Marty and Vickie – The Easter Incident

By Micah

“Stop fidgeting!” Casey’s admonition caused Marty’s jittering leg to stop all of three seconds before it began once again.

“I’m sorry,” she responded automatically. “But this is our first big party since we built the house. The entire neighborhood’s been invited and I’m just scared no one will show up.”

Casey rolled her eyes. “All week, every time I walk down the street people are telling me how much they’re looking forward to coming. I mean, with a yard this big, it’s almost like having your own park.”

Marty smiled. “Well, you know Vickie. When we found the two adjoining lots, she found a way to make it work monetarily but still work later when we’re more established.”

Marty was referring to the fact that Vickie went ahead and bought both lots and then placed a small home on one lot that allowed the other area to be a huge yard. But whenever they could afford to build their dream home, they could do so and then have the small one for a rental or possibly sell it. It could even be an ‘in-law’ home if either of the parents ever needed to be nearby.

Casey smiled. “Vickie is the most anal retentive – OW!” She rubbed the side of her head that had just gotten smacked.

“Watch it,” an amused voice responded. “I just like to figure out how to do things in an orderly, logical way. What’s wrong with that?” She issued the challenge with little thought to being taken up on it.

Casey continued to rub her head. “I guess there’s nothing wrong with it, boss lady. But Marty must be a saint!”

Marty smirked. “That’s me. Santa Martina.” She looked down her nose at Casey. “You may address me as Your Ladyship”

Casey snorted. “Yeah…..right. I’ll call you that the next time you’re begging me to help you get out of trouble.” She pretended to hold a phone to ear and copied Marty’s voice. “Help. Vickie’s going to kill me. Can you be here when she comes home so I have a witness?”

Vickie, who had been pouring herself a cup of coffee, dropped the pot onto the counter with a bang. “You two actually conspire against me? I wondered why the heck you always happen to be here when Marty’s got some ‘splaining to do.”

Marty kicked Casey under the table. “Gee, thanks, dufus. Do you have to tell everything you know?”

Casey quit rubbing her head and now began to run her leg. “Darn. I need combat pay to live here,” she groused.

Vickie had worked hard and long hours to get her fledgling business going. She and Marty had scrimped and saved before finally leaving the city and American Audits behind to build their future in a smaller suburb of Boston where the cost of living wasn’t so high. She had several loyal clients that had come to know her over the years and decided she would serve them better than Am Audits could. However, the first couple of years were difficult as she began building a clientele.

Casey had joined Vickie’s little company as soon as possible. She had helped in her spare time at first and then as soon as she could, became a full time auditor for the new company. Vickie couldn’t afford to pay her as much as she had made previously which made things difficult but Marty had resolved that problem by announcing Casey would move into their guest room at least until the business was built up to allow Casey to get a nice raise.

All three women were nervous about the move as friends can often become enemies when living together. But Casey was gone most weekends and at least one of the two auditors was often out of town performing the audits so they weren’t constantly under each other’s feet.The six months of living together was difficult but worthwhile in terms of the financial help it gave them.

Vickie sat down with her steaming brew and took a long sip. Then she fixed her eyes on her wife. “I think you and I need to discuss any delusions you have that Casey’s presence will keep us from dealing with any transgressions.”

Marty colored at her words and shifted uneasily in her seat. “Yes ma’am.” Her words could barely be heard. Although Casey was aware of their Top/Bottom lifestyle and was accepting of it, Marty wasn’t keen on having a witness to any spankings – either verbal or physical. That had been the most difficult hurdle in living together.   Many times Vickie had sent Casey out for dinner or some other errand because Marty was about to receive a good spanking.

Vickie turned her hard stare at Casey. “You’ve been interested in trying a Top/Bottom relationship for a while. If I find out you’re involved in any escapades, I’ll give you a firsthand view of how it works.” She paused to let her words sink in. “Ya got me?” The words came out as a growl.

Casey swallowed hard. “Yes ma’am.” She unconsciously copied Marty’s words. After working for Vickie for seven years she had been on the receiving end of those hard stares. Thankfully, they weren’t given out often and only when well deserved. Just the glare made her want to sink down in her chair. How the heck did Marty deal with that and a spanking as well?

Apparently, Marty didn’t stay cowed down for very long, because in a few minutes, she had moved over to Vickie and sat in her lap. She placed a head on the strong shoulder and wriggled to get comfortable as she was enveloped in a warm hug.

She reached up to kiss the firm jaw. “Sorry, Vic.”

Her words were met with a wink. “We’re good, hon. Just behave yourself.” She placed a kiss of her own on her forehead.

As Casey shook her head at how quickly the issue had been resolved and forgiven, Vickie changed subjects. “It’s 7:00 now. People will begin arriving around 9:30 or so. I’ve taken the liberty of drawing up a game plan –“ When the two younger women groaned aloud, she looked surprised. “What?”

“Anal retentive –“ They said in unison.

“But things always go smoothly when it’s planned out,” she protested.

Marty grinned at her. “Yes, dear. You’re absolutely right. And what would we do if you didn’t plan it all out…on an excel timeline… triplicate,” she added as Casey pretended to gag.

Vickie humphed and said, “Well, if you don’t want my help….”

“No. We want your help, hon.” Marty was quick to assure her. “I was just thinking your strong back is what we’re in dire need of rather than your brilliant mind.”

Vickie grimaced. “You’ll get full access to my lifting skills, I promise. But this will help us be organized so we don’t forget anything – “

Ten minutes later, Casey and Marty both had to admit it was a good plan and set to work with a vengeance.

“What time is it, Casey?” Marty called as she added a few decorations to the tables set up in their huge yard.

“About 2 minutes later than the last time you asked!” Casey was never going to get the lawn chairs and picnic tables set up correctly if she had to continue being Marty’s timekeeper. Several of their neighbors were elderly and unable to move around easily so Marty had decided an area should be set aside for them where they could sit in the midst of all the activity without having to move from their seats.


“Out here boss lady,” she called out in answer.

“I’ve made a list of items for the store. Can you go get them for me? I’ve got the money and two coolers already in the SUV.”

Casey was happy to get away from the two slave drivers. “Sure. I’ll go right now.”

“But –“ Marty started to protest but stopped when Vickie lowered her brows. Oh shit! It looks like I’m in trouble. Her mind started searching for anything she had done wrong that Vickie would have found out about. It took only a second for her to know of at least one big thing to worry about.

The SUV was still pulling out of the driveway when Vickie crooked a finger at her wife. With a resigned sigh, Marty trudged to the door. Somehow Vickie had to have found the receipt for her credit card. The bill that showed an overdue notice and $100 over their agreed upon limit. Crap!

As she walked by her stern looking wife, she carefully moved her bottom out of smacking range. There was no need to have an early start to a spanking if you can prevent it. “I’m sorry, Vickie,” she began.

“Oh? What are you sorry for?” A sexy eyebrow lifted.

Marty worried about her answer. If Vickie had found the bill, she needed to confess so that maybe she might go easier on her. But if she had found something else, it would be ratting herself out about the card. Her bottom tingled at the thought of Vickie’s wrath if she knew about the blasted credit card bill.

“What are you sorry for?” The repeated question was drenched with warning.

“Ummm……” Marty tried to think quickly. “I’m sorry for making you upset?”

When the eyebrow shot up even higher, Marty knew she was doomed. Damn that shoe sale at Leo’s.

“Come with me,” Vickie ordered before taking her hand and pulling her down the hall and into their bedroom. She didn’t stop pulling until they reached the bed. Vickie sat down and began unfastening Marty’s jeans. “You and I are gonna talk while you’re across my lap,” she announced as she began shimmying the denim downward.

“You always seem to talk better when you’re in that position. You also seem to listen well when you’re over my knee,” she added as the cute pink panties joined the jeans at her knees. Marty knew she was in big trouble if she didn’t even start a spanking over her panties.

When a strong hand guided her over her wife’s lap, Marty knew all hope was lost. Whenever she found herself in this position, she confessed to any misdeed she had ever done in her life. This was much more effective position than sitting in a confessional box. Thank heavens the Catholic Church had never come up with this idea.

Vickie placed a strong arm across Marty’s back while she began rubbing her spanking hand over Marty’s bottom and thighs. “Ok, Marty. Why are you here?”

Marty tried to come up with something witty to say. Maybe humor would ‘soften the blow’ so to speak. But in the face of a real punishment spanking, all traces of humor left her. Instead, she found herself saying, “My…ummm….credit card?”

Vickie was relieved she wouldn’t have to paddle the truth out of her. “What about your credit card?” She continued to rub the little butt she was going to soon fry. “What’s wrong with your credit card?”

Marty swallowed hard, her body mesmerized by the feel of that warm hand on her bottom. It’s like every nerve ending in her body now resided in her bottom and thighs. Soon, each of those nerve endings was going to be screaming ‘Stop’.

“I…I kind of went over my limit?” Why did everything she say form a question right now?

Vickie patted her rump at the correct answer. “That’s right. Anything else?” Her tone was deceptively mild.

“Well….ummm….it’s a…..overdue?”

“You got that right.” She growled in a deep voice. “Overdue and over the limit. Now what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?” The hand suddenly quit rubbing.

Marty tensed but for now the hand stayed in one spot….right in the center of her bottom. “I’m…sorry?”

“You’re gonna be,” Vickie promised and then the hand left her bottom.

Marty had just enough time to grit her teeth before the first spank landed with a resounding clap. SPANK!

She wasn’t given time to catch her breath before the next spank landed….in the exact same place!


Five times the hard hand spanked the same patch of skin, each slap building on the last until Marty couldn’t hold still. It just stung and burned too much. Then Vickie moved to the next area she decided to punish and it received the same ‘five spank treatment’.

“OWWWW!” Marty’s yell was involuntary. As much as the first couple of swats burned, those last couple stung like a hornet. She clutched the comforter of the bed as she tried to keep from reaching back. She knew it would only get her hand trapped against her back and she hated it when that happened.

Vickie ignored the wriggles and shrieks as she knew they weren’t being defiant. Her little brat simply couldn’t help it when the same spot was spanked repeatedly.Vickie used this technique when she wanted to make a point quickly to her brat. There was no warmup for the soft skin to get used to the sting and burn. It was just a quick set of spanks until the skin blazed and then move to the next area to set it on fire.

Vickie covered every inch of Marty’s bottom and stopped only when it was all a uniform pink. Then she put her hand on the freshly spanked butt and rubbed as she began her lecture. “We made a deal that we’re going to keep expenses down. We’re wanting to be able to have the down payment for the dream house next year. We’ll not be able to do that if we don’t meet our goals.” She stopped rubbing and grasped a soft cheek in her hand. “Isn’t that right, Marty?”

Marty gasped when Vickie stirred up the flames by grabbing her cheek. “Yes, ma’am. You’re right.” She reached back and grasped Vickie’s arm without even realizing it, seeking some emotional comfort.

Vickie removed her arm from across Marty’s back and began rubbing her back as she simultaneously rubbed her poor bottom. “It only compounds the problem Marty, if you have to pay an overdue penalty. We also need to keep our credit exemplary so we get the best possible interest rate.” Marty knew she was right which made her feel all the more shamed by her actions. She began to sniff back tears that the scolding now brought when the spanking had not.

“I’ve got enough to cover this hon without going into our joint account. If you had come to me in the first place, you would have saved yourself the overdue amount.” This time a hard smack landed on her bottom and Marty jumped in surprise at the abrupt spank. “We’re going to finish this spanking and put it behind us. But you’re going to show me your credit card bill for the next 3 months just to make sure you stay on track. You’re also going to stay home on the weekends for the next 3 weeks. The gas you save should take care of the overdue payment. Is that clear?” Her question was punctuated with another hard smack.

“Ouch!” She nodded and then realized it would be in her bottom’s best interests to speak up. “Yes, ma’am. You’re very clear.”

Vickie nodded. “OK….Then let’s finish this up.” So saying, she brought her knee up higher so that Marty’s bottom was presented at a better angle to reach her sit spots and perhaps her creamy thighs if Vickie felt it was deserved. Unfortunately, she did as that was where she began the last barrage of spanks.

Marty cried out with each and every spank on her thighs as they were highly sensitive. They received the same treatment of five spanks before moving to the sit spots.   The poor sit spots got five spanks each and then another five each before Vickie finally decided the spanking was finished. When Marty was assisted into a standing position, she rubbed and wriggled as she tried to rub out the sting. Vickie had never been really big on giving permission to rub. It was a rare occasion that she didn’t allow rubbing. In her eyes, when the spanking was over, it was over.

She waited patiently for Marty to come sit on her lap. She knew no matter how much her bottom stung and burned, she wanted to cuddle after her spanking. It helped her know that she really was forgiven and everything was ok again. Marty didn’t bother pulling her panties or jeans up as she still hurt too much. Instead, she sat on Vickie’s lap bare bottomed, her jeans still pooled around her knees. Vickie rocked her gently as Marty let tears of remorse fall. Marty was tender hearted and Vickie knew she would take the spanking seriously and try to improve with the credit card.

They stayed that way until they heard the door nearest the garage slam and Casey’s voice call out, “Hey. Where are you guys?”

With a little sigh and a gentle kiss, Vickie moved to stand as she answered. “I’ll be out in a sec to help you with the coolers.” She looked down at her wife as she was pulling up her jeans. “Love you hon.”

Marty’s grimace of pain as she pulled the stiff denim over her tender bottom was replaced by a rueful smile. “Love you too.”

If Casey noticed anything, she was tactful enough to refrain and things went smoothly and on time. Casey was sent to pickup Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Craig, and Mr. Earl as they lived alone and could use some assistance in getting there. By the time she returned, various families were beginning to arrive.

Already, children were hunting easter eggs and there was a cornhole tournament starting up amidst the 30 or so people beginning to assemble. The two coolers and other bags of ice Casey had bought earlier were now distributed here and there in tin tubs which were now brimming with beer, soft drinks and bottled water. Vickie was beginning to pull hot hamburgers off the grill and was replacing them with hot dogs. Marty had recruited some of the others to help move side dishes to the serving tables where she was overseeing last minute touches.

“How can I help?” Casey checked first with Vickie as she knew she couldn’t just leave the grill to go get something.

“I’m good for now but just bring one of the platters back when it’s about empty. I’ve got some burgers set to the side when they’re needed.” Casey nodded and moved to check when she caught sight of two women walking onto the lawn.


Vickie looked up in surprise. “What’s wrong?” She followed Casey’s line of sight and immediately remonstrated. “Now, Casey. They live here just like everyone else. They’re welcome to join the neighborhood gathering as well.”

“Well….nobody else tried to start a fight with me and Marty.” She turned an angry look in Vickie’s direction. “I was safe, Vickie. It didn’t matter that the ball got there before me, she never tagged me with the damn thing.”

Vickie spoke quietly. “Keep your voice down Casey. And it doesn’t matter. As long as they remain cordial, they’re welcome. Just stay away from them.” She nodded toward Marty. “Now go get the platter for me, please. And tell Marty she needs to stay away from them as well.”

Casey eagerly did her bidding. Not so much to warn Marty to stay away but to make sure she knew the assholes were here. “Hey Marty,” she called as she trotted over. “Guess who’s here?”

“Who?” Marty asked as she finished slicing a few pieces of apple pie.

“Laney and Corinne.”

“What?” Marty’s raised voice drew a couple of stares her way. “Where?”

Casey pointed and said, “Over there….bold as brass.”

Marty looked and was rewarded for her efforts with a saccharine smile and a one finger salute from the two women in question. “Those bitches!” Thankfully, she remembered to keep her voice lower than before.

“Yeah. I can’t believe they would bother to show up after being so nasty at the ballgame.”

Casey and Marty were both avid softball players. Each had been a star in high school and Casey had even gone on to play for her college team with a scholarship. Marty thought about trying out for her college team but had decided it would be too difficult to keep up her grades and have so much of her time taken up with games and practice.

After moving here, a few of the younger teachers at her school had encouraged her to join their team and when Casey moved, she joined as well. Their team was undefeated at the end of the season, but the unfortunate incident in the championship game had led to hard feelings between the two teams. Even more unfortunate was the fact that two of the opposing team members lived in their own neighborhood….and were now in their yard.

Casey reluctantly repeated Vickie’s warning to Marty. “Damn,” Marty sighed. “I just know they’ll start trouble but then I’ll get in trouble with Vickie if I do anything.” She reached back to rub her still sore bottom but stopped just in time.

Casey nodded. “Yeah. Sometimes, you come up against people that only understand a smack upside the head. That’s Laney and Corinne.” She grimaced. “Crap. Vickie’s giving us the evil eye. I’d better take the platter to her.”

“No,” Marty said. “I’ll do it. I’m sure she’s going to want to talk to me anyway. I may as well get it over with.” She picked up the now empty platter and went to her wife looking like a child headed towards a spanking. Of course, the idea was a distinct possibility.

When she reached her wife, Vickie said drily, “If your bottom lip droops any more you’re going to trip on it.” She began piling on the hot dogs and hamburgers. “Marty hon. Let me be clear. I don’t want any trouble. If you have a problem with that, then just stay away from them. You’re better than any petty argument over a softball play. ”

Marty knew it would do no good to explain that the softball play was indeed a big deal – it had been the championship game. But unfortunately, Vickie didn’t see the all-encompassing importance of winning in neighborhood softball leagues. No – the only thing disagreeing with her would accomplish would be her bottom smarting even more than it was currently. So, Marty bit her tongue and answered with what she assumed Vickie wanted to hear. “Ok. I’ll try to stay away from them.”
“That’s my girl.” Marty almost rolled her eyes at the term but then giggled when Vickie said low enough for only her ears. “I’ll be sure to give you a reward tonight.” The Groucho Marx impersonation of wriggling eyebrows made a smile break out.

“I’ll hold you to it, hotshot,” she said and leaned forward to give a good view of her cleavage to her Top.

She left with the full platter, her knowledge that her wife would be staring at her butt put just a little more wriggle in her walk than was normal. Maybe this would be a great day after all.

Lunch went relatively smoothly as no one had to wait on their burgers, there was plenty of food for everyone…..and no fights broke out among the adults. Would wonders never cease?

Casey, Vickie, and Marty finally got their chance to eat along with everyone else as families settled in lawn chairs or on quilts spread out on the lawn and scarfed down their food. “I want one of those brownies you made. You want anything hon? Casey?” Vickie took their orders and made her way over to the dessert table after checking on the elderly ladies nearby.

“So what do we have here?” Marty would rather have heard nails scratching a chalkboard than the nasal whine of Corinne Rand. She visibly cringed when she heard Laney’s gruff voice answer. “It looks like a couple of cheaters to me, Cor. Just a fucking couple of cheaters.”

Marty clenched her jaw to keep from jumping up and knocking out their teeth. Instead she answered, “Why did you come here if you don’t like being around us. If you don’t want to see us…..just leave.”

“Now that doesn’t sound very hospitable, Marty….or should I say Smarty.” Corinne jabbed Laney in the side with her elbow as if it were a wonderful joke.

“Shut up, Corinne.” Casey’s voice was filled with warning and her fists were clenched. “If you don’t like things here, just go home.”

“Oh no, jerkoff, we’re just getting started.” Her voice rose unexpectedly as a hand picked her up by the scruff of the neck. “Hey….put me down.” She turned her head only to see Vickie’s face inches from her own. The six foot woman seemed intimidating as hell when you’re 5 feet 2 inches and hanging from her hand.

Vickie’s angry expression promised retribution. “I will not tolerate disrespect to anyone at my own home, particularly my wife or best friend.” She put her face close. “You are welcome here as long as you keep a civil tongue in your head. If that’s not possible I will personally escort you to your home. We are here as neighbors today….not ball players. Leave that crap on the ballfield….or leave.”

For once Corinne seemed to be speechless as she hung suspended in air. Laney seemed too intimidated to bluster without her friend’s support. Vickie continued her quiet castigation drawing as little attention as possible. “Now our friends here – ,” she jerked her head in the direction of several of their neighbors that were surrounding them. “They are going to keep an eye out for me today. I expect all 4 of you to behave yourselves. If anyone can’t do that, we will deal with it. Understand?”

The four women shook their head in affirmation. “Good. Now let’s enjoy ourselves.” So saying, she put Corinne back on her feet and sat down beside Marty as if nothing had happened. Corinne and Laney looked around them for a moment and got only scowls in return from the nearby men and women. Muttering, they quickly walked away and headed to the cornhole tournament at the opposite end of the lot.

When they were out of earshot, Vickie looked up and said to everyone, “Thank you for your help. I want them to feel welcome but they aren’t allowed to be bullies. Thanks.”

“No problem, Vic.” One of the men said. “They’ve been like this ever since they moved here. We’re just sorry you ladies have them bugging you. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know if they try anything.”

Vickie’s face showed her relief. “Thank you.”


The next couple of hours was spent with the main emphasis on the kids’ activities. There were sack races, the three-legged race, and the wheelbarrow race. The kids’ favorite competition was the burping contest which was particularly effective after their lunch. The events were winding down now with only the egg toss and tug of war events left. As with the other events, the kids participated first and then the adults.

Marty, an elementary school teacher was in her element. She could organize all the children with ease and still let them enjoy every minute of it. For the egg toss, she formed the children into two lines and began handing out the eggs. She used boiled eggs for them to their mother’s relief. After only a few tosses all had been dropped except for the winning team. After the applause dwindled she yelled out for the adults to step forward if they wanted to participate.

With much laughter, most of the men came forward dragging their wives along as their partner. Corinne and Laney decided to enter as well so Vickie took over as the master of ceremonies. She didn’t want Marty getting anywhere near them. Besides, Marty and Casey made a much better team as Vickie’s forte was basketball. She was horrendous throwing anything that wasn’t big and orange.

After giving the eggs to the one line, she announced the rules. “You can’t move in a forward direction to catch the egg. You MUST catch the egg. Running into another person or their running into you is no excuse for not catching the egg. It’s simply a part of the fun. Now remember, ladies and gentlemen….these eggs are not boiled.” To prove her point she tossed the egg up and let it fall to the ground where it cracked open and oozed out. The kids screamed their delight at the thought of gooey egg mess all over their parents. Vickie turned to the crowd and said, “Egg your team on to victory!” The children loved her attempt at humor and began yelling and shouting encouragement.

Vickie yelled, “Throw your eggs!”

The mostly male line tossed their eggs gently towards their teammate. To everyone’s amusement several of their wives ran away from the egg instead of towards it making it fall to the ground. Cynthia Morrison caught hers but unfortunately, her wedding band made it shatter and the gooey mess covered her chest. Just like that, the field went from 20 teams to 14.

Marty had tossed it to Casey perfectly so that Casey didn’t move a step. When Cynthia’s ring smashed the egg, Marty quickly took off her ring and slipped it in her pocket. Even in a little neighborhood egg toss contest, her competitive streak was running rampant.

After having both lines take one step back, it was time for the return toss. When Vickie called out ‘TOSS’ the women took aim and tried to cross the longer distance accurately while still tossing it gently. Laney sent the egg effortlessly to Corinne just as Casey sent it to Marty. At the other end of the line Jeff and John collided as their wives seemed to be throwing to the other’s husband. Both men ended up with egg on their face…..literally.

Pam Jenkins was still sizing up the distance to throw when everyone else was finished. The crowd began chanting a countdown from 10 as she swung her arm back and forth trying to gauge the distance. As the count went down to two she let go. The egg soared……backward….approximately 20 feet before landing behind her. The crowd roared with laughter at not only her terrible attempt but at her husband’s reaction.

“Pam,” yelled her husband Sam, his voice shaking with laughter. “What the heck kind of throw is that?”

Her face red as Marty’s bottom had been earlier in the day, Pam shrugged and announced, “You didn’t marry me for my athleticism.”

Sam laughed and went over to hug her tightly. Making sure he said it loud enough for the crowd to hear. “Well, actually. You can be quite the athlete at times. Very flexible…..very – Oomph!! “The jab to his mid-section got laughs and jeers aimed in Sam’s direction.

Sam grinned good-naturedly and said, “Come on sexy. We’re spectators now.”

Now the field was reduced to five. Marty and Casey were now next to Corinne and Laney. After both lines took a step back there was quite a distance between those throwing and those catching. Vickie was pretty sure there would only be one or two more throws.

She yelled ‘TOSS’ and watched the proceedings. This time Marty drew on her fast pitch days and gave a little heat to it. Thankfully Casey was able to buffer the momentum and keep it from breaking. Both knew they were lucky that one had not broken. Laney, however, wasn’t as lucky as Corinne tried to do the same thing. Their egg shattered in her hands.

Marty and Casey smiled and gave a little victory dance as they had achieved their goal. If they won, it would just be icing on the cake. One look at Vickie’s face drew their happy dance to a close. Apparently, gloating at Laney’s misfortune fell under the banner of poor sportsmanship….darn it!

Now, there were three teams left. They backed up and just as Vickie yelled, ‘TOSS’ two eggs slammed into Casey and Marty’s faces from a couple of feet away. Corinne and Laney shrieked with laughter, gave a high five, and then screamed as Marty let fly her egg in Corinne’s face and Casey launched herself on Laney. Marty quickly followed her lead and landed on Corinne’s back

Instead of laughter, now there was yelling and shouted insults as the four women rolled on the ground wrestling.   They rolled en masse toward Vickie, who jumped into the foray trying to break them apart. Unfortunately, that left the bucket of eggs unguarded. Soon, they were grabbing the eggs and throwing them full force at each other, resulting in four gooey messes wrestling each other. Many of the eggs missed their intended targets and hit spectators. Shouts and shrieks sounded out and soon leftovers were being hurled throughout the crowd.

Vickie grabbed Marty by the seat of her pants and pulled her off a screeching Corinne only to slip on a mass of goo. Next thing she knew she was flat on her back with her face buried in Marty’s cleavage. Usually, this would bring a smile to her face but right now she was ready to bust a few heads.

She moved out from under Marty and was immediately hit with a boiled egg. What the heck? She took a look around and was shocked to see a neighborhood food fight going on. Everyone was throwing anything they could get their hands on…….pie, cake, eggs, bottled water. Even elderly Mrs. Craig was putting ice down anyone’s pants that got near her, her face wearing a smile for the first time in six months.

For a minute, Vickie felt rage encompass her. Everything was a shambles. They would become outcasts in the grocery store and postoffice. Hell, they would be kicked out of the neighborhood! About that time, one of Sam and Pam’s kids came to her and tugged on her shirt tail. Looking down at his whipped cream eyebrows and toothless smile she groaned.

“Ms. Vickie?” He kept tugging until she answered.

“Yes, Jason?” She felt a patch of grassy goo drip off the side of her face.

“This is the best Easter party ever.” His enthusiasm was sincere. “Can we do it again before next year?”

Vickie took a deep breath and counted to 10 to keep from cursing out loud. “I’m glad you liked it Jason.” She patted the top of his head absently as she looked at the chaos around her. Was that woman covered in whipped cream Martha Abernathy? Oh shit, she’s the head of the neighborhood Home Owner’s Association! We are SO SCREWED!!!She watched in horror as Ed Jones, the head of neighborhood watch gave up trying to wipe the mess off of Martha and finally just began pouring bottled water over her head until enough was washed away so she could at least see where she was walking.

The fight eventually died down as they ran out of food and drinks to throw at each other. Not a single person was untouched, not even Mrs. Murphy that needed a walker to maneuver. Her blue hair clung to her head and had a streak of what appeared to be chocolate pudding.

Corinne and Laney lay on the ground groaning, their bodies covered in yuck with what may have been some blood mixed in. Apparently, Marty and Casey had gotten in a few good licks. Vickie knew she would be getting in a few good licks herself before the day was through.

Wading over to where Marty and Casey sat on the ground, Vickie took the time to ensure they were ok. Marty had a goose egg on her forehead and Casey had a swollen eye that would soon turn black and blue. At least that seemed to be the worst of it.


“Honey…..I’m so-“

Vickie held up a hand and silenced them both. “You both are in a world of trouble.” She took a facial tissue from her pocket and gently wiped some of the worst from Marty’s forehead. “It’s in your best interest to be quiet and on your best behavior. Otherwise, we may be entertaining the neighbors with the sight of you across my knee getting the spanking of your life.” Marty colored in embarrassment as this was said in front of Casey. But then Vickie turned her fierce gaze on her employee. “That goes for you too Casey. You’re in as much trouble as Marty, right now.”

Casey’s eyes widened but she showed some good sense and kept quiet. After glaring at each of them, Vickie ordered, “Casey, go get the water hose for anyone that wants to use it. Marty, get some towels to help people dry off.”

They both moved obediently to do their assigned task as their butts were in a sling already. There was no way they were going to anger her further. With no food and no way to top the food fight, the party broke up and people began to leave. Some took the time to wash off with the water hose but most simply wore their yucky mess as a badge of honor to be removed when they arrived home. Vickie was shocked as person after person came by to tell her how much they had enjoyed themselves. A few even patted her arm and told her to ‘go easy on the girls. They were just reacting to those mean girls anyway.’

Several families offered their elderly neighbors a ride and soon there was only the three women left in the disaster strewn yard. In silence, Vickie filled trash bags with paper plates, egg shells and a multitude of food things that became a disgusting mess when mixed together. Only time would do away with most of the food bits strewn everywhere…time and the many dogs and cats that would probably investigate the yard over the next week or so.

When everything was done that had to be done, Vickie motioned to her wife and her partner in crime. “Come with me.” She turned and strode to their back porch knowing they would follow her. When they got to the steps, she turned and pointed to the top step. “Casey. You sit right here. Marty. You’ve got the swing.” At Casey’s look of confusion, she explained. “You ladies are in time out. No talking. No fidgeting. I want you both thinking about how you could have handled things differently.”

Casey opened her mouth to protest the punishment that would normally be for a child but Vickie anticipated her. “You acted like a child today, Casey. You’ll accept your punishment because you know you deserve it. Now sit down…right now.”

With a sigh Casey moved to her designated place. Marty had already seated herself in the swing. “Alright….when I get back I expect you both to be in place and quiet.”


With those words, she turned and went to wash off the grime.She needed some time to think and hopefully wash away some of her temper as well. She stripped at the washing machine and threw in her clothes. She would have Marty and Casey do the same thing so they could minimize the muck in the house. She then hit the shower and began getting the pudding out of her left ear. Ewww…..she never wanted to see chocolate pudding again.

She thought about what was going to happen when she finished her shower. She knew how she would deal with Marty. Their relationship was well defined and they both knew what was expected from each other. Casey was another matter. Casey had expressed interest in a domestic discipline relationship and they had discussed it in depth as Vickie tried to answer her questions. But Casey wasn’t her brat to discipline as she saw fit. How should she handle it?

Meanwhile, Marty and Casey sat miserably waiting for their punishment. Marty always hated having to wait for it. She knew good and well Vickie wouldn’t change her mind so she preferred to just get it over with. Waiting just made her miserable and often she began crying before the first spank even fell on her bottom.

Casey simply didn’t know what to feel. She dreaded it horribly but yet she was wondering what it would be like. She had fantasized about being spanked all her life Now that it was staring her in the face, she was surprised at how much it was like being a kid once more and waiting for her father to come home and dispense his discipline.

Vickie came outside and ordered, “Marty. Go take a shower. When you’re finished I want you to let me know and then go to our bedroom and wait for me.” Her wife groaned but got up from the swing and did as she was told. As much as she dreaded her upcoming punishment, the idea of a hot shower to get rid of the grime was welcome. As she was closing the door, Vickie added, “Leave your clothes in the washer.”

Vickie sat down in the swing and said, “Casey. You and I need to talk. Come here.”

Casey stood and walked to the swing where she waited for an invitation before sitting down beside her friend and boss. Vickie remained quiet for a moment before beginning. “Casey. I need for us to come to an agreement here. Marty and I know what to expect from each other but it’s different for you and me. I think you should be punished. But it’s not my right to do so. I want you to think about what happened and the part you played in it. After I’ve dealt with Marty I will ask what you’ve decided. If you give your consent, I’m going to spank your bare bottom with my hand. Then I’m going to bring out a paddle I have that I sometimes use on Marty. It will definitely get your attention. You will feel punished when I’m through but you will also feel that everything is ok again. You’ll know it’s over and you’ve paid for your mistake.”

They sat quietly as Casey thought about Vickie’s words. “Vickie, I’m out of the shower.” Marty’s subdued announcement brought Vickie to her feet.

“Go take your shower now Casey. If you decide to accept your punishment, I expect you to let me know when you finish your shower and then wait for me on your bed. When I’m finished with Marty, I’ll come take care of you.” With those words, she went into the house, her steps fading away as she moved down the hall. Several minutes later, Casey stood up and made her way towards the guest bath, Vickie’s words weighing heavily.


Vickie quietly entered their bedroom and found Marty lying facedown on the bed sniffling as the tears already flowed. Her heart went out to her little one as she hated to see her cry. But she also knew Marty needed her discipline in order to let go of her mistakes. It always humbled Vickie to think about the gift of submission that Marty freely gave her. As difficult as it sometimes was to provide the consistent loving discipline that Marty needed, it had to be at least as difficult for Marty to meekly accept it.

Steeling herself, Vickie moved to the old-fashioned armoire and opened the door where her implements were stored. She picked up the paddle normally reserved for the worst infractions and carried it with her to the bed. As soon as she sat down, Marty rolled over and buried her face in her lap while tears began anew.

“I’m….sorry,” she cried, her heartfelt tears pulling at Vickie’s heart.

Vickie drew her up onto her lap and cradled her head against her chest. Right now her little one needed reassurance. “It’s ok sweetheart. We’re going to take care of this and everything will be back to normal.”

Marty sniffled. “I screwed up everything.” Great sobs erupted from her throat.

“Shh,” Vickie rocked her like a child. “As much as I hate to admit it, I think most everyone had a great time. At least fifteen people came by to tell me how much fun it was.” She kissed Marty’s hair. “Little Jason even asked if we could do it again sometime.”

She swept Marty’s hair from her face and traced patterns on her cheek while Marty calmed down. She made sure the tears had stopped and there was only the occasional hiccup before she finally said softly, “Let’s get this over with Marty.”

Her words were answered with Marty burying her face against her chest as if to put off the inevitable. But Vickie’s resolve was as strong as her love. “Come on sweetie,” she said as she began pulling Marty into position.

Her expression changed into a scowl but she didn’t resist as Vickie turned her over and positioned her properly over her knees. Rather than moving to the middle of the bed, she stayed seated on the edge. This would allow her to trap Marty’s legs with her own when the hated paddled came into play.

As always, Vickie began by rubbing the firm butt and legs. It centered Marty’s thought on her bottom and what was about to happen. They had already talked so there was no lecture. Instead, when Vickie felt her relax she raised her hand and brought it down with a firm smack. She didn’t put a lot of force behind it as this spanking was going to take a while. She wanted Marty to feel every smart slap but not to the point that she had to stop any time soon.

Marty jumped from the smack but stayed in place. Vickie waited just long enough for the sting to dull and then delivered another. She kept up a steady pace with a rhythm that a metronome would envy. She moved her hand in a clockwise direction to ensure every millimeter of Marty’s little bottom received the same attention. By the time she had covered the area evenly three different times, Marty was beginning to wriggle as every single swat was landing on freshly spanked skin. Each swat stung like a bee and no amount of wriggling helped because it just landed on another patch of freshly spanked skin.

“Ow, Vickie……Ow.” She cried. “I can’t stand it anymore. Please stop.”

Vickie paused long enough to readjust her arm across Marty’s bare back. “Shh…..We’re not through by a long shot sweetie.” She emphasized her words by landing an extra hard smack on the underside of her left cheek. Marty’s accompanying howl didn’t deter her in the slightest and she once again delivered a smack with the same intensity on the underside of her right cheek. She continued until once more every inch of skin had received the same treatment.

Finally, she stopped and rested a hand on the abused bottom. Marty said in a voice husky with tears. “I’m sorry Vickie.”

“I know hon.” She rubbed the burning flesh and she realized how much her palm was burning. Now she picked up the paddle and began rubbing it over the tender nates. Marty groaned when she felt the paddle as she knew without looking which one it was. It was the wooden one that had both thud and sting, depending on which way Vickie chose to wield it. She hated that darn thing!

“I don’t want you reaching back Marty. Give me your hand.” She knew Marty hated that helpless feeling but she also knew with her bottom already on fire, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from reaching back to protect her rump.

Whimpering a protest, Marty did as she was bid. Vickie squeezed her hand reassuringly and then lowered the paddle to run it over her as yet untouched thighs. Marty grit her teeth as she had an idea what was coming. Whap! Whap!   Whap!


Vickie had applied three rapid fire smacks with the paddle on her thigh. She moved to the other and did the same thing as she kept her swing low and flicked her wrist to get the most speed out of it.

“God Vickie!”she panted. “I can’t take this!”

Vickie didn’t answer but moved back to the first thigh and repeated its treatment before once more repeating for the other. She then moved to the already red little bottom. Now the paddle was landing on her already tenderized flesh and if Marty thought it hurt on her thighs, it was ten times worse on her bottom!

Marty became a wriggling eel across Vickie’s lap. If it weren’t for the band of steel across her back and the trapped hand, she would have fallen to the floor. The only pause in her assault was to adjust her leg so that it trapped the one closest to her. She allowed the other to kick wildly but there was no way she could move out of place. In fact, when her leg kicked, it opened her legs up and the paddle could land on the inside of her thighs.

Finally, Marty lay exhausted over her wife’s lap no longer kicking or fighting in any way. Vickie knew it was more than just exhaustion that kept her still. She had gone into the ‘subspace’ that allowed her to no longer feel the pain.

She immediately stopped the spanking as it was no longer needed. She tossed the paddle on the bed and opened a drawer on the bedside table. She located the cooling lotion kept inside and began rubbing it all over her bottom and thighs. It should help prevent any blisters from forming and hopefully help with any bruising that might occur. Marty’s cries returned to sniffles and when they moved to lay on the bed together, she wrapped her arms around Vickie and hung on as if she were a lifeline.

Vickie knew she needed to go attend to Casey but stayed put until Marty’s breath attested to her sleeping. Only then did she go to attend to her friend.


Casey lay on her back listening to the unmistakable sounds of a spanking down the hall. Even if she couldn’t hear the slap of a palm or the thud of a paddle on tender flesh, there was no way to avoid the pitiful cries and wails of her best friend. She had always known she wanted spanking in her life and learning about the domestic discipline lifestyle had intrigued her. She had talked with both Marty and Vickie about it and was certain she wanted to try it.

But hearing it actually take place and realize real pain was involved…..that was downright scary. She jumped when the knock sounded on the door. When silence had followed the spanking, Casey had immediately tensed but when nothing happened she had become lost in her thoughts. Now, the sound startled her and threw her emotions into a tailspin as she knew it was now or never.

Vickie stuck her head inside and asked, “Can I come in?”

Casey nodded silently and stared at the ceiling as Vickie came to sit on the edge of her bed. “I need your answer, Casey.” Only then did Casey turn to look her in the eye.

“I’m scared, Vickie. I’m not sure I can do it.” Seeing Casey less than confident was a rarity and Vickie realized how much she was torn.

She nodded. “I understand hon. And it will hurt. I guarantee it. But it’s your choice. If this is just some fanciful notion that it will be sexy…’ll be sorely disappointed. But if you truly need a spanking because you need to let go of the control and feel exonerated….then this will help you feel better.”

When Casey said nothing and resumed staring at the ceiling, she prodded gently. “You’ve had almost an hour to decide, hon. Do you agree to a spanking?”

Closing her eyes, Casey nodded. “Yes,” she answered in a small voice.

“OK then, get over my lap.” Vickie patted her thigh.

Casey didn’t even realize she groaned aloud as she crawled over the bed to stand in front of her. When Vickie took her hand to help guide her over her lap, she resisted slightly and asked in a little panic, “W–will you think less of me because of….this?”

Vickie didn’t let go but didn’t pull either. “No Casey. I think you’re being brave to do this. It’s not easy to submit. It’s a choice you’re making. No one is taking it from you.”

Casey swallowed and now moved into position without assistance. Laying over her friend’s knees was embarrassing but not nearly as embarrassing as when her pajama bottoms were peeled down to reveal her bare bottom. The cool air on her naked bum just heightened the feeling and anticipation. She expected Vickie to just begin whaling away but instead she lay a hand in the center of her back and the other on her bare bottom.

“Your safe word is ‘Easter’. Understand?”

“What?” Casey’s brain was having difficulty processing all of her thoughts and emotions. Forget having a conversation.

“Your safe word is ‘Easter’,” she repeated patiently. “Marty and I have a different arrangement but you can tell me to stop at any time and I will stop. You just need to say ‘Easter’. You may yell out things like ‘stop’ or ‘help’ just from the spanking but if you say ‘Easter’ it will be a conscious effort to do so.”

Casey nodded understanding and somehow she felt better knowing she had a little control in this thing. Sure, Vickie would soon be whaling on her backside but Casey could stop it if it wasn’t right for her.

Vickie patted her bottom, satisfied that she understood and then tightened her arm holding her in place. When she withdrew her hand from her rump, Casey closed her eyes and held her breath in preparation for the first blow. When it didn’t come, she let out her breath and unconsciously relaxed. That was what Vickie was waiting on and then the swat fell with a resounding smack.


The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as she had imagined and was almost disappointed. However, when the second, and third, and fourth, landed, she began to feel the burn and realized it was the buildup over time that would be the real punishment.

She had no idea that Vickie was taking it easy on her. But Vickie had already decided to take it slow. She had a lot to wrap her mind around during this first time punishment. She also had a tender bottom that would not last long before the pain would be too intense. Vickie wanted to teach her a damn good lesson but not scare her.

Vickie popped the virgin bottom by snapping her wrist and swinging from underneath. This made the slaps stingy but not too severe. What she lacked in power she made up for in number as she peppered dozens of swats all over her butt. Even with the lack of power Casey’s skin quickly blushed to a nice pink shade that signaled Vickie to pick up the pace.

Now she began adding some more force to each swat which slowed down her arm and resulted in a grunt or yelp from Casey after each spank. She knew she was getting her point across and had Casey’s full attention.

“I think you’re properly warmed up,” she said matter-of-factly. “Now let’s finish.” With that, she picked up the paddle she had spanked Marty with.

She rubbed the paddle over her bottom and let her feel it. Then she drew back and let it fly with a loud WHAP! Casey screeched and stiffened like a poker over her knees. Vickie immediately stopped. “Relax,” she commanded. “I don’t want to bruise you. Relax and you’ll be much better off.”

Casey let out her breath and forced herself to relax the muscles in the bottom. “Good girl,” was the response she got and was surprised at how the praise made her feel. But then that darned paddle landed once again and it was all she could do try and keep her bottom relaxed.

Vickie may have been trying to help Casey through her first punishment spanking but she was still darned thorough. By the time she was finished, her bottom glowed bright red and her legs were kicking wildly. She was barely able to refrain from yelling her safe word and tears were running down her cheeks.

With the final swat, Vickie began rubbing her bottom and said, “That’s it, Casey. It’s over. All is forgiven and forgotten.” Casey was overwhelmed with everything swirling around in her mind. But above it all was a sense of wellbeing and cleansing.

Vickie stood her up on wobbly legs and pulled up her pajama bottoms. Then she, too, stood up and hugged her tightly. Planting a kiss on her head, she said, “Good job Casey. I’m proud of you.”

Casey felt ten feet tall at her praise. “Thank you Vickie.” Her whispered words could barely be heard but apparently Vickie did as she tightened her hug.

“I want you to lay down for a while and rest.” She checked the time and added, “I don’t want you to leave the room until at least 5pm. That will give you time to take a nap if you need or to just think for a while.”

Casey found herself nodding obediently and even allowed Vickie to tuck her in. Vickie quietly closed the door and made her way back down to her wife. She needed to hold her for a while….

18 Responses to Marty and Vickie – The Easter Incident

  1. Hupotasso says:

    Thanks, Micah. I really enjoy these characters. This is like a prequel to last year’s gift. I hope you write more stories about them. Another great story.

  2. bijou56 says:

    This one was awesome too! I’m impressed how you let the reader know so much about the three women in a very succinct way. I had the whole image of the house and the neighbourhood and even the multiple secondary characters. The brat in me cheered when they took on those two shrews! 😀 Food fights are always great and I found the image of the older folks joining in quite comical. The discipline was well described and fitting to the crime. Great story, Micah! 🙂

    • Micah says:

      Thanks Bijou. I really appreciate you response. I really struggle with making things go smoothly in a story so that it flows well. I’m impressed with your writing style and wish I could do the same.

      • bijou56 says:

        Welcome! 🙂 I think you have your own distinct flow and, to me, that’s what makes a good writer. The thing that helps me is that I read my stories out loud to Snu. When I speak every sentence I find the lines that are a bit clumsy or I see that I’m not describing enough or too much. It really helps the flow of my storytelling. If you ever want to exchange tips or reviews let me know. 🙂

  3. Alyx says:

    *LOL* That food fight was SO Micah! You must’ve been channeling your inner brat with that one…I could just imagine the melee. 😀 Thanks for gifting us with lots of spanky scenes with this one….you know what we like, eh? *bg*

    • Micah says:

      Thank you Alyx. I had come up with the idea when I participated in a kinklet a year or so ago. I had sort of led the charge on the story but felt like we didn’t flesh it out very well. I enjoyed the opportunity to put to paper the one I had in my mind all along.
      Thanks so much for letting us exchange Christmas gifts on the site each year. I love it.

  4. Ash says:

    Awesome story. I love this one too! ❤ I really love that Vickie took the time to deal with Casey too and gave her what she needed (including aftercare). 🙂

    • Micah says:

      Thank you Ash. I think aftercare is no less important than the spanking. It ensures the brat feels at peace with putting the mistake behind her. I’m glad you like it.

  5. Peach says:

    Boy, wish I had been at the party! So much fun and … havoc. LOL
    Wonderful story Micah. I really enjoyed it. You’re a great writer.

    BTW, last year Vickie and Marty had a son and a daughter. Did they send them away? Just saying’. heehee 😉

  6. Micah says:

    Well….I had played with the idea of writing a series of stories about Marty’s and Vickie’s life together around important dates on the calendar. The Easter story was before the kids were born. Btw – The house in the Easter Incident is before the one in last year’s story as they had built their dreamhouse by then……not that I’ve thought it out or anything… 🙂

  7. thanatos150 says:

    Another amazing story! I loved all the brattitude in this story and I was delighted by the reappearance of Vickie and Marty, I love those two. 🙂

  8. kati000 says:

    Wonderful ! I love the details and the caring thoughts and the way you write.
    I just wonder why I sympathise so much with Casey ?

  9. monica says:

    This had me laughing, cheering, and wishing I lived in that neighborhood:) Extremely well written, and I love Vicky, Marty, and Casey and their care for each other. Thank you!

  10. Beck says:

    I love this story Micah! I really like how you portray the emotions of Casey during her first spanking and Vickie’s attentiveness to her needs. I also like how you convey the warmth of Vickie as a top. The story is really well written and I’ve enjoyed reading it.

  11. Micah says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Beck and taking the time to leave a message. It’s really a good feeling when someone takes the time to say something nice about a story you’ve written.

  12. Lea says:

    Hi Micah-just joined global village and I like your posts. Tried to find your blog–but the page seems to be quite hidden? I found two of your stories on Alyx’s sites-really live the Easter incident. I also liked the one of the older women-and yet at the same time it scared me: so reassuring to see how love of all types endures and yet-scary to think of getting older!! Lea

    • Micah says:

      Thank you for the comments, Lea. I really appreciate your taking the time to do it.
      As for a blog….I don’t have one. I have toyed with the idea but I don’t think I would have enough to say for it to be a worthwhile blog. It’s so much easier to tease Alyx about posting something than trying to come up with something on your own. Besides, Alyx has such a great place here, I would rather spend my time here than at my own site.
      So, that being said…..Alyx??? When can we get a post, maam?

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