Jazz crumpled the classifieds into a tight ball and threw it into the basketball hoop on the trash bin. Swish! Nothing but net. Next she powered up her laptop. As she waited for it to start, she took a sip of her hot chocolate topped with a mountain of whip cream. At last the bright blue screen blinked at her impatiently waiting for her password so they could get down to business together.

Jazz absent mindedly licked the whip cream mustache from her upper lip as she began to type. This had become her routine for the past two weeks since she lost her job at Dick’s Duck and Dive. She smiled at the memory of her last night as a bartender. That customer deserved to wear his beer! What an ass! He actually thought it was ok to whack her ass, as she walked by! She had warned him nicely, but did he stop, no! It was unfortunate that it happened to be Dick’s banker and Dick was trying to get a new loan. Dick turned molten lava red and then kind of tinged towards an ugly purple. Jazz had started gathering her personal stuff from behind the bar when she spotted him stomping towards her. She shook her head to clear out the memories of that night and with a smile she began her job search again.

Unemployment was nothing new for Jazz. It had become a natural part of her life since graduating from college with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art. She had worked in an art studio, photography studio, waitress, sanitation worker and recently a bartender. There was a story for each and every job, but simply she was fired.

Jazz hit all the usual temporary services, brushing up her resume and sending them out. Looking at the calendar she had two more weeks before her wife was due back from her four week training program for the fire department. Haley loved her job and she was really good at it. The training was part of the on-boarding process for her promotion to Lieutenant of her company. Jazz was so proud of her wife, who had a goal of being Captain one day.

Her favorite song started playing as she reached for her phone. “Hey sweetie, how is training going?”

“It has been grueling but great! How is your job search going?”

“Just sent out resumes to several new temp agencies today. I sure miss you.”

“I miss you too, Jazz. How many is ‘several’?”

“Really Haley? Ten of course that was our agreement, right? I just got to the point of being able to sit down without a reminder of our discussion before you left two weeks ago. I am not in any hurry to have that long a discussion again.”

“I should hope not, young lady! Speaking of that, I sure hope you have stayed out of trouble since I have been away. You know Rosie and Kelly will tell me, if you don’t.”

“Yes Ma’am. I have been a complete angel, with wings and a shiny gold halo!”

“Right, and has hell frozen over?”


“Just kidding babe, glad to hear you are staying out of trouble for once. If you keep it up for the whole four weeks I will take you to that new steak place. I hear they have a fantastic prime rib!”

“That sounds wonderful, but I will just be happy to have you back in my arms.”

“Me too sweetie. I have to go. Please stay out of trouble and good luck on the job search.  Love you, bye”

“Love you too!” Jazz continued to stare at her phone for minutes after Haley had ended the call. She needed to have a new job before Haley returned. Haley had not been happy when she found out why Jazz was fired from Dick’s. She let her know emphatically with every swat of her hand that landed on Jazz’s bare bum. Jazz instinctively reached back and rubbed her rear, remembering how sore it had been for days, after Haley had left.

A ping on her computer alerted her that she had a new email. It was from announcing that one of her favorite author’s, Alyx Rancher, had just released a new book, SuperTop. Jazz hit the link to buy the book. Soon she had it downloaded and was sitting comfortably on the couch reading.

Four hours later, Jazz stood up and stretched and looked at the clock.  Boy that was a great book. Damn it was 2 pm! She ran quickly into the bedroom, showered and dressed in her interview clothes and ran out the door. Her interview at Rosie’s bar was at 4 pm and it was a 45 min ride in traffic. Jazz jumped on her motorcycle and weaved in and out of traffic trying to make sure she made it 15 minutes early.

Jazz started to think about the interview as she rushed down the road. Rosie the owner of the bar was a friend of Haley’s from back in college. Rosie needed a bartender for the night shift Tuesday through Saturday. Jazz had been to the bar several times with Haley. It was a great place to hang out. A one of a kind bar for lesbians with a spanking kink. Rosie’s wife Samantha had let her know there was an opening two days ago. She even set up the interview, so that Rosie didn’t know it was Jazz. As Sam put it “You know Jazz, you have quite the reputation regarding steady employment. So if I set this up, you are going to have to make sure you are early, dressed properly and show total respect to Rosie. She won’t just hire you because you are friends. You also know if you mess up on purpose in her establishment she won’t hesitate to blister your rear. You sure you want to work at the bar?” Jazz was desperate, she needed a job before Haley returned home.

The parking lot only had two cars in it when she pulled in to the motorcycle area. She recognized both of them.  One was Rosie’s, the other was Sam’s. She went around to the back door just like Sam had told her.

She was straightening out her hair from the helmet as Sam opened the door. “Great job, Jazz.  You made it early. Rosie is in a great mood today too. Please keep it that way.” Sam winked and headed back inside with Jazz right behind her.

Rosie was sitting at one of the booths. It was the first time that Jazz had seen the bar with all of the lights on.  It had a completely different vibe. The area where all the spanking equipment and implements of the trade didn’t look any less scary, but definitely less mysterious.

“Well hello, Jazz.  What brings you by this afternoon?” Rosie asked.

Jazz turned her head to where Sam had been standing next to her, but there was nothing but air. Damn! She turned back towards Rosie, “Hello Rosie, Ma’am. I am here to interview for your open bartending position?”

“You are?” Rosie’s eyebrow arched up for a millisecond and then landed back in its normal spot. “I see.  Well come and have a seat. Let’s talk a little.”

Letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, Jazz slid into the booth across from Rosie. “Thank you Ma’am.”

“Jazz, I thought you were bartending at Dick’s. What happened?”

Jazz looked up into Rosie’s face, searching for a few seconds to see if Rosie already knew the answer or not. “I was fired, Ma’am. I lost my cool when a guy whacked my ass.” When Rosie’s eyebrow arched again Jazz rushed to explain. “I am sorry… my rear end. I had requested that he stop it after the first time. He decided to try a second time, which was his last Ma’am.”

“Go on Jazz, I know you well enough. Tell me the rest. What did you do in response?”

“I poured his beer over his head, Ma’am”

“Who was the customer, Jazz?”

“Mr. Frump from the bank. Apparently Dick was trying to get a new loan…”

Rosie burst out laughing.  It was quite a while before she was able to speak. “Jazz, you take the cake, young lady!” She wiped her eyes dry with the napkin from the table. Her face became a mask of non-emotion. “So explain to me why I should hire you as my bartender? You can also describe what you think I would do if you actually poured a drink on one of my customers.”

Jazz swallowed hard.  She had watched Rosie go from laughing hysterically to serious as a heart attack in a matter of a few heart beats. “First of all Ma’am, I am good.   I know my way behind a bar. I have been here several times and watched some of your bartenders. They are too slow.  Your waitresses have to wait way too long to get their drinks for their tables. The patrons at the bar wait too long also. You could easily sell twice as much if the bartenders were more efficient.”

“How would you be more efficient?”

“I would re-organize the glasses and where the garnishments are cut and stored. The beer mugs need to be closer to the taps. The wine glasses by the wine bottles and so on. The dishwasher should make sure that the glass racks are always full. I would increase the amount of bottle openers you have behind the bar so you don’t waste time looking for them. I would add one more area for the well liquor. Saves on walking time for the bartender from one end of the bar to the other.” Jazz stopped to take a breath.

Rosie put her hand up to stop Jazz from continuing. “Okay.  So young lady, what do you think I would do if you poured a drink on one of my patrons?”

Jazz blushed just thinking about it “Wellll Ma’am. I believe I would be placed over the spanking bench before the drink ever touched the floor.”

“Go on.”

Jazz looked at the row of implements that hung on the wall. She had seen Rosie wield every single one with precision. Rosie taught Haley everything she knows about the uses of each instrument of correction. “You would choose the leather strop, purple heart paddle, and the heavy flogger. After you administered the punishment, you would make me redress and get back to work to finish my shift.”

Rosie nodded “You are quite observant Jazz, but tell me why you think I would choose those implements and then allow you to return to work and not fire you on the spot.”

Jazz watched as Rosie sipped her drink and leaned back into the booth waiting for her reply. Rosie’s eyes never left hers. The intensity was almost too much, but she held her gaze as she answered. “The strop would be a mix of sting and thud. Its size would allow you to paint my butt and upper thighs to any shade of red you wanted, including my sit spots. The Purple Heart would allow you to send the message home into the deeper tissues, and last longer, so I did not forget the lesson for a long time. The flogger, so that you could include my back in the chastisement, making sure that when I return to work I am reminded with every move I make for the rest of the night that I had made a terrible mistake I will never want to repeat. You wouldn’t fire me because you know that very few people can handle me the way that you and Haley do. Plus you would want to watch with satisfaction that I had learned your lesson.” At the end of her explanation Jazz took a sip of water and leaned back into the booth, trying to keep the smirk from her face. She knew she had nailed it!

Rosie leaned forward and put her hands on the table. “You can wipe that smug look of your face young lady.”

Jazz deflated, damn she had overplayed that. Rosie was going to toss her out on her unemployed ass. Haley was going to kill her.

Two fingers snapped her out of her miserable self-annihilation diatribe. “Jazz, stop beating yourself up. I am going to hire you. But I think you and I will need to set a few non-traditional rules between us.”

“Yes! Thank you, Rosie. You won’t regret it I promise…”

“Wait until I tell you what the conditions are going to be, before you thank me.”

Jazz sat up a little straighter between the words and the tone she knew she was in for a serious conversation.

“Jazz, you and I both know you have a short fuse and an uncanny ability to attract trouble.”

Jazz felt herself slip a little lower on the bench seat. Her heart was starting to beat faster.  If she didn’t know for sure she wasn’t in trouble her hands would have naturally gone to protect her rear. She looked at Rosie and found penetrating steel grey eyes staring back at her. Ahhh! Damn! Rosie was dead serious…

“Yes Ma’am, I have been working on both of those with Haley’s help.” Jazz couldn’t help but drop her eyes.  She knew she had failed big time at Dick’s.

“Jazz, look at me please.”

Jazz instantly looked up and saw nothing but compassion in Rosie’s face. “Thank you. I know you are trying. I am hoping I can help both you and Haley. Haley and I talked a few days ago.”

Jazz stopped herself from instantly squirming in her seat. The fact that Haley and Rosie had talked about her never ended well. She kept her eyes up and saw a tiny bit of a smirk cross Rosie’s face which told her all she needed to know.  She was not in trouble. With the help of a deep breath she was able to relax a bit more.

“Haley and I decided that it would be good for you to work at my bar. Yes, I knew what my wife was pulling. Yes she is in trouble, but I will address that later. Jazz put your phone on the table. I do not want you giving her any warning.”

Jazz immediately placed the phone on the table. She turned beet red as Rosie picked it up and saw the start of her text to Sam.

“I see I caught you just in time. Might have to add a rule about that too. Alright Jazz, here is what Haley and I agreed too. You will have the same rules at the bar as you do at home. If you break any of those rules here at the bar I will address them, unless Haley happens to be here at the time. Is that understood?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Good. Now I would like you to start tomorrow at noon. I would like you to implement some of your new ideas for making the bar more efficient. It will be a long shift for you, but you will get two meal breaks. I thought you could use the extra money. Are you okay with everything I am saying?”

Jazz nodded her head “Yes Ma’am, and thank you very much for giving me the job.”

“Jazz don’t worry.  You are going to earn this job. I am not giving you anything. I expect to see you here 15 mins before your start time or I will consider you late. I don’t think you will like what happens if you are late.”

“No Ma’am.  Still, thank you. I will see you tomorrow. Please tell Sam thank you also. Bye.” Jazz gave Rosie a quick hug before she went out the back door.

Jazz hurried down the steps and on to her bike. She looked up to the window of Sam and Rosie’s apartment above the bar. Sam was waving at her and smiling. Jazz gave her a thumbs up and then showed her their secret sign, so she would know she was in trouble.   Jazz watched as Sam just grinned at her, until a hand grabbed Sam’s ear and lead her away from the window.  The last thing Jazz heard before she put her helmet on was a swat and a yelp.

The ride away from the bar was at a more sedate pace. Jazz was very excited about the new job, but most of all no more writing job applications. She decided to celebrate by going to pick up her friend Sky. Her shift should be ending soon.

As Jazz pulled into the parking lot, she saw Sky walking out, shoulders slumped and dragging her feet. She pulled in behind Sky and beeped her horn. Sky jumped, turned and grabbed her heart.  She looked ready to cuss. Jazz flipped up her visor and laughed. “Sky, you ok?”

Sky walked over and slugged Jazz in the shoulder. “Damn it Jazz! You about made me wet myself! What are you doing here?”

“Came to pick you up and apparently cheer you up. What did they do to you today? You looked exhausted when you stepped out of that place.”

“Long story, but we can talk about that later. Where are we going?”

“We are going to our favorite “Cave” and celebrate my new job!”

“Excellent! Get us outta here, Jazz!” Sky jumped on the back of the bike, grabbed the spare helmet Jazz handed her, and strapped it on her head.

Soon the bike was roaring to life and both women wore grins that wouldn’t stop. The ride to their special place was not very far from Sky’s work.

It was well known in the brat world and all brats swore an oath that they would never reveal the true location or name of the “Cave”. Legend was that the “Cave” was first started by two best friends that had married Tops that disliked each other and forbade their bottoms to see each other. As all bottoms are very creative they found a way to get around such rules and founded the “Cave”. It is said that the first meetings were held in a completely darkened room where the friends could not see each other, per their Tops rule. They brought their own alcohol and sat on the stools talking, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. As they met other bottoms with the same rules, they would invite them to join them on a regular basis. If a Top ever found their meeting place, it was immediately abandoned and a coded text was sent out giving the new location. To this day, no Top has ever been able to catch the bottoms in their “Cave”. Today, the “Cave” was located in a very bottom friendly bar called “Bottoms Up”. It was actually owned by two best friends that were completely vanilla. They had a sign out front that said, absolutely no Tops allowed inside, this is a Bottom Haven. Most Vanilla folk would read the sign and smile thinking it was something about the bars name. Only those in to TTWD understood what it meant.

Jazz and Sky parked and made their way into the bar. They waved to the owners as they walked to the back room. The room was perfect. Plenty of soft seating and lots of gaming tables, pool, air hockey, ping pong, foosball, dart boards and poker tables. Each bottom paid a nominal membership fee that helped pay for the alcohol and keep the maintenance up on all the tables and pay for the space.

They took a quick look around and found that they were the only ones in the place. Both headed straight for the bar. Jazz walked behind the bar and poured their favorite drinks. Sky was busy racking up the balls on the pool table. Handing Sky her drink Jazz asked “So what happened at work that you looked so exhausted when you walked out?”

“I am not sure I can talk about it, Jazz. If I tell you, you have to swear not to tell Haley or Kelly. Do you swear?”

Jazz looked at Sky.  Her friend’s eyes were watering up. She placed her hand on Sky’s shoulder. “Of course I swear, but how about we sit down for this talk?” Gently she guided Sky to the booth in the corner. By the time they were settled a few tears had started to fall.

“Sky, whenever you’re ready, please tell me what happened.”

Jazz watched as her friend took a large gulp of her drink and wiped away the tears.“ Jazz there is no easy way to say this, so I am going to just blurt it out. My new ass of a boss groped me and threatened to fire me if I said anything to anyone.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Jazz only you would ask that! I didn’t say he did it more than once.”

“Sky, you didn’t say it was the first time either. So stop skirting my question and answer what I asked. Hasn’t this guy been there over six months now?”

“Okay, Okay. Yes he has been there for seven months now. It started the second week he was there. I have tried everything to get him to stop. I even told him I was a lesbian. That just seemed to increase the harassment.”

Jazz reached over and squeezed Sky’s hand. She wanted to kick this guy’s ass. “Sky, I am so sorry you have been going through this alone. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I thought he would stop.”

“Well he is going to stop! Sky I need to know what this asses name is. Do you know where he lives?”

“No Jazz, you can’t do this…”

“Sky, you know I can do this and you know that he needs to stop. I know you don’t want to include anyone at work, or our wives. You are not going to tolerate this one more day. Now name and address, please.”

Reluctantly, Sky typed in the information in Jazz’s phone. “What are you going to do Jazz? I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Sky, you know I won’t tell you. I also won’t get in trouble or caught. The most important thing is this asshat won’t ever bother you or anyone else again. Now let’s play pool!”

As they walked over to the pool table, Sky reached over and gave Jazz a big hug. “Thank you!”

“No problem. Just get ready to lose at pool!”


Several hours later…

Jazz had found several social media accounts of the jerks and hacked into all of them. She wrote similar messages on all of them. “I am guilty of sexually harassing women at work. I grope them, intimidate them, and the more they resist the more I persist. No one can stop me.” With that part of the plan complete, she left the house to complete the rest.

She had made several flyers up with the man’s face on them and the same message that she had placed on his social media sites. First, she went to his neighborhood and placed them on all the stop signs, on people’s car windshields. She had printed several hundred.

Next was his place of employment. She wore a ski mask and parked her bike several blocks away. Jazz made sure that all the entrance doors had several flyers. She placed them throughout the parking lot on light poles, trash cans. She knew she was done when a security car turned in to patrol the area. Luck was on her side, since the car came in on the opposite side of the lot where she was working. It was easy to sneak out and back to her bike.

Jazz was exhausted when she got back home and slipped into bed. She sent a quick text to Sky to warn her that tomorrow morning might be a bit chaotic at work. Soon she was asleep with a very contented look on her face.


The next day Jazz woke up to her phone text beep. She reached for it without opening her eyes, when she did it made her smile. “Thank you Jazz. They fired him this morning. Several women in the office went to HR and told their stories. I was first in line!”

Jazz texted back, “Excellent! Sky, I hope you never have to deal with that again!”

Jazz looked at the clock.  It was 9:00 am. She had a few hours before she was due at Rosie’s, but she needed to go pick up a few things to help her complete her renovations at the bar. She had dreamed about the SuperTop book last night and somewhere in the midst of it her mind dreamed of a SuperBrat. A person that helped all brats in all sorts of situations. It had given her some ideas for the bar.

By 10:00 am Jazz was on her way to the home improvement store. She was going to need a few items to complete the projects she had dreamed of for the bar. Soon her cart was full including a tool duffel and bungie cords to strap all of the items to her bike.

Jazz was very excited to be starting at Rosie’s bar.  She was 30 mins early for her shift to start. When she walked into the bar, Rosie was sitting at the same booth she was at yesterday. “Hi Rosie! How are you today?”

Rosie turned and smiled. “Well hello, Jazz. I see you are early for your first day. Looks like from your duffel there you have plenty of tools to do the work you were talking about yesterday. Would you like to sit and talk a bit before the start of your shift?”

“I would love to Rosie, but I would really like to get started. I have thought of a few more things and I really would like it in top condition when you open tonight. Is that okay?”

“Sure, Jazz. Help yourself. If you need anything I will be around. Sam should be down soon so if you need her help I am sure she would be willing.”

“Great, thanks!”

Jazz hustled over to the bar area and found a stack of things she had suggested yesterday sitting on the bar. She looked up and saw Rosie smiling at her. “Thanks! These are perfect!”

“No.  Thank . I can’t wait to see if your estimation of doubling the drinks comes true.” Rosie winked and turned back to her paperwork.

Jazz got to work immediately. She installed the new well liquor holder at the left end of the bar. Now there was one every ten feet. Next, she placed all the bottle openers in strategic places down the bar. The bartenders wouldn’t have to look for them anymore and they were secured every three feet on the bar with a container underneath to catch the caps.

The next step was to reorganize the glasses and place two extra garnishment trays by the liquor wells. Once Jazz was satisfied with the flow of the bar she turned to stocking all of the supplies. On occasion she would have to interrupt Rosie to find out where things were stored.

She continued to spruce up the bar.  It was close to Christmas so Rosie had added decorations to the bar. Jazz rearranged a few things just to make it easier to reach the more expensive liquors. Her last job was to clean the bar area including the stools. She had noticed that the brass had not been polished for a while and a few of the stools were loose and needed some attention.

When she found the stools in question, she took them apart and re- assembled them with a few revisions that she was sure the Brats would greatly appreciate. She had just finished up the last revised stool when Rosie showed up next to her.

“Jazz, the bar looks great. I don’t think this place has looked this great in ages. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you giving me a chance, Rosie.”

They gave each other a hug. Rosie wrinkled her nose “I hope you brought a change of clothes. You need a shower too. You can use ours, upstairs. We open in an hour. If you see my wife up there, please tell her I would like to see her.”

“Sure thing. Yes, I do have my work clothes and I can’t believe you think I stink!” Jazz scooted out of the swinging palm headed her way. She grabbed her duffle and headed upstairs.

Rosie laughed “You do stink! I also owe you a swat when you get back,”

Jazz turned back and saw Rosie smiling and shaking her head as she looked at all the changes Jazz had  made to the bar. Jazz finished the climb to the apartment.

She knocked on the door waited a few seconds and let herself in. “Hi Sam!” She didn’t see her anywhere so she went back to the bathroom it was empty. She dropped her duffle off and went to knock on the bedroom door. When no one answered she opened it slowly. It was still dark and her friend was completely zonked out under the covers. Jazz flipped on the light and threw herself on the bed with a Tarzan yell. Sam woke up screaming, her arms were flailing, her legs were all twisted up in the sheet and blanket. When she realized that she wasn’t being attacked, she started slapping at Jazz who was laughing so hard her sides were hurting. “Damn it Jazz, you scared the shit out of me! What the hell are you doing here anyway?”

Jazz finally stopped laughing long enough to explain that Rosie wanted Sam downstairs. Sam looked at the clock. “Oh hell! I’m in trouble. I was supposed to be down there several hours ago.”

“Sorry Sam. I hope you don’t mind but I need to use the extra bathroom for a shower. Apparently, the boss says I stink.”

“I was wondering what that smell was! Please take a shower. Take a loooong shower. I think Rosie might use my ass as target practice when I get down there.”

When Jazz was showered and dressed she took a little time to eat the sandwich she had packed and drink a bottle of water. She was delaying going downstairs.  She had heard the distinct sound of a paddle hitting a bare bottom and heard Sam’s yelps when she had gotten out of the shower. But it was getting close to time to open and she wanted to test out her revisions to the bar, and too, the bar stools.

She headed directly to the bar when she got downstairs. She didn’t want to interfere with anything that might be going on with Rosie and Sam. Jazz filled the ice bins and started cutting the garnishments. She had pressed one of the secret buttons she had installed when she heard Sam heading her way.

“Jazz the bar looks great. Rosie is real pleased with all of the changes.”

“Thanks Sam. Hey would you like to sit down and let me make you a drink?”

Sam reached around and rubbed her rear. “Not sure I am ready to sit yet, but I would love a coke.”

“Sure thing.  One coke coming up. I really think you would like to try that stool you’re standing in front of, Sam.  Trust me. I believe it will heal what ails you.”

Sam stared at Jazz. “What have you done Jazz?”

“I guess you will have to sit down to find out, won’t you.”

Sam sat down on the stool and immediately moaned with pleasure. “Jazz you rigged this to act like an ice pack? That’s fantastic!”

“Shhhh.  Keep it down. I am pretty sure Rosie will not approve. Only two of them are rigged that way and I can turn them on and off from back here. I will need your help tonight to let the bottoms know which ones to come sit on. Can you help me?”

“Absolutely. Jazz this is so cool!!”

“Thanks.  Now stop looking so happy. Rosie will get suspicious.”

“Oh right! I have to get all the equipment cleaned too. See ya later, Jazz.  Thanks!  I really needed that!”

“Anytime, Sam.”

Jazz watched Sam walk over to the spanking area and start cleaning. She finished up all the garnishments and was just checking on some of the drink mixes when Rosie came by.

“Hey Jazz, bar looks great. You ready to open this place up?”

“You bet!”

“You do remember that this is our red bottom contest night, right?”

“Oh Rosie, I forgot about that. Is there anything special I need to do?”

“Just make sure the contestants don’t have any alcohol before they participate. The screen up there will tell you what number we are on. You can serve anyone that has already competed.”

“Great.  No problem.  That will make it easier.”

Jazz watched Rosie walk over and unlock the doors. They weren’t open more than a half hour before the bar was buzzing with people talking and the sounds of spanking being heard. The monitor screens allowed people at the bar and tables in back to see the spanking area action. Jazz looked up at the monitor to check what contestant number they were on, it was 12. Whoever she was, her bottom was becoming scarlet red. At the end of the session a picture was taken and posted on the screen and bulletin board so the patrons could vote on whose bottom was reddest at the end of the contest.

About 15 minutes later, Jazz saw the young lady whose bottom had been scarlet, walking tenderly towards the bar. She still wore her contest number 12 on her arm. “Hi.  What would you like to have?”

“Honestly, an ice pack! But I will settle for a Tito’s on the rocks.”

“Sure, coming right up. If you would like, that stool right in front of you might grant you your first request, but only if you can keep a secret.”

“If you could do that, definitely.” She sat on the stool.

Jazz pushed the button and she knew exactly the moment when 12 felt the cool relief. She had the sweetest smile of relief on her face. “Thank you.  That is wonderful.”

Jazz slid her drink to her. “You’re welcome. Please keep it just between the bottoms. That one and the one to your right are set up to help. You can spread that news, but let them know if a Top finds out they will no longer exist. Not to mention I will want to stand for the rest of my life.”

Number 12 nodded, “Absolutely, thank you so much. You have been a lifesaver! I feel much better. I think you are the best bartender I have ever met. My name is Meg.  Nice to meet you.”

“I am Jazz and I am happy to meet you also. This is my first night bartending here.”

As the night wore on, more and more contestants were sitting on the special stools at the bar. Jazz was actually running up and down the bar keeping everyone happy. Only once had she allowed a line of waitresses waiting on drinks get past two deep. No one at the bar was without a drink longer than 30 seconds.


Rosie was watching the bar from her upstairs office. She had taken a break from the excitement after the last contestants had performed. All of the pictures had been posted and the voting had begun. It would be another hour before they needed to tally the votes. She took some time to watch Jazz work at the bar. She was amazing. Watching her was like watching a dancer. All her moves were purposeful and efficient. Yet she still had time to chat with each customer and make the waitresses laugh.

A knock on her door brought her attention back to the paperwork in front of her. “Come in.”

Sam walked in. “Hi babe, sorry to interrupt you, but would you be okay if I give Jazz a break behind the bar. I don’t think she has stopped since we opened.”

“Yes, of course. I am so glad you remembered. I should have given her a break an hour ago. She is amazing behind that bar. Thank you, sweetie.”

Sam leaned in and gave Rosie a soft kiss on her lips. “That’s why we make such a great team babe. I remember when you forget.” Sam turned to leave. “Ouch, hey!”

“You know you were being cheeky, young lady. Now go give your friend a break. Let’s see if you can keep those drinks moving like her.”

“That is sooooooooo not going to happen. She is amazing!”


Jazz went outside to take her break. She had brought another sandwich and chips and a few bottles of water. It felt good to sit out at the picnic table and stretch her legs and give her feet a break. She had really been enjoying her new job. She was especially proud of her cooling bar stools. She had watched as the news of those special stools had spread amongst the bottoms. It was fun to watch their faces turn to smiles as they felt the cooling relief.

She started to think of other things she could secretly put in place in the bar that would help her fellow bottoms. The trick would be getting it past Rosie and some of the other Tops. They were quite a group of suspicious people.

Jazz was walking back in from break when she saw her friend Sky, and her wife, Kelly. “Hey you two! How are you doing tonight?”

“Hi Jazz, Sky told me you were bartending here. So, I suggested that we come over and see how your first day is going.”

Jazz looked at Sky, who just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “That is really nice of both of you. Glad to see you! Come on in. I was just going back to work. What would you two like?”

“Just two cokes, Jazz. Sky needs a little stress relief before we start with any alcohol. Thank you.”

“Absolutely, I will get them for you right away.”

Jazz got back to the bar and saw that Sam was getting buried. She made the two cokes and asked a waitress to deliver them and then got to work getting everyone their drinks. After 15 minutes of hard and fast work the lines were gone and everyone was happy drinking and talking.

Sam looked at Jazz “How do you do that? I was buried the whole time you were gone!”

“I look at it as a competition with myself. I try to take less steps each time and cut out wasteful walking or hand movements.” She looked up and saw Sam looking at her strangely “What?”

“You know, Jazz, you never stop surprising me! You are great.” She quickly came in for a hug and whispered “The stools are a great hit!”

Jazz blushed at the sincere compliments from her friend. “Thanks for giving me a break.”

The evening ended well.  Number 12 and her Top won the contest. As she was leaving, she ran over and gave Jazz a hug, whispering in her ear, “That bar stool saved my night! Thank you very much!”

Jazz stood blushing and smiling but she was able to get out, “Your welcome.”


Once the last customers straggled out the door, Rosie locked the doors. She turned and saw her team looking at her with grins. “What?”

Her waitresses all started talking at once “Rosie, we had the best tips tonight we have ever gotten!”

“Really?” Rosie looked around and saw all of her team except Jazz. Jazz was cleaning up behind the bar. “Why do you think that is, ladies?”

This time the most senior waitress, Janet, answered for all of them.  “Well we talked about that, Rosie, and all of us heard the same thing from all of our customers tonight, including the regulars. They said their drinks were never empty. Plus, whatever drinks they ordered came exactly how they wanted it. You have to keep Jazz here every night, Rosie!”

Rosie looked over to where Jazz was re-stocking the bar. “I do, do I?”

All the waitresses in unison said “YES!”

“Okay, Okay you ladies get out of here. I have paperwork to do. Thank you for a great night and enjoy your day tomorrow. See you soon. Be careful going home. Does everyone have a ride?”

They all rolled their eyes and chanted, “Yes Mama Rosie” as they scrambled to get away from her swinging palm and out the door.

Rosie walked over to the bar and sat down on one of the regular stools. “You did a great job tonight Jazz. If the waitress’s tips are any indication of the night we had, I believe we might have broken a sales record.”

Jazz stopped cleaning the bar top and looked up at Rosie “Really? Cool!” Then she went back to cleaning.

Sam yelled from the top of the stairs “Hey Rosie, You sold two times what you normally sell on contest night! Congratulations Babe!”

“Thanks for telling me, sweetie! I will be upstairs soon.”

“Jazz, are you finished for the night?”

“I think so, just have to empty my tip jar. What percentage do you usually take?”

“Zero Jazz.  Your tips are your tips. Why? Did Dick take a percentage of your tips?”

“Yep, 20%.  He said I was lucky he hired me.”

“What an asshole!”

“Yep, that is a true statement! Rosie thank you again for taking a chance on me. I know I am a bit rough around the edges, but I am working on that, honest.”

Rosie walked around the bar to where Jazz was standing, stuffing her tips in her pockets. “Jazz, come here.”

Jazz looked up and took the few steps to reach Rosie “Yes Ma’am, did I do something wrong?”

“No Jazz, you did fantastic tonight. I am just feeling horrible that I didn’t hire you sooner.” Rosie then pulled Jazz in for a hug. “Okay, you have worked long enough for one day. You need to head home. Text me when you are home and inside.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” With that, Jazz was out and on her bike rushing home.


Jazz got home with no problem. She remembered to text Rosie. She showered and fell into bed exhausted.

The next morning, ringing of her phone woke her up. She scrambled to find it, as apparently, she had left it on the bathroom counter. “Hi, Haley! Good Morning!”

“Hi Sweetie, I heard you did a great job last night. Rosie was full of nothing but compliments when I talked to her this morning. Did you enjoy bartending there?”

“Yes, it was a blast. The customers are wonderful and I feel at home with them. Rosie trusted me enough to let me redesign the bar area, so it would be more efficient.”

“I heard.  That is fantastic, sweetie. I can’t wait to see you at work. Just a few more days and I will be home.”

“I know … 12 days and 6 hours, if my calculations are correct.”

“You crack me up. Are you behaving? I haven’t had any calls from Kelly or Rosie about needing to take you in hand. Are you feeling okay?”

“HaHa, I am doing great. Besides I know you are getting older so I thought I would give you a rest. Don’t want my babe wearing herself out and needing to take a break.”

“Oh really? Maybe my young wife needs a reminder of just how old I am when I get home? Maybe she also needs a reminder of what can still happen from long distance?”

“Nooooo, Ma’am. Your wife is very sorry for even thinking such thoughts, let alone saying them out loud. Your wife will love to show you how sorry she is the moment she sees you.”

“Hmmmm, you are sure my wife does not need any reminders?”

“Yes Ma’am. I am definitely sure.”

“Okay, but if my wife decides to be a smart ass to me again while I am away I will remind her what it is like to spank herself while I watch on skype. Is that completely understood, Jazz?”

“Yes Ma’am, crystal clear Ma’am. I really do miss you, Haley.”

“I miss you too, sweetie. Love you and have a great day!”

“Love you, too.”


The next few days went exceptionally well at the bar. Each day seemed busier than the last one. Jazz came home exhausted every night, but she slept well. Rosie was giving her Sunday off. Jazz had been training some of the other bartenders on being more efficient behind the bar. Rosie had asked her if she thought that Staci was ready to solo on a slow night. Jazz felt she was ready to handle any night. Stacie had improved tremendously and was taking to the efficiencies like a duck to water. So it was decided that Staci would run the bar Sunday.

Saturday night, Jazz had showed Staci the hidden buttons at the bar that cooled the stools off for any bottom that needed to soothe their rear end. Staci being a bottom herself, understood the need to keep all of that a secret from all Tops, especially Rosie.

Jazz spent Sunday morning planning more helpful surprises for her fellow bottoms. Many of them were meeting back at Bottoms Up later that day. She had sent out an email a few days before suggesting that they read the book, SuperTop, and that it had given her some ideas for a SuperBrat that helped Bottoms be the best they could be.  A few of the ladies had replied to Jazz’s email.  They were all excited about having a SuperBrat to help them. Jazz sure hoped they liked her new ideas and that she would have help implementing them, and above all else, they would keep it all secret.

Jazz picked up Sky on her way to the meeting at Bottoms Up. Sky chatted up a storm through the mics in their helmets on the way. Jazz didn’t have to say much except, “Really, what else?” and Sky would continue her opinion on SuperTop. Finally, she came to her conclusion, “Jazz, we have to be smarter than the Brats in that book! Kelly, Haley and Rosie will kill us!”

“Don’t worry Sky. As long as everyone keeps this a secret the Tops will never know.”

Jazz watched as Sky rolled her eyes. “Jazz you do know if any of the Tops ask their bottoms about those stools they will tell them, right?”

“Yep, I sure do. Which is why by tomorrow night all the stools will be wired for both cooling and heating. So the bottoms can sit anywhere and with a push of the button they will be back to room temperature. Plus, I have plans to do the same with the booth all of us sit at. I have some other surprises too.”

They both walked into the Cave and were greeted by a half dozen friends who all started to talk at once.

“Jazz we need a SuperBrat! We need someone helping us. All of us are getting too tame. We have forgotten our roots. Our Tops are becoming complacent. We need our spark back.”

“Okay, Okay… Sooooooooo I was thinking that this might be a brainstorming event for us.” Jazz walked over to the white board that she borrowed and pulled out the box of post-its she had stashed yesterday. “So please, everyone, take some post-its and pens and write down your ideas or fears. Anything that you want to talk about, which could include SuperTop or any decisions that need to be made. Let’s take 30 minutes first and see how everyone is doing. Is that okay with everyone?”

Jazz looked at everyone and saw that another half dozen of friends had slipped in as she was talking. They were all nodding. “Great! Now get to work. This is brainstorming so all ideas are welcoming. No judging.”

As everyone started to write there was a lot of laughter and chatting with each other. The waitress came in and took everyone’s orders and Jazz splurged for some appetizers, her tips had been fantastic at Rosie’s. She looked at her watch and 30 minutes had passed like it was five. “Well ladies time is up, do you want to keep writing or stop and discuss?” Unanimously the group answered with “Writing!”

“Okay, Okay got it. I will check back in another 30.” Jazz went over to the white board and split it into 3 categories: 1. Ideas, 2. Fears 3. Miscellaneous Comments.

Thirty minutes later Jazz stood back up “Alright ladies please take your post-its up and place them on the board under the category that you think they fit. Sky can you and Sam help anyone that asks for help?”

Sky and Sam both nodded and got up to help anyone that had questions. Jazz was watching everyone and gauging the excitement and mood of her friends. They all seemed pretty geeked about sharing their ideas.  About 20 minutes later, everyone had sat back down and started eating the appetizers and drinking. Jazz went over to the board and started sorting the comments into similar statements. There were a lot that were asking for more cooling stools. Also, a shared concern of the Tops finding out about them and feeling like they had been too tame for too long. She also saw some ideas that might get them all killed, like burning all of Rosie’s implements. There were also some ideas that she hadn’t even thought about. This is exactly why we needed to do this as a group she thought.

When she finished her sorting, she turned back to the group. “These are great ladies! I think we should go over each one and if anyone has questions the person that wrote it can clarify what they meant. Is that good for everyone?  Also, anyone want to volunteer to read the comments?”

Jazz watched as every hand came up and turned to point at her. “What a bunch of BRATS! Okay I got it you all want to keep eating and drinking.” The whole group cheered and raised their glasses. Sky being the loudest “Told you ladies she would know why we chose her.”

“Yeah, thanks…” Jazz was grinning when she started reading the different ideas out to everyone. There was a lot of good discussion and questions asked. They finally settled with their top three choices. Next were the fears. Those had already sorted themselves it was fear of being caught by their Tops and fear they were not letting their “Brat out to play” enough. Last was the Miscellaneous group and everyone agreed to leave those for another time. They decided that implementation of the ideas and addressing the fears were the most important items for tonight.

Jazz explained her plan for adding more stools and the booth along with being able to heat them back to room temperature quickly. Everyone bought into that plan and voted it a go. The next plan was from Meg, who had won the spanking contest with her Top last week. Her idea was to add more cushion to the padding on the benches of the spanking furniture. It was decided that Sam could pull that off the best when she was cleaning all the equipment every morning.

A third idea was to add an automatic dispenser of arnica cream in the women’s restroom. It was decided to hide it in plain sight. Sam said she was the one that filled the dispensers so she would add a dispenser close to the towels and label it hand lotion.

The fourth idea was going to help with the fear of us losing our “Brat Status”. Tracy was a wonderful carpenter and leather worker. She volunteered to make prank implements. They would be designed to break apart upon impact. Everyone knew that Rosie hated it when a Top would break one of her implements. Sam looked through her phone and sent photos of all of the implements at the bar to Tracy. A few of the other crafty ladies agreed to help Tracy make all of them in a week.

“Well ladies how do you suppose we should deal with our common fear of our Tops finding out about any of these things?”

Sky said “How about secret signals and sounds?”

“Like what?” asked Tina

Sky started to demonstrate some very subtle signals and even made a couple of sounds that if you weren’t paying attention would sound like typical bar noises with just enough of a difference to be noticed. Her ideas were agreed to immediately. She would put a video together and send it out to the group so all of us would be able to study them and understand each message.

It was getting late so Jazz stood once again “Thank you all for coming and sharing your ideas and enthusiasm with all of us. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did!” Cheers could be heard with the clinking of mugs.

It was decided that all of the changes would be implemented by the weekend. Lots of people had work to do and everyone needed to learn the new Brat Signals.


The week had gone fast. Jazz had been busy rigging up all the stools and the Brat Booth. Sky had sent the video out to everyone the next day. Jazz had all the signals memorized and ready to use. She and Sam had practiced them each night. They never once saw one Top look at them funny.

Tracy had sent out photos of each prank implement. She even videoed one in use. It had kept Jazz laughing for several replays. The implements flew apart but never in big enough pieces to hurt anyone. The leather ones were a lot of fun to see flying because the pieces kind of floated in the air before dropping to the ground.

Sam had Jazz check out her improvements to the padding on all of the equipment. The enhancements were extremely comfortable, Jazz instantly wished her couch at home was as comfy.

This weekend was going to be fantastic. The only thing that could make it better for Jazz would be if her wife came home. Haley had mentioned that they had decided to train through the weekends so they could all get home sooner. But she wasn’t sure how early they would be able to leave.

It was finally Friday and Jazz had tested all of her adjustments and timed how quickly she could get all of the stools and the booth back to room temperature. It was impressive almost imperceptible. She had enough time to get home, eat and have a short nap before she needed to be back for her shift.

Jazz opened up the front door and smelled something fantastic coming from the kitchen. She screeched and ran to Haley as she rounded the corner of the kitchen. “When did you get home?” She jumped into Haley’s arms wrapping her legs around her waist. Immediately they locked lips, tongues exploring with the urgency that only lovers that have been apart can produce.

Suddenly Jazz found herself against the hallway wall, her legs had wrapped around Haley on their own volition. She could feel Haley’s hand squeezing her butt. Jazz’s hands were busy unbuttoning Haley’s shirt and freeing her breasts. “I am so happy you are home. I missed you so much” Jazz was able to finally get out during a brief respite from their kiss.

“I missed you too sweetie. Let me put you back down, I need to turn the crock pot on low. I think we have some time to get reacquainted before you need to be at work, right?”

“Definitely! I will meet you in the bedroom.” Jazz rushed upstairs and picked up her laundry from the floor and stuffed it into the overflowing hamper. She knew Haley was not going to be happy about that. Maybe she could keep her occupied on other matters.


Haley walked into their bedroom the sight of her wife laying nude on the bed stopped her in her tracks. She could feel a slow smile spreading as she watched a beautiful blush rise on Jazz from her neck to her ears. “Well babe I see we have both been missing each other. I also see I gave you enough time to get all of your clothes in the hamper, including the ones you had on.”

Haley ducked as a pillow was flung her way. “Jazz, now you know what I do, when you throw pillows at me, don’t you?”

“Yes I do which is why I did it.”

Haley watched as Jazz rolled over on to her hands and knees and wiggled her beautiful behind. Jazz turned her head and winked “Well woman you going to stand there all day or take care of your unruly wife?”

“Unruly? Hmmm let me think about that for a few seconds.” She saw Jazz grab another pillow. “Don’t even think about it, young lady.” Haley took a few steps and had her hand on Jazz’s bottom. She gently squeezed the globes that were so attractive to her. Then she began to lightly spank them until a nice light rose appeared evenly over both sides. She could hear very low moans coming from Jazz and noticed the movement of her bottom when she would reach closer to Jazz’s core. “Do you need more sweetheart?”

“Yesssss, Haley I have missed you so much.”

“I have missed you too, babe. Let me see what I can do to make sure you know just how much.” Haley slid her fingers passed Jazz’s soft outer lips and entered her as she reached under her and grasped a nipple and squeezed with precision. She knew how much Jazz loved this position and soon she felt Jazz’s body responding to the motions and intense emotions of their reunion. “Is this what you wanted sweetie?”


Haley felt every shudder and the tightening of Jazz around her fingers. She knew if she twisted Jazz’s nipple just so, she would take her lover over the edge.

“Please.” Came softly but urgently from Jazz.

Haley smiled and twisted with her last push and she felt Jazz go ridged and arch her back. Soon they were both covered with a slight glistening of sweat. Jazz fell to the bed on her stomach. Haley gathered her up and held her as she recovered. She leaned down and kissed her with all the passion that bubbled up from her love of this woman.

When the kiss came to a slow end she watched as Jazz blinked her eyes back open. “Oh Haley, I have missed you so much. I love you. Now it’s time to let me show you and welcome you home properly.”

Haley found herself being stripped of every piece of clothing in record time. She knew Jazz liked to do this herself. Haley was more than happy to oblige her.

It did not take long for both women to be kissing once again and holding each other as if they would never let go. Haley smiled at Jazz “That was a wonderful welcome home, sweetie. Ready for a little nap?”

When they woke a few hours later they were still entangled in each other’s arms. Haley looked down to Jazz and kissed her on the nose. “Ready to eat?”

Jazz’s stomach growled in response. They both chuckled and headed out to the kitchen.


Jazz headed to the bar early. She had some preparations for the night’s activities to finish with Sam. Haley had told her she would be there a few hours after the bar opened.

When she arrived, she slipped in to the bar and started on the garnishments for the drinks until Sam came downstairs.

“Hey, Jazz!”

Jazz jumped and almost cut herself slicing the oranges. “Damn, Sam, you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“A bit nervous about tonight’s pranks, Jazz?”

“Only because Haley came home early. I didn’t expect her and you know she is so damn observant.”

“Tell me about it. Rosie started asking me why I have been doing such a great job with the equipment lately.”

“What did you say?”

“Deflected of course… Now Rosie you know I always do my best for you sweetie? Then I kissed her and well you know what happened.”

Both of them chuckled and rolled their eyes. Tops can be so easy sometimes.

“Okay, so Sam do you think we are all set for tonight and the prank implements? Do you think Rosie is suspicious at all about the stools or our booth?”

“Yes on the implements, Jazz. No on the stools or booth. How come Haley came home early? I thought it was a training class?”

“She said they worked the weekends so they could get home earlier because of the holidays. It sure was nice to see her.”

Jazz felt a swat on her shoulder from Sam. “I bet it was!”


The bar was full to capacity. It looked like everyone they knew was there. Apparently, word about the stools, booth and the implement prank had spread among the bottoms in their community.

Jazz had been making drinks non-stop for several hours. She had pushed the cooling stool button continuously for all of her friends. The booth was also constantly full.

Finally, she had a second to breathe so she looked up where Rosie’s office was. She noticed that Haley had come in about an hour ago and had gone straight up to the office after giving her a quick peck on the lips. What Jazz saw in the office made her hair stand up on the back of her neck. Haley and Rosie had another lady in the office. The stranger was standing and talking while Haley and Rosie were sitting and listening intently. Every so often the stranger would point to the bar and even the enhanced booth that most of the bottoms were sitting at and continue to talk. She seemed calm but very determined.

Jazz didn’t have much time to dwell on what she saw happening. More drinks were needed. She continued to keep people happy and enjoying themselves.

Jazz heard one of Sam’s signals and looked up to find her over at the implement rack. Sam was smiling and replacing some of the real implements for their prank ones.

About thirty minutes later the sounds of spanking that had filled the air was interrupted with nothing but a hushed silence. Jazz looked up from pouring a drink and followed all of the patron’s faces as they looked at the Top that was standing there with nothing but a flogging handle. Jazz could still see some of the flogging strands hanging on other pieces of equipment. One had even landed on the light. It took everything Jazz had not to burst out laughing at the befuddled face of the Top whose face had started to blush.

Jazz watched as Rosie came out of the office to see what was amiss in her bar. Immediately Jazz went back to work. She could hear Rosie walk down the stairs towards the Top. Rosie’s boots made a unique sound as she strode towards the Top. Everyone was watching, there wasn’t a person in the crowd that didn’t know how Rosie felt about her prized implements. Especially the Top that was only holding a handle while pieces of the flogger were strewn all over the area.

Jazz could see that with each step Rosie grew sterner as she put two and two together. Jazz almost felt a little sorry for the Top. She looked around and found Sam trying really hard not to smile along with a lot of the other Brats that were part of the prank.

Rosie stood in front of the Top and put her hand out. The Top handed her the handle. Rosie inspected it closely and leaned over towards the Top and whispered something in her ear. Jazz watched the Top visibly relax. Rosie gave her a quick hug and looked for Sam in the crowd and motioned for her to come over. Sam walked stoically over to Rosie, there was a quick conversation and Sam retrieved a new flogger for the Top. Sam also took the handle from Rosie and started cleaning up the pieces of the flogger she could find and put them in a bag.

The Top returned to her bottom with the new flogger and continued as if nothing was going on. Rosie returned upstairs and soon the bar was full of chatter once again. It didn’t take Sam too long to make her way over to Jazz.

“Jazz, something is up. Rosie didn’t even seem mad. She just asked me to replace it and pick it all up so she could see what happened later.”

“Sam do you know who the lady is up in the office with Rosie and Haley?”

Sam looked up at the office “Not sure Jazz, Rosie introduced me but I can’t remember her name, said she and Haley had some business to discuss with her. She asked me if I could keep people from interrupting them for a while. But she also asked me to send up Kelly when she arrived.”

Just than Sky and Kelly entered the bar. Sam went over and told Kelly that Rosie was waiting for her upstairs. Kelly went upstairs right away. Sam and Sky came back over the bar.

“Ladies, I think if we are going to pull this prank, we better do it all now or never. Something tells me that woman upstairs is not here by accident.”

“Jazz, do you think we should call it off?” Sky asked.

“Nah, you know if they already know what we are up to we might as well complete the prank because either way we are toast. Besides, all the ladies are here to see what happens. We can’t let them down, can we? After all, we are Brats, not Angels. Our Tops would be so bored without a bit of excitement every now and then. Now let’s get Operation SuperBrat really going!”

Jazz looked up and saw many of the bottoms looking their way. She gave them the secret signal that meant the operation was starting. Sam went and replaced all the implements with prank ones. Including the new flogger. Tracy had made a few extras of the most used implements. Who says Brats don’t think ahead?

Behind the bar, Jazz could see most of what was happening in the bar. She noticed that several of the bottoms had gotten their Tops to take them to the spanking area. They were all counting on Tracy’s prank implements working. She let a smile slip into place when she saw that all of the pieces of equipment were filled.

Unfortunately, the next thing she heard was the secret code from Sam that trouble was brewing. Jazz looked up and saw Rosie, Haley and the stranger walking out of the office. The timing was amazing, as soon as all of three of them were out and looking over the banister down on the spanking area, each Top had made their first swing with their implement of choice. Every single implement flew apart as they impacted the Bottom. Jazz had already pushed the button for the video cameras she had hidden to get different views of the Tops faces.

She was very happy that she had added one that would capture anyone on the bannister. Jazz had to bite the inside of her cheek so she didn’t laugh out loud. She took on the same shocked look that all of the other people wore.


Rosie’s voice was a mixture of pissed and surprise when she told everyone, “Don’t anyone move, please. I don’t want anyone hurt with the debris. Sam can you get the brooms and dust pans? My staff will clean this mess up right away.”  Rosie finished the last word as she stepped onto the bar floor. Haley, Kelly and the stranger were right behind her.

Soon Sam and all the waitresses were urgently working at cleaning up the mess. Rosie stepped up to the microphone that they used for live music and announcing the competitions. The only sound you could hear was the brooms sweeping pieces of implements into the dust pans. “Jazz, please turn the microphone on.” Rosie waited a few seconds and then began to talk.

“First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you that had nothing to do with this rather extensive prank. I am sure that within the next few moments all of the culprits will be lined up against the wall to my left. But, first I want to introduce all of you to a very special friend of mine. She has apparently become quite famous over the last few years among our community. Most people don’t know this but I met her at a convention many years ago, when I was just starting in TTWD. She is a very special person and has helped many couples get through sticky situations. Well enough of me talking. I would like you all to meet Ms. Emily Winters or as some of you know her, aka SuperTop.”

Rosie watched both her wife and Jazz as she made the announcement. It took all her strength not to grin from ear to ear at their shocked faces. Those two were going to be the death of her. She was so happy that Haley had made it home early enough to deal with her own miscreant. While she had been announcing Emily, she had watched Haley make her way over to her wife.

Rosie had seen Jazz taken by surprise when her wife reached up and grabbed her by the ear. She watched as Jazz tried to get Haley to go easier or let go. She saw Jazz lose all color in her face when Haley whispered what was going to happen to her if she was behind all of this chaos. Bingo!  One down!

Emily smiled politely at the applause she received on her way to the microphone. “Thank you everyone. I appreciate the welcome. It seems that some, if not all of the Brats in this community have gone to extreme lengths to call attention to themselves. I am sure that most of you Tops are ready and willing to deal with each and every culprit. I would like to offer my services if any of you have questions or need ideas on how to handle your creative imps.”

Kelly spoke up. “Ms. Winters, I am very curious as to how you might go about sorting who all the culprits are? Would you mind giving us your opinion?” Sky was being held by Kelly, people that didn’t know them would think they were in an embrace. However, those that knew them, knew that Kelly was holding on to Sky to keep her from escaping her form of justice.

Emily looked out to the crowd of attentive Tops, she couldn’t see any of the Brats faces since they all seemed to have instantly found the bar floor very, very interesting. “Ladies I believe if you look around, you will find the answer to that question looking at the wood flooring of this fine establishment. It seems that the Tops in this town are quite experienced at handling this sort of behavior, yes?” Only half of the bar joined Emily in her laughter. The other half were preoccupied with their immediate future.


Jazz’s ear had been released by Haley with a threat of never sitting ever if she tried to move. She raised her head up and decided it was time to do a bit of talking herself. “Ms. Winters, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you from our humble community. As you can see, creativity is a strength of ours. We hope you enjoyed our small attempt at impressing you with our abilities. Now that it is all over, why don’t we all have a drink?”

The bar erupted in laughter and applause. The Brats were applauding and the Tops were laughing at Jazz’s attempt to wiggle out of serious trouble. Jazz went to take a step back towards the bar and was immediately caught by the ear again.

“Not so fast my brat. I believe there is about to be a distinct sound of paddles hitting bare bottoms in this bar.” Haley pulled Jazz right next to her again.

The Tops exploded into applause while the Brats squirmed visibly in their seats. Jazz felt a blush flow straight up her neck to the tips of her ears. Haley was going to kill her.

“Jazz, I would like to thank you for your welcome to your friendly community. I am also quite impressed with your creativity and the trouble you went to make me feel like I was at home. I can’t wait to see how your Tops amaze me with their own style of creativity.” Emily smiled sweetly.

The Tops were laughing again as they watched Jazz blush even deeper. Jazz muttered “Touché,” softly. Only Haley heard her.

Haley leaned down and whispered, “Cheer up sweetie, you know your butt was already busted!”


Rosie stepped back up to the microphone. “Well, my friends. I think I have an idea to make sure all of our brats are recognized for their originality tonight. Please have your private conversations and find out to what extent your brat is responsible for this night’s entertainment. For those of you that want to handle this on your own, please feel no obligation to include yourself or your brat in the next hour’s comeuppance.  As for those who feel that their brats are in need of a more public style of attention, this is what I have in mind. If any of you have ideas, please let me know.”

“I believe that there are at least 20 Tops here that have Brats that are central to this prank. So I thought that each Top would have an implement of their choice and a piece of equipment that they would use. Each brat would visit each Top and take 5 from each implement.  By the time the Brats had finished the circuit they would have a nice even 100. Any other ideas or questions?”

Haley spoke up. “I agree Rosie, with the caveat that some of us might think our Brats deserve a little more than others, especially if they believed that our community really needed a SuperBrat!”  Haley was holding Jazz’s hand and squeezed it a bit when she ended her statement.

Kelly added, “Definitely Haley. I think I know of several Brats that will need a little extra. Rosie, do you mind if a few Tops and Brats continue to use your equipment and implements after the first hundred are done?”

Rosie was smiling when she answered both of her friends. “Absolutely.  Any Top that needs more time with their Brat is more than welcome to stay. I know I will be.” Rosie was looking at Sam when she finished her statement. She watched Sam blush crimson.

“Well, I think we can take the next fifteen minutes and decide which Bottoms will be in the line-up. After that if I can have 20 Tops in the spanking area. Also we might need a few Tops to make sure all of the Brats stay in line. Emily, do you mind helping organize the que for us, please?”

Emily nodded her assent with a smile. Rosie reached over and grabbed her hand. “Thank you.”

The bar was filled with hushed conversations going on between Tops and Bottoms. Rosie walked over to where her wife was standing all alone. “Well young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Sam began “Ma’am, we just wanted to have some fun and remember we were still Brats. That’s why we made sure everything would be safe and no one could get hurt from any of the debris. Please don’t be too mad.”

“I see, so you don’t think you have been enough of a brat lately? You need more attention, young lady?” Rosie watched Sam instinctively cover her bottom.

“No Ma’am. I think you give me plenty of attention. Shoot I am still having trouble sitting from this morning’s attention. It’s just that some of the other ladies wanted to have fun and you know how helpful I want to be.”

“Helpful? So you need to be helpful? Well why don’t you go get that new box that was delivered today, it is in the cleaning closet. Ask Jazz to help you carry it out here.” Rosie looked up “Haley, do you mind if Jazz helps Sam bring in a box for me?”

Haley let go of Jazz and nudged her gently towards Sam with a pat on her rear. “No problem Rosie. I am sure Jazz would love to help.”


Jazz followed Sam to the cleaning close.  The box, it turned out, looked more like a trunk that had a latch and lock. “Sam, I don’t think this is going to be very good for any of us.  Did Rosie tell you what was in it?”

“No, and to be honest Jazz, I wasn’t going to ask her. She is already pretty pissed.”

“Don’t blame you there. Haley is on controlled simmer right now. She has told me that we will continue this discussion at home too.”

The two hefted up the trunk and carried it into the bar and placed it where Rosie pointed, right at the entrance of the spanking area. Rosie walked over and unlocked the latch.  When she opened it up, Jazz and Sam groaned. The trunk was full of brand new implements.

Rosie turned and smiled. “Please Tops, help yourself to my completely new implement assortment. I am sure our Bottoms will love breaking them in tonight.”

Jazz watched in horror as each Top came up and with tremendous glee, picked out their implement of choice.

Rosie was back at the microphone. “Alright ladies, I think we have decided on the culprits and our Tops have decided who will be participating. At this time we would like all the guilty parties to form a line at the wall to my right. The front of the line should start with the following bottoms… Jazz, Sam, Sky, Tracy… and everyone else may line up behind them.”

Emily Winters was waiting at the wall as all of the miscreants slowly made their way to the line. Jazz arrived at the head of the line. It was just dawning on her that every Top would be fresh and every implement would be stiff from non-use when it met with her rear end. Sometimes life could really suck as a Brat.

Meanwhile, Rosie was making sure all the Tops had their own area and there was a flow that the Bottoms could follow easily. It seemed there were close to 25 Brats that had been involved in the prank at her bar.

Rosie walked over to the line where Emily was. “Alright young ladies, Jazz will be going first, I suggest that you watch her flow because you will be expected to follow it to the letter. Is that understood?”

In a chorus, all of the Brats answered “Yes Ma’am”

“Good! Ok Jazz, you’re up.” Rosie led Jazz to the first Top who was waiting on a chair with a leather paddle. A box was sitting next to her. “Go ahead and put your shoes, socks pants and panties in the box, Jazz.  You won’t need them for a while. Jazz turned scarlet but did as she was told.

The Top helped her bend over her knees and without much prelude she brought the paddle back and let it swing right into the fleshy part of Jazz’s bottom. Jazz gritted her teeth and took all five.  She was helped up and shown to her next station, which was a spanking bench.

The spanking bench had Top two standing there with a slapper. The Top just pointed and Jazz took her place on the bench and again without any words the slapper landed with gusto five swift times. Jazz hissed with each one. She was beginning to wonder if she would ever sit down again and she had 18 more Tops to go.

As she moved to station three, she could hear more swats, and Sam and Sky were grunting and groaning. A spanking horse was waiting for her along with a Top with a crop. Once more, no words were exchanged. Jazz climbed on the horse and waited. Like clockwork the crop met her rear with velocity and accuracy. This time Jazz let out a grunt.

Station four repeated the over the knee position, but this Top had an oval shaped leather paddle. Jazz knew this Top well and was not excited to be going over her knee. She was an expert at hitting sit spots. Jazz knew what was coming when the top raised her right knee and tipped Jazz a little further down. Although the paddle came down fast and furiously each one hit perfectly on the tender skin between buttocks and thigh. Damn those would hurt for some time.

The next station was a stool where Jazz was made to bend over and hold on to the legs. The Top had a tawse. Jazz was doing her best to remember to breathe with each strike of the leather. When she was allowed to stand she was grimacing from the sting. The only thing that kept her from trying to rub was the possibility of having to start over.

By the time Jazz had made it to station 18 where Kelly was the Top, she had experienced 17 different implements and her bottom was red hot. She was praying she could get through the next three stations with three of the strictest and most experienced Tops. Kelly was holding a Purple Heart paddle and standing by another spanking bench. Jazz carefully climbed onto the bench and waited for the first stroke. Luckily, Kelly didn’t wait long and with great precision she peppered every inch of Jazz’s behind with that paddle. Jazz groaned out ouches with each swat. Kelly helped her up and over to her wife Haley.

Haley bent Jazz over the arm of a chair and whispered that she loved her. Haley had a strop in her hand. Jazz knew that it was Haley’s go to implement. The next ten seconds were a blur of pain for Jazz, her rear was so sore she wasn’t sure if she could make it to the last station. Haley helped her up and handed her to Rosie who guided her over to a chair.

Rosie had Jazz place her hands on the seat of the chair. Rosie had a cane in her hand. Jazz knew that Rosie was an expert at the cane which made her cringe even more. While Jazz was bent over, Rosie whispered in her ear “Don’t move or I will start over.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

A second after, Jazz heard the familiar whoosh of the cane and then felt the searing pain that only comes from that implement. Jazz blew out the breath she was holding just in time for the second stroke. By the fifth stroke Jazz was completely spent. She had no idea that 100 strokes from twenty Tops with virgin implements could be so painful.

Rosie helped her stand up and another Top helped her to the opposite wall to wait for all of her friends to finish their punishments. Jazz was sure she never ever wanted to experience that again. She was swearing to herself that she would remember this forever and that she never ever wanted to be a SuperBrat again.

It wasn’t long and Sam joined her on the wall. They gave each other a hug and both simultaneously said “Shit! That hurt!”

Next to head over, was Sky, who started rubbing before she hit the wall. Rosie’s voice echoed over the sounds of spanking “Sky, do you want to go another round? If not I suggest you stop that rubbing!”

Jazz watched Sky blush like a sunset on the beach. “No Ma’am and Yes Ma’am!” Jazz held back the grin that was itching to cover her face. Sky was usually the one that tended to be the light weight of their bunch. Sky smiled at them and knuckled bumped them as she took her place on the wall.


In no time at all there were 25 contrite Brats lined up on the wall. Well mostly contrite… Rosie noticed the ring leaders were still way too happy for her liking. She called all of the Tops over to discuss with Emily if they felt most of the Bottoms had been punished enough for their parts in the prank.

After a brief discussion, it was decided that all but three of the Brats would be headed home with their Tops. Tracy’s Top had a special walnut paddle waiting for her at home that she was itching to use on her prank implement building wife.

Rosie was elected to be the SpokesTop of the group.  She walked over to the line of miscreants. “Eyes up and forward!”  Instantly 25 heads snapped up and all eyes were forward. I love it when years as an army drill sergeant payoff.  Rosie could almost tell from the redness of the eyes which ones were swearing off ever pranking again. She walked over to the ring leaders and was not surprised that they would need more to really see the error of their ways. “Don’t worry ladies.  We aren’t through with you three quite yet!”

Rosie walked back to the middle of the line. “I hope every single one of you have learned a lesson for a lifetime tonight. Never ever mess with my implements!” Rosie paused and heard a chorus of “Yes Ma’am!”

“Good. I am glad to hear that.  Now, all of you are released into the arms of your Tops, except for Jazz, Sam and Sky. You three stay where you are. Please have safe trips home and I hope to see you all soon.”

There was a lot of noise as the 22 Brats grabbed the boxes with their clothes and carefully dressed for the ride home. Many Ows and Ouches were heard amongst the chuckles and scolding’s from the Tops. Finally, the bar was empty except for three Brats and four Tops.

Rosie whispered to Haley and Kelly and all three of them walked over to their Brats. Emily had moved over to the spanking area. Rosie looked over to where Emily was standing and nodded to her. She watched as Emily turned and picked up the dressage whip.

Each Top grabbed their Brat by the ear and walked them to the spanking area. They stopped in front of Emily.

They all let go of their Brats and moved over to the St. Andrews Crosses. They wheeled three of them into the center of the spanking area and locked them in place.

Rosie turned “All right you three get over here so we can get you in place, but first remove your shirts and bras.”

All three brats knew better than to argue.  They moved and did exactly what was asked of them. Each Top helped their Brat get into position on the Cross and buckled the hand and ankle restraints.

Rosie said, “Now I am going to tell you what we have found out from this evenings discussions with the other Tops. If I have any of the information wrong, I will let you plead your case after I am finished. If there are no discrepancies to the information we have this is what is going to happen. Emily has graciously offered to train us on the correct usage of the dressage whip. The three of us have always wanted to become more proficient with such a unique and stingy implement. We know that the three of you would of course volunteer to be our whipping girls. Correct ladies?”

The three Brats were in no position to argue so they simultaneously answered, “Yes Ma’am”

The Tops smiled and Rosie looked at Emily. “See Emily, we were truthful when we told you that our ring leaders would be very open to this lovely demonstration and practice session.”

Rosie took the next few minutes to explain all they had learned that night which included everything from the cooling stools, arnica dispenser, break-away implements, fear of not being bratty enough and the whole concept of a SuperBrat. “Well ladies, is there anything you would like to dispute or add?”


“No Ma’am.”


“No Ma’am.”


“Yes Ma’am.”

“Are you sure, Jazz? You seem to be in way over your head already.”

“Yes Ma’am. I just wanted you to know that I talked them into helping me with this. I don’t think Sam and Sky should be included in this last punishment, Ma’am”

“Is that so? Well Sam and Sky, do you agree with Jazz?”

In unison Sam and Sky answered, “No Ma’am.”

“Well Jazz, it seems your objection has been over-ruled.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Now that we have that settled. I am sure our Brats are anticipating a wonderful lesson. Right ladies?”

The Tops chuckled as the Brats answered with a half-hearted, “Yes Ma’am.”

Emily stepped behind Jazz and Haley stood a safe distance to watch the expert at work.  “You will see, Haley, if you use this in just the right way you will be able to give your Brat what she needs without ever breaking the skin. I do love a dressage whip so close to Christmas. It reminds me of horse drawn carriages on snow covered roads. Just lovely don’t you think?”

At the end of the demonstration and practice session all three Brats had subtle red marks across their bottoms and a few had just a tinge of pink across their backs. Just like sleigh marks in the snow.


May all of you have a wonderful 2018!!



21 Responses to SuperBrat

  1. stardawn19 says:

    Wow.. What a lovely and long… story. I enjoyed every word of it. The build up was wonderful, and I couldn’t help but wonder how great it would be if this bar existed in real life. How cool would it be to have a community … to play with, in, about,… hehe… Nicely done!

    • cj says:

      Thank you very much Stardawn. The story kind of took off on it’s own. I agree it would be a great place to have in real life.

  2. Ellie says:

    This story impressed me in so many ways CJ! Dang it, you did a great job of making me squirm on the train seat all the way from Amantea to Naples!!! First of all, I would’ve paid to be in the rebel group! ‘Kay, maybe not for that last part, but geez, isn’t that the dream of every Brat, to be part of a secret organization with NOBLE and HELPFUL purposes?

    Secondly, you ought to tell me, woman! Did you purposely use the design thinking techniques in your story??? I was so impressed at Jazz’s discourse to get hired, not to mention the brainstorming session! I suggest she looks up positions as a UX designer cause I think she would rock!!!! 😁

    Third thing, last but not least, shoot, you made me all SuperBratty again when I thought I would be a perfect angel for the rest of my life! 😇

    Okay, SuperTop might have another set, but this was very well fought! Also I loved how you chose to make SuperBrat a team operation and not a single person!

    I’ll stop now as I am very inspired to finish my own story for the rest of the travel but, BB, thank you so much for this awesome gift!

  3. cj says:

    Thank you very much El. I am glad I kept you from wasting all your talent as an angel. I am glad your squirm-o-meter was set off. Now you know what has been taking up a lot of my time. I can’t wait to read your story!!

  4. Alyx says:

    CJ, I thought Peach had a wild imagination, but you have written a masterpiece (master class?) in brat deviousness! Things like the brat club, cooling stools, and disintegrating implements — it’s a good thing “Jazz” uses her SuperBrat powers for good instead of evil! *LOL*

    Also, I appreciate you treating Emily with the respect she deserves. I know you wouldn’t want her coming after you. 😉 Thanks for participating again this year, and I hope it’ll become a tradition for you.

    • cj says:

      Thank you very much Alyx for the wonderful comments and allowing me to play with Emily. You are absolutely correct I would prefer never meeting SuperTop. 😉

      Jazz was quite angelic wasn’t she? *LOL*

  5. sandym85 says:

    Awesome story though I was really feeling sorry for the last 3 brats

  6. Jojo says:

    CJ, CJ, CJ, what can I say! Great story. I did enjoy reading it. I do wonder where you get your inspiration from lol. Maybe you should consider a patent for the Cooling Stools?

    • cj says:

      Thanks Jojo! I am glad you had fun reading the story. As far as inspiration goes I have no idea, I only know it continues to keep me in trouble. 😂 Now a patent for the cooling stools… hmmmm 🤔

  7. Peachie says:

    Wow bravo CJ! This is like a super bratty, action-packed epic, and it’s hard not to get excited and drawn in while reading. *bg* Only if we had establishments like these … I’d be the first to sign up! lol Oh and your knowledge of bar tending is quite extensive too. 😉 Thank you for this great gift!

    • cj says:

      Thank you very much Peach! I would be right there with you if we ever find one. Ahhhh bartending one of my sordid jobs as I spread my wings. Ask Micah about frozen nipples. 😊😂😂

  8. Claire says:

    Brat Boss you outdid yourself with this one! Love all the antics and Ms. Winters appearance was the icing on the cake! Not sure I like that kind of circuit though!😉

  9. Robin says:

    Thank you CJ for this great story! I enjoyed it very much and Super Brat is brilliant! You have a fantastic creative imagination CJ. I must say Im totally on Jazz`s side in the beer -poured-over-abusive-banker-incident. well actually Im on her side in all the incidents… 😀 -Go Super Brat!

    • cj says:

      Hey Robin! Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this one. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. I have a feeling you have quite a bit of SuperBrat inside you. 😉

  10. Klax1 says:

    Delicious story ! I enjoyed every word of it 🙂
    Jazz is so cool, I definitely love her.. Thanks so much for this precious gift !

  11. Wow, I’m pretty impressed with the length of this story. I started reading it last night before bed and it got so late I had to stop halfway through and finish it this morning. What a fantastic idea! When the bottoms in our community are just so well behaved what could be better than a Super Brat to unite and guide us to full bratty potential. We wouldn’t want the Tops to get bored (or out of practice). Really, one could think of it as a public service of sorts.

    • cj says:

      Lol a public service of sorts?! Hmmmm I wonder if we could sell it that way? I am glad you enjoyed reading it and that you took a break and got some sleep. I know that you have plenty of ideas to keep the Tops from being bored. Thank you!!

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