The Elf on the Shelf


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Thump, ” Ouch! ” A muffled voice groaned while emerging from under the bed. Anni sat back on her heels, glaring up at Brooke, clutching a mini safebox in one hand while the other rubbed her head. “Why’d you shove it so far back?” Anni spat irately.

Brookes hint of a smile turned straight as she whispered, “Are you really blaming me!? Let’s remember just whose brilliant idea it was to hide the goofy thing there in the first place! And there isn’t gonna be a need to hide it anymore if you don’t keep it down. You’re gonna wake him up!”

“Well I didn’t hear you coming up with a better place that assured us he couldn’t accidentally find it.” Anni’s mumbled downcast reply came as she turned the small key and opened the box, revealing a creepy Barbie-sized red Elf doll.

Nutcracker was his name to be exact, and it was their family’s yearly traditioned, Elf on the Shelf. Anni stood up in front of Brooke, holding the elf by the arms, pretending to be its vocals.  “So what shall it be tonight gals?   Mischief?   Yaaay!”  Anni clapped the dolls hands as to show his favor.

“Shouldn’t we stick with the normal, well behaved, traditional spot for his first return back? Cain probably thinks he’s a south pole elf with all the mischief you’ve got him into around here. And I’m warning you, Anniston Davey, if you pull that same kind of mischievous prank crap this year, it’s not coal from Santa you’ve got to worry about!” Brooke rebuked giving Anni a hard stern glare.

Anni, still giving narrative for the elf, said with a drawl, “But mischief is all the more fun, my dear.  I can teach you the joys of the art.  There’s still hope for you yet.  Come to the dark side and release your inner naughty.  You’ll be so invigorated.”

Ignoring the elf altogether Brooke shook her head and smiled at her relentless wife. “Better yet… how about I teach YOU a few things!” She emphasized her words with a firm swat to Anni’s work scrub clad bottom.

Anni’s hand shot back immediately grasping her bum while quickly turning her backside away from Brooke. “Hey, what’s that for?!” Anni made a fuss with a fake pout and a hint of a smirk.

Brooke playfully smiled, pulling Anni into an embrace. “Behave young lady, I mean it!” She drew Anni into an adoring kiss, “I love you, but you know it’s not Cain giving me all this silver lining in my hair. Why not just give being good a try, and put him in the usual spot please.”

Still in Brooke’s arms, Anni smiled and daringly questioned, “Otherwise?”

Brooke disregarded the playful antics taking a more notable tone instead.  “Anni, you should know by now that otherwise is not an option your bottom much favors.  I’m meaning it Love… behave with him.”

Dropping her shoulders with a huff, Anni moped off to do the task, but suddenly stopped, turning back from the door to give Brooke a last word. She raised the doll next to her face, offered a tiny wave with its arm, and whispered sweetly, “See you in the morning beautiful.”  Then quickly shot out her tongue and disappeared before Brooke could react.

Anni crept down the hall past their sleeping son’s door to the fireplace mantle. As she placed Santa’s little helper onto the flat top she couldn’t help but have a mental vent session with it.  Anni’s mind steamed. Some harmless little fun last year and she’s got her panties in a wad.  All Cain talked about was your adventurous fun spirit. Hmph!  She’s being such a prude!” She stood there contemplating, arms crossed, and eyeing the toy. Slowly her frown started molding into a grinchy grin. She patted the elf on the head, giving him a mischievous wink, then made one last stop to the kitchen before finally heading out the door for work.

The next morning Brooke awoke to Cain’s blustering voice. “Mommy… Mommy!  Hurry!  Nutcrackers back!”  Within moments he was at her side tugging her arm to come see.

Brooke knew how much their little man loved this tradition so she excitedly played along, jumping out of bed while exclaiming, “He’s back, how exciting, show me show me!” Piggybacking him down the hall, led by his ‘you’re getting hot, nope, now you’re cold’ directions, they eventually arrived at the mantle. “Why there he is, he blends in so well I didn’t even notice. You’re one awesome seeker, ya know!” Brooke proudly applauded. “He’s always here first, Mommy,” he stated while climbing off her back. He took her hand and started tugging once more, “But look… look … he left a note!”

Brooke turned, looked into the open kitchen he was pulling her towards, and her jaw dropped. The remnants of fruitloop and cheerio boxes laid in the middle of the floor looking as if had fallen victim to some ravenous beast that had strown their contents everywhere.  Brooke couldn’t believe her eyes.  There wasn’t a spot to be seen that wasn’t covered in cereal, and yes, there was in the middle of the table a note penned in cereal that said I’m Back!  She closed her eyes, breathing a heavy sigh, knowing she was the one that had to deal with this current mess, and later its real culprit.

That evening at dinner Cain unknowingly helped Brooke devise a plan as he excitedly began describing to Anni the day’s events. “Momma you’ll never believe what Nutcracker did today!”

Brooke ensured to subtly voice her thoughts as well while eyeing the true offender, “I’m sure Santa knows exactly the mischief he’s been up to, and is very displeased. I don’t think Nutcrackers considering the consequences.”  She was rewarded with her wife’s startled look and a blush suffusing her cheeks.   Yes, her little brat had put him in the normal spot, but of course she also went beyond, displaying her spark of defiance.

Brooke was quite pleased in giving Anni’s toned backside playful, sexual, fun spankings, but rather dreaded administering a disciplinary session across her lap. However, after nine years she understood Anni had a deep need of that firm disciplinarian hand, especially when childish daring antics got the best of her wife. Brooke considered the phrase love gives, and was delighted that she could and would give her wife whatever form of love she needed, regardless of how unpleasant she found it for herself. She needed to discover just how far her little spitfire would willingly cross her warnings before she could conclude a sufficient punishment.  As the week continued unfortunately so did Anni.

Monday Brooke awoke to a large fake Halloween spider hanging mere inches from her face. She screamed while slipping right off the bed.  Downstairs, however, Nutcracker was innocently well behavedly sewing with silk thread straight from a spiders rump. A note lay close that said, I’m being good and going organic.  Brooke rolled her eyes, breathed a sigh, and decided she’d snap a few pics for later use.

On Tuesday, Brooke, now running late for an appointment, rummaged the house frantically looking for her car keys. Nutcracker meanwhile was seated on the table near the front door.   The keys were held tightly in his arms with a message written on the mirror behind him in dry erase that read, Forgetting something?  Brooke finally noticing this unthinkingly went to reach for them. Two small hands quickly intercepted, “No, no mommy you can’t touch him he’ll lose his magic!” Cain pleaded. After 10 minutes of brainstorming Brooke spied kitchen tongs to grasp him with instead, and carefully extracted her keys. Brooke rolled her eyes, pulled out her phone snapping another picture. She was ready to set her little fireball ablaze that very moment!

Upon Wednesdays arrival Brooke seemed to think maybe Anni was tiring herself out, since Nutcracker was innocently sitting by the kitchen sink, with all the dishes washed and stacked neatly in the drainer. Too soon had she let her guard down, overlooking the placement of a certain naughty Elfs arm. As soon as she turned the water on a blast of water streamed out from the sprayer hose drenching her hair, clothes, and freshly done up face. At the table eating breakfast was Cain, doubled over, uncontrollably laughing, watching his mommy frantically trying to shut off the water and block the sprayer simultaneously. Once off, Brook turned, dripping wet with mascara trailing down her cheeks, grabbed her phone from the counter and snapped one horrible looking selfie. She didn’t know how much longer she could control the severe tingle in her hand that was begging to cook Anni’s goose.

As Thursday arrived with the beeping of Brookes alarm, she fully anticipated being the brunt of another prank and was on full guard. She got out of bed and cautiously made her way to the bathroom, only she couldn’t use the bathroom since the whole complete toilet had been wrapped in Christmas paper!   She then noticed so were a lot of other things… her toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, curling irons, even down to her jewelry were each wrapped up like presents. It seemed any and everything Brooke needed that day, including, the coffee maker, was strategically wrapped. Brooke did smile at the remarkable results her bride could achieve when willing, but that quickly vanished after having to unwrap each and every single little item she needed that morning. Meanwhile she made sure she had snapped the photo of Nutcracker wrapping presents by the tree.

By Friday, Brooke was in no rush to get up and fall victim to another prank. A little squirt decided otherwise, jumping up onto the bed while questioning in mid air, “Are you getting up mommy?”

“Do I have a choice?” Brooke tiredly laughed, rising up to look at him.  Just then, his eyes bugged and as a hand covered his mouth her motherly concern took over.  “What’s wrong little man?”

His reply sounded worried “Mommy what happened to your face?”

Brookes stomach lurched and she jumped out of bed dashing for the bathroom mirror. There, looking back at her was a face with red bingo dobber circles all over, and the words Elves rule across her forehead. She grabbed a wash cloth, but no matter how hard she scrubbed there was still faded red circles lingering. This did it, Anni’s time had finally come. She was gonna pay her penence severely, and as she entered the living room she snapped the last pic she needed of the Elf drawing Christmas pictures using markers and bingo doppers.

Brooke knew things weren’t going to stop without intervening. Her little miscreant was enjoying herself a bit to much. Brooke had waited long enough, and seen all she needed. That afternoon she dropped Cain off at her parents, then made a few preparations at home before Anni arrived. Seating herself on the sofa, she waited for her little darling angel to step through the door.

Anni blithely entered, tossing off her belongings and shoes, then taking noticing of Brooke, started over towards the couch, “Hey there beautiful,” she puzzled a moment.  “Where’s Cain?”

“He’s staying with my parents for the night,” Brooke answered.

“Oh yeah, so we’re all alone,” Anni replied suggestively as she arrived at Brooke. Climbing onto the couch, knees bent astride Brookes thighs, straddling her lap, Anni dipped in for a kiss. “My favorite kind of welcome home surprise,” she whispered as they broke apart. Anni lowered herself back sitting onto Brookes lap. Her eyes had transformed into a glaze of desire as she began to look upon her beloved’s face.  Brooke noted how quickly that wantonness shattered, suddenly being replaced with widened eyes, and a hand covering her mouths shocked gasp.

Brooke was awaiting this moment of discovery, “Noticing my face I presume?”

Without warning Brooke bounced Anni up, upturning her over her lap, securing her tightly around the waist, “The perfect place to begin the long discussion we’re gonna be having, wouldn’t you agree!” Brook questioned.

Anni, still dumbfounded by the sudden change in events, gave no reply. “I expect to be answered my darling!” Brooke calmly but firmly stated after landing the consequence of not doing so upon her bottom.

Anni hastily snapped back into her current reality, and reached back to comfort the stinging cheek. “OUCH!  YES!  I SAW!” She hollered irately.

“Oh… no no no, my love.  That tone will not be tolerated in this conversation,” Brooke spoke with such control and ease while delivering a quick volley of stinging slaps to Anni’s tender sit spots.

“Ouch!    Ouch!    Ow!    Ow!    Oh!    Ow!  …..  Oh, please stop spanking there!” Anni frantically kicked and fought with no escape.

Brooke gripped the waistband of Anni’s pants and panties, and slid them down her legs, baring her naughty girl’s bottom.  Anni’s fight renewed with vigor, reaching back to stop the unveiling, pleading with Brooke, “Brooke! Please don’t spank me. I didn’t know it would stain your face!  Honest… I would never have done it.  I’m sorry, please don’t!”

“Yes you will be very very sorry come the end of this,” Brooke tiring of Anni’s tantrum, maneuvered her leg over the top of hers, locking her in securely, “Anni, I suggest you cut this display out right now, or do you want to earn an extra punishment for yourself?!” Brooke challenged.

Anni, knowing what was at stake, eased into an acceptable rebellion. “Now,” Brooke continued “let’s discuss the events of the past week shall we!”
“First I recall warning *SWAT* a certain *SWAT* gal to behave with the Elf Sunday evening, do you recollect my dear?” Inquired Brooke.

“Oh Ouch! I did! I put him on the mantle!” contested Anni loudly.

“Yes you did, but what tidbit are you leaving out about my instructions?” Brooke awaited, then not receiving an answer laid on three hard smacks, “Anniston! Answer Me Now!”

Anni tried relentlessly, but to no avail, to evade the contacting spanks “OUCH! CRAP! OK ok ok, errghuh, STOP spanking me PLEASE!” Anni paused for a breath, winching in pain, “No having fun is what you said!”


“ANNISTON!” Brooke barked.

“Ow!  Ow!   Noooo! ALRIGHT!   You said I wasn’t to pull any pranks, OK!” Anni confessed.

“So you knew and just chose to defiantly disobey me?” Interrogated Brooke.

“I guess so,” Anni mumbled with a petulant air.


“YES!  Yes, I disobeyed you.  I’m sorry!” Anni adjusted her retort.

“Anni you’re sorry that your butt’s getting spanked, not for your brazenly defiant disregard of my words. You have no remorse for that, I can tell,” Brooke chastised.  Anni lay in silence. “Exactly what I thought.  Anni, you need to realize what your careless pranks have caused me, and when I ask something of you I’d like to think you’d not throw it to the wind, and you’d be respectful of my request. You’re not getting up from here until you learn the importance of that.  Not to even mention the terrible example you’re having Nutcracker set for Cain.”  Brooke placed emphasis on her latter point with a few hard swats to the seat of Anni’s bared rump, making her yelp. She then reached over and placed the pictures in front of Anni’s face.

A faint giggle escaped Anni as she scanned over her weeks handiwork. She quickly bit her lip, held her breath, and squeezed her eyes shut.  She knew Brooke had heard the slip clearly, and awaited it’s reproof.

“ANNISTON DAVEY! Of all the nerve!” Brooke astounded.

Anni quickly turned back, frantically trying to amend her foolish mishap, while guarding her rear, “Brooke please no! I didn’t mean to laugh, I’m sorry! Please… Really!”

Grabbing Anni’s wrist, pinning them to her back, Brooke acquainted her hand with Anni’s lovely derriere again, this time with rapid scorchers, coloring her a hot shade of red.  Anni screeched and her whole body protested as the pain increased, “Nooo… please don’t!  OUCH!  OUCH!  OH ! OH… That hurts!  OW! Brooke please I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Brooke ceased while demanding, “Find the spider picture! Do you know what that one caused Anni!? A huge bruise on my rump from falling OFF the bed!”


Anni took the swats in stunned silence. “I never meant for that to have happened and hurt you.  I figured it’d just make you jump, then ya’d have a laugh.  I’m really sorry, Brooke.”

Brooke could feel the resistance weaken in Anni’s body and knew from her toned down response she felt heartache for causing the pain Brooke had endured. It would have been easy for Brooke to give in at that moment. She hated to make Anni feel saddened like this, but knew this was how Anni’s most memorable lessons were learned. Many times, it took Anni hearing another point of view after a particular matter before she saw the error of her ways.

“Thank you for your apology, but unfortunately there’s consequences for your actions Anni, especially when deliberate disobedience is involved.  Now find Tuesday’s picture!” Brooke continued.

“I don’t know which one it is,” Anni countered.   SWAT!   “OUCH!” Anni jumped.

“Do keys ring a bell?”  SWAT!  SWAT!  SWAT!  “Is it coming back to mind now?” At her words, Anni placed the picture of Nutcracker holding keys on top the pile.

“Anni do you know this made me very late for an important meeting, in which my boss was not pleased. I almost lost a client because of your silliness!”

Anni remained unspoken, thinking unbelievably how her supposed harmless fun had horribly malfunctioned into so far two terrible outcomes. Brooke recognized the thought transition happening in Anni, and decided to proceed on. “Might as well look at the next ones together Anni, since they both encouraged Cain’s little prankster side to manifest full circle.” Brooke stated while giving a stern look to the back of Anni’s head.  Anni pulled out the two pictures as she slightly turned her head back to Brooke with curiosity.

“I would’ve told you last night, but you never questioned why his dessert and screen time were taken away.  There’s no denying our little man is full of your mischievous genes. He brought me a can of coke saying I looked thirsty, and thought I’d like something to drink. I thanked him for being so thoughtful and considerate. Then when I opened it, since I was unaware he had intentionally shook it, it exploded everywhere. He was laughing just like he did when that picture was taken, except this time sticky soda was all over me.” Brooke revealed as she nodded her head in the direction of the pictures. “Then what’s more, he wrapped poor Kozi’s food bowl, full of food, with wrapping paper yesterday morning. Wonder where he got that brilliant idea, any guess?! Poor dog, I didn’t notice until that evening when I went to fill his bowl again. He was starved! I had intended to spank him, especially after the soda incident, but when we discussed why those things were wrong, he told me he thought they were ok since Nutcracker had done them, and Santa’s elves are good guys.  So I changed my mind to last night’s punishment instead.” Brooke shook her head in disbelief.

Anni turned back away from Brooke. She realized she’d messed up, and now submissively laid over Brookes lap. Her eyes were beginning to water, not from the spanking, but from the trouble her actions caused for Brooke, and especially for the rotten influence and punishment that it got Cain. She knew she was to blame. She wasn’t an uncaring person, but she caused all these regrettably awful things to happen to those she loved most. She now understood the wisdom of Brooke asking her to behave with the Elf, and felt remorse.

“You don’t have to hold me anymore Brooke, I’m really sorry, I know I deserve to be spanked. I didn’t think those pranks would’ve caused such problems. Now I’m seeing otherwise. I didn’t view it as being disrespectful to you Brooke, I love you and wouldn’t do that. I’m really sorry.” Anni apologized with an overwhelming guilt.

“I know you are now Anni, and I’m thankful. You’ve got to think things through entirely before you act, and LISTEN to others. Now let’s finish up so this can be put behind us.” Brooke spoke tenderly as she patted Anni’s lower back. To Brookes astonishment she heard a faltering voice,

“Use the paddle Brooke, I deserve it.” Brooke sat bewildered, this woman amazed her in every way. She was willfully asking to be punished with an implement they reserved for severe misconduct.  “One of the things I love most about you Anni is when you’ve realized you’ve messed up you’ll own up to it, fully accepting its repercussions and more, but I don’t believe you did those things out of malice, nor would have done them if you knew the outcomes beforehand. We all make mistakes babe. What’s important is we learn from them.  I can already tell you’re sorry, and I think my hand should be sufficient to finish.”

Anni, close to tears choked out, “Please Brooke.  I’ve been a terrible wife and mother.  It would make me feel much better if you’d use it.”

Brooke reached down, wrapping her arms around Anni, hugging her tightly.  “You’re amazing Anni.  I fall in love with you a little more every day.  I couldn’t ask for a better companion in life, and you’re off the charts in the mommy department.  What other mommy do you know that climbs trees, skateboards, has mud fights, and would sacrifice their free time for their son happily.  I’m constantly in awe of you.  You’re one in a bazillion!  Cain and I are extremely blessed to have you in our lives, and we love you to China, Haweewee, Pluto and the sun and the moon and stars and back!” Brooke giggled along with Anni as she quoted Cain’s sweet creative rephrased version he told them every night.

“I love you too, but please do it for me,” Anni longingly begged.

“I will, but only because you’re needing it to forgive yourself,” Brooke accepted while reaching over to a side table drawer and retrieving the paddle. “I’m gonna give you ten Anni, and I still expect the same as any other time I’ve had to use it.  I’m not gonna be lenient just because you’ve asked for it.  So I’ll ask you once more if you’re sure you want this?”

“Yes, please, Brooke.   I do.”  Anni answered. “Alright,

“I expect you to stay in place.” Brooke stated as she maneuvered Anni into a more suitable position for the paddle.   “I love you Anni,” was Brooke’s final words seconds before the paddle descended, landing with a loud thwack. Anni jumped and made not a peep as Brooke continued without delay.

As the sixth blow landed, Anni finally succumbed to her inner war, letting the defeated feelings of guilt flow out in monsoons of tears and apologies.  Brooke could hardly bear to hear her cry, and when the last blow landed she threw the paddle aside, pulling Anni up to her chest.

Brooke cooed sweet assuring words to Anni as she calmed to the occasional sniff. Finally, Anni sat up and looked at Brooke. Brooke brushed the loosening strands of hair away from Anni’s face, “Are you ok now sweetheart?” she asked with concern.

“Yes, I feel a lot better now. Well my butt will protest that, but I’m ok,” Anni half smiled.  “Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept forgiveness when I feel so guilty about the things I’ve done. Thank you for always helping me with that Brooke. I love you, and I’m sorry again.” Anni spoke with gratitude.

“I love you to.  You know it’s all behind us now.  Lets move on,” Brooke replied, kissing Anni’s forehead before pulling her down onto the couch to cuddle.   Anni laid her head on Brooke’s chest, entwining her body as close as she could.  Brooke, looked down at Anni.  Forming a bit of a grin, she inquired, “so what mischief is Nutcracker gonna be into tonight?”

Anni’s head quickly lifted up in surprise, meeting Brookes warm smile. She huffed out a laugh, “Ya know, I have a strong feeling Nutcracker has had a very beneficial talk with Santa, and has turned his act around. I don’t think we’ll ever have to worry about him pranking again.”

Brooke smiled, “I hope that’s so, cause as we both know, Santa always delivers!”

Merry Christmas from me to you!

I hope you didn’t rip the wrapping paper to shreds before taking a closer gander. You might find another little present to enjoy in that as well. Well that’s if you can get past the toothpick arms, wow head of hair, and creepiness of an eyeball out of no where. I had good intentions with that one, but didn’t follow through, sorry. I had planned to attempt putting a silhouette reflection in the eye of a top holding a paddle, but if I worked on it any longer it’d of ended up as compost. I still added it though since it was meant for you. All I can say is I tried for ya gals. Sorry if it all sucks, but remember I said I was no writer nor an artist, but it’s the thought that counts right 😉

A ginormously huge thank you to Micah for being so wonderfully willing to suffer through proofing it. I owe you big time ma’am, and I hope you accept this gift in collaboration with my backside as free target practice for any irritation or troubles you suffered during. Slipping on two extra sets of thick panties, ok go ahead I’m ready anytime for you to hit me with your best shot 😉

38 Responses to The Elf on the Shelf

  1. Micah says:

    Good job, ABC and thank you for the Christmas gift!
    I’m warning you now – if Tigger gets ideas from your story I’m holding you personally responsible.

    • ABC says:

      You’re very welcome, but It’s me that should still be thanking you! Thank you for everything Micah. Remember that because you probably won’t be hearing thank yous later since it sounds like Tiggers already plotting.

  2. tigger0011 says:

    Oh my goodness! This is great! I love to mess with another class’ Elf on the Shelf on this has given me lots of really good ideas! I can’t wait!

    • ABC says:

      Thanks Tigger, glad you enjoyed it. Well great I can see Micah better go ahead and just lump your being badly influenced into the trouble my story has caused her. Do they sell thick wool panties I’m gonna need a couple sets, and a prayer she doesn’t prefer to bare a brat. 😲

      • Micah says:

        Oh, a spanking should always be on the bare. It makes such a wonderful slappy sound that matches the cute squeals of A Brat’s Com-uppence

        • ABC says:

          A..Brats..Comuppence I had to look that one up, why wasn’t I surprised at its meaning. Good one Micah great way to use my name AND panties against me haha.

  3. Alyx says:

    It’s a good thing you explained the whole “Elf on the Shelf” phenomenon, ABC. That way I could really appreciate what this story was about! 🙂 I found the relationship between Anni and Brooke (great names, btw) to be very sweet and affectionate, and the pranks to be very believable. (No doubt inspired by RL, as I mentioned! *LOL*) Thank you for this very generous gift — both the story and “wrapping paper”……it might have been your first time, but I do hope it’s not the last. 😀

    • ABC says:

      Yeah I had that in my thoughts beforehand, and felt stupid for posting that the other day, but now I guess it was a good thing. Yes definitely no doubt inspired 😉 in many ways. Thank you Alyx for all your encouraging words. You’ve made me feel alot better about this story. I’m extremely looking forward to yours!

  4. Ash says:

    Hmmm… Anni, Brooke and Cain Davey? A…B…C… oh and D! 😛

    Great story! I don’t know why you were so hesitant! All that stuff about not being able to write? You lie! It’s going to be hard for me to write anything as good as this. 😉

    • ABC says:

      I wondered if anyone was gonna catch that lol. That weirdly happened by chance, and I laughed when I recognized what I’d done.

      Thank you Ash that made me feel good even tho I know your crazy, and being overly generous in your thinking of it. Even after reading this you think I lied, I have no business writting. Hard for you to write something this good, are you getting swatted by your inner self for such lies! I can’t wait for yours and all the others! That’s why I tried to be sooner than later, ya know get the crap one out of the way, saving the best for last. Thanks again Girlie!

  5. cj says:

    Wow ABC excellent job! This was so much fun! Loved that Cain joined in on the fun–it is amazing what they choose to emulate. Ha ha
    You completely impresssed me with your first story.

    As for Micah, I am sure she will let you wear 3-5 extra panties. I hear she is a real softie, sweet, understanding, lovely lady.

    Thank you for your generous gift!

  6. ABC says:

    In RL I really love the name Cain, and was very close to naming my son that. Wished I would’ve cause boy does he fit the phrase raising a little Cain perfectly. Tired mommy sigh, is it frowned upon to auction kids off on ebay, etsy, or Craigslist. Totally joking I love my little stinker-roos to death!

    I gave this present in hopes to add at least a smile to your holiday season, wanting nothing in return, but I have to say you’ve gifted me back with something much greater than I ever expected with just your sweet kind words. (All of you have) Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it cj.

    Micah pretty much gives love taps you say, my bottom is so happy to hear the good news 😉

    • Micah says:

      Love taps? LOVE TAPS??? It sounds like I need to practice and I know just which 2 brats to use for my practice subjects.

      • ABC says:

        “I’d be glad to go round up CJ and Tigger so you can uh tap that cough uhm I mean uhm practice ma’am,” backing up slowly thinking awe crap this isn’t good she’s not looking very happy. “You know Micah love taps that’s a compliment, it shows you’re a very compassionate, endearing, and sweet lady,” a wall suddenly hindering my slow backwards retreat. Breathing heavily fearing the look in Micahs eye, “ok Micah how about a deal, meet me halfway, I’ll wear 5 pairs of cheeky panties so you know half sticks out, but you gotta equally distribute, no fixating on just the bared. Ok yeah so that works for you right?” Nodding my head while continuing to inconspicuously edge my way down the wall towards my escape the door.

        • cj says:

          Lol well ABC I can see that you are not only a great writer but a decisive bus driver. I barely saw you coming when you threw me under the bus. “Big Grin”

          Please continue… I am always learning new skills. “Wink”

  7. Cassidy says:

    This story is beyond AWESOME ABC ! Dang, I wish I had an elf on the shelf when I was a kid lol, tho,, I really wasn’t a brat and on the naughty list until I met my gf 5 yrs ago. Before that I limited it to school mischief and April Fools pranks. I guess I have used my 6 month old kitten for my elf (grin) He gets into EVERYTHING! My gf tells me to watch him, and I do. I watch him spend an enormous amount of time trying to move a sheet of paper off the table, and across the floor. Then when my gf asks where her report is for work, I shrug and say, ” I didn’t put it anywhere..” He LOVES to chew thru the plastic bags of cereal, too,and spill it all over the floor. Then chase the cheerios like they were hockey pucks. And he will work ferociously hard at pulling buttons off shirts. LOL! The kittens name is Bobby; but she calls him Cain. When she’s had enough, she address it with me and the hairbrush LOL! I love them both, I’ll take one or two, or three for TEAM CAIN!.
    I’m impetuous and stubborn the rest of the year, so I greatly appreciate my gf’s strong handed way of reigning me in. Your characters are great; warm and loving. You have talent! Would you consider writing more of them? Please? Like your own blog, maybe? That would be awesome!

    • ABC says:

      Beyond awesome, I’d of never thought those words would be attributed to this story, or from anything coming from me. I’m kind of wondering if you really read the right story 😉 lol Thank you very much for your kind words Cassidy, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Bobby sure sounds to be an entertaining one lol. Just make him a little red suit and hat and bam you gotcha a real live Nutcracker 😉 Sorry no blog in my future, I have no time, and if it wasn’t for restless nights of insomnia you wouldn’t of even had this story. Maybe by next xmas, if i start right now , you’ll have another story from me. That gives me only 370 something days left ;p

      • Cassidy says:

        Haha! I’m Irish! We’re excitable folk (grin) I come by it honestly from my grandma. Double chocolate chip mint icecream is beyond awesome, too, lol; I thought this was impressive, and my gf thought so, too. She wasn’t thrilled about putting Bobby in a red suit and hat; But I am. 😛

  8. Hupotasso says:

    This is terrific, ABC! I’d never heard of the tradition of the Christmas elf until you mentioned it is a discussion thread. It’s hard to believe this is your first story…. I loved it. Thanks so much for this gift.

    • ABC says:

      It’s been a very fun tradition for our family. Tho most times what usually happends, when I’ve gotten all comfy in bed and start to drift off to sleep, I’ll suddenly remember CRAP! I forgot to move the freaking Elf!! To think I almost didn’t share this story because I thought it was so terrible. Hupo this makes me feel so happy to hear you actually liked it. Thank you so much!

  9. Joss says:

    Great story!!! Loved the characters. I’m impressed by the fact that this is your first story. You should write all the time! It’s a nice hidden talent you have, but I guess not hidden anymore. THANKS 😉

    • ABC says:

      Thanks Joss! I think I’m totally stunned from hearing people actually think it’s anything more than meh. I wish I could write like others, this one took me forever, and I still can’t believe I completed it. It was alot of fun tho. I’m super happy you like the characters and my story. Thanks again.

      • Joss says:

        I don’t know why you would think anyone would think it was ‘meh’. It was great, super cute characters with a great relationship, who could ask for more? Oh yeah, there was spanking in there too!!

        Who cares if it took a long time? Alyx hasn’t written a new story in like 19 years, so don’t worry about the time. Do we want it done fast, or do we want it done right?

  10. sandym85 says:

    I really liked it great job 😊

  11. Peach says:

    Great story ABC! Both fun and educational (I didn’t know much about the elf on the shelf tradition). Thank you for being the first to bring xmas gift to the village and getting us in the festive mood. 🙂

    • ABC says:

      Thanks Peach, I’m happy I could teach you something 😉 Glad it was a fun read. Thanks again, and I’m very much hoping you’re gonna gift us with your incredible talent!

  12. Mil says:

    ABC, this is such a great story! I’m shocked it’s your first! I think you can probably fit another one in before Xmas 😀 Kidding! Though, I couldn’t find the “wrapping” you speak of. Is that on another page?

    Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you and your little ones too 🙂

    • Mil says:

      Ooops! I found the gift warp! Best gift wrap I’ve ever seen.

    • ABC says:

      Thanks Mil! Yelp it’s my very first story ever, and you all are making the experience a great one! I wish my brain could come up with stories as quickly as that. This one took like 3 months! Which reminds me where’s your story fitting in at? 11 days left until xmas, and you already said you had one ready. You know you’ve got something good don’t ya, and are loving making us wait for it. I feel like such a kid waiting, the anticipation is killing me!

  13. thanatos150 says:

    Cute story ABC! I really liked it 😀 And what is this I heard about you think you can’t write? Please just ban that thought out of existence because it is not true at all 😉

  14. Robin says:

    What a lovely story, ABC ! You describe the characters and their warm relationship so skilfully. Impressive and very enjoyable! And it made me laugh a lot! He he, your creativity in pranking is great and quite inspiring 😀 Thank you for sharing it!

    • ABC says:

      Robin how kind you are! I’m so happy it had that laughing effect 😊 I had alot of fun remembering, oops I mean making up, those pranks 😉 You’ve made me feel happy, and I truly appreciate you commenting THANK YOU!! 😆

  15. Robin says:

    You are welcome, its really my pleasure! I am so glad i could make you feel happy! And one could tell you had some first hand experience of pranking … 😀😀;-)

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