Temple of Love

By Lainey

“If you do not behave, lady, you will not be going anywhere today.”

Lainey sitting cross-legged on the bed, a black top half over her head hiding the big grin all across her face. In an instant, she dropped the top covering her breasts once more and stared back at Megan in disbelief. She was trying to see a sign of a smirk, a wobble of the lips, anything that would mean it was a joke. It had to be a joke right, there was no way that she would make her miss the concert tonight. The first show of the new tour, the first time in over a year that she would see her favourite band.

“I am being serious Lainey. It is one thing to have a bit of fun, but you have to stop this silly habit of punching my arm.”

Looking back at Megan, Lainey finally realised that she was serious.

“I am sorry Megan, I don’t do it to hurt you. It’s only a love tap. Really it is, honest.”

The words, almost desperately said, trying to convey her honest, heartfelt plea for forgiveness.

“Please, please, say you won’t make me miss the show tonight.”

Megan seeing the bottom lip wobble felt a little mean at the tone she had taken with her lover. It was true the smack with the inside of her small dainty fist didn’t hurt in itself, it was a nasty habit and she wanted Lainey to stop it before it really did hurt her one day.

“Well, young goth miss, I will give you a final warning. There will be no second chance. One more incident and you will be in bed, with a sore bottom, when the band take to the stage later.”

Lainey smiled. Megan smiled back and held her arms to give her a hug.

“Can I just have a sore bottom and still see the band?” she said whilst still hugging, her head nuzzling into the warm neck.

Megan could not help but giggle at the words. She might have known Lainey would want the last word, the last little comment aimed at pushing just that little more. That and she would always take the smallest thing and turn it into an opportunity to get her bottom spanked. Not this time though, this time Megan was determined that she was going to control the situation.

“No Lainey, I mean what I say. One step out of line and you will be in your room waiting for me to deal with you, then tucked you up for the night.” Megan said disentangling herself from the distracting hot breath on her neck and the small hard nipples she could feel touching her through her thin top.

Lainey wanted to say something but knowing when to be quiet was something she had learnt the hard way. Today was definitely one of those days. After all, the most important thing was the gig later. Well, Megan was important, very important to her, but in a different way.

Lainey pulled off her top, her nipples still hard from the scolding and the embrace that followed. She had been excited all morning, right from when she awoke at six. It was just a wonderful feeling despite the early hour to open her eyes and see the arm across her waist. It made her feel safe and all cosily warm as she remembered the previous evening. It had been a while since they had a chance to meet. Work and life got in the way of the precious time they spent together.

Even if that meant they would only Skype or talk for a few minutes at the end of the day, but even that had been missing for the last few weeks, not entirely, but it had not happened every day. Lainey felt guilty when they didn’t, she always found she was blaming herself, she would come home from work late and have every intention of picking up the phone, but before she knew it was the middle of the night and she was asleep on the sofa.

She had not told Megan any of this as she knew that she would be in serious trouble for not letting out her emotions and not looking after herself properly. There was always an excuse to hand, mainly that she had gone out with friends and it was too late to call when she got in. Megan always accepted this as she knew at Lainey was out enjoying herself, instead of sitting at home brooding.

Reaching across to Megan and taking her hand, she hoped that there might just be time for a little fun before breakfast. The fingers, guided by Lainey’s hand, traced patterns on the small breasts, teasingly close to the ever-hardening buds, the nails tickling as they glided over the white soft skin. Megan stared back, happy to let the fingers be used for the pleasure of her lover.


Megan felt weird as she dressed. Not that dressing was weird normally. Open the wardrobe, pick out something that caught the eye and put it on. It was simple to her. Not today though. It was the putting on of the black clothes that made it seem strange. She was normally a bright colour girl, lots of orange and green. Why she could not wear her normal look was beyond her. It was Lainey who laughed when she hung up her things from the suitcase.

“You not wearing those to the gig are you.”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Cause, you’ll stand out like a traffic light on a dark night.” She said with a giggle.

They had gone shopping. Megan hated shopping for clothes. She usually did it online. See something, check size, put in the basket, go to checkout, and pay. If it did not fit when it arrived then back in the packaging and return to sender.

Now they had to brave the December chill. Walk around all the designer shops, pretending to like all these ever so expensive clothes – all black, of course, smiling and saying nice things, when in reality she wanted to avoid the throngs of other shoppers, get a coffee and relax.

It was Lainey’s weekend though, she was the one who had wanted her to join in her fun at the two gigs. It was hard to say no, despite the reservations. On one hand, she had missed being with Lainey so much, then on the other, she did not what to expect at the concert not having been to one before. The videos did not help much either, all she saw was a mass of people moving about in something akin to dancing.

After trying on a number of black tops, skirts and jeans it was finally settled. They were really lovely but Megan almost fainted when she saw the price. Lainey saw her eyes widen when looking at the labels, so she just took them and walked to the counter before Megan got chance to change her mind.

“My treat.” She said with a big smile before Megan got the chance to protest. “Besides it might earn me a ‘get out jail card’ for later,” was added with an even bigger grin. Megan shook her head and looked forward to having a sit down soon.

They found a Starbucks on the next corner. One extra-large hot chocolate and one cappuccino sat on the table with four bags to clothes on the floor as they sat holding hands across from each other. Lainey had the biggest smile. Megan knew she was super excited but was it from them being together or about the concert later. Either way, she was happy to be with her.

“That card you earnt, does not cover everything, Lainey. I mean what I say about you behaving. One bad thing and it’s a spanking and bed.”

Lainey smirked, put out the tip of her tongue, wiggled it for a moment before it disappeared with a suck of her cheeks. Megan looked around, realising that the words had come out a little loud in the packed café, their table close to the ones around them. The other customers seemed engrossed in their own idle chit-chat, so Megan looked back at her little minx of a lover. Lainey was seductively licking the whipped cream from the top of her drink. It brought a smile to Megan’s lips, remembering the fun they had in bed earlier. The soft touches and kisses that had left them panting, hot, sticky, but very happy, as the lay holding each other like they would fall off the bed if they let go for even a brief moment.

Lainey hoped for snow, it would make the special weekend, even more so. It was like all her wishes had come at once. This despite the threat of the main one being taken away. Lainey felt guilty when thinking that the concerts were the main event. Well, everything had started with the surprise announcement of the two shows, then booking the hotel, then in an overexcited moment inviting Megan. It was one of those off the cuff moments during a Skype chat, right after getting her bottom paddled for being a brat, something she had wanted most likely. There was never an expectancy of a yes, it took her by surprise, a nice surprise though. So, it was arranged and now it was happening.

Poor Megan wearily followed the petit dynamic shopper through the crowds, in and out of shops and changing rooms. It was like tomorrow there would be no more shops, forever. Today was the one day left for everything. Slight exaggeration but that was it felt like to her, being a non-shopping person. Thank goodness for a sit down finally in Ralph Lauren, a very civilised place where a cup of coffee and biscuits were thankfully devoured. Lainey was pampered by a rather sultry looking lady. It made Megan giggle as the lady stood holding a rack of black clothing, who knew they sold that many black clothes.

Finally, they made their way back to the hotel. Megan collapsed on the bed exhausted. Lainey, the still hyper little goth that she was at times wanted to try on everything. It puzzled her lover as to why the need to try them on again. It fitted in the shop, hence it must fit now. There was no denying though the sight of Lainey in her underwear did make her perk up a little.


“You look fab, Megan. If I wasn’t going out already I would invite you for a drink and something to eat.” Lainey said giggling as she held her arms around Megan’s waist. The long black tapered skirt that hugged her legs with the black crazy cut top finished with some long and some short pointy bits staring back at their reflections in the mirror.

“I do feel weird Lainey. All this black makes me look a witch.”

“Sssushh. You look so good, I promise I’m not saying it to make you feel better. They really do suit you. I would not have let you get them if I didn’t.”

Megan guessed it was probably true, after all, she had spent all that money on them for her. She kissed Lainey softly on the black lips, then stood back seeing another smirk on Lainey’s face.


“You have black lipstick on your lips.”

“Guess I finally became a goth.”

They both laughed as Megan wiped it away with the back of her hand. She decided that it was a step too far and went in search of her normal light red lipstick.

Finally, ready, Megan waited for Lainey to finish in the bathroom. The nerves had returned though. Not that she was sure why she was nervous, but she did feel like she was heading into the unknown. It was a whole new thing to her. The times they had met before had always been in hotel rooms, they had stayed the night and then gone home. Tonight, they were going out as a couple, to be with god knows how many other people, in a public place and dressed like weirdos.

“Ready?” Megan asked seeing the little black goth girl walking to the bed.

“Nearly. Can I just ask one thing before we go Megan?”

“Yeah, of course, you can Lainey. Anything.”

“Anything eh.”

Megan smiled, realising all too late what a can of worms she might have just unleashed.

“Please, may I have a spanking before we go out.”

Yep, the whole can just exploded, Megan thought, then shook her head in disbelief at the words.

“Seriously Lainey?”

Lainey gave a sheepish nod.

“May I ask if there is a reason?”

Lainey pursed her lips and thought for a moment. Did there have to be a reason for a spanking – yes there was normally was. Usually, because she had done something silly and deserved to get her seat warmed to a glowing red colour. Today though she just wanted it.

“Well, I suppose I have been a bit of a brat recently and you have let me off when you would perhaps have spanked me. So, let us say that it is for accumulated minor offences taken into consideration.”

“If I take all the little bits into consideration Lainey I would still be spanking you on Monday.” Megan quipped back.

“I guess. Well, let us say that they are an on-account payment.” Lainey offered with a warm smile, that looked more like a smirk of satisfaction.

Megan was not sure what to do when Lainey stood by her knee as she sat on the bed. It had been different in the past. Then it was a proper spanking, so to speak, for being a brat usually. This time though it was a request and possibly required a different approach from the ‘why are you getting a sore bottom, Lainey.’ Lainey also wondered what was about to happen, should she place herself across the waiting lap, rather than wait to be pulled over it. It seemed a good idea when she was in the bathroom earlier. Her original plan though was to ask after the show, by way of celebration or an apology for dragging Megan to the concert. Either way, it ended with a red bum and cuddle, perhaps more in the king size bed.

“What are you waiting for brat. You requested a whacking, so get over my lap before a give you a whacking for wasting my time.”

It almost worked but Megan suddenly got the giggles as she uttered the final word. Lainey tried hard not to laugh as well but succumbed when Megan started. It took a couple of minutes before they were composed enough to carry on. Lainey placed herself over the lap and waited for her request. It had not been taken lightly, she had thought about it once or twice before when they met, but it never quite worked out. It usually ended with her being a ‘brat’ or a ‘minx’ according to Megan. It got the same result just not as intended.

“Right my little goth minx. Tell me when to stop. Don’t forget your safe word and please use it if it’s more than you hoped for. Promise me please Lainey.”

“I promise Megan. What’s my safe word again?”


“Ouch. Not fair we hadn’t started.”

“That’s one extra for bratting. Your safe word is black, remember now do we?” The words reinforced with a swat. Not a hard one but enough to make Lainey jiggle her bum.

“Oh yes. I remember you said it should be red, but I said I did not like that colour, so I chose black. Silly me, how could I forget that as it’s my favourite colour.”

“It’s your only colour,” Megan replied sarcastically as she rubbed the offered bottom softly. It was a lovely little bottom and sometimes she thought it was a shame to whack until it became red.

“Okay, Megan I am ready when you are.”

“So, little miss goth thinks because she asked for a spanking that allows her to dictate the terms of it. Oh no, you don’t. You get what I give you and like it.”

Lainey felt a chill. This is not what should happen. It was supposed to be a quick warm bum to give her the thrill of being in public with it making her tingle. Now, now, she could be standing in the crowd trying to concentrate on her very, very sore bottom rather than watching the band she loved so much.

Megan raised her hand. It was tempting to give her one really hard one just as a devilment. It would teach her to not ask for things that she then had no control over. Then she saw Lainey little face turn and look at her. Those grey eyes pleading for it not to be too hard on her gorgeous bottom, the one she had so loving kissed earlier in the day.

The hand landed with no more than a gentle tap. Lainey smiled and then turned to face the lightly patterned green carpet floor as any naughty brat would be whilst getting her much deserved spanking. Mind she jiggled her bottom just for effect all the same.

They weren’t all that gentle. Some of the harder ones that fell upon the tight black laced skirt did have her squirming for real. The ones that fell on her sit spot were those that made her call out at the same time. Not that they were given in anger by Megan. No, she just wanted Lainey to enjoy her requested comeuppance. That, and it gave her just a little bit of fun doing it.

“Black.” Came the word from Lainey.

“Sorry, what was that I never quite got it. Did you say quack?”

“I said black.” Lainey squirmed as she got another smack. It was just a gentle tap really but the arm across her waist meant that she could not get up.

“Nope never got it again. Was it whack?” So, Megan gave her another. Good job Lainey could not see her giggling to herself.

“No, you great tall deaf nit. I said black.” It was rather loud. Even the reception might have heard it two floors below.


“Why didn’t you say, Lainey. Sorry, I think I gave you one too many.” Megan had given up trying to suppress her giggling. As she helped her lover off her lap.

Lainey stood with her hands her hips, a look of thunder on her face.

“You will pay for that Megan Lanky.” It was said as she adjusted her skirt and rubbed her bottom.

Megan Lanky was the name she used when she wanted to wind Megan up. For some reason, being tall got under Megan’s skin. At six feet and rather skinny, she hated the way she looked. In her eyes, she saw a bean pole in the mirror. She had told Lainey, who giggled at first and realising how sensitive she was about it told her off for the negative thought and said she was beautiful. It did not stop her from using the tall thing occasionally, mainly when in brat mode.

They kissed and made up. Megan rubbed her bottom as they hugged. Lainey was glad she got a hug. It might not have been a punishment spanking, but she needed to feel that she loved after getting a sore bottom.


Megan had never visited Camden before. Truth be known she had not visited many places before. Hometown girl who had recently had her eyes opened to a bright new world out there. It was scary and exciting all in one. It was a vibrant place. Full of shops that sold anything and everything. Bars and cafes which were packed with people enjoying the evening out despite the cold. The people, mainly dressed in black, were congregated in groups, as they chatted, laughed and drank. They held hands as they wandered around. Megan wondered if Lainey knew where she was going or was it just to show her around the sites. There were some strangely dressed people in weird clothing, most looked they had stolen something from the Victorian age to wear. One even had a wedding dress style, except it was black. It came complete with a veil. Her partner, or was that husband, looked like something from the Addams family, in his long black coat and fedora hat.

If Camden Town itself was a strange experience then walking into the venue was on a whole new level. It was busy, and the noise rang in your ears even before the show had begun. The venue was incredible it literally was a roundhouse, hence why it was called The Roundhouse. Lainey had said it was an old railway shed that had been converted it to an arts and music centre. The steel columns circling the building really did make it impressive.

Lainey was like a kid in a sweet shop. The sheer excitement of the upcoming gig had her almost bouncing like a Tigger. Everyone knew Lainey as she mingled among the goth hordes. Megan got a long hard stare when she said called the crowd that. There was almost a love tap to the shoulder but the memory of being spanked and sent to bed made Lainey catch it just in time.

Even Megan had to admit the excitement was getting to her. Lainey stood waiting near the front as Megan stood behind her feeling protective of the little goth. Despite hardly being able to see Lainey was stood in the middle right under the lead singers microphone. Megan thought she was mad, then Megan thought that of many things Lainey did, in a nice way of course.

The Christmas music played as they waited, the crowd getting tighter around them, some even sang along to the rock versions of the festive music. Some had red Santa hats, which looked weird with all the black clothes.

The house lights went out and a loud cheer went up. There was a hissing noise and suddenly the stage became invisible. It was engulfed in a thick plume of dry ice as the hypnotic music started pounding out. The crowd swayed, Megan held onto Lainey tightly in case they got separated. Mind the goth girl was loving it as she turned to look at Megan and beamed the biggest smile ever.

Then it went up a notch as the band hit the stage. Still, you could barely see them, the lights, reflected by the mirrors refracting through the haze as they flashed all around. The music blasting out, the crowd singing out the words. In some cases, very loud and very out of tune. It was mind-blowing to Megan, but Lainey was high on adrenaline, lost in her own little goth world. Here was where she could let herself go. For an evening it was just her and The Sisters of Mercy. Yes, Megan meant the world to her, and she was more than glad she agreed to spend the weekend indulging her and her passion for the band. Now the music had started all that was forgotten, and her focus was entirely on the band, especially the lead singer.


Megan could not believe how quickly the time had gone. No sooner had the band started and now they had gone. It was puzzling why the crowd still stood around. Lainey explained there were still encores to go. It meant nothing to Megan who just shrugged and smiled. Then it all began again if a little slower at first before there was a choral part booming from the stage that suddenly burst into another song. The crowd already high on the music hit yet another level. The noise of them singing was deafening, people, including Lainey, were bouncing around like mad fools.

It was an anti-climax when it ended. The lights went up and the crowd started to drift towards the exit. Lainey, still like a little kid wanting more, stood at the front barrier holding out her hand for something. Finally, she got what she wanted, a setlist from the stage. It was just an ordinary piece of white A4 paper with printed writing on it, but to Lainey, it was like the Crown Jewels to be treasured forever.

Out the venue they moved quickly, pushing as much as they could. Lainey leading with Megan holding a hand desperately trying not to lose her in the happy crowd. Not sure where they were going and even if she knew it probably would not matter as Lainey was on a mission. Left out of the building, left again, and there they stopped in what appeared to be a rear entrance.

There were others standing. Someone waved at Lainey and came over. Megan was introduced to Emily who hugged them both. Another happy goth, if that is not a contradiction in terms, as they jabbered about the show and how brilliant it had been Megan stood thinking about coffee and warmth.

The band came out at last and signed Lainey’s piece of paper. She beamed from ear to ear as they walked away, the setlist safely tucked away. Which was a good job as the small flakes of snow started to float down from the sky. It could have been a blizzard for all Lainey cared as the two walked arm in arm in search of a taxi to take them back to the hotel.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Gushed Lainey as they entered their bedroom, hugging her girlfriend tightly like there was no tomorrow, never wanting to ever let her go again.

They collapsed on the bed in a fit of giggles, still holding each other, unable to tear their eyes away.

“Ow, ow, ow.” Cried Lainey suddenly extracting herself from the embrace. “Sorry, I’ve got cramp.” Megan giggled as the black thing wriggled around the bed before helping stem the shooting pain in the right leg.

“Thanks,” Lainey said eventually. “Though it was your fault for lying on me you tall lummox.” She added standing gingerly by the bed.

It was enviably followed with a SWAT. They both smiled and fell into another bout of giggles. Lainey knew, as did Megan, that all was well with the world as they once more held each other never wanting to be apart.

23 Responses to Temple of Love

  1. LoganTyler says:

    Very Nice Lainey 🙂 Thank you for your gift!

  2. Ash says:

    Well… she was just asking it!😏Yes, Alyx, I just made a pun on your blog.😈Mohaaw…
    Sweet story, Lainey. I wish I had a relationship like that…. well, sans the arm punch because that is just super annoying. I fully support Megan on that!
    I’m jealous I haven’t been to Camden Town since… 2017!😦 I try to go every time I’m in London, but I haven’t been able to go lately. *feeling sorry for myself*

  3. laineytales says:

    Thanks Ash. Yes, Camden is such a wonderful place. I love how bustling it is at any time of the day. It also has a fab ice cream shop! 😈

  4. Wookie says:

    Sounded like a great night out! Camden still a terrific place to go to. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Robin says:

    Thank you Lainey for sharing this sweet story! I enjoyed it very much including your vivid description of Camden and the concert. Made me want to go there!😄

  6. Alyx says:

    It’s funny because I’d only heard of The Sisters of Mercy a couple of days ago, and here they are in your story! 😀 That was very cute, Lainey, and I liked how you showed us a couple who are so well suited and have obviously developed a relationship that works perfectly for them. I walked through Camden very briefly….I definitely need to go back there one day. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that gift with us.

    • laineytales says:

      Hi Alyx. Thanks for the lovely comment. I hope you enjoyed the The Sisters of Mercy.

      Thanks as well for organising and hosting the Christmas Gift Exchange. You are the best 🙃

  7. Peachie says:

    Aw, such a sweet couple and a fun story! Thanks for this nice Xmas gift, Lainey. Hope you have a great holiday!

  8. Claire says:

    Great story Lainey, thank you. I remember Sisters of Mercy and I want to say I may have even seen them back in the day with Siouxsie and the Banshees🤔

  9. Mil says:

    I bought a jacket from Camden markets… I was told it was the place to go 🙂 Thank you for gifting us this sweet and funny story, Lainey! Happy Hols!

  10. Beck says:

    Great story, Lainey! I really enjoyed reading it. What a sweet relationship the two of them have. I haven’t heard of Camden Town, but will have to look it up! 🙂

  11. Jojo says:

    Enjoyed both your stories Lainey. I’m sitting down after New Year, treating myself to all the Xmas gifts that everyone has written. I’ve never been to Camden, just visit it someday 😁

  12. Ellie says:

    Nice one, Lainey!
    I so hope I can go to Camden soon as I’ve never been there 😉 I should also listen to the Sisters of Mercy!

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