That’s Seven Then…


“Alright. Stop, now. Sit down right there and don’t get up. Don’t move.”

Kris took hold of Libby’s shoulders and pushed her to a sitting position on the steps of the back wooden staircase. Libby, no where near finished with her complaining, made to get back up but sat down with a huff at the look Kris shot her. Kris walked down a couple of steps, bringing her closer to eye level with her pouting girl. She rested her hands on Libby’s thighs and said,

“Not another word. I will finish putting these groceries away and then I’ll deal with you.”

The urge to speak, to defend her position was almost unbearable for Libby. She opened her mouth to object a few times, each time stopping before she got any actual words out. Kris was calm, but Libby wasn’t sure how much room she actually had to play with. Stubbornly, she didn’t want to show full acceptance or submission. So although she remained silent, she crossed her arms angrily and put an aloof/angry look on her face. A look she hoped would communicate that she was very much above being scolded and told to sit in one place. A look that said, this is pathetic and a waste of my time. A look that said, this is ridiculous and frankly so are you.

Kris, payed her partner no further attention, went about the business of unloading all of their groceries. She carefully and tidily rearranged their refrigerator so that it would hold everything in a neat and orderly way. She broke down the large cardboard tray of yogurt cups, finding homes for them in the long pullout drawer, succinctly ending the argument that Libby had started. The argument that had resulted in Libby being made to serve a time out on the steps wearing nothing but her pajamas, a large white undershirt and a pair of boy briefs.

Of course that wasn’t really the reason for the argument. She had woken up wrong. Sulky. She wasn’t even sure what she was in a bad mood about. But it was there and she couldn’t shake it. When Kris had gotten back with the groceries, Libby had woken and skulked into the kitchen to start helping unload but heard herself finding fault in most of the purchases.

-“Wait! Why did you get 2% milk?! Who is that for?”

-“It’s one thing to have all the family over here for Christmas, but do we have to provide every single persons specific milk preference?”

Libby roughly stuffed items into cabinets, letting the doors bang shut, sighing loudly.

-“I never eat grapes. I hope these are for you because I don’t like them and I don’t want to be blamed if they go to waste”

And lastly, before being sat unceremoniously down on the steps,

-“Kris, I only wanted like a 4 pack of yogurt, this is a literal pallet! How are we even going to get through all of this… it won’t even fit in the fridge!”

Now Kris was making her sit here and not help at all. Well fine. What should she say? Who goes and buys a massive family style value pack of yogurt for two people? She should have gotten the groceries herself like usual. Now they had a bunch of food that they wouldn’t eat and didn’t have room for plus all these extras for their visiting family. Libby felt overwhelmed and it came out as bratty anger.

Normally Libby did their grocery shopping on her Friday day off. This week she had let herself be talked into working over onto third shift at the hospital three nights in a row. Half her department had taken off for the holidays and as she already had Christmas off, she felt obligated to help. She had still planned on getting the groceries herself last night, at 3am. They had a 24 hour grocery store in town. But Kris had hard vetoed that idea as “unnecessary and unsafe”. The night before, Libby had reluctantly agreed that she would try to sleep in and Kris would go out to do their shopping. Although Kris was happy to help, Libby couldn’t help but feel like she wasn’t doing her fair share. That she had failed in some sort of way. Not that Kris ever made her feel like that. In fact, it was Libby who took on certain chores and decided that they were her sole responsibility.

There was Kris, happily organizing the kitchen and pantry. She wasn’t even slightly flustered, finding a home for each item. Libby scowled at her back. Not even sure what she was angry about. Kris never getting overwhelmed. Always confident and sure of herself. Already dressed for the day, errands done and here was Libby, still in underpants. Plus now she said she’d “deal with” her. Another task for super Kris. Another chore to tend to. Libby was marinading in her bad mood when she was interrupted by something Kris said. Libby looked up at her standing there, hands on her hips, expecting a response to a question Libby hadn’t heard.

“What.” She spat out. A statement. Not a question.

Kris raised a dangerous eyebrow in response. A shiver went down Libby’s back but she ignored it angrily, keeping her scowl.

“Try again Libby,” Kris spoke calm but cold.

“Kris! What! I didn’t hear you, ok? What ‘try again’? I didn’t hear you, what do you want me to even say?” Libby heard her whining tone. She could feel how petulant she was being but she very simply could not stop. Like a train heading downhill without breaks. This wouldn’t end well if it was left in her hands.

Kris contemplated Libby. She could save her yet. She knew it. She could steer this away from certain disaster. Should she? Hadn’t she given Libby a chance? Two really? Sometimes her girlfriend needed to fall a little before she could get up. Oh she wouldn’t let her go too far, but Kris wanted to see how much trouble Libby thought she wanted.

Receiving no reply made Libby anxious with her anger. Standing up, without being told to, she gestured angrily at the refrigerator and spat out, “I mean! It’s stupid! I’m sorry but they’re going to go to waste! I fucking can’t eat that much yogurt and you just expec-“ Libby didn’t finish her sentence because in the time it took for her to stand up and start shouting, Kris’s arm shot out and grabbed Libby by her bare upper arm. She swiftly marched Libby up the remaining few steps and into the hallway leading towards their bedroom.

Kris didn’t let go or instruct Libby to walk ahead, like she normally would. If anything the grip on her arm felt tighter and more purposeful with every step they took. Libby’s indignation about the surplus yogurts was completely forgotten, a real fear beginning to take its place. She shouldn’t have sworn. She hadn’t just crossed the line, she had picked one of the worst ways to get Kris’s attention. Her stomach clenched in fear while she hurriedly babbled apologies.

“Sorry! Sorry sorry, I’m really sorry, I’m sorry babe, I was being ridiculous…”

Kris wasn’t moved at all. She looked actually angry, still quiet, but far from calm. Reaching their bedroom, she roughly bent Libby over the baseboard of their old sleigh bed. This pushed Libby up onto her toes, her hands grabbing the mattress for balance. She didn’t have any time to think before


Libby grunted the air out of her lungs with the force of the swat. She took pride in a decent amount of tolerance but this was something else.


Her other cheek tasted the painful thud. Too ashamed to speak out, Libby braced for more of the same, hoping that her quiet submission would work to soften the remainder. Three more hard ones to each cheek brought tears to her eyes. She thought she knew how hard Kris could spank, but this was a stunning new level.

“Are you ready now Elizabeth?” Kris punctuated with a very sharp swat.

“Are you quite done?” Kris paused for Libby to mumble a watery “yes ma’am”. All her pent up frustrations from the morning were gone. She was acutely aware how much of a brat she had been.

Kris stepped back, lifting Libby back up from over the bed. She looked down at her for a moment before walking back towards their bathroom, leaving Libby standing awkwardly at the foot of their bed. As soon as Kris left the room, Libby stealthily moved her palms to her pulsing bottom. Her eyes were opened wide. This from only 6 swats? Ohmygosh.

“Did I say you could rub?” Kris barked from the bathroom door. Libby’s hands shot away from her bottom as if she had been shocked.

“No, I wasn’t, I promise!”

Kris walked confidently over to the side of their bed, holding the heavy wooden hairbrush she often chose to punish Libby with. She sat on the edge of the bed and snapped her fingers, pointing to the space directly in front of her. Her snap sounded impossibly loud. Like the crack of a whip. Libby jumped a little and quickly made her way over to stand in front of Kris.

Opening her legs, Kris pulled Libby towards her to stand in between, but kept her upright.

“What’s going on today Lib?”

Libby grimaced, shrugging her shoulders tensely while looking hard at the ground. She couldn’t make eye contact with Kris. It wasn’t a lack of respect. She felt ashamed of her behavior and embarrassed to be called out for it. Kris wasn’t planning to let her off the hook that easily however.

“Alright then, when you’re ready to talk,” she said, pulling Libby forward over her left thigh. She twisted the fabric of her white undershirt up into a fist, giving Kris both a firm hold on Libby, as well as clear access to her pantry clad bottom. She resumed spanking Libby, strong and fast. It did not take long for Libby to find her words.

“Owwww! Kri-IS! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll talk to youuuuuu!”

Kris, who did not slow her spanking for one moment, calmly replied, “Let’s hear it then Lib. Talk.”

Libby felt flustered and angry, she could barely catch her breath let alone delve into some lengthy analysis of her behavior. She kicked her legs in frustration, only replying “puhleeeese!”

She felt suddenly jerked back to standing position and face to face with a very stern looking Kris. Standing so close, unable to look away, she actually brought her hands up to cover her eyes in embarrassment. She waited, almost expecting Kris to pull her hands away, knowing how ridiculous she must seem.

Kris sighed. She didn’t pull Libby’s hands away from her face. She placed her palms around Libby’s waist and squeezed gently.

“Libby, I know what this is. You’re tired, yes, you are Libby. Libby!”

Libby had started to shake her head and stomp her foot in angry disagreement, but stopped after hearing the warning tone in the second ‘Libby!’

“You worked long, late shifts the last three nights, which I told you wasn’t a great id-“

“You didn’t say that I couldn’t! You never said I couldn’t!” Libby interrupted, protesting angrily. She opened her mouth to say it wasn’t fair for Kris to act like she hadn’t had permission, but before she could get a word out, she felt her panties yanked hard down to her knees and found herself back over the knee and bed.

“Elizabeth if you cannot speak to me respectfully and without interrupting, then we can continue this conversation with the hairbrush.” Kris wasted no time at all applying the hairbrush to the newly exposed bottom across her thigh. There had been a point to make before and now there were two. If Libby was struggling to feel her boundaries, Kris intended to show her exactly where they lay.

Thwak! Thwack! Thwak! The brush made hard rapid contact with Libby’s sit spots three in a row, causing Libby to cry out and arch her back.

“Kriiiiiiis! Please! I AM sorry! Ouch it hurts so much please not there ah-owwww”

Kris fell into a pattern for Libby, knowing it was something she could breathe and talk through, but did not stopping the paddling.

“Are you ready to listen?”

“Yes! Yes ma’am!” Libby gasped emphatically, severely regretting interrupting.

Kris continued to paddle, “Elizabeth, as I was saying,-Thwack! – you- Thwack! – are tried. You’ve had a long- Thwack- work week- Thwack Thwack!- and not enough sleep. Which is Exactly- thwack! Thwack! Thwack!-why I wanted to help you out- Thwack!-with the grocery shopping-Thwack Thwack!”

Libby was trying her best to twist out of range of the biting hairbrush, tears puddling up in her eyes. Kris shut her legs together pinning Libby in the position she needed her to be in. She landed several harder than usual swats that caused Libby to howl and begin crying softly.

“I know Kris, I know you were only trying to help me, I’m sorry. I don’t mind the groceries, it’s like I wanted to fight with you, I don’t know…”

Kris set the hairbrush aside, and patted Libby’s hot cheeks gently. Still holding her bent over she resumed the scolding,

“I may not have done the shopping the way that you would have done it. But I did my best. I don’t deserve to be spoken to in the manner you chose just now. I understand you are more tired than anything else. I know you aren’t really angry about something as silly as yogurt. But you must learn to control your temper or if you cannot, ask for help.”

Kris paused, collecting her thoughts, while a contrite Libby mumbled, “I know I do, I’m sorry, I really am, I do appreciate you getting the food.”

“Elizabeth, we’ve got another issue to address,” and with the fingers of her left hand, she tapped Libby’s mouth on the lips. Libby squirmed awkwardly, wishing passionately that she had at least managed to not swear. Or if she had sworn, couldn’t she have been one of the more mild swear words?

“You know that kind of language is against our rules.”

“Yes ma’am, I’m seriously sorry!” She wanted to add that it had been an accident, but she remembered choosing to add “fucking” for a more powerful emphasis.

“Mmm, I’m sure you will be. I don’t know whether I should bring you over to the bathroom and wash your mouth out or keep you over my knee here.”

Libby grimaced. She honestly didn’t know which would be worse either. She dreaded being asked. Soap was Awful. A mouth soaping from Kris was serious. Serious enough that she shouldn’t have ever let herself slip like that. Her bottom however was still throbbing and she absolutely did Not want any more attention there for the moment.

“I’ll give you a choice Libby, your curse word, seven letters. That’s seven minutes with the soap, or seven swats with my belt. What’ll it be baby? Seven seconds to answer or you can have both.”

Libby, who had been burned on this timing game before, answered as fast as she could, not giving it any thought. Neither option was good.

“Belt!” She all but begged.

Kris rubbed her upper back gently, “you know Lib, I wanted to avoid this. You are right, I didn’t tell you that you couldn’t work extra. I did encourage you to really think about if it was wise. To think about how it would affect you. You don’t have to do everything that is asked of you. This is already a hard time of year for you and I asked you to take that into consideration. After we are done here, I’m going to put you back to bed and I don’t want to see you out of bed before noon. If you can’t sleep, you can read. But you will stay in bed and try to rest. Any more sharp attitude from you today and you can have an 8 o clock bedtime for the rest of the weekend. I won’t let you crash again. Do you understand?”

Libby, who very much did not want an 8pm bedtime, promised herself that she would take the rest of this spanking with as much grace as she could muster.

“Yes, ma’am, I understand”

“That’s seven then, with the belt.”

Kris leaned backwards, undid the buckle around her waist and pulled the leather free of the loops. Folding the belt in half, she took Libby’s right hand in her left, pinning it into her lower back.

“Hold still baby, this is going to hurt. You’ve behaved very badly.”

With her remaining free hand, Libby clutched a handful of covers and closed her eyes tightly. Only to have them pop open a moment later with a gasp, as the first bite of belt landed across her cheeks. The second lash landed without a moments hesitation right under the first. Libby forgot about her promise to herself to accept the belt with grace. As the third and fourth fell Libby struggled wildly to escape.

“Elizabeth, I’m warning you, I will start over,” Kris growled, landing the fifth directly on the soft skin where the bottom meets thigh. Libby cried out without abandon forcing herself to lay still for the last two. Wanting desperately to rub the burning sting away.

After the seventh, Kris placed the folded up belt to her side but continued to hold a now sobbing Libby across her thigh. Still holding her girlfriends wrist into the small of her back, Kris looked over the well punished bottom before her. Heat poured off of the red cheeks, a few lines of the belt remained where the edges had bit. Nothing worse than a couple of slightly raised welts. She would check again in the evening before bed, calling Libby over for inspection, applying lotion if needed.

Reaching down, she lifted Libby’s panties back into position. Libby whimpered a little at the touch. Unfolding Libby’s arm away from the now sweat dampened small of her back, Kris stood Libby before her, in between her open legs and pulled her into a tight embrace. Libby cried softly into her chest, mumbling apologies.

“Shhh, shhhh, shhh,” Kris smoothed the wrinkles out of the back of Libby’s tshirt, but did not go so far as to rub her bottom.

“You’ve been punished, it’s over. Are you going to get into bed and take a good nap for me so we can restart our day?”

Libby nodded, separating from Kris to take a Kleenex off of their bedside table. She allowed Kris to direct her under the covers, feeling her exhaustion set in the instant her head hit the pillow. Kris leaned down to kiss Libby, first where her part and forehead met and then gently on the lips. Before standing, she whispered into Libby’s ear “No. Rubbing.”

4 Responses to That’s Seven Then…

  1. Woodsy says:

    Loved the build up, Libby’s tantrum attitude…
    and it was so nice to revisit the characters after last year.

  2. patti says:

    Very nice story.

  3. Alyx says:

    KM, this is really the classic story of how a brat’s inner compulsion to keep pushing buttons will get her spanked every time! 😀 But you did a good job of illustrating where Libby’s frustration came from — as an overworked hospital employee, she obviously reached the end of her tether. (My sympathies go out to her and every other medical worker, especially these days! 🫂) It’s great that her top Kate was able to take care of her, and it was nice to read about this couple again. Thanks for your participation in this year’s holiday exchange! 😃🎄

  4. Wookie says:

    Hi KM, what a great story. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

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