook her fear off and with a determined glint in her eye, she strode off intent on apprehending her irresponsible partner.

Approaching the store entrance she became aware of a young man dressed in the current youth’s style, of hoodie, jeans and boots. He looked to be in a hurry as he made a beeline for the door, diving in just ahead of Drew. Catching the door as it was closing Drew slipped inside and looked around searching for Jaimie. Spotting her putting some items on the counter then turning back down another aisle, Drew walked to the counter to wait for her return….


Jaimie had quickly gathered most of the items she needed and placed them on the counter in front of Mac the store owner. Smiling up at the tall, genial, soft-spoken young man Jaimie muttered “Hi, just got a couple of other bits Mac okay…” before turning to go down another aisle, her attention once more drawn to the enigma of her phone’s power button. Mac nodded, grinning, seeing Jaimie was totally wrapped up with her phone, before looking over at the door and seeing the hooded young man enter the same aisle Jaimie was walking down.

As Drew walked towards the counter she smiled at Mac who, with a nod of his head indicated where Jaimie was. Drew smiled again, putting her finger to her lips in a shushing motion intent on surprising her girlfriend and Mac nodded, his grin getting wider.  These were two of his favourite customers….


Jaimie was getting desperate. She was seriously running out of time. Where the hell was the damn button. She started frantically checking the phone all over but there just didn’t seem to be anything she hadn’t tried. Fixating on her problem Jaimie hadn’t seen the hooded youth come up to her….

” Gimme the phone” he growled out standing directly in front of her and blocking her path.

“Wha..” Jaimie glanced up perplexed, what the hell was going on she wondered, seeing the youth for the first time.

“Gimme the phone now! I’ve got a knife…see”‘ his hand shot out as he brandished a nasty looking blade in front of Jaimie’s eyes.

Jaimie stared, transfixed at the knife for about three seconds..then something inside her snapped.

“THAT IS IT!” She yelled , “I have had it! I have one nerve mister and right now YOU ARE STANDING ON IT!”

Grabbing the knife she pointed it towards him, causing him to stumble back a step.

“Call this a knife?… I wouldn’t chop cheese with this pointy thing!” waving it in front of him,

“I wouldn’t  stab celery with this toothpick!” she mocked.

She looked at it with disdain before flinging the knife over her shoulder back towards Drew and Mac both of whom made sudden diving moves to avoid the hurtling missile as it landed with a resounding thud into the raised counter flap and quivered to a halt!

The youth pulled his hand out from the hoody pocket and pointed a gun at Jaimie…who was now on a total roll!

“Seriously…that’s what you’re pointing at me now……a toy gun?” she jeered.

As she yanked it from his fingers, Jaimie tucked it swiftly into her waistband before suddenly leaping into the air, waving her arms about and screaming out “HOOWEYAHH” before landing in a distinct martial arts defence position in front of the youth, deftly waving her hands before her.

“I am required to inform you” she spoke in a deadly serious voice to the mesmerised wannabe thief “I am a 1st Dan black belt Origami. These hands can deliver a fatal blow that might kill you AND make you a paper party hat before you hit the ground” she waved her hands again to emphasise her point “so bring it on DIRTBAG!” Jaimie spat out as she glared at the now petrified young man, waiting….

The young hoody suddenly darted a quick look to the side and spun round taking off into a run…right into the arms of two police officers standing right by the store door!

When Drew had heard Jaimie start to yell, she instinctively pulled out her phone and called the police, realisation dawning that the young man was attempting to rob Jaimie. Luckily a squad car was parked up the road on a break so they were there within a couple of minutes.

Drew shot over to Jaimie, grabbing hold of her and checking her from head to toe. Jaimie grinned “it’s okay honey I’m fine” she said as she pulled the gun out.

“Whoa” Drew went to grasp Jaimie’s arm “J that’s dangerous” she managed to get out before Jaimie pronounced “Hey it’s okay Drew, it’s a toy gun, look…” as she aimed the gun at the door and pulled the trigger…….


The shot echoed around the store, deafening everyone, as the bullet buried itself into the wooden door….

Turning to Drew, Jaimie’s horrified face turned white as a sheet, her eyes rolled up and she dropped in a dead faint. Drew threw herself forward, managing to catch Jaimie, just, and lowered her to the floor gently.

Mac rushed over with a cloth and a glass of water, passing them to Drew. A few short minutes later Jaimie was sitting up in Drew’s arms and looking a much healthier colour.

The police had secured both the wannabe thief and the two weapons. Confirming with Drew that she would bring her girlfriend down to the station for a statement as soon as possible, they withdrew leaving the girls alone in the store with Mac. He had got them both a hot, sweet drink, packaged up their goods and was getting his car out to run them back home. As Drew found out, saying “no thanks they’d be okay” was not an option. Once Jaimie was ready to leave they piled in the car and Mac ran them back home.


One soak in a warm, scented oil bath followed by a light meal with a glass of red wine and Jaimie was pretty much back to her bubbly self …… as was Drew!

Jaimie was full of restless energy hyped up on the day’s events.

“Calm down honey, come on just sit down and relax…” Drew said softly, but firmly “we need to talk.”

Jaimie sat down on the sofa but started to bounce in her seat.

“Drewww, geez, did you see what I did though huh, did you…” she had totally missed the comment about the talk.

“He had a knife, did you see it huh…” she babbled on relentlessly…”Yeh it was real alright, wow!” She paused for a moment marvelling at her actions.

“Then he had a gun Drew, a real gun……”

That was the moment the penny finally dropped and her brain registered the phrase “WE NEED TO TALK!”  ………”

“Uh Drew, honey…see…the thing is…uh…” finally Jaimie stilled, gazing at Drew, making her eyes look as wide and innocent looking as possible.

Drew stood, holding a thoughtful pose for a minute, before turning to Jaimie and said quietly

“Jaimie right now you are hyped up and trying to process some traumatic events which you know, by themselves, have consequences.”

She continued to hold Jaimie’s ‘deer caught in headlights’ stare.

“I am going to help you deal with all this and face the consequences so there will be a clean slate at the end.”

She paused, folding her arms before continuing.

“There is something you need to know about me Jaimie. I am a Doctor of Philosophy, the PhD initials on my business card, yes?”

Jaimie nodded, numbly, not too sure where this was going.

“This means, simply, that I have a deep understanding of the causes and laws of all things. My    wisdom is based on having a ‘well read seat of knowledge’ ” she glanced briefly down at her feet, slid her hands into her pants pockets and continued

“I am able to act calmly and rationally in trying situations” she stopped once more, checking that Jaimie was still listening.

Satisfied she went on “I am going to help you destress, calm down and lose the guilt by getting to the bottom of your problem….” Jaimie visibly gulped as Drew finished with “thus ensuring that at the end, your seat of knowledge will also be “well RED”

Drew walked over to the sofa and sat down, beckoning Jaimie to her with her finger. Jaimie dragged herself to stand in front of Drew, her eyes downcast, staring at her feet. Drew put a finger under her chin lifting Jaimie’s head up until she was looking at Drew.

“Jaimie there are 3 issues here, 1- you taking the phone despite knowing you were not to even touch it, 2- lack of concentration on your surroundings almost causing serious accidents to yourself and possibly another and 3- putting yourself in danger, very serious danger by tackling an armed robber! Do you agree with these issues Jaimie?”

Once it was spoken aloud Jaimie, looking shamefaced, nodded slowly, everything was dawning on her just how totally reckless she had been.

“What on earth possessed you to act like this?” Drew held Jaimie’s hands in her own, gently rubbing the backs with her thumbs.

“I… see I just…I just wanted to check the phone out so it looked like I knew what I was doing with it but I couldn’t find the power button Drew.” Jaimie gulped and began to babble getting faster and faster “It was crazy I just couldn’t find it and then I almostgotrunover and that stupid boywellhejustgotonmynerves….”

Drew laid a finger gently on Jaimie’s lips “Sshh! Jaimie, just breathe okay..” waiting for Jaimie to quieten down. Once she was satisfied Jaimie was calmer Drew eased Jaimie to lie face down across her lap. Her top half and legs were supported by the sofa leaving Drew perfect access to her bottom. With her left hand resting on Jaimie’s back and her right rubbing soft circles on her bottom Drew spoke clearly.

“I will cover these 3 issues in separate parts so you will know when each has been dealt with and cleared. Do you understand Jaimie?” Looking down at Jaimie as the girl gave a slow nod, then remembered to say “Yes Drew”

Pulling down Jaimie’s sweatpants Drew began the warm up spanking over Jaimie’s panties. The swats were slow and firm leaving enough sting to be felt but more to start warming her bottom thoroughly, ensuring the nerve endings were brought to life. Drew wanted to make sure that Jaimie would definitely remember this lesson even though it was Christmas Day tomorrow. Her actions today had scared the life out of Drew. Increasing the pace she felt Jaimie stir slightly but knew she was taking this without undue problems. After a few minutes of this Drew stopped, resting her hand on Jaimie’s bottom feeling the heat building steadily through her panties. Another minute at a brisker pace soon had Jaimie beginning to squirm and emit the odd squeak. Delivering 3 sound swats, causing Jaimie to yelp and squirm once more, Drew stopped.

“Okay, you taking the phone against my instructions is now dealt with Jaimie, do you understand?” as she slowly rubbed her hand over her bottom.

Jaimie spoke immediately “Yes Drew I got it” pleased that one part was done. However she knew worse was to come.

Drew did not disappoint. Swiftly drawing Jaimie’s panties down she started in, swatting the pink cheeks in front of her with much firmer and faster swats.

It wasn’t long before Jaimie was wriggling in earnest, crying out and promising all sorts of things

“OWWW… ouch…. Oww Drewww…ow. I’m sorry…really I am…Oww!..I won’t do it…Oww.. again honest.. OWW ” but to no avail as Drew made good on her decision to ensure Jaimie learned this lesson well.

Drew paused after a further couple of minutes, placing her hand once more on the upturned bottom, feeling the heat radiating from the reddening cheeks. Again she slowly rubbed the stinging bottom, soothing it gently.

Jaimie was exceptionally glad for the brief reprieve. Her bottom felt like it was glowing. She felt terrible. Why ever did she think taking the phone and going down the street without watching where she was going was a good idea. She could have been seriously hurt. Well she was hurt now alright…nor was it over yet….she sighed.

Drew knew Jaimie was still tense and heard the sigh. She wanted this part over too. Bringing her  hand up higher she brought it down harder twice, once on each cheek, delivering a stinging swat causing Jaimie to yelp loudly and squirm vigorously over her lap.

“OWW….OWWW …sorryyyyy..”

“Jaimie not concentrating on your surroundings is now dealt with. Do you understand?”

“Yes Drew I’m sorryyyy..” Came the muffled voice buried in the sofa cushion.

Drew continued to gently rub Jaimie’s stinging bottom as she carefully reached behind the sofa to the shelf, picking something up.

Jaimie heard a noise and wondered what Drew was doing. Before she could say anything Drew started to speak once more.

“Jaimie regarding the danger you put yourself in, I am determined to ensure this rule is well and truly learned.

I discovered the knife and gun were both 6 inches long which added together makes 12 inches. So to measure your success at mastering this lesson I’m going to use this 12 inch wooden ruler to imprint the knowledge in 12 studiously, smart swats. Do you understand this!”


Jaimie’s head shot up as she looked over her shoulder “Uh.. Drew ..” But one look at her girlfriend’s face and she knew there was not going to be any other choice. Then she remembered the gun and the noise when it went off. She turned back round, gripped the cushion tight and mumbled “Yes Drew I get it and I’m sorry ” her voice catching slightly.

Drew just managed to maintain her composure. She heard the catch in Jaimie’s voice and desperately wanted to just hold her safe in her arms…but then recalled the terrifying fear that had gripped her at the store. Taking a deep breath she placed a hand on Jaimie’s back and said quietly “this is the last part and then it will be over Jaimie.”

Placing her left arm around Jaimie’s waist to hold her securely, Drew raised her right hand that held the ruler and swiftly dealt out 4 stinging swats to the centre of Jaimie’s bottom taking care not to overlay any stroke.

Jaimie yelling at each stroke, wriggled frantically over Drew’s lap but was held firmly in place.

Next Drew delivered 4 stinging swats to her left sit spot following up with 4 equally stinging swats to her right sit spot. Drew knew Jaimie would not be sitting comfortably for a day or so but that was a small price to pay in the circumstances.

“Oww,…Ow..Owch..oww…Drew…OWw..OWW…Oww….Ooww!.. Sorryyy…” Jaimie cried and wailed out, squirming madly trying to avoid that damned ruler!

Drew threw the ruler down and returned to lightly swatting Jaimie’s bright red and very sore bottom. The swats were gentle covering all of Jaimie’s cheeks and sit spots. The action strangely was almost soothing, causing Jaimie to suddenly lay still over Drew’s lap and just succumb to the soft swats like a comforting thing, tears falling down her cheeks as she gave in to her emotions and let everything go.

Drew felt Jaimie relax over her lap and knew she was crying. After a few seconds she gathered the girl into her arms, one hand rubbing her back whilst the other wiped away the tears.

“It’s all over now honey. The last issue is dealt with. The slate is clean. Just let everything go love. I have you here and it’s all okay.”

Drew held onto Jaimie soothing her and talking softly until she finally calmed right down.

After a while they ended up nestled together on the sofa, before Drew suggested they go to bed…it being Christmas Day in a short while. Jaimie held onto Drew’s hand as they made their way upstairs.


Christmas Day dawned, a bright, crisp start with a promise of snow in the air. Jaimie bounded out of bed followed by a smiling Drew who followed her excited girlfriend down to the lounge, leaving her rummaging under the tree whilst Drew collected the mandatory cups of steaming hot coffee from the kitchen.

Back in the lounge Drew made herself comfortable on the sofa, placing Jaimie’s coffee on the side table. She knew Jaimie was way too excited right now.

Jaimie had her present of the phone from Drew, in her hand and had feverishly torn the wrapping off, discarded the box and once more found herself trying to locate that damned power button.

Drew grinned, watching her briefly, before leaning forward, taking the phone from Jaimie’s hand, turning it over and pointing to the small locking switch.

“Drewww that’s not it, it says NO..” Jaimie barely glanced at it before speaking.

“Honey, look at it now..” Drew grinned once more

Jaimie looked down…”Noooooooo, I don’t believe it…I was reading it upside down all the time…” Her face displayed a comical look of utter disbelief!

Drew collapsed in hysterical laughter, before Jaimie, staring at the phone, staring at Drew and then back at the phone, suddenly saw the hilarious side to the situation and joined Drew giggling uncontrollably.

Once order was restored after a fashion, Jaimie picked up another parcel, reading the label aloud.

“Merry Christmas Jaimie  – Yūdansha (1st Dan)… From Kris” She looked quizzically at Drew, who shook her head looking equally mystified.

Tearing the paper off she stared, incredulously, at a large book titled “Advanced Origami Techniques” and wrapped around it was a black belt!…… Both women simply sat there in amazement for a short while their mouths slightly open and wondering looks on their faces.

Shaking her head, Jaimie put the book down and searched for her present to Drew. She knew her girlfriend loved things that were uniquely unusual and she hoped she had scored with this gift. Finally tracking it down Jaimie passed it over to Drew.

“Merry Christmas honey, I hope you like it.”

Drew took the present and gave Jaimie a kiss to thank her before swiftly unwrapping the gift.

Revealing the dvd and accompanying book Drew read out the description-

“The Life and Habits of the Antarctic Dancing Penguins complete with their amazing Feather Footed Rainbow Display!…… Fascinating stuff!” She enthused with great relish!

Jaimie rolled her eyes…then picked up her phone…now let’s get this show on the road, she thought as she flicked the power button ON!

23 Responses to Paper Warrior

  1. Alyx says:

    Hey Wooks, your story made me LOL! I can’t believe Jaimie survived that encounter with the crook, and then that encounter with Drew’s ruler. Though I have to say she certainly deserved the latter. 😀 Finally, I can’t believe that I didn’t guess the final twist in the plot — that “NO” was actually “ON”! It must be because I don’t own a smart phone myself. *bg* Thanks so much for participating in this year’s gift exchange, and for sharing your story.

    • Wookie says:

      Hey Alyx, thank you very much for your great comments. I’m glad it did make you laugh as I’ve never written a story before and wanted to try something hopefully lighthearted. Thank you for doing the Gift Exchange, it’s awesome! 😊👍🏻

    • Wookie says:

      Alyx I have a confession to make…the NO button was pure creative licence as I don’t believe there are such labelled switches, so no worries you don’t need smart phone knowledge at all. I hope this was ok….

  2. Ash says:

    She really should look where she’s going! You can’t cross the street looking at your phone. :O That spanking was well deserved.
    Ya know… sometimes I imagine what I would do if someone tried to rob me. My mother has always told me that one should give them whatever they want because nothing is worth getting hurt over, but like… I have paid a lot of money for my things, money which I earned working, so it would really suck if a good for nothing robber tried to take my things just because he’s to lazy to earn money the honest way. Anyway… thinking about it… it might be tempting to just try to punch their lights out. I’m usually a non-violent person, but if someone is gonna threaten me with something, they can’t really blame you for breaking their nose. However… seeing as I am a non-violent person, I don’t have any fighting experience and so therefore… maybe just handing my stuff over is the better option… 😛

  3. Jojo says:

    Well done Wookie. I could feel the frustration of Jaimie in trying to find the power button! That was definetly a Christmas to remember !

  4. Peachie says:

    Great story Wookie! Your description of Jaimie’s single-minded determination in switching on that danged phone was so vivid and believable I’m sure many people can relate! It would drive my crazy too! LOL I myself once walked into a tree and another time tripped on a manhole and scraped my knee really bad (wearing shorts), both times ’cause I was checking my phone. (Come to think of it I may have sent a pic of my bloody knee to Alyx ;)) And the twist in the end, very creative, I didn’t see it coming. Thanks for sharing this fun story and kicking off the holiday season. 🙂

    • Wookie says:

      Thank you very much Peachie for your lovely comments. I’m glad you liked it. Ouch!…please tell me you are more careful when using your phone now 😳

  5. Claire says:

    I was fortunate to get a sneak peak of this a couple months ago but it made me laugh out loud reading it again, such a cute story.
    Nice job Wooks and thanks for sharing!😁

  6. Ellie says:

    Good job Wookie! Now that I could easily do, bump into something while I’m checking my phone and walking! LOL

    Poor Jaimie, who wouldn’t have had it hard to wait 24 more hours to try their new phone!?!?!?

    Nice and fun story, thank you!! 😀

  7. cj says:

    Great story Wookie! I am so happy that you wrote your first story. Loved the single mindedness to get that phone turned on!!

  8. Wookie says:

    Thank you for your kind comments and I’m glad you liked the story. I kept to the deal CJ 👍🏻

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