By Tigger

She couldn’t believe it.  Here it was, the last day of school before Christmas vacation, and she was stuck with a Christmas show.  Who’s stupid idea was it to put on a Christmas show on the last day of school before vacation anyway?  And, here was another stroke of genius, let’s have it the day after the faculty party!  I mean, it’s not like any of the teachers were hungover, right?

Tigger took a deep breath and raised her head off her desk.  Yep, the kids were still there.  All 40 of them!  It was not a bad dream.  She wondered how long the coloring activity would keep them busy.  Please, let it be 10 more minutes!  “Miss Tigger,” a small voice called out, “I need to go to the bathroom!”

“Ok,” she sighed, “just be sure to hurry!  They’ll be calling us to go over to the church any minute!”  “Oh crap,” she muttered to herself as the noise in the room rose meteorically.  Now the kids were excited to go over to the concert.  She’d never settle them back down to their quiet coloring.  And with that thought, the call came over the intercom.  “Please follow the first graders out the door!”

OH, LOVELY!  Thanks so much for the warning, office!  Raising her voice, Miss Tigger announced, “Let’s go, kids!  Come on!  Get into your lines!  You know how to do this!  Dennis!  Why don’t you know which line you are in!  Kerry!  Leave the crayons here!  No, John, you do NOT need to take along that toy!”  Her impatience was coming out loud and clear to the kids.  They hurried to get into the line as quickly as they could, but being only small people, they didn’t move very quickly!  And while they noticed that Stephen was still in the bathroom no one was willing to bring down the teacher’s wrath by pointing it out to her!

Tigger hurried the kids out the door and into the hallway.  She knew she wasn’t being her usual patient self with the kids on this last day before Christmas, but, heck, everyone had an off day, right?  She checked to make sure all the kids were out and “accidentally” slammed the door as she hurried into the hall.  The kids looked worried.  She forced a smile.  “Everyone ready?” she asked, not expecting (or waiting for) an answer.  Why wasn’t this day over yet?

The buzz in the line increased as the class made their way down the street to the crosswalk and saw Santa himself on the steps of the Church!  A few kids called out, “Santa!  I know him!” which was usually Miss Tigger’s favorite line, but today she just said, “Come on, hurry up!”  She couldn’t wait to seat them and be done with her responsibility for the day.  Once they were seated, they were on their own!  She had resolved that she wouldn’t move unless someone was bleeding, vomiting or on fire and she meant to keep that resolution!  She was focusing so hard on the task that she missed seeing Santa’s raised eyebrows as she failed to return his greeting or his question to little Timmy concerning Stephen’s whereabouts.  She also missed the elf at his side dashing off back to the school and returning with Stephen in tow.

As the children angelically filed into their seats Stephen, wiping away his anxious tears at being left behind, shoved in between the students to get to his assigned place.  Tigger noticed he was late and suddenly remembered that he had been in the restroom when they had been called.  She felt a momentary chagrin, and then thought, “Well, he shouldn’t have chosen that moment to go!”  As they settled in, Tigger slumped in her seat.  Finally, they had made it.  Just as she closed her eyes a small elf appeared at her elbow.  “Excuse me, Miss Tigger.  Santa would like a word with you in the foyer.”

What the heck?  And, wait a minute!  Why was Micah, her girlfriend and sometimes Top, suddenly standing with him?  She lived on the other side of the country!  Before she could wrap her mind around this the elf informed her that he would watch her class and Micah did that eyebrow lift that meant, “You are in SO much trouble!”

Tigger slowly walked back.  No one seemed to notice she was going anywhere.  She reached the back of the church and threw her arms around her girl.  “Where? How?” she started.  “Santa sent for me,” Micah began, “and said you needed a bit of Christmas spirit instilled in you!”  Santa explained that after watching the children try to cheer up their teacher and then seeing them cowed into quiet and finally finding little Stephen crying he decided a bit of Christmas magic was in order.  He had sent for Micah and cast a spell over the church.  “The best way to spread Christmas cheer,” Santa explained, “is by spanking loud for a brat to hear!”

And with that Micah pulled Tigger to her and began smacking her backside with her open palm.  SMACK!  SMACK! SMACK!  I told you not to drink at that party last night when you knew you had to work today!  SPANK! SPANK!  And now you are taking it out on the children!  A volley of spanks fell on Tigger’s bottom.

Santa pulled out a chair and Micah happily settled herself on it.  She pulled down Tigger’s pants and laughed out loud at the Santa panties.  “Well, these certainly didn’t help your mood today!”  Santa grimaced and handed Micah a wooden spoon that made Tigger’s eyes open wide.  WHAP! WHAP!  That thing was a lethal weapon!  Tigger was dancing all over her girl’s lap as her sins were listed.  She was impatient.  She was unkind.  She forgot how to laugh.

Tigger knew all this was true but couldn’t believe she was being spanked at the Christmas concert!  Finally she gave in and started crying at which point Santa handed Micah another implement.  Tigger didn’t believe it!  She couldn’t stand it!  However, she relaxed when her girl started stroking her bottom gently with it.  This was a paddle she could get used to!  Micah laughed and showed it to her.  It was red and white fur, absolutely perfect for cooling a red hot rear.

With that her girl picked her up and held her in her lap.  She assured Santa that she had indeed found her Christmas spirit again and was safe to be around children.  Micah gave her a kiss and assured her that she could return any time to give her a refresher course.  As she slipped back into the church she was startled to find that the concert hadn’t even started!  It was as if time had stood still.  She found Stephen, apologized, and hugged him.  And with that, Santa appeared to start the festivities.  Maybe it was the kids’ imagination, but Santa seemed to be keeping a special eye on Miss Tigger all during that performance!


  1. Micah says:

    Good job Miss Tigger! It seems that you were thinking about things other than the school play while at the assembly this year! Hmmm…a paddle with red and white fur…”absolutely perfect” indeed. :))

  2. Fizzy says:

    Hee this is great, Tigger! I especially like “Miss Tigger’s” internal monologue. “…bleeding, vomiting, or on fire” 😀 thanks for writing it!

  3. Ash says:

    Great, Tigger! 🙂 It was really funny. 😀

  4. Peach says:

    Haha that’s a great story for the holidays! You sure it’s not based on RL? 😉
    Thanks for sharing, Tigger. Merry Xmas.

  5. Hupotasso says:

    I absolutely LOVE this story! A new holiday classic! Thanks so much for sharing, Tigger.

  6. bystander says:

    Brilliant Tigger, brought on a smile. Have a lovely Christmas

  7. Alyx says:

    Tigger, this was hilarious! Your teaching experience really brought all the details to life. I can so imagine every one of those scenes, and especially enjoyed imagining that last one! 😀 You did a great job, AND you were the first one in. I think Micah should reward you for that. 😉

    • Micah says:

      I’ll be most happy to oblige. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a furry red and white paddle. Isn’t a switch the normal item left in stockings for naughty brats? lol

  8. Tenth Muse Top says:

    Excellent, Tigger! That is exactly how to handle a grumpy brat. *approving*

    *wanders off humming happily, ‘hark, I hear a naughty brat sing…’

  9. naughtyney says:

    Nice story Tigger! Thanks for submitting it! Alyx I had been wondering what was going on all year with absolutely no posts…hope all is well!

  10. naughtyney says:

    Tigger, hey that was a fun read!! I enjoyed it! Thanks for posting it! Also Ms Alyx, what gives?? Hope you are ok and hope you won’t wait till next Dec to post. 😇

  11. Beck says:

    I love the story and I really like your spin on the holiday theme Tigger! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Mil says:

    It was so much fun reading this, Tigger! Thank you and Merry Christmas 🙂

  13. cj says:

    This was great Tigger! I could do feel her pain. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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