Irish Lace


By Micah

Laci Wilson reached up to the top shelf of the cabinet, intent on finding that elusive bottle of salad dressing, when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist and warm breath on her ear.

“Hello, love,” the husky voice of her partner, Cassidy whispered in her ear, its Irish lilt smooth as silk and sexy beyond words.

Forgetting her search, Laci turned in her lover’s arms and returned the welcoming kiss reveling in the feel of warm skin and the soft lips pressed to her own.  After a few moments of enjoying the embrace, Laci pulled away and murmured, “Welcome home, Lassie.”  She giggled when Cassidy automatically gave her bottom a firm swat.

Lassie wasn’t exactly a pet name Cassidy would have picked for herself.  A few years earlier, they had watched a movie in which a teacher was nicknamed Lassie because of her predilection for howling during orgasm.  Cassidy also tended to be a little loud at intimate moments.  That, coupled with her Irish heritage had Laci latching onto the moniker with gusto.  Since then, Laci used it whenever she wanted to tease her partner and Cassidy never failed to show her displeasure.

Pulling away slightly, Cassidy sniffed and announced, “Ummm….lasagna…great choice.”

“Yep,” Laci agreed. “I’m tired of just pulling a box out of the freezer.  I want something good tonight.”

Cassidy reached behind her to grab an apple off the counter and took a bite before offering it to Laci.  When Laci refused, she took another bite and then asked, “ So….you’ve eaten well today?  You’ve had your protein?” Her bland tone made Laci glance quickly at her face.  She saw nothing out of the ordinary in her partner’s features, yet she suddenly felt the need to put her butt out of harm’s way.

In a graceful move, Laci ducked under Cassidy’s arm and walked over to the oven.  As she checked on the lasagna, she answered. “I’m fine.  I just don’t want to spoil my appetite.”  When her words were met with silence, she continued. “It should be ready within 30 minutes or so.  Can you reach the salad dressing, please?  It’s on the top shelf somewhere.” Her voice was almost studiously casual.

If she had looked, she would have seen the frown that marred Cassidy’s features as she turned to the cabinet and retrieved the bottle Laci had been searching for.

“I spoke with Jason today.” Cassidy announced with a casualty matching that of Laci.  “He says to tell you hello.”

“Oh?” Laci retrieved the dishware and began setting the table. “Did he mention how Tessa is doing?”  Tessa, her brother’s wife, was pregnant with their first child and usually any conversation with him revolved around his wife’s condition.

“She’s fine.”

Laci was surprised when Cassidy’s voice came from just behind her.  Whirling around, she stared up at her partner as Cassidy continued. “He was more interested in you than Tessa today.”

Oh shoot!  Laci thought.  She knows!

Moments later, her suspicions were confirmed when Cassidy continued.  “He said your sugar had gone out of control and you almost passed out at the mall when you and Tessa were shopping today….that is after you had a chocolate bar for lunch.”  Her tone expressed her concern and anger.

“Now Cass,” Laci began. “My sugar had dropped.  That’s why I ate the chocolate. It just –“

Cassidy broke in. “It dropped because you hadn’t eaten, Laci.”  She paused and looked at her speculatively. “Did you even eat breakfast this morning?”

Laci’s grimace and silence spoke volumes.

Cassidy growled in frustration as she glared at Laci. Finally she bit out, “You’ve bought yourself a damn good spanking cailin.”  Her Irish accent was thicker than usual as the Gaelic term for “girl” attested.

Laci’s mind raced for something to defend her actions.  She knew excuses were an exercise in futility but was compelled to try. “Now Cassidy, hon,” she soothed.  “I ran a little late this morning and kind of started off on the wrong foot.  I’m fine now.  I took my insulin and everything is back to normal.”

Cassidy shook her head adamantly.  “It wouldna happened if you had just done as you should have.  You know you have to eat properly and on schedule, yet you chose to disregard your health and ignore the rules we have in place.”

She stared down at Laci’s bowed head for several moments before lifting her chin with a long slim finger.   With determination in her eyes, she stated firmly.  “Since supper will be a while, I want to get this over with.  Go upstairs to the bedroom, mo chroi’.  I want you nose and toes in the corner when I get up there.  Understand?”  She quirked at brow as Laci opened her mouth to speak.

Disregarding that brow as a danger sign, Laci pursed her lips in a mutinous pout before turning to do as she was bid.  Immediately a hard hand connected with her backside, making her yelp and clap a hand to the offended area.

Cassidy was unmoved. “No pouting.”

Laci risked a glance over her shoulder and saw Cassidy standing there with her hands on her hips and knew all was lost.  Feeling as if she were walking to her doom, she headed upstairs to find that blasted corner.


Laci allowed herself the chance to stomp just a bit as she walked to their bedroom.  Mo chroi’, she thought in disgust.  She calls me ‘my heart’ when she’s about to whale the tar out of me.   Muttering to herself, she entered the master suite with its King size bed and matching walnut furniture.

Laci loved the room and its lush furnishings, but this time she was totally unaware of her surroundings as she slowly removed her jeans and made her way to the punishment corner.  Cassidy often used corner time in order to ensure Laci was in the right state of mind for her spanking.  Alone and quiet, with no distractions, Laci would think about her behavior and the upcoming punishment.  This would place her in a more submissive mindset and more receptive to the lesson Cassidy was trying to impart.

True to form, Laci stood quietly in her corner, her mind replaying the day’s events.  She had awakened later than normal this morning and barely had time to get showered and dressed before it was time to go pick up Tessa.  The pregnant woman was still in the stage of morning sickness so Laci hadn’t stopped for anything to eat.  Between that and carrying the numerous shopping bags, her blood sugar level dropped causing her to become shaky.  It happened so fast that she bypassed the healthier choices and went for a candy bar.

Under Tessa’s watchful eye, Laci gradually stopped shaking and became steady again.  Then, rather than eating lunch soon after, she persuaded Tessa to stop by the new consignment shop that boasted great deals.

While in the store, Laci’s sugar soared and she soon began feeling dizzy and nauseous.  Reluctantly, she informed Tessa of the problem and they left immediately.  Thank goodness, there was a restaurant next door where she could quickly get some water and take her pill.

Laci knew at the time, her chance of keeping the episode from Cassidy was pretty slim, simply by the look of concern on Tessa’s face.  Her sister-in-law often said Cassidy seemed to be good at helping Laci stay on track.  She always wondered how she did it when no one else could.  Only Laci knew the method her partner employed was a firm hand to her bare bottom.

With that thought, Laci nervously reached back and rubbed her butt as if it were already red and throbbing.  She was startled to hear a soft laugh from right behind her.

“No rubbing without permission.  You know that already.”  The husky voice held an amused tone.  Nervously, she moved her hands to her sides and kept her nose in the corner per her instructions as she listened to the movements of her Top.

The sliding of the drawer in their nightstand let her know the hairbrush would be making an appearance tonight.  The sound of footsteps moving to the antique bureau informed her that the hateful ruler would be used as well.  Then, she heard the telltale squeak of the bedsprings and rustling of the covers to know that Cassidy had moved to the usual location for her spankings.

Time passed slowly for Laci as she waited for her name to be called.  The fact that Cassidy was staying in the room with her as well as the length of time she was staying in her corner were both bad signs for Laci’s behind.  She kept her posture perfect and her body positioned in the corner as close as possible as she tried to show Cassidy she was cooperating fully.  No way was Cassidy going to need to correct her for anything other than missing the stupid medication.

Finally, when Laci was ready to scream with frustration, she heard the words she both yearned for and dreaded, “Laci.  Come over here now.  It’s time for your spanking.”

She turned and kept her head bowed in contrition as she made her way over to her Top.  When she stood next to the bed, Cassidy took her arm and gently guided Laci over her lap, her panty-clad bottom in the perfect spanking position.

Laci knew she should relax in order to make the spanking easier to endure but she simply couldn’t.  Thankfully, Cassidy helped by rubbing her hand over her thighs and buttocks in soothing strokes to help ease the tension in her muscles.  All the while, she spoke in a soothing but firm voice.

“Laci, you know better than to miss a meal.  Your body needs that medication whether you like it or not.  You also know you have to eat on a routine schedule to keep your sugar levels stable.  Why did you think it was a good idea to skip them?”

Laci almost groaned.  She hated to have to explain anything when she was in this position.  It always made her feel even more contrite and deserving of correction.  She also knew from past experience that Cassidy wouldn’t allow her to remain silent or even take too long to gather her thoughts before deciding to lend a “helping hand”.

Sure enough, Laci wasn’t quick enough to respond and Cassidy brought her palm down sharply on the pert bottom.  “I’m waiting, young lady…Why did you think it was a good idea to skip your pills and breakfast?”

“Um….I..uh…I didn’t want to inconvenience Tessa,” she stammered out a response.  “I was running late and didn’t want her to smell food this morning.”

Cassidy weighed her words.  “So…you were concerned that she would get sick from smelling the food?”

Laci nodded and affirmed. “Yes…I promise Cassidy.  That really was the reason.”

“And you grabbed a chocolate bar instead of juice or something better because…?”

“I was feeling shaky and needed something quick.  I thought the sugar would be better.” Her voice was muffled as her head was buried in the covers.

Cassidy voice held a hint of steel. “Yet you didn’t eat or drink anything else to help you stabilize it.  And then you decided to keep shopping instead of eating lunch.”

A hard swat came down across the center of her rump.  Laci yelped in surprise just as another spank landed in the same spot.  Then the same firm hand rested on the area it had just smacked as Cassidy continued.

“Tessa asked you to go to TJ’s Grill but you insisted on shopping.  She even argued with you about it and you kept right on driving.”  This time a streak of lighting flashed across her sit spot as once again Cassidy spanked the exact same area of Laci’s bottom.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Cassidy demanded as she tightened the hold around Laci’s waist.

“Tess has a big mouth,” Laci said bitterly before groaning aloud.  Why did she say that?  Stupid….stupid…..stupid…..

Cassidy actually growled when she heard Laci’s reply.  “You just made this ‘discussion’ a lot longer, mo chroi’.”

With that, she raised her hand and brought it down with a resounding smack on Laci’s left butt cheek.  Laci jerked but otherwise held still as she knew better than to aggravate Cassidy further.  A second spank landed equally as hard on her right cheek making her grit her teeth to keep quiet.  Dang! She thought.  Cass is mad!

Cassidy quickly found a rhythm, spanking at a pace designed for each spank to be felt fully before the next one fell.  Right, left…..right, left…..she concentrated on the two wriggling cheeks, heating them up to a slow burn.  Soon, Laci was wishing she would strike somewhere other than the same two spots as the sting was becoming quite fierce.  But the steady rhythmic spanking kept right on going.   Right, left…..right, left….

Finally, Cassidy paused and lay a hand on her brat’s bottom.  Bright pink skin peeking out from the bottom of her lacy panties testified to the warm and throbbing butt underneath.  “Laci.  Do you want to retract your statement about Tessa?”

“Yes,” Laci said breathlessly. “I’m sorry for saying Tess has a big mouth.  I know she was just trying to umm…..look after me.”  She hoped she sounded properly apologetic so that Cassidy would no longer feel the need to punish her further for the foolish comment.

Fortunately for her, Cassidy accepted the apology.  She gave the bottom a light pat and said, “Good girl.”  Then as she began tugging the cute panties down, she added. “Now let’s get to your spanking hon.”

Laci groaned but said nothing as she knew nothing would change her Top’s mind.  She even helped by raising her bottom up slightly so the scrap of lace could be slid down more easily.  When they were down around her knees, Cassidy adjusted Laci slightly in order to hold her around the waist more firmly.  Then she patted the bottom a few times and announced. “Young lady.  You know better than to neglect your health.  Those pills are necessary.  You know that.”   So saying, she landed a smart spank on her brat’s butt.  “You also know eating properly and on schedule is non-negotiable. “  Another loud smack rang out in sync with Laci’s squeal of pain. “The next time you think about skipping one, you will remember this spanking and make a better decision.”

Now, Cassidy began spanking her errant love in earnest.  Smack after resounding smack landed on the creamy thighs in addition to the buttocks already pink from before.  Laci couldn’t contain the whimpers and squeals as Cassidy brought her thighs to the same bright pink as her bottom.  She hated it when Cassidy spanked her thighs – even more so than on her backside.  The tender skin was sensitive and the sharp smacks hurt!

This time there was very little rhythm to the hand spanking.  Laci couldn’t go into her zone where she could more easily deal with the pain.  Instead, she was constantly caught unaware as the speed, intensity, and location of the next swat was never the same as the one before.  Eventually, Laci’s entire bottom and thighs were a consistent shade of magenta.  Her breath was ragged and tears were on the verge of falling from her eyes as she clutched the sheets and buried her face in them.


When Cassidy stopped, she kept Laci in place and started rubbing the throbbing, stinging bottom and thighs.  “Laci.  I want you to go back to the corner and think about how important it is to take your pills and eat right.  When I return, I will be asking what you will do the next time you find yourself in that position.  Understand?”

Laci couldn’t bring herself to speak and simply nodded as Cassidy helped her up, helped pull her panties down to the floor where Laci stepped out of them and then walked her back to the corner.  “You can rub hon.” She murmured softly and then with a gentle pat on the back, she left Laci alone.

Laci stood in place rubbing her poor bottom and thighs as she meditated on the day’s events and the next stage of her punishment.  Every now and then she could hear the clatter of dishware as Cassidy attended to things in the kitchen.  At one point, their dog Ryder barked a couple of times in anticipation as she undoubtedly filled his dog bowl, the low thrum of Cassidy’s voice in response both reassuring and comforting.  For some strange reason this brought tears to her eyes where the sound spanking had been unable to.  The love and support Cassidy always freely gave was a precious gift, whether in the form of a loving caress or a firm hand.  The safety and security that she provided was a vital part of their relationship giving Laci a sense of structure and control that made her able to function to her highest potential.

Laci drew a breath as the tears flowed freely down her face.  As painful as the next round would be, Laci would be a better person for it…a better person with a sore butt…..and a lighter load on her shoulders.

When she heard Cassidy walking up the stairs, Laci was more than ready for the next phase to be over and done with.  It was with relief when Cassidy touched her shoulder and drew her into a hug.  Laci buried her face in the broad shoulder and released more tears as her Top rubbed her back and ran her fingers through Laci’s curly mane of hair.

Once Laci calmed, Cassidy kissed her brow and squeezed her tightly. “You ok?”  She pressed another kiss to her temple when Laci nodded.  “Then, let’s get this over with…”

She left an arm around Laci’s shoulders as they walked together to the bed.  This time Cassidy sat on the edge of the bed and drew her brat over one knee so that Laci’s abdomen was on the bed and her toes just touched the floor.  This lifted her bottom as a prime target for the implements Cassidy would use.

Cassidy picked up the oak hairbrush and began rubbing Laci’s bottom and thighs as she stated.  “Laci.  You’ve had time to think.  What will you do the next time you’re running late.?”

Laci immediately replied. “I’ll eat at home and call to let Tess know I’ll be late or stop somewhere and get something to eat.”

“Good girl.” Cassidy patted her bottom with the brush. “What if you feel your sugar is dropping.  What will you do?”

“I’ll get something that will keep the level controlled.”  When the rubbing stopped, she quickly added.  “Oh….and I’ll use my meter to check it so I know I have it right.”  She breathed a sigh of relief when the rubbing resumed once more.

“And what do you plan to do about your eating habits?”

“I’ll eat on time and food that fits my diet.”  She knew that one would be tough to do but would give it her best shot.

Once more the brush gave her a little pat.  “Good mo chroi’.  Now we can finish this and move on.”  Then, she brought the brush back and snapped her wrist to land it on Laci’s butt with a sharp Thwack!.  She didn’t hesitate before doing it again on the other cheek.  The intensity of the spanking was an entirely different level as the English oak rained down time after time on Laci’s bare bottom.

Cassidy kept up a brisk pace and soon Laci was scissor kicking her legs as the brush heated her entire rear until it felt like a blazing inferno.  Each smack drew a squeal from her as she wriggled and squirmed over Cassidy’s knee with only a strong arm keeping her in place.  The Top didn’t go easy on her and paid special attention to her sit spots to ensure she was reminded of her spanking each time she sat down.

Then just as Laci was sure her butt was just about to burst into flames, Cassidy stopped and lay the brush on her back.  She then began rubbing her backside and thighs afterwards.  “It’s over hon.  You won’t carry any guilt around with you, understand?”

“Yes.  I understand. ”  Laci’s voice was tremulous at best.

Cassidy rubbed the red butt a few more times before saying, “We have the matter of you not telling me about this, Laci.”

Laci’s mouth dropped at her words.  No way could she stand any more.   “B- bu-but….”

“Sshh,”Cassidy hushed her. “I came in and gave you an opportunity to tell me and you didn’t.  You know that’s not acceptable.  Don’t you?”

Laci whimpered a protest but knew that she was right.  She was expected to tell Cassidy when she did something that deserved correction.  It was difficult for her to do and her reluctance to do so often got her in trouble.  Finally, she choked out a mumbled, ”Yes”.

Cassidy seemed satisfied with her answer and now switched the brush with the dreadful ruler.   She took the implement and rubbed it over the clenched bottom until she relaxed.  There was a tap…tap…tap…as she gauged the distance and impact needed.  Then……..WHACK!

Laci yelped and automatically reached a hand back to protect her roasted butt.  Cassidy grabbed her wrist and trapped her arm to her side before continuing to wield the nasty implement.  Laci hated the ruler above all implements in their arsenal.  Its sting was fierce and would be sure to stay with her for quite some time.

For this spanking, Cassidy concentrated much more on the soft thighs than her bottom.  With each strike of the ruler, Laci yelped out an apology.  “I’m sorry.”   Then when she settled, the ruler would land again with the same outcry.

When Cassidy determined that Laci was suitably punished, she tossed the ruler onto the bed and once more rubbed the throbbing stinging bottom draped over her lap.  For a long time, the only sounds in the room were the whimpers Laci couldn’t restrain as Cassidy soothed and stroked the tender skin.

“Laci, you will take better care of yourself, understand?” Cassidy’s voice was firm and Laci knew there was no room for error if she wanted her butt to stay safe.

“Yes, maam,” she replied meekly. “I promise.”

“You had better, Laci.”  Her voice was filled with warning. “You’re way too valuable to neglect your health.  I don’t want to have to do this again.  Do you understand me?”

“Oh gosh, yes.” Laci was sincere in her reply.  No way did she want to be across Cassidy’s lap any time soon.  Her poor butt couldn’t take it.

Apparently satisfied, Cassidy pulled her up and onto her lap, holding her securely.  Laci cuddled against her, drawing comfort from her loving Top as the previously stern hand now caressed and patted.  Her behind and thighs stung fiercely, the burn making Laci wriggle slightly on Cassidy’s lap.  The afterburn was almost as fierce as it had been during the spanking but the warm feeling of being cared for and loved overrode the pain.

“Love you, hon,” Laci whispered against soft lips.

A little squeeze was the reply before she heard the murmured words, “Love you babe.”

When Cassidy leaned down to kiss her, Laci returned it fervently as she tried to convey her love and appreciation for the support of her Top.  As much as she hated the need for domestic discipline in her life, she knew that she could trust Cassidy completely to be there for her.  Maybe not everyone could understand their type of relationship but it worked for them.  It also made each of them a better person because of it…and that was a wondrous thing.

11 Responses to Irish Lace

  1. ABC says:

    Great story Micah! I wouldn’t have expected nothing less from ya. I was wanting to jump in there and lend Lacy a shielding hand for her poor lit up caboose! Loved the realness of your characters, and that you displayed their love for each other in so many ways. I really enjoyed it, and can tell you know a thing or two about diabetes. My best friend was diagnosed her sophomore yr in a very scary way. She had such a hard time switching to healthier foods, and getting the timing of eating frequent smaller meals just right. Thanks for the gift. You’re a wonderful writer. Merry Christmas!

  2. cj says:

    Micah loved your story. Your characters pop right off the page. As a reader you are sucked into the situation and feeling it with Laci and Cassidy! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us!

  3. Alyx says:

    This was a beautiful Christmas present, Micah. The relationship between these two women suited both of them so perfectly — it’s heartening to read about a top and brat who have evolved into such a loving lifestyle. Thank you for sharing this gift with us…..methinks maybe you have a potential new couple to add to your publishing list, eh? 😉

  4. Peach says:

    That was a very sound and thorough spanking Laci got! hehe Guess she kinda deserved it. 😉 Thank you for this sweet story. Hope you write more on this couple.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Hupotasso says:

    Reminder to self- NEVER share any health issues I have with Micah! 😉

    I love the way you capture the loving nature of this couple’s relationship, and include the small details that make your writing so vivid. Another wonderful story. Thanks for this lovely gift.

  6. Mil says:

    So lovely, Micah! A gorgeous couple. Thanks for another wonderful story, and Merry Christmas 🙂

  7. thanatos150 says:

    Awesome story Micah! I loved it. 🙂

    But why is it that whatever story I read, I have the dawning suspicion that it would not go well for me if I ever had a top. 👀 XD *cough* I think I’ll go have some breakfast now. *runs off*

  8. Ash says:

    Boy! I wouldn’t wanna be careless with my health with Cassidy around. Owwwie!

    Thanks for the story, Micah. 🙂 And I’m sorry I’m a little bit late commenting. 😛

  9. Robin says:

    Thank you for a great story Micah! I love your characters and how you describe their caring relationship. Its easy to imagine the worry if someone you love are having health problems like diabetes. And, eh, its easy also to relate to the actions and fate of poor Laci… Oww! 😉 She is lucky thought to have Cassidy. Oh, and who can resist a Gaelic accent? 😳 /Robin

  10. Robin says:

    Hi again! I dont know what that surname come from, 😨 😀 I have problems with my phone, and it seems to have its own mind and will. Or maybe its me who cant controll it…Its not my surname, and I think i should ask you to take it away. The owner of the name may disapprove. 😊Im sorry to case trouble! Thank you so much Micah!

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