When Change Is Thrust Upon Us


Sydney Murphy’s mind was awhirl  as she drove to her job this morning. Returning to work after being on short term disability for three months, her mind raced with thoughts of what must have happened in her absence. Last year when she broke her ankle they changed her job completely. Even now, she was not quite up to her 100 % energy level as each step uphill from the parking lot proved to be a challenge.

Finally, she was at the stairs that would take her up to her small cubicle. Her leg muscles strained on the last flight, reminding her how inactive she had been. So far the best thing that had happened was her badge still worked at the gate. Trudging down the corridor she turned down the aisle ready to get rid of the backpack and start to get caught up. She reached her desk and someone else was sitting there. An awkward silence ensued.

“Hi I am Sydney, this used to be my desk. Do you happen to know where my stuff might be?”

A mousey brown haired kid barely looked up from his computer while pointing to a box with her name on it sitting on the floor. On top of the box was a note that read, “Sydney please go see Michelle in Human Resources when you return to work. Go ahead and take your box with you.” Damn this was not a good sign… Off to HR Syd went.

Syd saw Michelle as she entered the HR office area. Michelle’s face went a bit pale and then blushed. “Hi Sydney, please let’s go into the conference room.”  She grabbed a folder off of her desk and Syd followed her.

Never one to mince words, Syd bluntly asked, “Michelle are you firing me?”

Barely looking up she handed Syd a piece of paper.   “Yes Sydney, we are downsizing and have to let you go.  Of course we will give you a letter of recommendation and four weeks’ severance pay if you agree to our terms and sign this now.”

“You have to be kidding me Michelle! It is three weeks before Christmas. I just returned from being in the hospital almost dying and now you are letting me go?! What a bunch of crap!”

“Now Syd…”

“Don’t Michelle!  You know I have worked here for over 10 years and this is how this company treats me?” Syd read the paper and crossed out the non-compete paragraph.

Michelle looked uncomfortable.  “Syd you can’t cross anything out.”

Syd stared at her.  “Michelle, you either let me cross this out or I sign nothing and file an EEOC complaint and sue this company! Your choice. I will just wait here until you talk to Paul.”

She left and Syd started to fume. The shock was wearing off and she was getting more and more angry. About 15 minutes went by.

Michelle returned with a red face.  “Fine Sydney.  We will allow you to cross out the non-compete.”

Syd smirked. “So generous of you.” She signed the paper, picked up her box and headed back out the door.

Arriving back at her apartment she set her box down and sat on the couch. Shit what am I going to do now? I hate this town. I need to go do something I always wanted to do. It is time to work on my bucket list. Syd grabbed her computer and started surfing for new employment opportunities. Hours went by and then she saw it… “Needed Ranch hand and cook for horse ranch outside Cody, Wyoming. Room and board plus negotiable salary depending on experience.”

Syd chuckled at herself and said, “Hell why not?” She called the number and left a message when no one answered.

She busied herself by sorting her belongings. Her ex had left right before she got sick so there wasn’t much left in the apartment. One night she had come home late from work and there was a note. Her ex had met someone and left to parts unknown.  Apparently they must have needed a lot of furnishings because she had cleaned Syd out. She had one chair and the TV left and her dresser in the bedroom. She had been sleeping on an air mattress.  Well I guess that is my silver lining, I won’t have much to pack. She grabbed a beer from the fridge and continued to sort things to keep, give away or throw away.

She heard her phone ringing, but she couldn’t find it. Frantically she searched and grabbed it just as it stopped ringing.  Damn!   “Ping” She had a voice mail. Quickly she unlocked the phone and listened. “Hello Sydney.  My name is Quinn McIntyre. I own the Double Bar X ranch. Please call me back so we can talk and see if this is a job you really want.”  Her heart was fluttering.   Quinn had to have one of the most husky sexy sounding voices she had heard in a very long time. She began wondering what Quinn looked like. She went back to her computer and googled the Double Bar X.  Oh my god! The woman staring back at her from the website was amazing, short blond hair with intense blue eyes that a girl could lose herself in if she stared to long. She seemed tall and well-toned which was not surprising considering her line of work. Syd sighed deeply.  She was already in lust.

Staring at her phone, she took a deep breath and called back.  Again it went to voice mail. Again she left a message and went back to sorting.

While organizing belongings in the bedroom the phone started ringing. She ran as fast as she could through the obstacle course she had made with her various piles. As she reached the phone it pinged once again and she had another voice mail. Pressing the button she heard that wonderful husky voice talking to her.  “Sydney, Quinn again.  Ok, I am going to call back in exactly 5 mins. I expect you to have your phone with you and be able to answer it. I don’t like wasting my time playing phone tag.”

Syd chuckled Quinn’s tone sounded annoyed and definitely on the bossy side of things. With the tone of voice in the back of her mind she decided to slip her phone into her pocket and go back to sorting. Five minutes later the phone rang.

“Hello Sydney here.”

“Hello Sydney this is Quinn. Nice to finally chat live. Thank you for keeping your phone closer.” Her tone was firm with a slight hint of amusement.

“You’re welcome.  Sorry about that.  I am sorting and packing my belongings.  I kept misplacing the darn thing.”  She normally would have said damn but some sixth sense told her darn might be more acceptable with Quinn. Just something about her tone.

“Well I am happy you were able to find it again. I hope you don’t mind but I do not have a lot of time so I would like to start the interview now?”

Although it sounded like a question, Syd’s survival instinct told her it was more of a statement. “Sure no problem.”

“Very well.  Please tell me why you want this job? Have you ever worked on a ranch? Been around horses? Do you know how to cook on a wood stove and oven?”

Syd took a deep breath.  “Living and working on a ranch has been a lifetime dream of mine and I find myself in the position to be able to do something like this at this time. No I have never worked on a ranch, but every summer I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle on their farm and I did chores the whole time. That’s where I learned to ride and take care of horses. I also learned to cook over an open fire and a wood stove and oven.” Ok the last was a tiny bit of a stretch, but Syd thought she wouldn’t have any problem figuring it all out. At least she hoped so. She made a mental note to look up some YouTube videos.

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Syd started to feel sweat beading on her forehead. “I am not afraid of hard work. I love the outdoors…”

Quinn interrupted.  “You do know that this is not a high paying job, right? It is real cold here at this time of the year. The work is dirty and never ending. It will be just you and me this winter on the ranch. I am not the easiest person to work for.  I set high standards and expect the people that work with me to keep up.”

Syd stifled a chuckle by turning it into a cough at the last second.  “Quinn are you trying to talk me out of coming to work for you? I mean if this is your sales pitch you might want to work on it just a bit.”

Quinn’s tone softened and there was added amusement.  “I should apologize, I have a mare starting to foal and I am a little pre-occupied. I don’t usually have them deliver this late in the year.” She chuckled softly. “Well I guess now you know how I can be at times and with everything I said and how I said it, are you still interested in coming out here? Speaking of that…where are yo  u living?”

Syd couldn’t help it.  She laughed out loud.   “Climax, Michigan.” Syd waited for the laugh and was not disappointed when she heard Quinn’s voice trying to control her reaction. “I know, but it really does exist and it gives me another reason to move so my mailing address does not sound like a porn site.”

Still chuckling Quinn asked “Does that mean you are willing to give this a shot? I won’t lie to you.  I am desperate for help and it is hard to find this time of year.”

“That makes us a great combination then!  I am desperate for a change of scenery and a change of work. I have no ties here.”

“Excellent. When can you head this way?”

“I think I can have everything sorted and packed by tomorrow so in 2 days I can be on the road. Google Maps says it is about 1450 miles so I think I can make it in 2 days.”

“Hmmmm … how fast do you drive? What are you driving?” Quinn’s tone had changed back to stern.

Syd decided that she might want to curb her enthusiasm “I have an F-250 pickup long bed. It is only a few years old. But I love ‘Clifford’. Why?” Yes, Syd was purposefully not answering the other question.

Another chuckle.  “Clifford?”

“Sure Clifford the big red truck! What?  You don’t name your trucks?” Syd smiled broadly.

“Aaaa no? Can’t say I have ever named one of my trucks. Horses yes, machines no.” Syd could hear the lilt in Quinn’s voice.

“Really? Wow, I just thought that was a normal thing. Go figure…”

“Maybe in Michigan, but not around here. Oh, and just so you know… I have not forgotten my other question.”

“Wwwhat question was that?” Syd hated that she always stammered when she was trying to hide something.

“From that stutter, I believe you know exactly what question I am talking about. But let me remind you, just how fast do you drive Clifford?”

“Ohhh, that question…” Syd paused as the way Quinn asked that question made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. “Usually at least 10 mph over the speed limit.”

“At least?!” Quinn’s tone had an unmistakable stern tone. One Syd had not heard for many years.

“Yes, Ma’am?” Syd answered barely audible and definitely not very confident, a feeling of doom settling over her with every second that went by.

“Sydney, I did not hear your answer very clearly. Would you mind repeating that?”

Yep, Quinn’s tone was definitely the one she used to hear quite often. It made her heart drop to her stomach. “Yes, Ma’am… at least 10 mph over the speed limit,” she managed to say clearly and without her voice cracking. Where is my beer?  I sure could use some liquid courage about now.

“Let me see if I understand that answer completely. What you are telling me is you drive over the speed limit whenever you can and in most cases it surpasses the limit more than 10 mph? Is that what you are telling me Sydney?”

Damn, what am I supposed to say now? “Yes Ma’am.  That would be true.” Syd’s heart was in her throat now.

“Well, Sydney that is entirely unsafe and I will not have my newest ranch hand flying over the highways and cause an accident. I expect you to take 3 days to get here. Take frequent breaks and get good sleep on your way. I would like you to text me when you start on your trip and each night you stop and each morning you start. Of course, you can text more if you want when you are taking your breaks. Since you have no ties to Michigan, I feel responsible for your safety on your journey to the ranch. Do you have any questions or concerns about what I just said?”

“Why do I think it would not matter if I disagree with your expectations?” Syd stated somewhat sarcastically.

“Because you already know that I would tell you to stay in Michigan. I will not have you taking unnecessary chances with your safety Sydney. Not driving and not working on my ranch. So, what will it be?”

Syd tried to keep the sulkiness out of her voice, she really wanted this job. “It will be your way, Quinn. I agree to your rules.”

“Excellent, Sydney! I look forward to seeing your first text in 2 days and meeting you in 5 days. Now I must run, I can hear the mare. Take care and be careful Sydney.”

“Thank you Quinn… bye.” Syd ended the call, then went to look for her beer before sitting down in her chair. Wow, what just happened? That had been surreal! There was a distinct impression that Quinn might be a Domme. Who was she kidding?  Quinn definitely had the dominate thing down. Memories of another woman came rushing back into Sydney’s mind. Ones she had long ago stuffed down, never wanting them to resurface. Yet there had always been an emptiness left…

Two days later Sydney was behind the wheel of Clifford cruising down the highway. She had sent her text and received a quick reply even though it was 5 am in Wyoming. Quinn reminded her of the expectations and included the rule there would be no going over 10 mph over the speed limit. She recommended 5mph. Syd rolled her eyes. The first day went well, she took several breaks, but still managed to make good time. She had decided to sleep in Clifford on the way there to save money. Her plan was to take showers at a truck stop.  To stay safe, she had put her Ruger LC9s along with her concealed weapons documentation in her glove box. She never thought she would own one, until that one night… Syd shook her head to clear it, the past didn’t matter anymore. She was headed to a bright future and a whole new life.

Finally a rest area came into view and Syd pulled into a parking place; one that was not right by the busiest area, but not all by itself either. Soon she was snuggled in the back seat in her sleeping bag. Her phone pinged, looking down she had a text from Quinn. “Are you settled in for the night?”

Oh damn, Syd had forgotten to text her!  She quickly replied. “Yes… just got snuggled in and was getting ready to text you.” She figured a little stretch of the truth would not be a bad thing.

Another ping.  “Hmmmm… are you sure you had not forgotten to text me?”

Damn! Quinn was good. Syd did not want to straight out lie, not a good way to start any type of relationship, especially one with your new boss. “Well I really had just snuggled in, but your right I had forgotten. I apologize, Quinn. It won’t happen again.”

A few minutes went by… “I accept your apology.  However, when you arrive at the ranch I believe we will have a discussion about my expectations of complete honesty including omitting certain information or misleading information.” Quinn’s tone had a stern finality.

Syd’s stomach flipped, she wasn’t sure how to respond. She decided to go with the ignorance. “What kind of discussion, Quinn?”

“Oh Sydney, just the fact you asked that question tells me you know exactly what kind of discussion I am talking about.   Don’t you Sydney Anne Murphy?!”

Oh hell… Syd was busted and in trouble. “Really… the full name? I guess so”

“Oh no Sydney. You just lied to me, you know what that calls for.”

“Yes, Ma’am, but how did you know that I knew you were a Domme?”

Syd’s phone rang signaling the end of their texting.  She hesitantly answered “Hello?”

Quinn chuckled “Sydney nice try, I knew from the first ‘Yes Ma’am’. You can’t tell me you did not know about me when I gave you my best stern voice about speeding. Can you? Oh, and before you even think about it for a second, don’t lie to me again.”

Sydney gulped “Ok Yes, Ma’am I was pretty certain on several occasions. But you know sometimes the assumption can backfire on a person.”

“True, so you asked a question that would be pretty innocent to anyone that does not do TTWD?”


“So now you have your answer. Are you going to turn around and head back to Michigan or head here and have a much needed discussion?”

Syd softly chuckled “Quinn you are not getting rid of me that easily. It may have been some years ago since I experienced such a discussion, but I think I can still handle it. Besides after a few weeks of me under foot you might just be wanting to kick me back to Michigan.”

Now Quinn was laughing “Sydney Anne I do believe you just gave me a challenge. A challenge I most assuredly accept. I will caution you that you might want to behave from this point forward, especially since it has been awhile since you have experienced this type of activity.”

Rashly, Syd blurted out, “How long has it been for you, Quinn?”

Quinn could barely contain her mirth.  “Why Sydney, hoping that I am weak or have forgotten how to bring an imp to behave?”

Sydney muttered petulantly.  “Something like that, yeah.”

Quinn’s tone changed instantly.  “Sydney don’t make me add an unacceptable attitude to our discussion.”

“Yes, Ma’am, sorry I apologize for that last statement. You did not deserve that and it was uncalled for.” Sydney rushed all of that hoping to not add anything to the ‘future discussion’.

“Very good, Sydney. Apology accepted. Now I think you probably need to snuggle back into bed and get a good night sleep. You have another long day ahead of you. Sleep well and we will talk in the morning. Please don’t forget to text. Good Night, Sydney.”

“Good Night Quinn.”

Syd snuggled back into her sleeping bag. She replayed the whole conversation through her head a couple of times. There was one word that was sticking in her head ‘bed’. She knew she should have told Quinn she was sleeping in Clifford, but she really didn’t have the extra money for hotels. She needed to save as much as possible until she got the apartment deposit back and her severance pay. She laid there thinking about ‘the discussion’ and a warm feeling went through to her core. It had been a really long time since she had been taken to task for anything. Deep inside she knew she had missed that part of her life. But could she let her walls down enough to let someone back into her life like that again. With that thought she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Syd woke up just as the sun started to rise. It was a little brisk as she slipped out of her sleeping bag and threw on a sweatshirt grabbed her toiletry bag and headed into the restrooms.

Soon she was back on the road, but not before she had texted Quinn. Syd was a lot of things, however repeating mistakes within a 12 hour period was not something she did often. Quinn had wished her safe travels. The day seemed to be repeating the previous day. She would stop for gas and food. She found a truck stop and got a nice hot shower and was on her way again. Syd tried really hard to keep to the 10 mph over the speed limit rule. She solved that problem mainly by using cruise control. To pass the time she had some audio books. The current one was a murder mystery and a scary one at that. Just as the narrator was screaming for the lady that was getting murdered, the phone rang. Syd jumped and screamed herself. She hit the Bluetooth button on the steering wheel “Hello!” a little breathless.

“Sydney, are you ok?” Quinn asked with a bit of concern.

Syd chuckled.  “Yes.  I was listening to this medical thriller called ‘Dead List’ and the woman was being killed right when the phone rang. I might have screamed too. Sorry, how are you doing today?”

Quinn was amused “A medical thriller, sounds like fun. It is snowing here so I thought I would call and see how your drive was going? How are you doing with the speed limit?”

“So far the drive has been pretty smooth. I set the cruise control so my lead foot wouldn’t get me in trouble. I have been taking breaks on average every 3 hours. Looks like I am heading into some snow soon though.”

“Sydney please stop early if the weather gets bad. There is nothing here that can’t wait a day or two so you are safe.”

“Sure Quinn, no problem I will stay safe.”

“Good, glad to hear that. The mare that had the foal a few days ago is doing much better and her foal is full of spunk. I spent more time than I should of yesterday watching them play in the snow. That reminds me do you have chains for your tires?”

“No, do you think I will need them? If so I will need to stop and buy some before I hit the mountains.”

“I think it would be the safe thing to do. The weather is pretty unpredictable around the mountains. Plus the ranch is a bit out of town and the roads are not always plowed.”

“Ok I will find a place to buy some soon. I am getting pretty excited to see your ranch and actually meet you in person. You sure I can’t talk you into letting me drive all the way through tonight?”

“Nice try, but No! I am looking forward to meeting you also. Where are you planning on stopping tonight?”

“Sundance, Wyoming”

“How many hours will that be for you today?”

“Just a little over 9 hrs. Then tomorrow I only have a little over 5 hours to get to the ranch which will probably be the toughest part because of the snow and hills. I’ll be able to take it much slower if I need.”

“I see… sounds like you have it all worked out?”


“Do you have a hotel reservation in Sundance?”

Syd hesitated a bit. “ No”

“Do you need me to get one for you? It might be hard to get one this time of year.”

Syd was getting more and more uncomfortable “Nnno… that’s ok.  I am sure I will be fine.”

“Sydney Anne.  What aren’t you telling me?” The tone was back.

“I was just planning on sleeping in the back seat of Clifford, to save some money. It is really ok and safe because I stay at the guarded rest areas and…”

“SYDNEY ANNE MURPHY is that what you did last night?!”

Shit!! In a very small voice “yes”.

The silence was deafening as Syd waited for Quinn to absorb the answer. There was the sound of a very deep breath and sigh. It even seemed like counting was going on in a sort of calming down kind of way. Sydney decided that driving and staying very quiet was the best plan of action.

Quinn cleared her throat and took another deep breath and let it out. “Sydney I am going to call and get you a reservation in Sundance. You are going to spend the night in the hotel I pick for you. You are going to sleep at least 8 hours before you put your rear end back into Clifford and drive to the ranch. Do you understand me?”

Syd replied in a pretty shaky voice “Yes Ma’am.”

“Did you pick up chains for your truck?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. I am going to call you back in a few minutes. I will text you the address of the hotel. I want you to text me when you get into your room. How long do you think it will be before you arrive?”

“The GPS is telling me about 2 hours.”

“Ok.  I will talk to you soon.”

“Ok.  Bye Quinn.”

The call was ended and the scream of the audio book started back up. Sydney paused the book. She needed some time to think in peace. That call did not go well at all. This time not only was her heart pounding, her stomach was flipping and her backside was screaming “what the hell have you gotten me into now!”

About fifteen minutes later the phone rang again. “Hi Quinn.” Syd tried a cheery voice.

Quinn was having none of that.  “Sydney I have texted you the address and confirmation number of the hotel. Is there a place you could pull over? I want to have your full attention for a few minutes.”

“Yes, there is a rest area coming up in a mile.” Syd reached the exit much quicker than she would have liked. She wasn’t sure what Quinn was planning, but her gut told her she was in a lot more trouble.

“Ok, Quinn. I am in a parking spot at the rest area.”

“Good. Now get out of the driver seat and crawl into the back seat.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Syd was moving as she was talking. “Ok I am in the back seat now”

“Good. Can anyone see you?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Good. Pull your pants and panties down to your knees and bare that bottom of yours.”

Syd blushed from head to toe and pleaded, “But Quinn…”

“No talking.  Do as I say!”

“Ok, they are down.” Syd’s voice was shaky with emotions she had not felt in forever. She never thought she would or could ever submit like this again, yet here she was.

“Good now climb up on your hands and knees, put your head down on the seat along with your elbows. Push your bottom up high. Are you feeling embarrassed and ashamed, young lady?”

“Oh please, Quinn. I am sorry I didn’t tell you about the rest area. This is awful, what if someone sees me? How long do I have to stay this way?”

“You will stay that way until I release you! Now I am going to do some talking.  You are only going to listen unless directly asked a question.  Let me explain why I have you in this position. See I believe that I now have your full 100% attention. Would that be right Sydney?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Good. Now that I have you in the right frame of mind. I am going to tell you that the thing I value most is complete honesty. I think we will both agree that this is something that you need to work on. Would you concur Sydney?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. I believe you might be understanding that a true Domme does not need to be in arms reach of a brat to get her attention. I bet right about now both sets of your cheeks are blushing. Would I be right Sydney?”

“Yes Ma’am, I am so sorry.”

“Don’t worry Sydney.  I believe you will have plenty of time to be sorry when we finally meet and have our first real discussion. Now that I feel I have made my point, you can now pull your panties and pants back up and return to the driver’s seat. You will finish the drive to the hotel, get a nice dinner and get in bed at a decent hour. Remember you must sleep for at least 8 hours before you get back on the road. Have I made myself clear? Do you have any questions?”

“Yes Ma’am… crystal clear and No Ma’am, no questions. I will text you when I am in my room.”

“Excellent Sydney. Please drive carefully and we will talk in a few hours.”

Syd sat in the driver’s seat just staring out the window. What the hell had just happened? How did Quinn get her to do that with just a tone of voice? What was going to happen to her when she actually met her? Her mind was a whirl of questions and emotions. She decided that she needed something else to occupy her mind. She reached forward and pushed the button to start the murder mystery up again. The scream was ending and the story continued.

The hotel was really nice. Syd checked in and decided to go get a quick bite at the hotel restaurant. Within an hour she found herself back in the room. She texted Quinn and told her she was heading to bed and thanked her for a great room. Quinn wished her a good night.

Syd slipped under the covers and was quite surprised at how comfortable the bed felt. It really did beat sleeping in Clifford. Soon her eyes were heavy and she drifted off. Her dreams seem to be of a very stern blond haired, blue eyed rancher. In her dream, Quinn was not only a Domme, she was a lesbian too. It was a wonderful dream.

Nine hours later Syd woke with a start.  She looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. Finally, she was awake enough to remember she was in a hotel room in Sundance, WY.  A smile spread across her face thinking of her dream and realizing that today she would actually meet the real Quinn McIntyre. That thought sent a pleasant shiver through her body.

She slid out of bed and headed for the shower. Soon she was dressed, packed and checked out of the hotel. She sent a text to Quinn started up Clifford and was back on the highway. Her thoughts drifted to the dream. She was so deep in thought that when her phone ring tone rang out, she jumped, dropping the phone to the floor. She had to use her foot to bring it closer so she could bend and stretch her arm to pick it up, all while watching the road and driving. Finally, she hit the accept button on the steering wheel “Hey”

“Hey to you. Are you driving?”


“What took you so long to answer the phone?”

Syd moaned “I was deep in thought when the phone rang.  It startled me and it fell down by my foot and the accelerator pedal. I didn’t want to continue to drive like that so I picked it up before hitting the Bluetooth. I really do need to change that ring tone.”

“What ring tone is that?”

“Danger, Danger, Danger, your boss is calling.” Syd tried to say that without laughing, it didn’t work.

“Cute Sydney, real cute. Now tell me the truth.” Quinn demanded.

“Ok, OK it is a police siren.”


“Yep.  I decided that it kind of fit you last night when I chose it for you. Don’t you agree?” Syd was smiling broadly picturing what Quinn might be looking like right now.

“You think so, do you? I see what happens when you get a good night sleep in a proper bed. A whole lot sassier.”

“Hey, sleeping in a proper bed for at least 8 hours was all your idea. So, if any blame is to be made, I think you have to accept it Quinn. I am just an innocent rule abiding ranch hand.”

“So, I am to blame for a ranch hand who is getting out of hand?”

“Well Quinn: Fact one you made me stay at that wonderful hotel with the most comfortable bed. Fact two you made me sleep a minimum of 8 hours which I over achieved and had 9 hours. Fact three you are authoritarian, the police are authoritarian, and therefore a police siren is the logical ring tone. See it is all quite logical.” Syd finished with a smugness she couldn’t hide.

A very long pause of deafening silence came over the Bluetooth. Syd started to feel a bit uncomfortable. She was hoping that maybe, just maybe she had lost the connection. The natural thing would be to say something to see if Quinn answered, but suddenly her mouth was dry and she really didn’t want to know if Quinn was still on the other end of the airwaves.

Then a very stern deep voice reached her ears. “I see. Logical you say?” another pause. “Well let me enlighten you on a few facts of my own, Sydney Anne. Fact one: you already have a very long discussion coming in regards to honesty. When you finally arrive at the ranch today. Fact two: Although I have not met you in person I believe our multiple conversations over the past few days has allowed me to understand you. With that knowledge in mind, I think I can safely conclude that this latest sass is a test for me. One I will pass with flying colors, well at least the color red. Fact three: Do not worry Miss Sydney I know exactly how to handle an out of hand ranch hand!

“Damn,” Syd mumbled softly than quickly added, “Yes, Ma’am”

Quinn chuckled. “I believe my facts out ranked your facts, Sydney. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Syd shook her head in amazement and with a deep sigh “Oh yeah, most definitely Ma’am.”

“Excellent, Sydney. I am really looking forward to finally meeting you. How long does your GPS say it will take you to get to the ranch?”

“It says 2 more hours. But looks like I might need to get the chains on before I get to the ranch. I was hoping to get to Cody before I had to do that. What do you think?”

“There is a small village about 30 minutes outside of Cody you will go right through it. Look for Sage Creek Road, there will be a locally owned gas station plus mechanic’s garage called “Jakes”. If you stop there Jake will help you get the chains on properly. Jake is an old friend of mine since elementary school, so behave when you get there.” The last part was said with humor mixed with firmness.

“Got it, Sage Creek Road, Jakes and be nice to Jake!”

“Exactly Sydney. Please be careful, it has snowed about 10 inches in the last 24 hours. The road to the ranch will be tricky. Take it slow and steady.”

“Absolutely Quinn! See you soon.”

It seemed like she had just hung up from talking to Quinn when she saw ‘Jakes’ by the highway. She pulled in and filled up Clifford and went into pay for the gas and look for Jake. As the door opened a bell rang and a voice from the garage yelled “Be right there, just have to finish this last bolt!”

“No problem” Syd yelled back. There were a couple of chairs around a small table that had a chess board all set up. Looked like whoever was playing was in the middle of a game. Syd played a little but by no means was an expert at the game. She decided to look at the board and see if she could figure out what move she would make next. She was so engrossed in the board she didn’t even hear anyone walk in.

“Hi there you must be Sydney.”

Sydney jumped a little and turned towards the voice. “Eeep I mean Hi, yes I am, and you must be Jake. I take it Quinn called and warned you I would be coming by?”

Jake took on quite a smirk and laughed. “Well she did call and tell me that you would need some help putting chains on “Clifford”?!”

A blush started creeping up Sydney’s neck to her cheeks and ears. “She did, did she? I take it you don’t name your vehicles either?”

Jake burst out laughing, she even bent over holding her stomach, her short salt and pepper hair barely moved but the rest of her was shaking with mirth. “Actually all of my babies have names! The one I am working on right now is Roxanne. Don’t let Quinn mess with you about naming your truck. I think they all have their own personalities. Just because Quinn doesn’t have any imagination doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t.”

Syd liked Jake.  She was at least 6” taller and broad at the shoulders, not too broad but in a good butch sort of way. She was lean and toned. Her face was soft and had two really cute dimples when she smiled. Syd noticed she was staring and blushed again.

“I hope you have time to help me out. I have never put chains on tires before. They weren’t real helpful at the place I bought them.”

Jake kept that smirk on her face letting Syd know she had caught her staring. “Don’t worry Syd, we will have you all fixed up and on your way in no time at all.”

“Great what do you need me to do? Can I help, I would like to learn how to do it?”

Jake nodded.  “Sure! Let’s get Clifford into the garage and on the hoist. That way we can save our backs a bit. Do you mind if I drive your baby onto the hoist? I like to do that myself, it is safer.”

Syd smiled.  “Sure,” and tossed Jake the keys.

Soon both ladies were under the truck. Jake had the chains for the first tire and was instructing Syd on the right way to put them on. She was also showing her how people can put them on wrong and really mess up their tires. By the third tire Syd was putting it on herself with just a little instruction. On the last tire Syd was able to do it without any correction.

Syd looked at Jake. “Thank you Jake! What do I owe you for helping you? I know it had to take longer to teach me.”

Jake laughed. “I like you Syd. I think Quinn has finally met her match. So I tell ya, when you get settled out there and start cooking up a storm, just invite me over for a nice home cooked meal and we will call it even. I don’t have too many home cooked meals, not enough time running this place by myself.”

Syd smiled “Are you sure Jake? I feel like one meal isn’t enough for all this help.”

“Well if you are really a good cook, I will ask for a second meal.”

It was Syd’s turn to laugh. “If? Ok, I accept your challenge. I will call you soon to pay my debt. Thanks again Jake. It was really nice meeting you.”

Syd jumped into Clifford and started the last leg of her journey. The snow was really falling when she got back on the highway. There must have been another 3 inches on the ground since she had stopped at Jakes.

The chains definitely helped Clifford with traction and going up the hills. The GPS soon had her on the backroads towards Quinn’s ranch. Syd was really having to concentrate on the road with it snowing and the roads already covered with the white stuff. She had put the radio on Christmas music since the snow had gotten her in the mood. It seemed to Syd that she was definitely going to have a white Christmas this year. As the large white snowflakes flew at her windshield it became quite hypnotic.

Syd rounded a corner and out of nowhere an elk jumped out on to the road in front of her. She slammed on the brakes. Clifford started to fish tale. Syd was concentrating on the road and keeping Clifford out of the trees. Meanwhile the elk bounded off to the other side of the road. Finally, Syd was able to straighten out Clifford and headed in the right direction on the road. Her heart was pounding and her hands were shaking. Damn that had been close. At least she hadn’t crashed into the elk or the trees. Syd took a few deep breaths to calm herself. A few minutes later she was starting down the road again, at a bit of a slower pace.

It took her an extra half hour but finally she was turning on to the drive of the Double Bar X. There was a calming feeling that came over her. Syd shook her head so she could continue to concentrate on the drive. The last thing she wanted to do was find herself in the snow drifts that had blown on to the sides of the drive.

Looking ahead after the last turn Syd took a moment to admire the view. Before her was a beautiful log cabin. Smoke climbing out of the chimney and an elegant wrap around porch with the traditional rocking chairs and even a two- seater swing. The snow-covered peaks just added to the lovely site. Syd was in awe. Behind the house was a barn to the right and a chicken coop to the left. Even further she could see the shadowy outlines of the mountains. The whole site took her breath away.

She pulled Clifford up alongside a blue pick-up and got out to stretch her legs. As she turned towards the house she was met by an Australian shepherd who tried to skid to a stop at her feet but miss judged the snow and distance and ended up bowling over Syd. The two of them became entwined as they fell into the snow together. Syd was laughing as the dog licked her face.

“Jack! Get off Sydney, let her up boy!” Jack scrambled off of Syd and ran back to Quinn. “Sorry Sydney, Jack hasn’t seen anyone but me for quite a few months now. I think he is starved for attention.” Quinn was smiling.

Syd was staring at Quinn, the picture on her website did not do her justice. The woman standing before her was gorgeous. When she smiled, her eyes lit up like a Thomas Kincaid painting. She was tall and lean with curves in all the right places. Syd physically shook herself, of course she acted like she was getting the snow off but really, she was trying to clear her head. Then she felt the blush starting from her neck to her cheeks and ears. Damn she thought, hopefully Quinn just thinks it is from the cold.

Quinn finished walking to where Sydney was standing shaking the snow off. She reached her hand out.  “Welcome to the Double Bar X, Sydney. I am very glad to finally meet you in person.”

Sydney decided to take things into her own hands. “Oh no, Quinn. Where I come from… after a woman has travelled 3 days to work on a ranch, we have to hug!” So saying, Syd grabbed Quinn’s hand and pulled so they were closer and put her other arm around her and gave a nice pat on her back. “See isn’t that a better custom?” She grinned as she watched Quinn try to stop from smiling.

“So, you have a custom in Climax, Michigan, for going to work on a ranch in Cody, Wyoming? How long has this custom been in place?” Quinn raised one eyebrow.

Syd smirked and looked at her left wrist at an invisible watch. “I figure about 10 minutes now.”

Quinn laughed “I see, so is this a custom that will become tradition?”

“Now that, new boss only time will tell.” Syd turned and opened up the back door of Clifford and grabbed her duffle bag. “So, boss where will I be bunking?”

Quinn looked at her quizzically as if she was going to say something and thought better of it. She reached down and took the duffle from Syd. “Follow me, rookie ranch hand and cook.”

They both turned and walked towards the house. Jack was already waiting at the door when they got there. Syd was walking right behind Quinn. She found the scenery quite enticing. Quinn stopped suddenly and Syd walked right into her.

“Sorry Quinn, I didn’t expect you to stop.” Syd started to blush again, knowing where her attention had been, instead of listening to Quinn. Who had apparently asked her a question, because her face definitely had the look of someone waiting for an answer. Syd blushed a brighter red “Sorry I didn’t hear what you said.”

Quinn quirked two eyebrows up “Hmmmm.   I was wondering if you would like to have lunch before we take a tour of the ranch?”

“Oh sure, that sounds great. Just show me where the kitchen is and I am sure I can make something up for us.”

“No, not today Sydney.  You don’t start work until tomorrow. I put a pot of chili on early this morning and I have some fresh bread. So, let’s go get some lunch and get to know each other some more.”  Quinn placed Syd’s duffle on the bottom step and proceeded to the kitchen. “Sydney, if you need to use the restroom, it is down this hallway first door on the right.”

“Thank you.  That would be great. I had quite the adventure on the road on the way here. I could use a bit of freshening up.”

Quinn looked at Syd with curious eyes . “What kind of adventure?”

Syd gulped and looked at the ground. “Oh nothing, I am sure, that compares to the adventures that you have had Quinn. Excuse me I really need to use the facilities.” She skirted around Quinn and headed to the restroom.

Quinn shook her head. “I will expect more details during lunch Sydney!” She continued to the kitchen.

Syd had already shut the bathroom door. She started muttering to herself “stupid, stupid big mouth Syd…really stupid… really big mouth” while looking in the mirror. She washed her face and took care of other needs. Washing her hands, she looked at the mirror one more time “stupid Syd!”  With that she squared her shoulders, straightened her 5’4” frame, and walked back towards the kitchen. Following the aroma of chili and fresh bread.

“Quinn, this smells delicious! I am a lot hungrier than I thought I was. How has your day been today? How old is Jack? He is a beautiful boy! Your house is gorgeous. Have you always lived here?” When Syd looked up and saw Quinn’s expression a cross of sternness and amusement, she stopped yammering.

Quinn served her a bowl of chili and placed the bread and butter on the table. “Hmmm Syd if I didn’t know better I would think you were trying to change the subject off of your ‘adventure’ on the road earlier. But I am sure you wouldn’t do anything like that would you, Sydney?”

“Aaaa no.  I wouldn’t do anything like that Quinn. I mean you being my new boss and me not even meeting for more than what 20 minutes, tops! So, what would you like to know about my adventure? I really do want to know all the answers to my questions and I really meant all the compliments too, honest!” Syd blathered on.

“How about you eat a little chili and then tell me all the details of your ‘road adventure’?”

Syd ate some chili. It really was good and the fresh bread with fresh farm butter just melted in her mouth. “Quinn this is really good. Thank you.”

Quinn smiled at the compliment. “Your welcome, but it is one of five things I can cook.”

Syd smiled back and took a deep breath before she started telling in detail about her adventure in the snow with the elk. As she told the story she watched the different expressions run across Quinn’s face from concern to scared back to concern and finally thankful. It was quite an array.  Syd couldn’t help but think that she would like to play poker with Quinn.  She was sure she could read if she was bluffing. After Syd finished her story, she asked if she could have a bit more chili.

While Syd was filling her bowl, Quinn spoke with a firm edge to her voice. “How fast were you going before you saw the elk, Sydney?” Syd dropped the ladle back into the chili pot and some splashed up on her face.

“Damn,” she muttered and reached for a paper towel to wipe off the splash on her face and the kitchen counter. She could feel Quinn watching her and waiting for an answer. “Iiii am not really sure but I guess I could have been going 40 or 45 mph.”

“Sydney, how many times have you driven in snow that deep with chains on your tires?” Quinn’s tone had taken a change for the deeper and sterner.

“Jjjust today, Quinn.” Syd had started to resign herself to the fact that her first meeting with her new boss was not going to be what she dreamed.

“Sydney, come on back to the table and let’s finish dinner. I believe we have a lot to discuss today and possibly later tonight.”

Syd had started to lose her appetite. She didn’t want Quinn to think she was scared though, so she started eating her chili and was committed to finishing every last drop. She decided that it might be best if she just concentrated on eating, since every time she opened her mouth it seemed to land her in some kind of trouble with Quinn.

Quinn seemed to watch Syd eat, like she was a bug under a microscope. She decided that she would carry the conversation while Syd was pouting and eating her chili.

“Let’s see.  I should answer some of your questions you asked earlier. My day has been good. I was able to get all the chores done early before the snow really started to fall. Jack is three years old. I have had him since he was a pup. He helps me heard my goats and cows. My grandparents built the original part of this cabin that is now the laundry room and pantry area and my office. My parents added the rest of the house and I just finished the wrap around porch last year.  Last winter I built the rocking chairs and the swing.”

“You built the porch, chairs and swing? I have tinkered with wood working but I have never had the room to have the tools I needed to do anything like you have done. They are gorgeous.” Syd was genuinely impressed with Quinn’s talent. This woman continued to surprise her with each conversation.

“If you really are interested in learning, I wouldn’t mind teaching you what I know. My Dad and Grandpa taught me.”

Syd’s eyes lit up. “Really? That would be great! What kind of tools do you have? Do you have a lathe? A table saw? Do you cut and dry your own wood? I’m sorry I tend to get carried away with questions when I am excited.”

Quinn smiled all the way to her eyes.  “Don’t apologize, you are really cute when you get excited. Yes, I have a lathe, a table saw and a slew of other fun toys, plus my own little lumber mill.”

“Yes! Can we go see it now?” Syd was half way out of her chair.

“Not quite yet. I think my new ranch hand and cook and I need to have a serious conversation about expectations of her new job and her new boss.”

Syd sat back down.  “Oh, ok.”  She definitely was pouting now. She really wanted to go see the wood shop and lumber mill. She didn’t want to talk about expectations, especially when she thought that meant a bunch of rules.

Quinn looked at Sydney who was actually looking down at the table like a sullen teenager who just wanted to go and play and had just been told she had to do homework instead. “Sydney, look at me please.”

Syd debated for a few seconds, but maturity won out and she looked up. “Yes, boss” which sounded petulant even to her ears.

Quinn decided to ignore the tone for now.  “Sydney, we start the day at 5 am every morning. The chickens need fed and the eggs need collected. You will be in charge of that after I show you how. You will need the eggs for our breakfast most mornings. After breakfast, we need to muck stalls, feed the horses and the goats. Check on fencing. During the winter, I try to do maintenance on all the tools and equipment plus saddles and other tack. I will show you all these things and teach you what you need to know and other things if you want to learn. You will also be expected to make our lunch and dinner. I will help when I can. Do you have any questions so far?”

Syd’s eyes were lighting up again with excitement.  “No everything sounds great. Just what I thought I might be doing with a lot of extra stuff that I have always wanted to learn. So far I am good, even with 5 am! I am just waiting for you to tell me the bad stuff.”

Quinn shook her head. “-the bad stuff?”

“You know the rules: Syd you are not allowed to go riding by yourself. Syd you can’t drive any of the equipment until I think you are ready. Syd you are not allowed to go around certain horses. Syd I expect you to be in bed by 8pm. Syd… well you get the picture.”

Quinn looked at Syd with pursed lips “I see, so you believe that all rules are ‘the bad stuff’? You don’t believe that rules are there to keep you, the animals and others safe?”

Syd was looking anywhere but at Quinn. She did not want to answer that last question. She knew the answer but still it was the principal of the matter. She was an adult and as long as she thought she was capable that should be enough.

“Sydney Anne, I am waiting.”

“Yeah Quinn I know you are waiting. We both know what answer is expected. So I will give it to you. Yes, rules are there for my safety, the animal’s safety and all other people’s safety. Ok?”

“No… not OK Miss Sydney! Do you know why what you said is NOT OK, with me?”

Syd made the mistake of looking at Quinn.  She gulped as her heart dropped to her stomach. “Yes, Ma’am because I did not say it like I believed it or with respect.”

“That is a good start, but I think we may need to take a different approach to our conversation, Miss Sydney Anne. I think we may need to talk about Tops and bottoms or Dommes and submissives. What do you think of that conversation?”

Syd’s eyes bulged and she blushed from head to toe. “Iiii think that conversation scares the hell out of me Quinn.”

Quinn laughed.  “I am sure it does. I am pretty sure I know most of the reasons it scares you. Not the least of which you are trouble and I am sure you have been over someone’s knees more times than you can count. What I don’t know is what happened to that relationship and why it has been so long? Would you mind sharing that information with me? I think it might help us talk through things easier if I knew what happened. Syd will you talk to me?”

Syd was lost in memories of a relationship years ago. She had once had a Domme. She thought the relationship would last a lifetime, however, it wasn’t to be.  They were driving home from the club and another car with a drunk driver crossed the lane and hit them head on. Syd woke up in the hospital only to find that Kathryn had died on impact.

She looked into Quinn’s eyes while tears were running down her cheeks and told her all about Kathryn and what had ended their relationship. Syd had isolated herself from all of the people she knew in the lifestyle, she had never looked back. The first time she had even started to think about it again was the first conversations she had had with Quinn.

Quinn came around the table and pulled her up from her chair and gave her a hug. A real hug… one that Syd could feel all the way to her toes. Quinn guided her over to the couch and they both sat down next to each other. Quinn left her arm around Syd in a comforting touch. Syd leaned into Quinn melting into her warmth. “I’m sorry Quinn. I am sure you didn’t expect a blubbering ranch hand.”

“I expected honesty Syd and that is exactly what you gave me. I am grateful that you were able to tell me about Kathryn. She must have been a wonderful woman to of won your heart.”

Syd started crying again, it was so amazing to have someone understand after all these years. They stayed together with Syd crying on Quinn’s shoulder for quite some time. Eventually Syd was able to stop and clean up all the tissues that Quinn had kept handing her. “Thank you Quinn, you have been the first one I have told that has really understood what Kathryn had meant to me.” She gave Quinn a nice little chaste kiss on her cheek and hugged her again.

“Syd why don’t you go and clean up a bit in the bathroom, while I get us some hot chocolate?”

Syd smiled up at Quinn and nodded her head. She shuffled into the bathroom and washed her face and brushed her hair. She was quite a sight her eyes were red and swollen. Well way to go Syd, great first impression, crying all over Quinn and babbling like an idiot. Quinn’s hugs were nice though and she was really understanding.

Quinn was waiting for her on the couch with a nice cup of hot chocolate with whip cream on top. Syd eyed her cup. “Whip cream YEAH! I love whip cream.”  She sipped the hot drink and came away with a whip cream mustache, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Quinn tried to hide her amusement but failed miserably. “Yes, I can see that!”

Syd stuck her tongue out and ran it across her upper lip to catch every drop of whip cream. She watched as Quinn’s eyes followed her tongue from one side of her mouth to the other. Those eyes were a darker blue than they had been at dinner. Hmmm I wonder.   “Quinn, can you tell me a little bit about you? How about your love life? Any special person in your life?”

Quinn’s eyes flickered and after a couple of blinks they were back to her normal blue. “Yes, I have had a few women in my life. The last one left me when I took over the ranch from my parents. She said that I worked too much and she didn’t want to be second to the ranch. That was over a year ago, now that I look back it was for the best. She really didn’t belong on a ranch, she was much better in the city.”

“I am so sorry Quinn, I am sure that was when you most needed someone. It can’t be easy running a ranch like this.” Syd snuggled in just a bit closer to Quinn, it just felt natural.

Quinn gave her a soft smile and squeezed her hand. “Thank you.”

“It is getting late Syd and we have not finished our expectation discussion.” Quinn reached over and touched Syd’s nose. “-which I am sure you were hoping I would forget about forever, right?”

Syd groaned.  “Yes that had crossed my mind. But I knew the probability was low and apparently low meant zero.”

Quinn grinned at the groan. “True zero will always be the probability when it comes to ‘forgetting any discussions I promise to have with you’. I am pretty sure you would not want it any different, right?”

“Oh no. I totally plead the 5th amendment on that question, Quinn.”

“Really? Let me explain that there will be no 5th amendment in regards to any part of our relationship in work or otherwise, young lady.”

“Are you sure Quinn? I could have sworn there was something about that in the contract I signed with you.” Syd threw Quinn her best puppy dog eyes.

Quinn laughed. “Yes I am sure. Yes, I saw the bogus contract you tried to send back to me. That is completely null and void. I have taken the liberty of writing a new one. I think you will find this one more to your liking. Well maybe not liking but more to your needs.” With that Quinn reached over and pulled a manila folder off the coffee table and handed it to Syd.

Syd opened the folder and began to read. This contract is meant to clarify the expectations of Quinn McIntyre (Top/Domme and Boss) towards Sydney Anne Murphy (bottom/submissive, Ranch Hand and Cook). Syd began reading the new contract.  Boy was she in trouble… big trouble. It was everything she needed just like Quinn had said, but it meant that she was probably going to not be sitting comfortably any time soon. The main rules, honesty, safety and a willingness to listen and obey Quinn as her boss. Any breaking of these rules will lead to a punishment designed by Quinn as appropriate for the rule that had been broken. In other words, in Quinn, Syd will trust. At the bottom of the contract was a place for both of their signatures. To be fair, both of them had responsibilities.  Quinn had written that she would teach Syd all she could about running a ranch and any other skills she had that Syd was interested in learning. The contract was actually pretty fair. If Syd was honest with herself, it was exactly what she needed.

Syd looked up at Quinn and with a bit of a smirk. “So if I sign this and date it for now, anything I have done wrong up to this point won’t be part of this contract, right?”

Quinn smiled.  “Sure Syd we could say that, but then I would probably spank you anyway because you agreed to the discussion the second day.”

Syd panicked. “Wait Quinn, I am not sure that is really true.”

Quinn put her hand up to stop Syd. “You don’t remember the first conversation of me being a Domme and you agreeing to come anyway instead of returning to Michigan?” Quinn’s eyebrow quirked up like an exclamation point.

Sydney suddenly remembered that conversation she looked at Quinn and almost unnoticeably nodded her head. She was hoping that Quinn had forgotten.

“Oh no Miss Sydney.  I want a verbal answer to that question.  I remember not only did you say that was no problem, I believe you also offered a challenge.”

Closing her eyes tightly, Syd remembered that conversation vividly. When she opened them up Quinn was looking at her with quiet amusement. “Well young lady?”

Sighing deeply “Yes, Ma’am I am guilty as charged. I agreed, I kind of challenged you.”

“Kind of challenged me?! Sydney Anne, you will be completely honest in this conversation.” Quinn’s voice was like steel, suddenly unbendable.

“Yes, I challenged you too. In my defense, I was still over a thousand miles away at that time. I hadn’t met you in real life. I was excited about my new adventure.”

“Are you saying you want to change your mind now? You want to go back to Michigan?”

“No, no Quinn, I am saying after meeting you and talking with you and working with you. I would definitely not challenge you.” Grinning Syd looked up at Quinn.

Quinn tried really hard not to smile. “Sydney, you are soooooo much trouble!”

Syd picked up the pen and with a flourish she signed and dated the contract. She handed the pen to Quinn.  Grinning, Quinn signed and dated it also.

They were drawn to each other. It just seemed natural to seal the deal with a nice hug. Quinn looked down at Syd.  “Well I guess it is time to tell you what I have decided should be your punishment for all of your misdeeds on the trip and since you arrived.”

Syd tried to move away, but Quinn had a firm hold on her waist. “Oh no, little one, it is time for our first discussion.” With that Quinn sat down and effortlessly pulled Syd over her lap.

Syd tried to squirm away but Quinn had her locked in place within seconds of her arriving in this familiar position. “Quinn, please can’t we discuss—no I mean talk about this?”

Even though Syd couldn’t see her she could hear the smile in Quinn’s voice as she answered.  “Don’t worry Syd we are going to do both. I plan on doing both anyway. First, I want you to know that this is going to be the first of several discussions we are going to have in the next days before Christmas. Actually, to be exact the next 12 days before Christmas. I know you are going to love this idea, I am going to follow the song the 12 days before Christmas. Of course, I am going to add my own little twist. Like today will be the first day of Christmas for you. I thought we would start with ‘A Hand Spanking’ tomorrow will be ‘Two ping-pong paddlings and A Hand Spanking’ What do you think Syd?”

There was a rather large groan resonating from Quinn’s lap as Sydney tried to respond. “Quinn, you are very evil, Ma’am, very creative and very evil”

Quinn chuckled “Thank you Syd. I knew you would love my idea. I am going to save the rest of the song as a surprise each evening. I will give you one warning though if you don’t behave on that day I can always change the song. How does that sound Syd? Do you understand how your next 12 days are going to end?”

Syd groaned louder if that was possible. She felt a hand hit her very available bottom “Sorry Ma’am, Yes Ma’am I understand. I understand that come Christmas Day I am going to only want to stand. Good thing I will be cooking most of the day.”

Chuckling at Syd’s remarked Quinn continued her talk “I guess you should know that unless I feel it is really warranted, I will always prepare your bottom with warm-up spanks. Since today is only to be One Hand Spanking, I have decided that you really will need some warm-up to the main event.” With no hesitation Quinn set to warming Sydney’s backside. She started with a few over the jeans.

Syd was learning that Quinn followed through with what she said. In addition to that she didn’t think that the muscles in Quinn’s arm were even capable of tiring at the speed she had chosen to use. Even over her jeans she could feel the strength that Quinn was holding in that one arm and hand. It was no surprise when Quinn reached under her and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, pulling them down to her knees without any effort at all.

OMG thought Syd, she hadn’t thought that jeans were protecting her so much. Quinn’s hand continued to pepper her rear and sit spot. Apparently, she was going for an overall effect.

“Excuse me Ma’am, could we discuss your definition of warm-up, please?” Syd was definitely feeling every hand connection to her posterior.

“Sure Sydney, what part of my warm-up are you referring too?” Quinn’s voice had a slight tone of amusement with underlying stern.

Squirming as much as she could, which wasn’t more than a few inches with the hold that Quinn had her in “I thought since this was the first day of Christmas I was getting one Hand Swat? I seem to be getting a full blown spanking.”

It became apparent how much Quinn was holding back, in just a few seconds a hand landed on Syd’s bottom with what seemed like terminal velocity and she could have sworn that it was wood that she felt or steel. “Owwwwwwww Sorry Ma’am I have nothing else to add. Please forget I even mentioned anything at all. I am sooooooooooooo sorry.” Tears had sprung to her eyes and were falling on the wood floor.

Quinn started rubbing her bottom in soft small circles. “Shhhhhh sweetie it’s ok now. I think I will let that one count as your 1 hand spanking for the 1st day of Christmas. Did you learn anything Sydney?”

Sniffling Sydney turned her head towards Quinn nodding her head emphatically “Quite a bit. I am not going to question you at all during a spanking. You were holding back a lot. It has been a long time since I have had a real spanking, but I think no matter how many I have with you; they are going to hurt a lot if that’s what you want.”

Quinn lifted her into her lap and cuddled, she wiped away the last remaining tears on Syd’s face. She leaned down and softly kissed her forehead. “You know Sydney, you did very well. The next days will get tougher, but I think you understand that you need this. It has been too long sweetie.” Quinn looked at Syd and she made a decision “I think I have a very tired little brat in my lap. You ready to see your room and get ready for bed?”

Syd yawned and nodded. She climbed off  Quinn’s lap and followed her up the stairs. She was carrying her jeans as there was no reason to even think about putting them back on. Each step reminded Syd of being over Quinn’s lap. Her bottom had not felt like this forever and the feeling of calmness was overwhelming. It seemed like a lifetime ago since she had felt this way.

Quinn led her down the hallway and to the first door on the right. She opened the door to a beautiful room decorated tastefully with antiques and a calming light blue. The bed was magnificent a gorgeous sleigh bed of cherry wood. “Quinn this is beautiful!” gasped Syd.

Blushing Quinn smiled. “Thank you, my Grandfather made the bed for him and my Grandma.”

“Did you decorate the room?”

Quinn nodded.

“I love it.  Thank you for letting me stay here.” Syd hugged Quinn and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Well right through there is the bathroom.” She said pointing Syd to the left. “Why don’t you get ready for bed? I will wait here and tuck you in.”

Syd smiled and grabbed her duffle and headed into the bathroom. It had been updated with all of the latest gadgets. The shower was to die for, but what interested Syd the most was the old style lion claw cast iron tub. That was always the epitome of romance in the books Syd read. She blushed just thinking about what the women do in her books in those tubs. Shaking her head at herself she washed up and pulled on her night gown. Deciding to go sans panties and let the silk be the only thing touching her still warm and sore behind.

When she returned to the bedroom, Quinn had turned down the sheets and was waiting for her by the bed. Syd walked over to Quinn and shyly smiled at her. “I am really sorry for getting in so much trouble.” With that Syd slid into bed on her stomach. As she did her nightie slid up a bit to show she was bare and it let Quinn see how red she still was.

Quinn tried not to smile.  It took a lot of will power. Before she covered Syd up she laid her hand on her bum. “Seems to be emanating some heat still. Do you want me to just cover your legs right now?”

Syd nodded. “Thank you Quinn, good night.”

“You are welcome Syd, good night. 5 am comes awful early. Get some rest, see you in the morning.” Quinn looked down and saw that Syd was already a sleep and softly snoring.

There was loud knocking on the door. Syd thought she was dreaming, then she heard Quinn say, “Hey sleepy head it is 5 am. Time to get moving. Dress warm.  It is 5 degrees outside and still snowing.”

“Ok” was all Syd could get out before she heard Quinn heading downstairs. Syd groaned as she rolled over, putting pressure on her backside. It didn’t hurt but it was sore. She headed to the bathroom to get ready for her first day on the ranch. She also added in her head and ‘the 2nd day of Christmas Punishment ala Quinn’.

At 5:15 Syd met Quinn and Jack in the kitchen. A coffee cup was waiting for her along with a muffin. Syd smiled at Quinn “Thank you.  Tomorrow I’ll make sure I have it ready for you.” Syd stayed standing and leaned against the counter top.

Quinn looked at her and chuckled. “Not ready to sit down yet?”

Blushing, she replied, “Well let’s say I would rather not, unless I have to.”

Quinn smiled and shrugged. “Today you can do what you want. Although someday that choice might not be yours.”

Syd almost spit her coffee back out. “Ok, is that from my Boss Lady or the Domme?”

Quinn’s eyebrows rose “I believe for you Sydney Anne they are one in the same! Drink up and eat that muffin daylight is burning.”

Syd looked outside.  It was pitch dark. “How can daylight be burning if the sun hasn’t even showed up?”

Quinn headed to the back door and slipped into some snow boots and winter garb. She looked back at Syd and started pulling some boots and clothes out of a closet. “I think these should fit you and they will definitely keep you warmer than what you have.”

“Nah I’ll be ok. I am use to the cold.”

“Sydney, are you really going to argue with me at 5:30 am on your first day of work?” Quinn was stern and towering over Syd with hands on her hips.

Syd resisted the urge to cover her bottom. “No Ma’am, I believe I am going to put all of this on and get ready for my first day of work.”

“Much better, rookie.” Quinn winked and waited for Syd to get ready. Jack was almost doing flips he was so excited about going outside. Quinn opened the door Jack busted through and a cold gust of wind took Syd’s breath away.

They headed for the chicken coop. Quinn showed Syd where the feed was kept, how to check that the automatic waterer was working and heating up the water so it wouldn’t freeze. She showed her how to gather the eggs. All of the chickens were Buff Orpingtons, friendly and gentle. Quinn introduced her to each chicken and gave her their name. Syd fell in love with each and every one of them. “Quinn, they are so sweet!”

“Yes, they are. We only got a dozen eggs today because they don’t lay as much in the winter unless I wanted to keep a light on in the hutch. In the summer, we might get 2-3 dozen each day. I love all my babies.” Quinn was so animated about her chickens. Syd was enjoying watching her pet each chicken and talk to them as they went about gathering the eggs. “Later today we will come back and clean the coop and put down fresh bedding.”

Syd took the eggs back to the kitchen and met Quinn in the barn. Quinn was already feeding the horses hay and feed. Horses were Syd’s favorite animal since she was a kid. She was really excited to be around them again. Quinn guided her to the stall where the mare and foal were eating. Mom was eating the hay while the foal was nursing. Syd fell in love immediately “They are beautiful! I love paints, they are my favorite! Have you named the foal yet?”

“Whoa, so you love my girl Flash and her foal? No I have not named her yet. I really like to watch them for a while and see what kind of personality they show me.”

“Well what have you seen in this one so far?”

“Sass and mischief so far.”

“What? Come on Quinn how can such a cute little baby be sassy and mischievous at what 7 days old?”

Laughing Quinn explained “The second day that little baby you are talking about knocked me on my ass. I was checking her Mom to make sure that she was doing well and had plenty of milk. As I was checking the teats, that baby must have thought I was stealing breakfast because she charged me and butted me right in my stomach, down I went.”

Syd had tears rolling down her face from laughing so hard. “Man I wish I had been there to see that!”

“I am glad you weren’t it is bad enough seeing you laugh now. I am sure you would have had video if you had been here.”

“Me? Video you getting knocked on your ass by an itty bitty foal? Me?”

“Yes, you!” Now let’s get the rest fed so we can go eat ourselves.

They finished the rest of the horses and headed to the goats. The goats were a lot of fun, but one had some horns that were at least 3 feet wide. Syd did not fancy getting that one mad. After the goats were fed and the waterer checked they headed back to the house.

Syd got out of the winter gear and washed up so she could start breakfast. She looked in the fridge to see what ingredients she could find. She was delighted to see the array of veggies and meats she could use in omelets. “Quinn how does an omelet sound to you with hash browns?”

“Anything sounds great as long as it fills me up. I am starving. I will be in the office. Just holler at me when it is ready.”

“Sure thing, do you need a cup of coffee? I can bring it to you.”

Quinn smiled “That would be real nice Syd, I take mine black and strong.”

About 45 mins later they were sitting down eating. They both were devouring what was on their plates. Syd decided that ranch work made a person very hungry.

“Syd this is delicious. Thank you very much. Food always taste better when someone else cooks it besides me. But this is so wonderful, I can’t wait for the next meal.”

Blushing at the compliment, she replied, “Your welcome. I have always enjoyed cooking. It is even better when someone appreciates what you have created.”

After breakfast, they headed back out and started mucking stalls, cleaning the coop and the goat barn. When they decided it was time for lunch, Syd just re-heated some of the chili and warmed the bread from the night before. She had found some chicken in the refrigerator and decided that dinner would be Basil chicken in a cream sauce.

By the time they finished the chores and they were eating dinner Syd was exhausted. Every muscle in her body was yelling at her. She really wanted to soak in that lovely tub upstairs. “Quinn, would it be ok if I take a bath after the dishes are done? I am a bit sore.”

Quinn smiled. “That antique tub is calling your name uhn? Sure Syd, probably a good idea and you might as well get ready for bed. Call me when you are ready for the ‘2nd day of Christmas punishment’”.

Syds face fell. “Quinn really, you’re really going through with 12 days of punishment?”

Quinn’s smile faded quickly and was replaced with a very stern look “Yes, Sydney Anne I am. I have every intention of reddening your bottom for 12 day’s straight right before bedtime. Now the good news for you today is that you didn’t earn any extra, yet. Matter of fact, I was really impressed with you today. You worked really hard and never complained about anything.” She took Syds chin and tilted it up so they were looking each other in the eyes. “Now my little ranch hand, why don’t you get that sweet butt of yours upstairs in the bath. I will be up there no later than an hour, I expect you to be ready. Now scoot.” She emphasized the last statement with a sound swat. Syd didn’t waste any more time she was up the stairs in a flash.

Syd found some lavender bubble bath and poured a generous amount into the bath. She stripped and slipped into the warm sudsy calming water. It felt wonderful on all her sore muscles. Soon she was drifting off. That is exactly how Quinn found her an hour later.

Quinn gently shook her “Syd you need to get out of the tub and this cold water.”

Syd opened her eyes with a start. “Quinn… oh no I am so sorry. I am not ready like you told me to be. I guess I was tired and fell asleep. Please don’t add any more. I didn’t mean to…”

Quinn put her finger on Syd’s lips. “Shhhh Syd… it is ok. I am not mad. I just want you to get out of the cold water so you don’t get sick.” With that Quinn handed the towel to Syd and stepped out of the bathroom.

Syd stepped into the bedroom a few minutes later, hair brushed and nightie on. She was already blushing knowing what was going to happen next. Quinn had moved an armless straight back chair into the bedroom and a ping pong paddle was laying on the bed.

Syd blushed a deeper red “Excuse me I forgot my underwear I just need to slip into some.”

“That won’t be necessary Syd, last night was a special case because it was your first. You will be spanked on the bare from now on.”


Before Syd could get a real head of steam up Quinn reached out and firmly grabbed her wrist. She was back in position over Quinn’s lap in a blink of an eye. Her legs were locked by Quinn and her waist was held tightly. Just like the night before Quinn’s hand began to color her backside a uniform pink. This time she added more to the sit spot area and a few to her thighs. Then she lifted the nightie folding it to the middle of Syds back, baring her bum completely. Again, the hand of steel reigned down. Syd had tears forming and getting ready to fall. She tried to squirm but just like last night she couldn’t move.

“Ok, my unsafe ranch hand, I am about to give you 2 ping pong paddling’s and 1 hand spank for your 2nd day of Christmas punishment.” Not waiting for a response Quinn picked up the paddle and swung it in an arc that hit right under her left cheek on the sit spot lifting her cheek up. Within seconds the right cheek was given the same swat. Next was the 1 hand spank, the hand of steel came down and covered both cheeks in one swat.

“YEOUCH! Quinn I am sorry I ever slept at the rest area. I am sorry I drove too fast in the snow.” Tears were flowing freely.

“Shhhh Syd it is ok, it is all over for tonight. You did well my sassy ranch hand. Do you want to wash up before going to bed?”

Syd nodded and Quinn helped her up and let her slip off to the bathroom.

Quinn marveled at the change in demeanor that Syd had after just a few well-placed spanks.

Syd shyly returned and slipped into bed again on her tummy. Quinn covered her with the quilt to where her thighs were pink. She leaned down and kissed Syd on her forehead. “Sweet dreams, my little troublemaker.” Again Syd was asleep and snoring softly.


The next morning Syd was up at 4:45 and had the coffee on and warmed a few muffins. So by 5 when she heard Quinn knocking at her bedroom door, she quickly slipped into her chair at the kitchen table and acted like she had been up for hours. Quinn strolled into the kitchen.  “Well, well look at the ranch hand beating the boss up on her second day.” Amusement showed on Quinn’s face.

Syd smiled “You betcha Boss, now what is on the agenda today? Do you need to check on Flash? I would love to see what the little filly has to say about that today.”

Quinn raised an eyebrow “I think I am going to regret telling you that story. I also noticed that the effects of your 2nd day of Christmas punishment seems to of worn off. I wonder how long tonight’s will last.”

“Ahhh Quinn no need for threats. I am behaving so much it is hurting.”

Quinn leaned over and whispered in her ear “Not a threat my little troublemaker. It is a promise.”

Syd blushed.  “Yes Ma’am, Boss Lady” She scooted by Quinn fast enough to miss the swat headed her way and started getting on all the winter weather gear. She was already to roll and so was Jack. They were both waiting on Quinn. Jack started to do flips. “Hey Boss Lady, you seem to be running a bit slow this morning. Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

Quinn gave Syd a death stare “Hmmmm seems like my rookie ranch hand is getting a bit big for her britches this morning. Does she need a reminder of who the boss is, already today?”

Syd shook her head no. “I think Jack and I will just head out to the coop and take care of the chickens. See ya later.” With that Syd and Jack were out the door.

Quinn could have sworn she heard Syd talking.  “Jack I think we need to stay away from the boss lady today. She seems to be on the grumpy side of things.”  Jack barked back as if in agreement.

By the time Quinn had joined Syd in the coop the chickens had been fed, the waterer checked, eggs collected and the floor had been swept. Syd was just putting down new bedding. Quinn was impressed “Nice job rookie. How about you take the eggs up to the house and I will meet you in the barn.”

Syd grinned.  “Sure thing Boss Lady!”

“Hey what’s with the Boss Lady title?” Quinn asked with both eyebrows quirking up.

Syd made sure she was far enough away from Quinn’s arm reach when she explained, “Well you see Boss Lady when I call you … you get this funny look on your face and your eyebrows raise up and then go back down. It makes me smile.” With that Syd was off to the house.

“We will talk more about that when I see you in the barn, Sydney!” Quinn growled.

“Yes Ma’am Boss Lady!” Sydney was too happy with herself to pick up on the tone of voice that Quinn had used.

About 10 minutes later Syd was in the barn feeding the horses hay. She had to head up to the loft and drop some bales of hay down. She yelled down to the bottom floor of the barn, “in coming hay bale” and looked before she let one drop. Unfortunately Quinn came out of the stall right below at the same time the hay bale was already falling. “Quinn lookout!” Lucky for Quinn she had quick reflexes and was barely able to miss being hit by the bale of hay. As it was when she jumped she fell into the wheelbarrow that they used to muck out the stalls.

Syd yelled down as she was descending down the ladder from the loft “Quinn are you ok?” She ran over to Quinn to make sure she hadn’t hurt herself. Quinn was finding it a bit awkward to get out of the wheelbarrow not to mention the smell.

“What the hell Syd! You could have warned me that you were dropping hay!”

“I did Quinn, I looked before I dropped it and I yelled ‘incoming hay bale’. You came out of the stall exactly after I had let it drop.  I let you know as soon as I saw you. Are you sure you are ok?”

Quinn nodded while still trying to get out of the wheelbarrow.  Every time she thought she had it, she would slip back in. She looked at Syd and saw that the little brat was having a hard time keeping a straight face.  Even though Quinn was tempted to smile herself she decided that it might send the wrong message to Syd, since the imp had been quite sassy today.  “Well come over and help me out of this thing, young lady.  I believe I am here because of you.”  She was able to keep a stern tone and a firm look.  “Besides I promised we would continue our conversation from earlier. Something about ‘Boss Lady’ and it being fun?!”

Syd had started to walk towards Quinn to help her out but stopped in her tracks when she heard that last statement.  “Now Quinn I was just messing with you a little bit. I know under all that stern you have a great sense of humor. Matter of fact right now you can’t even keep the smile off your face.”  Syd finished with a finger pointing at Quinn.

That was a tactical error for Syd. Quinn reached out and grabbed her wrist she pulled and Syd was over her knees while she was still sitting in the wheelbarrow. Within seconds Quinn’s hand was stinging Syds backside. “I think you have become a little too big for your britches today! I just want to remind you who the Boss Lady really is.” Quinn tilted Syd back up to her feet and quickly slid out of the wheelbarrow herself, finally letting herself smile as she watched Syd rub the sting out of her rear.

“That was really mean Quinn!”

Quinn took a step towards Syd.  “Mean?  I was mean?”

Syd stepped back away from Quinn.  “Ok I probably deserved that. Can I laugh now, because you looked pretty silly in that wheelbarrow? You want to see the picture?

Quinn grabbed for Syd’s phone.  “You took a picture? When?”

Syd slipped a few feet further away.  “Right before I came down the ladder. After you said you were ok.  I’ll show you if you promise not to steal my phone and delete the picture.”

Quinn raised her eyebrow.  “Ok, you are such a brat.  Yes, you can laugh.  Now can I see this picture that is going to haunt me forever?”

Syd grinned and handed her phone to Quinn.  Quinn looked at the picture and burst out laughing.  Syd soon joined her and they both laughed until tears streamed down their cheeks.  Finally, Quinn handed her phone back. “I better not see that photo on any social media site, Missy!”

Syd shook her head “No way! This is mine and I am not sharing!”  Grinning she put the phone in her pocket. “Now Boss Lady, Ma’am… I need to drop another bale of hay. Do you think you can keep yourself safe and not walk under it as it is falling?”

As she finished she ran to the ladder and was up it in a flash. Quinn was hot on her heels. Quinn grabbed her waist as they both reached the loft. She lifted Syd over her thigh as she placed a foot on a bale of hay. Soon Syd was feeling the heat of a hand searing her rear once again.

“You are really trouble today!” Quinn continued.  “What has gotten into you?”

Syd gasped.  “I am just in a good mood and having fun. You just happen to be very grumpy and have lost your sense of humor!”

Deciding that Syd was definitely not getting her point, Quinn increased her swing and speed.

Syd squealed and squirmed to no avail “I am sorry Quinn I will behave! No more teasing you I promise. I am sorry, honest!”

Syd missed the smile on Quinn’s face at the sincerity in her voice. She gave her one more swat just to make sure she understood who was in charge. Tenderly she stood Syd on her feet.

Syd started rubbing immediately and was looking down on at her feet and the floor.

Quinn reached over and gently touched her chin and tilted it up so they could see each other. Syd’s eyes were glistening from her tears. She looked so vulnerable and sweet. Quinn leaned in and brushed her lips against Syd’s. There was a delightful energy charge that was shared by both of them. Syd had closed her eyes as their lips touched. She looked up at Quinn as soon as the touch stopped.

Quinn was blushing. Syd smiled “Why did you stop?”

Quinn grinned “I wasn’t sure how receptive you were going to be. I shouldn’t have done that without asking.”

Syd chuckled “Here I was thinking I was going to have to do it. It’s about time Boss Lady.” She moved quickly when a hand came towards her backside. “I would rather kiss properly.  How about you, Quinn?”  With that, Syd jumped onto Quinn, wrapped her legs around her and kissed her with an urgency she had not felt in a really long time!  Quinn kissed her back with the same passion.

When they needed to breathe Quinn placed Syd back down on the floor. “Thank you.  Maybe I can sleep tonight.”

Syd burst out laughing.  “Is that why you are grumpy? You haven’t been sleeping. Why is that Quinn?”

Quinn was red faced from embarrassment.  She had not intended to tell Syd that bit of information. “If I tell you why, will you promise to not tease me?”

Syd looked at Quinn and saw she was nervous. She had never seen Quinn look that way. “Absolutely Quinn, I give you my word. Why haven’t you been sleeping?”

Quinn started to tell her a couple of times and finally got it out.  “I have been thinking of you. How beautiful you are. How you make me laugh and smile. How, since you have been here, I am not lonely anymore.”

“Wow,” Syd said softly.  “I can’t believe you have been thinking that of me. While I have been doing the same thing about you. You are such a special woman Quinn.   You are so generous and caring.”

They came back together in a passionate hug and kissed again. Both were absorbed in the other, when a sharp bark came from the floor of the barn. Laughing they broke away. Quinn looked down “Jack what is it? We are kind of busy here!” Jack barked at her again and looked down the barn aisle. There was the filly standing outside her stall. The little snipe had opened the door and escaped.

Quinn climbed down the ladder cautiously so she didn’t scare the filly outside. Mama was still stuck in the stall and was neighing for her baby. Quinn gave Jack a few commands.  He snuck around the filly and started herding her back to the stall. When they were close enough, Quinn opened the door and Jack finished getting the filly back with her Mama.

Syd had grabbed another bale of hay and waited for the door to close. She yelled “Hey Quinn… incoming!  Please do not walk under this one, ok?” She winked and let it go.

Quinn was looking up at her and shaking her head. “You are such a smart ass! Maybe I should add more to your 3rd day of Christmas punishment tonight, missy!”

Syd pouted.  “Awwww Quinn.  You know I am being as good as I can be.  Plus if you promise not to add anything, I will kiss you again.”

Quinn became stern.  “Sydney Anne are you trying to bribe me?”

Syd was nervous.  “Yes, but now that you say it out loud it sounds really bad. I rescind my bribe and apologize profusely to you Quinn for even thinking that you would allow me to besmirch your honor.”

Quinn couldn’t help herself.  She burst out laughing. “Ok trouble maker, get down here and let’s get the chores finished! I am hungry for lunch.”

Syd and Quinn continued to work each day just like the past few days. They were able to enjoy a rhythm of work and with each day that passed they grew closer and closer. Of course each night Quinn made sure to show Syd how creative she really could be with the 12 days of Christmas. Tonight was the 12th day of Syd’s Christmas Punishment. The last 8 days and nights had been filled with wonder and excitement of a new relationship blooming.

Syd was laying on the couch waiting for dinner to finish cooking. Quinn was in her office working on paperwork. Syd’s mind was drifting over the last days and nights. Last night the punishment was a long one… 11 paddles making Syd’s bottom piping hot, 10 Lashes of the leather belt, 9 Lines written “I will be completely honest with Quinn, Always!”, 8 minutes sitting on the chair bare, 7 Swats of the tawse, 6 of the best with a giant cane, 5 Golden minutes in the Corner, 4 casual pats with a leather paddle, 3 Fiery switches, 2 ping pong paddling’s and 1 Hand Spank. With a shiver, Syd wondered what Quinn would think of tonight for the 12th day. It wasn’t that she hadn’t tried to worm her way out of each and every night of her punishment. However last night, well last night ended in a very fun way—a searing kiss and plenty of snuggling. Syd smiled as she remembered that particular part of a wonderful day.

All of the sudden Syd was jolted from her day dream.  The oven timer was blaring. Quinn was standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.  “Hey Syd.  This is the third time I called your name.  How far away in dreamland were you?” Her voice was not as stern as her stance and she was hiding a smirk.

Getting up quickly Syd grinned.   “Wouldn’t you like to know?” She hurried past Quinn’s swinging arm. Unfortunately for Syd, Quinn had already thought about that and she held her other arm out to catch Syd. Syd kind of fell over her arm and it left her backside very vulnerable to the hand that was coming at it with haste. A speed that Syd was unable to escape, soon a smarting pain was felt throughout her body. “Awwwww Quinn, I was just joking! I was just thinking about our past few days and nights. Especially last night!”

At that declaration both women blushed as they remembered how good last night felt. “Quinn, babe I think I need to get our dinner out of the oven before it is inedible.” Quinn let her go and Syd soon pulled out a beautiful roast with all the trimmings. Quinn was pouring the wine as Syd finished bringing the food.

“That smells delicious Syd! I think I have put on 5 lbs. since you arrived.” Smiling Quinn sat down ready to dig in to a wonderful dinner.

“Thank you, Quinn. I hope you enjoy it. I almost forgot, I owe an invitation to Jake for dinner to re-pay her for helping me with the chains for the tires. When would be a good night to ask her over?”

Quinn sputtered “Jake asked you to cook for her?”

Syd looked at Quinn quizzically “Well actually I offered it, since she wouldn’t take any money from me. She said she was doing it as a favor to you.”

Quinn nodded “Now that sounds like Jake. Did she also add if she liked your cooking she will take a second invite?”

Laughing Syd nodded “She sure did.”

Quinn shook her head with amusement “Anytime you want to invite her Syd. She is always welcome here.”

“Excellent I will ask her over between Christmas and New Year’s!”

After dinner and the dishes were complete. The ladies retired to the couch to watch “A Wonderful Life”. Last night had been “The Grinch that Stole Christmas”. Syd really cherished this time of day and the snuggling that took place.

As the credits rolled, Quinn nudged Syd.  “Well, troublemaker you know it is time for your last night of punishment. Why don’t you go get ready? I will clean up our snack bowls and glasses.”  Kissing Syd on the forehead she gave her a gentle swat and sent her on the way upstairs.

Syd made her way up the stairs, dragging her feet all the way, dreading what creative thing Quinn had devised for the 12th day. Groaning she went in her room to get ready.

Quinn was sitting on her bed when Syd came out of the bathroom. Her bed sheets had been turned down, and all of the implements of doom were laying on the open area of the bed. Syd didn’t notice a new one.

Quinn crooked her finger “Come here little one, you have been so good with the other 11 days, please don’t ruin it on your last day. I know it has been a tough punishment. Honesty is such an important part of any relationship. It is the foundation that allows everything else to grow and bloom.” That made Syd smile shyly as she walked towards Quinn and bent over her lap.

Pride rushed to Quinn’s heart. Syd was such a precious woman and to think they had only known each other a very short time. “Syd I have thought about this 12th day for a while. I am not sure you are going to appreciate my creativeness as much as I wish you would.” With that Quinn reached under the covers and pulled out a drumstick. “On the 12th day of Christmas there were 12 drummers drumming. In your case there will be 12 with a drumstick.”

By the time Quinn was finished with the complete set of 12 days of Christmas punishment, Syd was a blubbering mess. Gently pulling her up, holding her and helping her clean her face, Quinn was so proud of the woman in her lap. “Sydney, you are so special. I don’t think you have any idea how you make my heart soar!”

They sat together snuggling, which turned to kissing and much, much more. They woke up together on Christmas morning. Quinn kissed Syd.   “Merry Christmas Syd. I wanted you to know that I have finally came up with a name for the filly. She will be named SAM, after another mischief maker in my life. Sydney Anne Murphy.”

Syd grinned from ear to ear and returned Quinn’s kiss with one of her own.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

36 Responses to When Change Is Thrust Upon Us

  1. Micah says:

    Wow, CJ! You really put your heart and soul into your gift. Thank you so much for taking the time and putting such effort into it.
    My favorite part? Believe it or not – it’s how Sydney gets so squirmy whenever Quinn calls her on any foolishness, whether on the phone or in person. I’ve had a few of those moments myself, when your stomach sort of flip flops and you take in a quick breath.
    Good job hon. I hope writing a story becomes a new tradition for you each Christmas.

    • cj says:

      Thank you Micah for several things:
      1. For helping me with this story correcting punctuation and smoothing out the rough spots. I am very grateful for your encouragement and patience.
      2. You made me smile when you mentioned your favorite parts. I definitely relate to those situations too.
      3. Thanks for the push off the ledge to actually write a story. Plus actually letting others read it.

      As for next year? I will wait and see…

  2. Alyx says:

    CJ, I have to say I was really surprised by this story. For someone who expressed such doubt at producing your first story, you wrote nearly a novella here! 😉 The things which I found especially noteworthy: 1) I loved the RL details you included….it’s clear you have some experience in the rural lifestyle; 2) you wrote a masterful (mistressful?) top in Quinn — I’m sure it hits the right note to make brats squirm; and 3) you have a very creative imagination! The 12 Days of Xmas, punishment style? Hoo boy, I’m glad I’m not subject to that! 😀 Thanks for sharing your gift with us, and I echo Micah’s sentiment that this story will not be your last.

  3. cj says:

    Alyx thank you so much for your kind and generous compliments. I am still nervous about writing. We will see about anymore stories, Micah got me to do this one at a weak moment. Lol Thank you for giving me a safe and motivating place to spread my writing wings out a bit. Merry Christmas.

  4. ABC says:

    Wowzers CJ this was amazing! You’ve got talent definitely don’t second guess that one gal. There’s so many things I loved from your characters, to the very RL feel, it being out west on a ranch (my dream) 😍 and the love story it turned into, marvelous! My sign of a good writer is if the story turned vanilla would I reread? The answer CJ is a resounding Yes! I hope you keep writing. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  5. cj says:

    Thank you so much ABC! I actually did work out at a dude ranch in Cody as a cook and later at their hunting camp a 2 day horseback ride to 2 miles outside the back of Yellowstone. For me it was a dream come true. I really appreciate your sincere compliments. Merry Christmas ABC!

  6. Peach says:

    Wow cj, you blew me away! First fiction? Your creativity is very impressive!
    Syd may be a naughty brat, but I can tell that deep down she’s a real submissive (am I right?).
    Just as well she got fired ’cause it worked out great. 😉 There are some really funny parts that made me lol, like Syd stuttering at strategic times, the baby horse knocking Quinn down on her butt, and Quinn ending up in the wheelbarrow…, etc. Great details. Hope you’ll do a sequel on this couple, I think life on the ranch is full of spanky promises. 😉
    Thank you for this wonderful gift. Merry Christmas!

    • cj says:

      Thank you Peach. You went and made me blush. Ugh! Yes it is my first fiction. You are right about Syd being a real submissive. I am so happy you laughed! This whole thing took me way out of my comfort zone. You are also right about the ranch being full of opportunities. My real life on a farm definitely is fodder for lots of craziness. Peach your comments are sincerely appreciated. Merry Christmas!

  7. Hupotasso says:

    I LOVE this, CJ! I can’t believe it is your very first story. As someone who has had a cowgirl fantasy or two in my time, I particularly enjoyed it, and hope this is the first in a series for these characters. (I’m curious about the backstory on Jake– oh, and tip for Syd: it’s not a good idea to brat in the middle of a long horseback ride because then you have to ride back to the ranch on a very sore bum….)

    Thanks so much for this wonderful present!

  8. cj says:

    Lol Hupo definitely will pass that Tip onto Syd!
    Thank you very much for your thoughts on the story. Yep it is my first one Micah caught me in a weak moment and agreed to proofread. Which totally screwed up my plan of backing out. Got to love a good cowgirl fantasy. So you want to know more about Jake? Hmmmm
    I appreciate your kind words tremendously.
    Merry Christmas hope you are doing well.

  9. Mil says:

    Hey CJ, this was an awesome read! Thanks for such a lengthy and entertaining Christmas pressie. She is one heck of a brat, that Syd! *admiring* I couldn’t come close. And such a dreamy scene you’ve set for these two…. for possibly more adventures?

    • cj says:

      Hi Mil! Thank you so much for the wonderful encouraging words. Lol why do I think you would put Syd to shame. Hope you are having a fun holiday season!

  10. thanatos150 says:

    Wow! CJ, awesome story! And such a long story too, which is great. 😀 I absolutely love Quinn and I really like how you wrote about the influence that Quinn had on Syd, even over the phone. But also the distinct difference between that phone call and actually being there, that becomes evident in that moment where you are like, well, but over the phone it didn’t seem like the bad idea that it seems to be in person. 😅 (*cough* I might know what that is like *cough*) Anyways, I really really liked it and hope you will write more in the future 😉

    • cj says:

      Thanatos, Thank you so much for the fantastic motivating words. It is sooooo true how much braver you feel when you are miles away from a real hand. (I of course never *huge cough* big grin have ever done something like that). Thanks again. Hope your Holiday season is great!!

  11. sandym85 says:

    I LOVED it I really hope that this becomes a series 😁

  12. Cassidy says:

    This is truly awesome, CJ! I can relate to Sydney not finding her phone in time to take that important call; stuttering an answer to that tone; and especially being in that certain position where 100% attention is guaranteed lol! 🙂 My gf never made me do it in the car; but I would without question if she said so on the phone cuz she is the Boss Lady. I completely agree about feeling braver on the phone than in person, too. I’ve made many sassy remarks and challenges on the phone, only to hear that deafening silence..
    She thought this story was fabulous, too. She even said she’d implement the 12 days next year. LOL! I’m glad I got 358 days till then 🙂 Really terrific, thanks! Happy New Year!

  13. eric michaelis says:

    This is a great story and you should definitely write more about them as a couple. See how the relationship blossoms and the changes they add to each other’s lives. I would like to say thank you for sharing your talent with us. I pay 10.00 a month for my unlimited kindle subscription and there is hardly any stories that are as good as the ones i find on here so thank you once again and keep up the good work as i can see you building a large fan base because you do have alot of talent in the way you tell your story.

    • cj says:

      Hi Cassidy. Thank you so much for all the kind words and enthusiasm. Glad your “Boss Lady” liked the story too. I hope you both enjoy next Christmas 12 days.
      It is so much easier to sass and challenge when “they” are not within reach.
      Hope your New Year is a great one!! Thank you again for your wonderful comments.

    • cj says:

      Hi Eric,
      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I agree with your comments about kindle unlimited. I have comeback to these ladies sites and re-read their stories because I was frustrated with what Amazon was offering. Thank you again!

    • cj says:

      Hi Eric, I am going to try this again. It looks like WordPress ate my reply.
      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!
      I agree with your thoughts on kindle unlimited and the wonderful authors that Alyx’s village houses.
      I really appreciate your time and comments.

  14. Ash says:

    Oh CJ! You a lia! You always said you wouldn’t be any good at writing. But this??? You had me from the start! I took a while to read, but I read it all in one go and I just loved it. ❤ And the best part… it was free! Like… I'd pay for this one.
    Though… I'm just sayin… ya could have given us the 12th day in detail. Hehehe! 😛

    • cj says:

      Hey Ash! I am glad you liked my first shot at writing. You can thank Micah for pushing me over the edge. Haha. I thought about the details on the 12th day but it was really long by then. Thanks again for your great comments!

  15. Robin says:

    Hi CJ, what a wonderful story! I love yr characters. Their playfulness and humor and Syd’s fearless cheekyness made me laugh all the time! And Quinn is impossible not to love! LoL, the wheelbarrow-scene was priceless! And you describe their feelings and influence on each other so very well. Im glad the tough beginning for Syd losing her old life turned out in such a happy ending! (exept for her backside maybe, 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this charming story! /Robin

    • cj says:

      Robin, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy I got you to laugh. I live on a farm so there are always plenty of mishaps to choose from. Thanks again for commenting. 😊

  16. Robin says:

    Thats great! I live on a farm too :-). I started farming quite recently and i love it. Not so many animals yet, but it will come. 🙂

    • cj says:

      Excellent! I can’t wait to hear some of your adventures. Early on when we were clipping toe nails one alpaca who was a number 1 b***h when pregnant reared up off the ground and almost knocked me through the barn wall. She was a beautiful animal and gentle when not pregnant. Haha

  17. Robin says:

    LoL! But i hope you were alright! At the mo we only have a dog and three cats. I think i will start with smaller animals like chicken and work my way up 😉 Chicken dont kick you very far. :-D. But its so cool you have alpacka!!! The cutest animals and i have heard they can protect your other animals against wolves.

    • cj says:

      Hey Robin, chickens are fun but not the smartest in the animal kingdom. A good breed to start with are buff Orpington. They are gentle and lay great eggs. Another easy animal are fainting goats. Plus they make you laugh. Llamas actually are more of a guard animal. They will kill coyotes and wild dogs. Alpacas are about 100 lbs lighter and more of a prey animal. I know I will stop I can talk animals all day long. 🙂

  18. Robin says:

    Thanks for the tip on animal breeds Cj! I will definitely have a look on that. I want gentle animals 🙂 But i am also really interested in old local breeds from here. I want to take part in the conservation of them. Same for the crops and vegetables. What is fainting goats? I have never heard of them. 🙂

    So its llamas i should have as guards, thats good to know!

    Haha, You dont have to stop talking for my sake, i cant stop talking either about these things 😀

    • cj says:

      Hey Robin, I understand about heritage breeds that is cool. There are a lot of societies out there that specialize in them.
      Fainting goats or mytonic goats have a genetic neural disorder that when startled causes them to lock their legs and fall over “faint”. The history of them only goes back to a small town in TN. The folk lore says a medicine man used them to sell elixir and then left them in the town where they bred. Scientist say it does not hurt them and actually helps with stronger muscles. They have a lot of you tube videos on them. Mine are all small and black and white. I luv them. 😊😍

  19. Robin says:

    Wow thats interesting. I checked the fainting goats on You tube. They are awesomely cute!!! But i felt sorry for them when they fell over like that. 🙂

  20. patty says:

    Wow, can say that I absolutely loved this story.🍀

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