First one in, last one off


The referee whistle blew three rapid angry bursts followed by a long low one. Libby felt herself being pulled up hard from where she lay in the grass. Even before she was solidly back on her feet, she tried again to hit Jenny. Fortunately, Jenny, who moments before, had been the object pinning Libby into the grass, was being pulled off the field by two other girls on her team. Libby struggled wildly in the grip of the teammate holding her. Accusations and obscenities tumbled out of her mouth at the retreating girl, as she herself was dragged back towards her sideline. She was furious and mildly conscious of a throbbing sensation in her shoulder.

“Jesus Lib!” Gasped the teammate holding her back. Having reached the sideline, she gave up trying to control Libby, “You’re not wrong, but Kris is going to kill you.”

Kris stood in front of the bench, icily watching Libby be dragged back. Her eyes blazed behind dark sunglasses. She looked imposing as ever, tall, clipboard in hand, whistle around her neck. She appeared focused but eerily calm. She did not move to look at Libby as she approached.

Having successfully shaken off her teammate, Libby briefly considered running back across the playing field to finish the fight, but the sharp pain in her arm told her she wouldn’t be running anywhere. Libby angrily kicked her way toward the bench speaking heatedly to herself and her concerned teammates. As she approached her partner/coach, Kris, she felt butterflies in her stomach. Kris, eyes still on the field, said firmly, “You’re done.”

Libby pointed wildly to herself in indignation, “ME?!” I’M Done?”

Kris nodded, “Go on Lib.”

Libby turned around in complete disbelief, but finding no support from the bench, turned back and again demanded, “You’re pulling me!?”

Kris didn’t answer and kept her eyes on the field as the game continued. The rest of the team watched the two women quietly, their body languages a study of opposites, Libby hot and wild, Kris quiet and cold as ice.

Libby shook her head, incredulous. Tufts of grass stuck out of her shin guards where Jenny had harshly shoved her into the ground.

“I. Can. Not. believe this,” she said, turning to face the parking lot. Hot anger surged through her as she pulled the mouth guard from her teeth and hurled it with all of her strength into the rows of parked cars, shouting “This is Bullshit!”

In that moment, Kris, who never appeared to struggle with self control, accidentally snapped a pencil in her fist and held onto the pieces tightly enough to leave an imprint on her palm. She fully intended to return the favor and leave the imprint of her palm elsewhere, later.

Libby marched angrily away down the grassy slope towards their house. When she had launched the mouthpiece into the row of suvs, she felt something like a searing burn rip across her shoulder. Her adrenaline powered her through the reckless move, too angry to stop, she pounded down and onwards. Through her fury, she felt as if Kris was actually to blame for her injury. As she got to the tree lined sidewalks, the pain was bad enough that she took the collar of her jersey into her mouth and bit down, grimacing with each step. Frustrated tears pooled in her eyes that had nothing to do with the pain in her shoulder. She had badly lost her temper, but only after being relentless hounded by that that.. that Bitch! Jenny should have been thrown out of the game 2 minutes in. The final straw was when Jenny had illegally shoved Libby in the back, while simultaneously stepping on her cleat, sending her sprawling onto the grass, landing hard on her shoulder. Libby had reacted by pulling Jenny down on top of her. The two wrestled angrily, trying to exchange blows through the referees angry whistle blasts, until their respective teammates pulled them apart. Now Kris was benching her? She should have been out there fighting with her. Defending her! Not standing on the sidelines judging her. Unbelievable.

Libby couldn’t stop the tears now, big wet drops fell down onto the sidewalk with every step she took. Her medical training told her that there could be something seriously wrong with her shoulder. She considered sitting down on the sidewalk and waiting for Kris to come and help her. Or maybe waking back and asking Kris to take her for an X-ray. But she couldn’t. She had thrown her out of the game. She wasn’t even taking her side! Everything was wrong. The adrenaline that rushed through her when she threw her mouth guard was still pulsing through her, making her hands shake. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She certainly wasn’t going to let Kris know she was hurt. Clearly she didn’t care. Kris didn’t deserve to know. If she was going to take Jenny’s side… how couldn’t she know how badly Libby was hurting. No one cared. She’d handle it on her own. She didn’t need anyone. No one could be trusted anyways.

Doubling down on self pity, she pushed onwards down their long driveway. Libby practiced her angry defense in her mind for when she inevitably had to face Kris. Wouldn’t Kris just feel awful if Libby had torn her rotator cuff. Kris should feel awful. Who wouldn’t swear with an injury like that. The visual of the airborne mouth guard arching over the cars flickered across her mind… ok, yes that was a mistake for two reasons, but she had been hurting before that.

Libby struggled to punch in the code on the garage pad, fingers trembling with emotion. She walked into their mud room, where Chubb, their elderly lab, wiggled his hips from where he lay nesting on his memory foam mattress.

“Hey chubby,” Libby went over and rubbed his ears to keep him from raising up unnecessarily. Libby tried to wrench her cleat off without undoing the laces.

“Aaagh!” She gasped and shouted in pain, shoving her collar back into her mouth and biting down hard. Tears kept falling even though she was angrily determined to stop crying. Chubb looked up at her, no longer wiggling. They both started with the sound of the front door shutting hard and Kris’s keys clanging into their catch-all in the front foyer.


Kris’s voice reached Libby like a blast of cold wind. For a silly moment she actually froze in place as if not moving would make her invisible. She felt a crazy desire to hide. Her mind replayed the last half hour. She saw herself rolling around in the grass actually trying to fight another player, swearing angrily, and then -she actually shivered- throwing her mouth guard in a sensational tantrum. She felt a cold sweat trickle down her back, there was no way to salvage this.


She shouted back angrily, lying to herself about her shoulder pain. Libby marched to the kitchen, determined to show she was unafraid. She rapidly wiped away tears, unaware that her face, streaked with dirt from being shoved face first into the grass, now showed distinct tracks of tears all down her chin and neck.

Libby was standing at the kitchen sink with a glass of water at her lips when Kris entered the kitchen. She stared at Libby before calmly walking over to the large marble topped island that separated them. Gently, she placed Libby’s discarded mouth guard in the middle, like a piece of evidence.

It was the first thing Libby saw when she turned around angrily. Her stomach clenched hard enough that she forgot about her shoulder. She felt angry. Angry at Kris for being calm. Angry at Kris for being disappointed in her. Angry at herself for losing her temper in front of everyone. Angry at the situation she had created. Angry that she didn’t know how to undo it. Uncharacteristically, she looked up to meet Kris’s eyes defiantly.

The two women glared at one another for an uncomfortable moment. Kris, took in the scene, assessing the severity of Libby’s hurt pride. Balancing it against her egregious behavior. Libby broke eye contact first. She had done too many unspeakable things, broken so many rules.

“March yourself to the bedroom and take a shower. I will meet you in the study when you finish.”

Libby smacked her palm down on the island.

“Why?! I’m fine!” She shouted loudly, belligerently. Her throat choked with emotion. She shook her head angrily so that she wouldn’t start to cry again.

Kris briskly walked around the island.

“We are not going to do this now,” she began before Libby interrupted, shouting,

“DO what? I don’t want to DO anything!”

That was all it took, the next thing Libby knew, she was bent over the island, Kris’s hand between her shoulder blades, stomach and cheek pressed down onto the cold marble. Her mouth guard lay lazily on its side right in her line of vision. Kris quickly pinned Libby’s right arm into the small of her back and yanked her soccer shorts down to meet her shin guards.

“That’s quite enough, this ends Now Elizabeth.”

Kris roughly opened a drawer in the island and pulling out a wooden spoon, lit hard into the panty clad bottom bent before her.

She swung harder than usual as she had left Libby’s panties on and saw no need for a warmup. She spanked Libby rapidly, covering all of her bottom and sit spots. Kris gave Libby two full minutes of paddling with the unrelenting wooden spoon. She did not speak or lecture. She focused on letting Libby know she was very much in control.

Libby broke fast.

The built up hurt and anger came spilling out of Libby in a flood of emotion. She sobbed openly and messily while Kris held her firmly down and applied the spoon to her bottom. After the positively scorching two minutes were over, Kris stopped abruptly and pulled Libby upright.

“Are you ready to listen now?” She asked Libby firmly.

Libby was completely beside herself, hiccuping her tears, unable to answer at all. Kris recognized the deep emotions that had little to do with the spanking she had just given. Libby had lost control and didn’t know how to get back. She was frightened of herself. She pulled Libby tightly to her and held her in a strong hug. Libby continued to cry, holding back nothing. Unable to. Kris rocked Libby slowly side to side as she began to settle down.

“Shhh,shhh shhh,” she soothed, “I’m going to fix this. Lets go. I’m giving you a bath.”

Kris bent and tapped Libby’s calve indicating that she should lift her leg and step out of her shorts which now lay around her ankles. She took Libby tightly by the wrist and marched her through the kitchen and up the back staircase to their bedroom. Pulling her through the doorway she pressed Libby down into the armchair that stood adjacent to their bathroom door and knelt down to remove her socks and shin guards.

“Kris, I can do it,” Libby reached down, protesting.

Kris grabbed Libby’s hand in her fist and locked eyes with her, saying simply, firmly, “No.”

Libby choked back tears, understanding that she was under Kris’s control now. She lost her decision making privileges with her last tantrum in the kitchen. Maybe even before that. Kris would expect her full obedience and submission now. She felt embarrassed and ashamed to have Kris strip off her sweaty socks, pull her jersey over her head, like a 3 year old. That was the point. To bring her back. She felt, as Kris intended her to, very very small. Libby knew she should tell Kris about her injured shoulder. Let her check it out, let her comfort her. But when the jersey came roughly off her shoulder, Libby bit her tongue and hid her grimace. This one thing she would handle. She wouldn’t burden Kris with anything else.

Part 2

Kris stood Libby up and steered her into the bathroom to stand before their claw foot tub. Turning on the taps, she pulled Libby’s panties down and off, pausing to smooth a palm over her work with the wooden spoon. Both of Libby’s cheeks remained tenderly swollen, warm and flushed with color. Kris turned back to gather the remaining sweaty clothing from the floor and walked it to the hamper in their closet. Libby stayed where she was at the edge of the tub, quietly watching it fill. Furtively she glanced in the mirror to see if there was any obvious bruising on her shoulder.


Kris pointed to the tub as it approached half full. She reached into the towel cabinet as Libby stepped over the edge. Libby took advantage of Kris’s turned back to brace herself with her good arm before lowering herself down into the tub. The taps continued to gush hot water as Libby sat on her tender bottom. She pulled her knees into her chest and wrapped one arm around her bare legs. She looked as small as she felt. Kris found the bar of soap she was looking for and began her lecture as she pealed off the wrapper.

“I would ask you what you have to say for yourself, but I think we’ve heard quite enough from that mouth of yours for the time being.”

Kris held the fresh bar under the running water for a moment before rubbing it vigorously in a wash cloth.

A few tears continued to fall from Libby’s remorseful looking face. She knew better than to respond. Kris knelt at the side of the tub and put her hand at the back of Libby’s head. Looking down at her firmly.

“Don’t you dare give me any trouble here little girl. We have a list of things to address but I am going to get you cleaned up first. Starting with this filthy mouth. Open.”

Libby closed her eyes and opened her mouth obediently.

The soapy wash cloth roughly scrubbed the insides of her cheeks, her tongue and teeth. Congested from crying, Libby couldn’t help but cough and gag a little.

“It tastes awful doesn’t it Elizabeth? That’s what a dirty mouth tastes like. I am beyond disappointed to hear the things that came out of your mouth today.”

She tutted and paused before pulling Libby’s chin to face her,

“You know better and you certainly will not forget this the next time you lose your temper. Hold this soap in your mouth for the rest of your bath. Drop it and I’ll scrub you out again.”

With that, Kris placed the slippery bar in Libby’s mouth and began to scrub the rest of her body. Libby cried silently, knowing that she had earned every bit of this, yet hating it all the same. She let Kris wipe the dirt off of her knees and face, too ashamed to make eye contact. Kris filled up a cup with warm water and gently rinsed shampoo out of Libby’s hair. Her heart throbbed a little for her broken girl as she watched her struggle to keep the soap in her mouth. She knew that Libby needed this, needed Kris to be firm. Needed Kris to be strong so badly it frightened her.

Kris rested her forearms on the side of the tub and sighed. With two fingers, she lifted and turned Libby by the chin to look into her eyes.

“Will I ever hear that kind of language from this mouth again?”

“Mm-mmm” Libby shook her head sadly, fresh tears puddling up.

Kris turned the cold water tap on and plucked the soap from Libby’s mouth. Libby didn’t deserve a rinse, but it had been, by far, the longest mouth soaping she’d ever received.


Libby looked at Kris gratefully before gulping hungrily at the cold tap.

Part 3

Kris wrapped Libby up in a thick towel and dried her firmly before sending her into their bedroom.

“Put your nose all the way in the corner and your hands on your head,” Kris spoke firmly from the bathroom.

Facing the usual corner, Libby made to lift her arms but stopped short, mouth open in pain. Unsure what to do, but knowing she couldn’t realistically lift up her bad arm, she stood as still as possible facing the corner, arms at her sides, praying that Kris wouldn’t notice.

“Hands. On. Your. Head.”

The firmness in Kris’s voice made Libby shiver.

“Kris, I-“ Libby began

“Right. Now!”

Libby turned from the corner to see Kris angrily closing the space between them. Kris, unused to being so directly challenged and fed up from a day of uncharacteristic disobedience, made to grab Libby and put her into position.

“KristinaWaitDon’t!” Libby panicked, holding out her good arm to block Kris if need be.

Kris stopped, frozen. Her face fearful and concerned. She approached but did not touch Libby, who was now back to sobbing.

“Baby, what is it?” Kris asked tenderly “Whats wrong?”

“I can’t,” Libby sobbed

“What can’t you do baby?”

“I can’t… my arm…. I can’t lift my arm up,”

Kris tensed, closing her eyes, her face was grim, “Why can’t you lift your arm up Elizabeth?”

Libby babbled out a messy explanation of how she felt when she landed hard after being tripped and how badly it hurt on the walk home.

“Which arm? This one?” Kris approached gently now, softly assessing the shoulder.

“And when you threw your mouth guard?”

Although speaking softly, there was a fury in Kris’s voice. Libby looked down and nodded. They both knew Libby had obviously made the injury worse in her tantrum.

“When were you planning to tell me Lib?” Kris towered over Libby, her palms flat against the wall flanking Libby. Libby shrunk before her, Kris looking the angriest she had all day.

“I’m sorry,” Libby began, before Kris cut her off.

“Not like you’re gonna be… sit down on the bed, I’ll get you something to wear, we’re going to the hospital.”

Libby began to meekly protest the need to go and get help, but stopped shortly when Kris marched angrily out of their closet with a handful of clothes. Kris closed her eyes and exhaled loudly through her nostrils, visibly gathering her patience and controlling her steadily rising temper.

“Elizabeth, the paddling I’m going to give you…” she stopped, took another deep breath, “You know better than I, that there is a good chance you have a separated shoulder. You need an x-Ray and you needed it an hour ago. We can go to an urgent care if you would rather but we are going. Now.”

Kris held out one of her button down shirts for Libby to put on. Libby sniffed back tears and favoring her sore shoulder, started by putting the shirt first over her good arm.

“No, no, first one in last one out.”

Libby looked to Kris in confusion.

“Your injury, when you dress, the hurt arm is first one in, last one out. Safest for the injury. So you don’t hurt yourself worse.”

Gently, she slid the sleeve up onto the sore shoulder, before buttoning up the front for her. Kris held out a pair of shorts for Libby to step into, while warning her to be on her best behavior at the urgent care clinic.

Part 4

It was a quiet drive to the urgent care. Kris, mostly concerned about the damage Libby might have done to her shoulder. She was also struggling to control her anger at having been lied to. Libby had a very bad habit of refusing to admit she needed help. Withholding pain/injury, sickness. To the point that they had a well established rule about it. A rule which had been broken and corrected enough times for her to absolutely know better. Not to mention her display this morning. Kris gripped the steering wheel tightly thinking how she could have unintentionally harmed Libby simply by pulling her from the corner. It wasn’t right that Libby had hidden this injury from her. What if she had even hurt her worse removing the soccer jersey? They’d soon know.

Libby was also quiet. She was thinking back to when her big fear had been punishment over fighting and swearing. That all seemed laughably manageable now. Well. Maybe not laughable. But the soaping was already over and she could have at least been well on her way to being back in Kris’s good graces. Had she even considered how badly Kris would take it when she found out she was injured? What had she been thinking? She’d been put over Kris’s knee enough times for transgressions like this to have known better. Plus there was that thing Kris had said in their bedroom… “The paddling I’m going to give you…” Libby’s insides clenched as she replayed it in her mind.



“I’m really sorry, I am. I know I should have told you right away, I was just so angry.”

Kris pulled into the parking lot and turned off the ignition. She sighed and turned face to Libby.

“Baby, I’m sorry too, but it’s really inexcusable. Being sorry flat out won’t cut it. This is a lesson you’ve already learned. You are in a great deal of trouble.” Seeing a tear fall from Libby’s eye, she continued, “Well you are Lib, I won’t lie to you. Not so much trouble that I love you any less. I love you and I could have badly hurt you. It’s not ok that you put me in that position. Now let’s get in there. If you want to show me remorse, show me how well you can behave. Be completely honest with the doctor.”

An hour and a half later, they left the clinic. Libby had her arm in a sling, but the injury was fairly minor. A first degree shoulder separation, with no further injury showing on the x-Ray. She wouldn’t require further intervention other than ice and a few weeks rest. The amount of movement she was tolerating already was a good sign. For some, the recovery could take 4-6 weeks, but the clinic doctor had said if she took care and didn’t further harm herself, she would likely be completely healed in two weeks time. Both women were feeling relieved and their moods were somewhat lifted. Knowing that she hadn’t done any lasting harm, Libby felt a lot better, even with the prospect of her punishment in the near future. Plus their community league soccer was set to run other 5 weeks so she should be able to make it for the last 3. She was thrilled about this fact, but had the good sense to not celebrate around Kris.

Back at the house Kris instructed Libby to find a spot at their kitchen table and wait. She moved around busily, taking care of Chub, opening cabinets, assembling a lunch for both of them. Libby was terribly uncomfortable being made to be wait and not help at all. The brief relief she felt at the clinic was gone. Feeling sulky, she fidgeted with the cup of water she had filled up earlier. Pushing it this way and that with one hand, her other hand under the table cradled in the sling. The cup snagged on the corner of an open paperback and tipped forward. Libby jumped up and reached to grab the cup with both hands to prevent it spilling all over, but it was too late. Water splashed all across the table as Kris turned around to see Libby standing up with her injured arm out of the sling.

For the second time that day Libby froze briefly in fear. The light was gone from Kris’s eyes. Her jaw tightened and she dropped the plate she was holding down onto the counter with a loud bang.

Both women spoke at the same time:

“It was an accident!” Libby shouted

“Elizabeth!” Kris scolded

Kris angrily marched over to Libby and gently put her arm back into the sling. Making meaningful eye contact to explain that she was upset not about the spilled water, but the lack of consideration Libby was showing her injury.

“Alright. I had hoped we could have some lunch first but clearly we need to deal with this now. Get your bottom upstairs right now. Face the corner but do not get so close that you bang your arm.” She turned back to the table to sop up the mess with a kitchen towel.

Feeling guilty, Libby began to protest “No Kris, we can eat first, I’m sorry, it was an acci-“

She stopped abruptly. Kris sprung up from the table, her face furious. She roughly turned Libby around and pushed her towards their bedroom. Libby realized her mistake and picked up her pace, rushing now to follow direction. It was too late, Kris stormed angrily close behind her. Instructing, “Go!” when Libby nervously glanced behind. Once they reached their room, Libby scampered to her corner where she cringed listening to Kris’s angry movements in the room behind her.

Part 5

Kris went straight to the back of their shared walk in closet. She rummaged around in an old trunk before taking out a substantial looking paddle. It was not an implement she normally used, mostly because the length of it required her to be standing and they both preferred the closeness of an over the knee spanking.

Normally, Kris could very adequately punish Libby with her hand, the back of a heavy hairbrush or smaller wooden paddle. Kris had also made use of her belt on occasion.

This paddle was a remnant of her college soccer playing days. The women’s team at Michigan had a well earned reputation for being their own fraternity of sorts. Big ten teams played hard, drank harder, and quite frankly participated in hazing. Kris knew firsthand the bruisingly heavy thud this paddle could deliver in the hands of a vengeful upperclassman. She looked for a moment at the navy tapped handle before deciding yes and carrying it over to the bed.

She looked at Libby standing in the corner. Libby was far from bad. She wasn’t even really a brat. She was thoughtful and kind, always treated people with respect. If anything she had more of a tendency to let herself be taken advantage of to avoid confrontation with others. Today’s fight on the field had been a shock. Kris had seen how the other player had antagonized Libby from the start. It’s true that opposing team was playing a lot rougher than was strictly necessary for a friendly community league. That was unfortunately part of the game and something she had to leave in the hands of the volunteer refs. Kris also knew that there was a history between the two stemming back to their high school days. None of that was an excuse for the decisions Libby made. The swearing was absolutely unacceptable. Kris hated to hear Libby swear. She had been clear about that from the very beginning of their relationship. It was a hard, serious rule and one that should have made her pause. Fighting wasn’t a rule but only because it had never been any kind of an issue. As far as Kris knew, this was the first fight Libby had ever been in. She thought to herself to follow up on that later. It didn’t seem quite right. The tantrum, throwing the mouth guard, Kris had recognized immediately as Libby badly acting out in a way that she knew Kris would not ignore. She could have spanked Libby hard for the outburst and given her a good scolding if that is where things had ended. It was her decision to hide her injury that had made Kris reach for the college paddle. She had to end this behavior. For Libby’s own safety.

Kris walked over and stood behind Libby who faced the corner. She leaned over the smaller girl, resting her palm on the wall above her.

“We’ve been here before haven’t we Elizabeth.”

Libby didn’t respond. She knew she was facing a heavy punishment for her decision to hide her injury. But what would that look like… She’d had her mouth washed out, badly. She’d even already been spanked hard in the kitchen. She was still tender in spots from that.

Getting no response from Libby, Kris continued, “I think, you wanted to punish me. You were angry that I pulled you from the game. I had no other choice Libby. You were physically fighting on the field. Do you honestly think I could continue to let you play?”

Libby remained silent. It was true, she couldn’t have put it into words at the time, but she had wanted to hurt Kris in some way by not confiding in her. She felt ashamed realizing it. She depended on Kris to help take care of herself it was true. She struggled with guilt about that but it was something she needed and something that Kris had always been gracious about.

“Jen provoked you. Yes I saw it. It does not matter. People are going to provoke. People are going to be mean and rude. It honestly never crossed my mind that I’d have to scold you about fighting. I don’t think this is a behavior you have a problem with. I hope we never have to address it again. Much like I had expected we were done with your tendency to withhold injuries from me.”

Kris paused here and Libby could have sworn that temperature in the room dropped several degrees. She didn’t trust herself to speak, so she hung her head in the corner and remained silent.

“If you haven’t learned yet how I feel about being lied to, that’s not a failing on my part. I know that we have been over and over this Libby. So it tells me that you know and have chosen disobedience. It does disappoint me baby, because it undermines my ability to trust you.”

She paused here and put a soft hand on the trembling shoulder in front of her. Libby had begun to cry heavily in response to the scolding. Kris traced a pattern with her thumb in the space between Libby’s slight shoulder blades. They both took the moment to calm down.

“Shhh baby. I’m going to make it alright. You’ve earned a yourself quite a punishment. As always, you need to use your safe word if necessary, but I am going to warn you, this is going to be heavier than you are used to and I intend it to be. I’ve been on the receiving end of this paddle and I don’t think it’s possible to escape some bruising. Be honest with me but know that I do expect your bottom to be sore for the next few days. I am telling you this not to scare you, but to underline how important it is for you to communicate and be honest with me.

Kris took Libby by the good arm and walked her over to the bed. Libby saw the paddle and paused just briefly enough to trip a little as Kris continued to lead her. She placed pillows at the edge and gently but firmly positioned Libby so that none of her body weight would rest on her injured shoulder. Kris pulled Libby’s loose shorts down to the floor without explanation. Her fingers slipped under the waistband of her underwear,

“That was a bad choice. You don’t punish me. You don’t punish someone because you’re angry with them Elizabeth. When you’re angry with someone you speak to them, you give them a chance to make it right or to apologize. You never gave me that chance.”

She yanked Libby’s underwear down to her knees.

“You know I never punish you when I’m angry at you. That’s not fair and it’s not safe. Now, I am going to punish you, because I love you and because you need it.”

Kris placed one hand flat on Libby’s bare lower back as she walked around to her side.

“For all intents and purposes you will be grounded this weekend and next. You’ll spend some of that time personally calling each teammate and apologizing for your behavior on the field today.” She paused here to let this sink in before adding, “You’ll also have to apologize for letting the team down this season as you will not be returning to the team.”

“Kris! Please NO! Please!” Libby stayed down under Kris’s palm, but she turned her head to try and catch Kris’s eyes.

THWAK- gasp-silence-THWAK

The heavy paddling began, quickly silencing Libby who immediately quit her protests and instead focused on breathing through the incredibly heavy strokes.

After 5 thudding strokes, Kris paused to assess Libby’s behind. She was not taking it easy and she had not given Libby a warm up. This was to be a hard punishment. The next two she aimed hard at Libby’s sit spots, which caused Libby to begin crying louder.

“How are you doing baby?” Kris asked, palm still flat on Libby’s now sweaty lower back.

Libby could barely respond, her bottom was

Throbbing and each stroke made her feel like her skin would split apart. All she could think about was the spanking she was getting.

“Hurts…” she whispered in an exhale.

Kris resumed paddling, one stroke after another. Neither fast nor slow, only controlled.

“I know it does, it’s going to hurt, you are ok though.”

Occasionally Kris would let the paddle strike just at the tops of Libby’s thighs and it took everything Libby had to remain in place. She was fully submitted and did not dare to do anything that might lengthen her punishment. She cried in gasps, unselfconsciously. Focused on nothing but finishing.

Kris was watching everything carefully. She began to see patches on each cheek where she knew a bruise would come through. She had no intentions to harm Libby.

“Last four baby, you can do this, take a good breath.”

She waited for Libby to take a shuddering breath and then landed four sharp swats to the tender area where her bottom curved to meet her thighs.

Libby cried with abandon as Kris gently sat and pulled her into a tight hug, supporting her body weight against her chest as Libby leaned into her between her open legs. Kris held and shushed Libby for several long minutes as she wound down from the punishment. In time, she managed to pull the chastised girl into bed with her, holding her close and safe.

Libby was exhausted and wrung out emotionally. She clung to Kris, her safe place.

“Do I really have to sit out the season?” She asked in a congested voice.

“I’m afraid so. There has to be consequences for our actions. This was a big one Lib. Besides, it’s more important that you heal completely. I’m not budging on this.”

Libby nodded into Kris’s chest. Her hair mussed and wet in places from tears.

“I’m sorry Kris”

“I know baby, it’s all over and you are forgiven,” she said, smoothing her hair down, but Libby didn’t hear her, she was already asleep.

3 Responses to First one in, last one off

  1. patti says:

    Excellent story; that’s a scary sounding paddle.

  2. Alyx says:

    These two women have a very loving partnership, and Kris seems to know exactly what Libby needs. It’s been great to have you share stories of their relationship over the years — thanks for participating in yet another holiday exchange, KM! 👏🎄

    (I have a sorority paddle very much like the one you describe….it is very intense! 😱 )

  3. Woodsy says:

    Feels like you put such a lot of thought into this story.

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