Site Tweaking

Hi Spankfans! Because the Christmas exchange stories page was growing so long, I decided it deserved to be its own page. (The 2020 exchange held a record number of submissions, with another story promised to come!) So it’s now under “Holiday Exchange” with this URL:

So the bad news is that anyone who’s linked to the previous “Links & Xmas Exchange” page ( needs to change the link to the new page. I will leave the old one up for a couple of days, then will delete it. Sorry for the inconvenience! 😟  (Note: A quick way to check for broken links is to use a service like You enter your site url and it will check through all the pages on your site and provide a list of broken links. You can then go and edit the pages with broken link.)

The good news is that the Links page has also been updated as well (note the new URL);  I’ve removed some outdated info and fixed a lot of broken links. I’ve also added a couple of new links for your enjoyment. 😃   (Note #2: It’s interesting how quite a few women, including lesbians, like to write M/M discipline stories. I wonder if it’s easier to reconcile the power dynamic that way?)

Finally, if anyone wants me to change/remove their link, please let me know? Thanks.

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2 Responses to Site Tweaking

  1. Peachie says:

    Great, I like it! Thanks for all that you do to keep this community alive and well! I will check out a few stories in the links. They look promising. 🙂

    • Alyx says:

      Thanks, Peachie! Yes, do check out the links. There are some longer stories there too, since everyone is spending more time at home these days. 😛

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