Marty and Vickie

by Micah

“Stop it!”

“OW – YOU stop it!”

“Momma!  Momma!”

Marty Gibson stopped in the midst of placing lights on her huge Christmas tree, blew out a frustrated breath and counted to ten before walking into the den. What she found made her immediately shout.

“Victor Gibson,” she demanded.  “You’re standing on my best Christmas quilt with your muddy shoes!  Now….put your sister down and get off the couch right this minute.”  Then she added quickly, “Gently, son…gently.”

The boy frowned at the order but grudgingly lowered his sister’s head to the floor before releasing her feet.  He then jumped over the sofa’s arm and bounded over to the table.  There he picked up his once pristine model truck that was now missing its wheels.

“Look what she did Momma.  She broke it.”  His voice trembled slightly.

“I diddin mean to, Momma.  I jus wanted ta pwaywif it.”  The little girl’s lip trembled and she began to cry.

With a sigh, Marty picked up the little one and carried her over to check out the damage.  “Victor, honey, I’m sure we can fix it.”

“But it was the best one I’ve ever done, Momma.  And now it’s broken.”

“MARTY…I’m HOME.”  Marty’s wife of 15 years sounded from the entryway.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she called in greeting, “In here, Victoria.”

About that time, the model truck’s passenger door came off in Victor’s hand, making him howl in frustration and anger.  This set little Martha off and her cries grew almost as loud as Victor’s voice.

At the end of her rope, Marty tried counting to ten…in Latin….but it didn’t work this time.  Suddenly, tears welled up and she joined the children in crying.  It was so unfair that she was stuck home with the kids while Vic got to work all day. Vic was always so in control.  Even the kids would settle down if she cocked one of those sexy eyebrows at them.  It certainly settled Marty right down when she was out of sorts.

When her tall golden haired wife came through the garland wrapped doorway, Marty didn’t say anything except, “Here.  They’re all yours.”  With that, she handed the sobbing Martha over and stormed out of the room.

She headed upstairs through the Master bedroom and into the bath closing the door behind her.  She leaned against the door and listened for any signs of someone coming behind her but heard nothing.  Apparently, Vickie was being supermom, as always.  No matter what was going on, when Mom came in, they became little angels.

Seeing the large Jacuzzi, Marty decided to soothe her frayed nerves.  She walked over, turned on the faucet and began filling it with steaming water all the while listening for any telltale sounds of distressed children.  Thankfully, there was only quiet.

When the tub was full she slid into the hot water allowing the bubbles to soothe away some of the day’s tension.  Some of it….but not all of it.  The kids had been bouncing off the walls all day.  It was the first day out of school for the Christmas Holidays as well as the evening of the Christmas pageant.

Vic’s firm knock sounded on the door.  “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” she said while still keeping her eyes closed.  “What have you done with the kids?  I don’t hear anything.”

Vic’s strong hands began massaging her shoulders.  “I shipped them over to Casey’s.  Sounded like you need a break.”  She bent down to kiss her forehead.  “I’ve threatened them with bodily harm if they give Casey a rough time so I think we’re good for a while.”

Marty groaned as Vic traced her jawline with her lips.  “Umm….that feels good.  Come and join me.”

“Nah,” was the answer.  “I think we’ll concentrate on you tonight.”  A broad hand slid down her chest and into the water. “Where’s the soap?”

Marty’s smile turned into a giggle as Vic pretended to search everywhere for the soap.  “Hey, that’s not soap.”  A sudden yelp.  “Stop that.  It’s definitely not there.”

“Are ya sure?”  That low voice always sent chills down Marty’s spine.

Marty caught the wandering hand and held it captive.  “Not now, sweetheart.”

The hand stilled.  “Alright.  Then come on out Marty.  It’s time for your spanking.”

Marty’s eyes opened wide.  “What?”  She sat up and scowled up at her wife.  “I haven’t done anything.  I’ve been really good this week.”

Vickie’s sexy smile spread across her face.  “I didn’t say you’ve been naughty.  I’m saying you need a spanking… for relieving tension,” she added.

Marty allowed a small pout to show her displeasure but didn’t protest as Vic pulled her into a standing position.  Grabbing up a towel, Vic began drying her off as if she were Martha.  When Marty moved to take it from her, a simple raised brow had her meekly turning to allow better access to every nook and cranny.

“Ok, sweetheart.  Come with me.”  With those words, she pulled her into the bedroom.  Although a little nervous about her spanking, Marty still noticed Vic had gotten a fire going in the fireplace.  Both women loved the large fireplace that resided in their massive master suite and the colorful Christmas stockings added to the warmth and beauty.

Many spankings had taken place in the sitting area by a cozy fire, but this time Vic continued to the alcove that contained their huge bed.  It wasn’t lost on Marty that her Toppy wife had already placed a paddle on the bed.  After Vic had placed herself in a sitting position against the headboard, she patted her thigh signaling Marty to get in position.

Reluctantly, Marty crawled over her wife’s lap, trying to calm the butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

As soon as she was in position Vic began to massage her bottom and thighs.  “You’re awfully tense, hon.” Marty could hear the frown in her voice.

“What do you expect?  I’m across your lap – ass up.”

Immediately a sharp smack landed on her bottom. “Now isn’t a good time to show attitude, hon,”  Vic growled. She paused and then added, “I’m worried about you.”

“Sooo….you decide to beat me?  Because you care?”  Her flippant remark earned her a barrage of solid spanks that made her wriggle madly.

“Ok – Ok,” she laughed as she put a protective hand back.  “I believe you. You care about me.  OW!”

Vic’s hand stopped and began massaging again.  “You’re a real brat, aren’t you?”

“Who me?  I’m an angel.”  Laughter ruined her try at righteous indignation.  “I’m the head angel tonight – remember?”

“Yeah….yeah.  You’re the lead angel in the play tonight hon.  But I think your halo is held up by a set of little nubby horns.”  A mighty swat accompanied her words.

“Ouch.”  She squealed and kicked her legs.  “I haven’t done anything.  I’ve been good.”

“Oh?  You’ve been to bed on time this week?”

“But I had to watch Jingle All the Way.  It’s a classic…”

A hard spank landed on her bare bottom letting her know Vic’s opinion of her response.  “You paid your credit card bill on time?”

“I meant to…  OW!  Ouch!”  Her voice rose higher as slaps rained down turning her pink cheeks to a pretty Christmas red.

“How about the little exchange with Mrs. Anderson when Goliath used her lawn as a bathroom?”  An edge began to creep into Vic’s husky voice.

Marty foolishly ignored the tone.  “But He’s a Chihuahua!  How bad could it be?”

Vic began a staccato of smart smacks each one a little more stinging than the last.  “He was the largest one in the litter and besides….It doesn’t matter how big he is.  You shouldn’t argue with Mrs. Anderson.  She’s almost 90 years old….and it’s HER lawn.”

Now Marty felt the familiar smoothness of the leather paddle Vic used when she wanted to make a point to her errant wife.  It always grabbed her attention and this time was no exception.  The first swat started a fire in her bottom and it grew into an inferno as Vic applied it quickly and firmly to the wriggling globes.  Whap!  Smack!  Slap!

The sounds of the leather striking her butt were directly in sync with her grunts and squeals. How could she be silent with that blasted thing whaling away on her tender flesh?  She quickly began kicking and struggling in earnest, all signs of laughter gone.  After Vic had paddled her soundly and was satisfied that all tension was gone she lay the ‘instrument of terror’ to the side and began soothing the sting out of her bottom.

“Are you feeling a little less stressed now, hon?” she asked with a light pat.  “Or should I say, my angel?”

“Hmmm….” was the only reply she could come up with as those wonderful fingers worked magic as they stroked up and down and back and forth on her burning rump.

Even with her burning bottom, Marty could have lay in that position forever as Vic’s stroking began to extend to her legs and back before centering back onto her bottom.  Without thinking she opened her legs slightly in invitation.

She was disappointed when instead of accepting her invitation, Vic patted her bottom and said, ”Sorry hon, but it’s time to begin getting dressed for tonight’s performance.  The audience won’t be happy if their lead angel isn’t in attendance.”

Marty groaned in frustration.  “Damn.  I don’t wanna be an angel tonight.”

Laughing, Vic replied, “It certainly sounds like it.”  She tapped her bottom again and said, “Come on hon.  Up you go.”

“But I don’t wanna….” Marty whined.

“Up – now.”  This time a smart spank accompanied her words.  This sent Marty quickly jumping up and out of smacking range.

“I’m up….I’m up.”

Vic rose as well and put away the paddle while Marty began putting on the white robe and tiara that was her costume for the night.  The delicate wings wouldn’t be put on until she arrived to eliminate the possibility of damage.

“You look – heavenly.”  Vic’s sense of humor was returned with a grimace.

“Very funny.  Why don’t you – “

“Mom, Momma.  Where are you?”  Victor’s call interrupted them.

“In our bedroom hon,” Vic returned loud enough to be heard.

Thundering footsteps let them know the kids were headed their way and Vic opened the door just as they lifted their fists to pound the door.

“Mom,” Victor cried.  “Great news.”

“Oh?  What’s up?”  Both women gave the children their full attention.

”Remember how Momma signed you up as a stand-in this year? You know….in case somebody gets sick?”  Victor’s excitement was in direct contrast to Vic’s.

“Yessss,” she said slowly.

“Well, Mr. Martin went down with his back.  That means you’re gonna be in his place.”

“Oh?  And what part did Mr. Martin play?”  Vic shot a look in Marty’s direction catching her stifling a nervous giggle.

“Oh, Mom.  It’s da best.”  This time it was Martha added her young voice.  “You get ta be in every scene.”

“Oh yeah?”  The children didn’t seem to notice but Marty was sure there was an icy frost in the air.

“Un-huh.  Ya see.  Mista Martin was the back part of the donkey that carries Mary.  Then he was the back part of the camel that carries a King. And den you get to be in the stable as Bertha…the cow that moos to da baby Jesus.”

Marty clapped her hands over her mouth as a giggle escaped.  Vic’s glare promised retribution to her already throbbing backside so she tried to make amends. “I’m sorry hon…..but it’s funny.”  She almost looked sincere except for the fit of giggles that erupted yet again.

“Oh yeah?”  Vic shot her a look filled with evil promise. “Your halo is slipping dear,” she purred softly.

Turning back to the children she said, ”Now let me get this right.  Martin hurt his back.  Now I’m the back end of all the animals in the fu –“ She caught herself in time.  “….the darn play?”  Then a thought occurred to her.  “Hey….isn’t it the older kids that play the three kings?  And isn’t it Haley that plays Mary?”

Victor answered.  “Yeah.  Haley is twelve.  And she doesn’t need any padding to look pregnant.  Mr. Jenner was going for realism this year.”

Marty laughed openly at Vic’s face.  Knowing full well she was putting her butt in harm’s way, she added, “Realism….That must be why I’m the lead angel and you’re the backside of a donkey.”  She squealed as Vic whirled around and grabbed her.  “Honey….the kids.”

Vic groaned in defeat as she wanted nothing more than to light another fire to her wife’s bottom.  “Fine.  But,” she whispered in Marty’s ear.  “You ass is mine tonight hon.”

Marty couldn’t resist even as she knew her bottom would pay later.  “It sounds like you’re gonna be the ass…and the camel….and the cow.”  She began shrieking as Vic decided tickling would have to do for now.

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The pageant was a memorable one if not a perfect one.  The angels were lovely with Marty and Martha the prettiest of all.

Victor was a great shepherd, carrying a baby sheep that looked suspiciously like a fat chihuahua wearing a fuzzy white coat.

But the highlight of the play was when Joseph and Mary searched for the inn.  The very pregnant Mary groaned the entire time as if delivery was imminent.  Marty wasn’t sure but it sounded very much like Vic’s voice from inside the hot costume rather than from the large framed ‘Mary’ perched precariously on top of the unstable ass.  When Joseph helped Mary dismount, the donkey assisted by collapsing onto the ground in a heap much to the delight of the audience.

Payment for the cast’s performance was an 8 x 10 color picture of everyone in their costumes as they took their bows. Three of the Gibson family smiled brilliantly while their fearless leader showed a decided lack of enthusiasm.  To Victor’s and Martha’s delight, Marty used it as their Christmas card photo and sent to all their friends and family.

manger photo

(Photo courtesy of Awkward Family Photos site)


24 Responses to Marty and Vickie

  1. Ash says:

    Micah, that was an absolutely lovely storie! And so funny! You should write stories more often. 😀

  2. Alyx says:

    I agree with Ash, it’s an absolutely lovely story, Micah. Full of warmth and humor and a sweet relationship. Not to mention HEAT. *vbg* The ending especially made me laugh, though as a person who suffers from back problems sometimes myself, I did have a lot of sympathy for poor Vickie!

  3. bahamagirl1996 says:

    I thought my hr came when Victor told his mom that she would be the A** part of the costumes.
    Just so ya know Alyx, I didn’t swear 😉 just wanted to point that out right dere. Micah, you do write really good stories. I truly enjoyed this. The picture at the end is just amazing. Any a dem yours?

  4. Micah says:

    Thank you guys so much for the nice comments. I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to read the ones you come up with…
    As for the picture….I like to cruise the Awkward Family Photos website. It make me laugh every time. When I saw that one, it just seemed to be what I would imagine a kid’s Christmas play should look like.
    By the way Alyx – I also have a bad back so I actually felt sorry for Vickie even while I wrote it! Thank you for giving us a place to post and read the “Christmas gifts” this year.

  5. Mil says:

    *Lol*! Love the use of! That’s such a great touch to such a great story! I didn’t know you were a writer, Micah! Very, very funny. Thanks for your xmas gift!

  6. bystander says:

    Micah that was brilliant, I had full empathy for Marty throughout just about the whole story (jacuzzi~envious sigh). I also had empathy for poor Vic and her back. Talented writing, thankyou 🙂

  7. JB says:

    eheheheh it was funny eheheheh imagining the picture with the “fearless leader” in her a** custome! 😀 Thank you for sharing.

  8. Peach says:

    Micah, it’s hilarious! I enjoyed it a lot. Their names are cute too. 🙂 I really liked how this two mummy family is portrayed in this story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Micah says:

    Thank you Mil. I thought the photo was cute too. The little angel being held by her mother or father will always have it as a family joke. Poor kid…
    Now bystander… had empathy for Marty when she was the one that stuck poor Vickie in the play and then made fun of her? Hmmm…..your brat side is showing.
    Thank you for the comment JB. I appreciate it.
    I’m glad you picked up on the names Peach. I was trying to show a family that’s just a typical loving family that had two mothers. I was kind of pushing the point home by naming the kids after the parents just as a stereotypical family might do.

    • bystander says:

      I said empathy throughout “just about” the whole story. Having Vickie stuck in the play and then making fun of her may be cause for empathy for Vickie, however finding empathy whilst having a fit of the giggles is almost as impossible as finding a needle in a haystack. That being said, I did say I had empathy for Vickies back. I’m thinking that during giggling, my brat side maybe popped her head around the corner but as soon as she knew Vickie was suffering pain in her back, she pulled it right back in again?

  10. tigger0011 says:

    Great story Micah! However, I would like it duly noted in Bratland that watching “Jingle All the Way” this time of year is absolutely a good reason for missing bedtime!

    • Ash says:

      I totally agree! 😀 I had to google the title to see if I have seen it… It’s called something else in Norwegian. 😛 Well I can watch it on TV this time, but I remember being pissed that I wasn’t allowed to stay up late and watch it when I was a kid… my brother had to record it on our VCR… like that is the same as getting to stay up late and watch it! 😦

    • Micah says:

      (Frowning)…when the brat is already so tired that she can hardly get out of bed in the morning, watching a movie for the 10th time is not a good reason to stay up late. I’ll be happy to discuss it with you this evening….dear.

  11. Fizzy says:

    That was AWESOME Micah! funny and warm and the photo is great. thanks!!

    (and I thought the same thing as bystander, want jacuzzi…lol)

  12. thanatos150 says:

    That was such an amazing story Micah! I must say I did feel a certain amount of sympathy for Vic, but honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing myself when I read that she had to be the backside of all the animals. And then that reallism remark… If I hadn’t been sitting in my bed while reading that I would be rolling over the floor xD I don’t think a brat should be spanked for having such humour..

  13. Micah says:

    Thank you for the kind remarks, Thanatos. As far as being spanked for humor, I understand what you’re saying. I take the attitude that you and your Top know each other well enough to see if you’re crossing boundaries. Now, Tigger and I constantly tease one another and we both enjoy it. Of course, it usually ends with Tigger over my lap for a fun spanking not matter who starts it and we both enjoy that as well. Ahh…..good times.

    • Alyx says:

      I have to say, spanking and laughing can be quite compatible. 😀 Fizzy is always trying to make me laugh, but it doesn’t get her out of receiving what she deserves. I love making her laugh (right before the “ouch!”) as well, though. *bg* Likewise, TMT and I make each other laugh all the time. The teasing and sensual play makes the sting all the sweeter, I think. :mrgreen:

  14. Mia says:

    That was awonderfultale, Micah! I truly enjoyed it.

    quote: “Realism….That must be why I’m the lead angel and you’re the backside of a donkey.” 

    Now this made me laugh out loud! Gotta love a bratwith spunk. lol.

  15. Micah says:

    Thank you Mia. I appreciate it. I love to tease and play so I like to make my brat characters do the same. Please keep that in mind whenever I interact with you on the blog as I mean no disrespect. My sense of humor just seems to erupt sometimes. Fortunately, Alyx either realizes I have this problem or she’s simply given up trying to fix it.

  16. Mia says:

    I’ll keep that in mind 😉

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