Sam’s Secret Santa

by CJ

Sam held the note in her hand, she didn’t want anyone to see it. It frightened her, yet a sense of excitement started to spread throughout her body. She continued to walk down the hall towards her office. A refuge from prying eyes, where she could once again read those fateful words.

Dearest Sam,

I know your secret desire. I know how much you crave it.
No more waiting. On Christmas Eve your fantasy will come true. More information will be forthcoming.

Your Secret Santa

A knock on her office door made Sam jump in her chair. In bounced her best friend Daisy.

“What are you reading? It must be good because your cheeks are all red!”

“Nothing. Are we still on for lunch today?” Sam slipped the note into her pants pocket.

“Okay. I see you are going to keep that a secret. Yes, we are still on for lunch at noon, it’s Christmas Eve. Let’s go to El Molcajete. I am in the mood for a nice margarita.”

“We are talking lunch, not happy hour! Just because Candace is out of town doesn’t mean you can drink at lunch!”

Daisy stopped at the door and turned towards Sam “Just because, the boss left you in charge, doesn’t mean you get to tell her everything I do!”  Grabbing the door handle Daisy pulled it open and with her usual flamboyance, she exited and was steps away before the door closed.

Sam grinned at her friend’s drama. As she refocused on getting her computer up and running, the Secret Santa letter started to seep back into the forefront of her consciousness. Her thoughts were chaotic, who at work knew her secret desire?

Soon the phone was ringing, emails were filling her inbox and the day of meetings had begun. When noon rolled around it was a welcome reprieve.

Sam headed towards her office and found Daisy. “Daisy, you looking for something?”

“Damn it, Sam, where did you put that note you were reading?”

“In my pocket to keep it safe from prying eyes, my prying friend. Now let’s go to lunch.”

“You know something, Sam? You are absolutely no fun! Now hurry up, my margarita and fajita await me.”

Two hours later, Sam opened the office door while trying to keep Daisy from slithering to the floor. “Daisy, I told you not to drink that third jumbo margarita. Candace would definitely have a discussion with your wife if she was at work.”

“Don’t be such a Daisy Downer, Sam. You know she won’t be back until tomorrow. Everyone knows the mice will play when the cat’s away.”

“Apparently the mice will drink their lunch, good thing the cat had a hunch.” Said their boss who was standing in the office doorway.

“Candace! You are back early, that’s wonderful.” Daisy stumbled onto the couch.

“Sam said I should nap in her office; do you believe she thinks I drank too much?”

“You don’t say? I think Sam had an excellent idea to hide you out, for the rest of the afternoon. I am sure that Kathy will be very interested in her wife’s lunch antics. Right now, Sam and I have a few things to discuss in my office.”

Sam watched Candace cover Daisy with the blanket. Daisy’s eyes had closed immediately.

“Are you really going to tell Kathy? You know Daisy will be apologizing all over the place when she wakes up.”

“Let’s go to my office. I hope you can explain why you let our best designer drink her lunch on your watch.”

“Me too.”

They walked next door. Sam waited for Candace to decide where this discussion would take place in the office. Would it be formal or informal?  Candace sat down behind her desk. Damn formal…

“Sam, please take a seat, we have several things to discuss from my trip. But don’t think I will forget about you and your bud, Daisy’s lunch.”

Sam took a seat in front of the desk and booted up her iPad for notes. “Yes Candace, I was pretty sure that wouldn’t go unnoticed. How was your trip?”

For the next hour, Candace laid out all of the information she had gathered from her convention, which included several changes she wanted to make to the business.

“Any questions Sam?”

“No Candace, I really love the changes you want to make. How are you going to implement them?”

“That is why I am talking to you. I want you to take on the project. You are the best person for the job. What do you think?”

“Thank you, that is fantastic. I would love to do that. When do you want to start?”

“How about you plan it for implementation for February?”


“Now let’s talk about your lunch with Daisy?”

“Sorry about that Candace, we were just… celebrating Christmas a little early. I know…”

“You both know better than to get drunk during the middle of a workday, right?”

“Yes, of course…”

“Of course, you know I will be talking to Kathy about Daisy’s behavior…”

Sam jumped out of her chair. “Candace, you know what Kathy will do to poor Daisy’s bottom. You can’t tell her. That’s not right.”

“Excuse me? Did you just interrupt me? Yes, I know exactly what Kathy will do to Daisy. She will teach her the error of her ways. Which I believe is a lesson for both of you!”

Sam sat back down as she let Candace’s words settle into her brain. “Sorry about interrupting you, Candace. I am a bit protective about Daisy, we both like to have fun, you know.” Her words quietly ran out. She hesitated to look up into Candace’s emerald eyes.

“Look at me Sam, please.”

Sam let her eyes and head move slowly upward until she met her boss’s face.

“Thank you. Trust me, I am very aware of the antics you and Daisy are capable of performing. Lord knows I have listened to Kathy describe them to me often enough.”

Sam had the grace to blush, but decided that staying quiet was the best thing to do at this time.

Candance leaned back in her desk chair and steepled her fingers in thought, as Sam watched. Without any warning, she jumped to her feet and walked around her desk in front of Sam. “Sam come join me on the couch. I think the rest of this conversation will be better done over there.”

Sam followed Candace to the couch. She stood there until Candace patted the spot beside her. Slowly Sam slid down to the couch.

“You know what today is right Sam?”

“You mean Christmas Eve?”

“Yes, did you get your Secret Santa gift today?”

“I sure did, do you know who it is?”

“I do”

“Wait do you know what it says?”

Candace nodded slightly.

Sam tried to talk but it came out more of a cough. “You mean you are my secret Santa?”

“I am”

“Oh, my gawd. That means you really do know my secret desire.”

As the truth sunk in, Sam panicked and raced to the door. She was mortified and yet relieved. Her hand reached for the knob but another hand was already there.

“Please, Sam hear me out. If you still want to leave after I tell you what I have to say I will understand.”

Sam walked back to the couch sat down with her head in her hands. “You must think I am some weirdo. Some weak woman.”

Candace had followed Sam and was sitting next to her. “On the contrary, Sam, after knowing you for the past five years, I understand how strong you are. How hard you work for others. What a loving and caring individual you are. Intelligent, skilled beyond your years and all wrapped up in a mischievous devil may care attitude.”

Candace reached out and gently raised Sam’s chin so she could look into her bold brown eyes. “Sam, when I pulled your name for Secret Santa, I immediately knew what I wanted to give you. Something that I know you have wanted to try for a long time but didn’t know how to do it safely.”

Sam hid her face further and groaned.

“Sam, it won’t be that bad. Everyone in the office will be gone in the next hour. You can stay in my office and I will go wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Once everyone is gone, you will bend over my desk for your fantasy spanking. Just like the one you told me about last Christmas when you were drunk at Kathy and Daisy’s party.”

“What if I don’t want a spanking?”

“Well if that is how you really feel about it. I won’t do it and you can have the bottle of wine I bought for you instead. But you will have to look me in the eyes, right now and tell me that is what you want.”

Sam looked up at Candace “Wow, really you would just let me leave with a bottle of wine? I just have to look into your eyes and say I don’t want your other gift?”

“Exactly, but you will have to tell me that you don’t want your Secret Santa Spanking, and it has to be the truth.”

Candace stood up and walked towards the door. “Sam I will be right back after I let everyone go home. Then you can give me your answer.”

An hour later Candace returned to her office to find Sam laying down on the couch napping.  She went over and gently nudged her awake. “Hey, there sleepy head, everyone has gone home and Kathy came and picked up Daisy. She asked me to remind you that they expected you at their house tomorrow for Christmas dinner.”

“Did you tell her about Daisy’s lunch?”

“I most certainly did. Daisy has been heading for trouble ever since Kathy went out of town. Don’t you worry about Daisy, she will be happy and snarky as ever soon enough. How about you? Did you make a decision?”

“I did. Is everyone really gone?”

“Yes, they are. I even locked the door before coming back to my office. Now out with your decision, young lady.”

“If I didn’t know better Miss Candace, I would say you’re impatient?”

“I am, and if a certain someone doesn’t give me an answer, I might decide for her!”

“Now, now, you know you wouldn’t do it without my permission. You are a rule follower.”

Candace stood up and leaned over Sam, making Sam scoot to the back of the couch and look-up. “I guess there is a limit to anyone’s patience? Candace, I decided that it is time I finally understood what it is like to get a spanking as an adult!”

Candace rubbed her hands together and then clapped. “I hope my plan fulfills your fantasy. It has been a while since I had such a delectable bottom over my desk waiting for a sound spanking.”  As she was talking, she was clearing off her desk. Then she reached into her bottom drawer and pulled out a hairbrush, a leather paddle, and a ruler.

Once she had everything the way she wanted it she stood up and looked at Sam. With a crook of her finger, she beckoned the young woman to where she was standing. “I believe your fantasy was about misbehaving at work, yes?”

Sam stood before her, fidgeting from one foot to the other, her face was gradually turning a beet red from embarrassment.

“I see from the color of your cheeks I have remembered correctly. Good, now I will need you to unbutton your slacks and remove them, please.”

Sam quietly did as she was told. She returned to her spot in front of Candace.

Candace smiled at her. “Sam if at any time you want to stop, please just say red. I will stop immediately and we will talk. Are you okay with that?”


“Tsk tsk, from now on you will call me Ma’am and you will answer with a Yes Ma’am or a No Ma’am. Is that clear?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Very good. Sam please bend over my desk and reach over with your hands and hold on to the edge of the desk. Do not remove your hands for the duration of your spanking. If you do, we will start over, is that understood?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“I am going to start with my hand and warm up your bottom.” Candace’s hands patted Sam’s panty-clad posterior as she explained what was going to happen. “Once I have you warmed up, I will start to add some of the implements. Since this is your first spanking, we will do a lot of communicating so I can understand how you’re feeling throughout the session. Is that clear?”


Swat! “Yes, what? Sam, I know you have a better memory than that. How are you supposed to address me?”

“Ow dang, Yes Ma’am, I was under the impression that a spanking was fun for all involved.”

“I knew you were smart Sam. I sure hope you enjoy this as much as I will!”

“Why do I think that is not going to happen for me?”

“I have no idea, Sam. After all, this is your fantasy. I am but a tool for your dreams to come true.”

As the last word left Candace’s mouth her hand landed on Sam’s rear end. Soon Candace was in a rhythm. She stopped after a few sets on both cheeks. “How are you doing Sam?” Candace rubbed Sam’s panties to see if she could feel any warmth seeping through.

“Just peachy here, Candace!”

“Good thing I am just getting started. I have been thinking about this for months. Oh, I know what I forgot.” She reached for her phone.

“Candace please no photos!”

“No, I would never. I made a playlist for this occasion. Got it.” She placed the phone down next to Sam. The music started to play. “Now, where was I? Yes, I was warming up this delicious bottom over my desk. Just starting to feel a little warm and pink tinge to your skin. I sure hope you are comfortable. I believe I have an hour or more of music programmed.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I am completely comfortable.” Sam muttered.

“Was that snark? I believe it was snark. Never be SNARKY when bent over, Sam.”

“Ow, OW, OUCH, Yes Ma’am! No more snark.”

The swats calmed down once again, but Candace continued with a steady beat in time with whatever song was playing.

After about 30 minutes, Candance leaned over and whispered in Sam’s ear. “I hope this is making your fantasy come true.”

“You have no idea how happy you are making me today. Thank you so much!”

Candace carefully lowered Sam’s panties down to her knees. “I hope that I can continue to make your life a happy one. But for now, let’s see if I can’t finish this dream in the spirit of Christmas Miracles!”


Merry Christmas, Global Villagers…

16 Responses to Sam’s Secret Santa

  1. Alyx says:

    Aw, CJ, you cut it off right when it was getting good! *LOL* Just kidding. I am envious of how you thought of the perfect Xmas plot — why have I never thought of a Secret Santa spanking?! 😀 I really enjoyed this and hope Candace and Sam make another appearance (maybe a continuation?) in another story! In the meantime, thank you so much for participating in this year’s gift exchange and giving us something so warming to read. 🙂

    • cj says:

      Lol Thanks Alyx. It was an experiment for me not to write a book for a short story. I will think about a continuation. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity and safe space to write a bit for everyone.

  2. Hupotasso says:

    This was lovely, CJ! Thanks so much for this gift. And I agree with Alyx that it a Secret Santa spanking is a particularly good idea for an Xmas Exchange story! Happy holidays!

  3. Peachie says:

    Hey CJ, long time no see! I really enjoyed this story. Sam is one lucky woman to have her boss gift her such a desired (and ouchy) Xmas pressie. LOL Thank you for this very festive gift. Happy new year to you CJ.

  4. Ellie says:

    You’re back! And with a great story! 😊 Thank you so much for your gift, it was really nice. I wish I had someone to gift me a Christmas Spanking, though the thought of anyone at my workplace being involved makes me shiver 😂 I’ll just imagine what would happen if I ever met other people in the community around Christmas time 😜

    Ps it was quite bratty of you to finish the story right there 😂

    • cj says:

      Hi El, thanks for reading my small gift. I am pretty sure that some day your wishes will come true.
      PS- Do you expect anything else from me? 😉

  5. tigger0011 says:

    Awesome story, CJ! And you hit so many buttons! Being spanked at work, by the hot boss…great job! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Robin says:

    Hi CJ, so good to see you! A lovely story indeed with this great idea of a Secret Santa! Very scary but also so amazing! Seems like this could be the beginning of something good for Sam and Candace! Thank you so much for your gift, I really enjoyed it. I wish you a great 2020!

  7. Xen says:

    This is adorable and a wonderful balance of reality and fantasy. I thin it’s hard to do a workplace spanking without it feeling either kind of creepy due to the power imbalance or utterly unbelievable (and often both)… you did a great job navigating
    without falling into that.

  8. ABC says:

    Dang it CJ what a bratty thing to do ending it there, aghhh! Makes me want to swat you myself lol. Anchor anchor anchor! Why am I not surprised that I loved this! This was great gal! You always make me laugh, and what a creative little story to gift. It might have been shorter, but wow what a great reaction I felt towards it reading. Awesome work my friend, thank you for sharing it!

    • ABC says:

      Oh fuddy dud! I haven’t posted in years and when I do I mispell Encore! *Palm to the now reddened face! oh well it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t some misspellings lol.

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