By Gingerwolf

“Go to Bed.”  Nyx called out again for the tenth time that night.

Cana giggled from her bed a called back “I am in bed.”

Sighing Nyx got up and went to Cana’s room and just as she predicted there was Cana sitting on the floor her, Teddy bear tucked in where she should be, while she was reading again. “CANA!!!” She raises her voice making Cana jump in surprise. Speaking again in a firm tone “you asked me to help you get to sleep on time because you have been dangerously sleep deprived since you Dom released you last week. Now get in bed before I am forced to deal out the consequences we agreed on.”

Cana looked down sheepishly “I know I need to sleep properly cause it’s really bad for my Health” she gets up and crawls back into bed with her teddy Red.

Nyx walks over and tucks her in tight and with a stern look and voice she says “you get out of this bed one more time after I’ve told you to go to bed between now and the three days till Christmas morning you’re going to be writing a check that little ass of your can’t cash, you understand me young lady?”

Wide eyed Cana nod “yes ma’am” all the while her brain is think of how to sneak out of bed again.

She didn’t want to sleep cause her dreams left her empty each morning when she woke to find her neck bare and her Dom gone. It had been easy to sleep when he was here but they didn’t match up for long after a while they grew apart in their wants and needs. She needed more attention and  discipline than he was able to give her and he felt distant from her more and more each day. So finally she spoke up about it hoping to find a solution and the only one they had was to end it and move on and so they did. She was heartbroken he had been her first Dom and her first love but it wasn’t meant to be.

Thus she fell back on her friends who also lived the lifestyle and relied on them when she needed that guidance and firm hand. But even with them she had fallen out of her sleep schedule and began sleeping a mere 2-3 hours a night and then staying up all day working and then all night with distractions. That’s why she asked Nyx for help because she was terrible about letting herself off the hook and not sleeping or eating properly at all.

Nyx suddenly laid next to Cana and ran her fingers through Cana’s long curly red hair pushing it away from her face gently and then she kissed her forehead softly. Cana naturally relaxed under her touch her eye growing heavy, subconsciously she shifted to be closer to Nyx as she felt the sudden rush of exhaustion and peace fall over her.

“Will you stay here?” She mumbled softly.

Nyx smiled down at the sweet brat “of course I will dear”

She laid down and shifted Cana so her head was resting on her chest and peaceful they fell into Cana’s first deep sleep is over a week.

Two days had passed with Cana behaving with her new bedtime routine. But come Christmas Eve Cana found herself sneaking out of bed to peek at the tree and the cookies, she may have been 22 but still the idea of Santa from the stories she read each Christmas made her believe even if just a little bit that made there was a spirit of Christmas who visited the houses and brought joy to each home for at least the day.

Little did she know that like other spirits the Christmas spirit could influence those around it and seeing her mischief it began to awaken Nyx. Stirring in her sleep Nyx woke with the strangest feeling that she would find Cana sneaking Christmas cookies from Santa’s plate. She quietly slipped out of the guest room and just as she thought there was Cana about to grab a cookie from the plate, looking at the time she saw it was just before midnight and smiled to herself.

“No loopholes to get you out of this one” she thought to herself and she quickly and quietly snuck up on Cana as she started to pick up the cookie. Just as her hand made contact Nyx loudly cleared her throat and grabbed Cana’s shoulder. “What are you doing out of bed young lady?” Her stern voice sent shivers down Cana’s back as she jumped startled by Nyx’s sudden appearance.

“I ummm” she scrambled for an excuse but ended up with “I just couldn’t sleep” she hung her head and whispered “s’not like it’s that late.”

Nyx quickly landed a stinging swat on Cana’s backside. “You asked me to help you get back on a schedule hun and I intend to keep my word because I care for you dearly. You need to go to bed on time tonight because you have a long day tomorrow with family and friends coming over for dinner and we have to cook and clean before they arrive.”

As she spoke she led Cana to the couch by the Christmas tree. She gently pulled Cana over her knees and landed several stinging swats to her pajama covered backside. “That was to take care of the mumbling earlier” Cana squirmed a bit knowing worse was to come. She gasped as she felt Nyx sliding her pants down to her knees, she tucked her head and gripped Nyx’s pants leg. Nyx looked down at Cana pantie covered bottom already spotted with soft pink shades it was a trait of gingers they always colored up well and quickly too. Sighing to herself she began to administer stinging swats to her sit spots first knowing that would quickly get the lesson to sink in. “Why do we have a bedtime Cana?”

Wincing Cana stumbled over her answer “because… ow…. I need sleep to be healthy… ouch… and so I don’t hurt myself!!!” Nyx watches as Cana’s cheeks darkened and seeing just the right shade of red start to appear she began to pull down her panties. Cana wiggled hard trying to maneuver away which only earned her several hard spanks to her thighs, she stopped struggling immediately as she yelped from the sting.

“OUCH please stop I swear I’ll behave and go to bed just please no more!!!” She moaned.

Shaking her head Nyx sighed she had heard the promises before and she had made the mistake of letting up but not this time”No dear you’ve promised that before but we always end up back here so this time the lesson will be longer to leave a lasting impression” with that she yanked the panties down.

Cana shuddered as the cold air hit her bare and already pink ass. Shaking her head she set to work slowly lighting a fire in Cana’s tense cheeks. Cana squirmed and yelped still refusing to cry this went on for several minutes till finally like a dam bursting she shuddered and gave into her tears. Nyx spanked her several more times and then quickly pulled her up into a tight hug as Cana cried heavily.

“Shhhh it’s ok now. I’m not going anywhere” Nyx whispered to her. Cana grabbed on to Nyx tightly holding on to her as if she would vanish if not held tightly.

“He use to say the same thing” she sniffled “he said I’d always be his and he just left didn’t even put up a fight for me he just left.”

Nyx cupped her face and looked into Cana’s eyes “I will prove it time and time again hun I will not abandon you like he did” she smiled and kisses Cana’s cheeks and forehead. “it’s the start of a New Year sweetheart and of a new chapter in your life and in mine. Now let’s get you off to bed little one.” She helped Cana back to her room and tucked her back in tightly.

Cana grabbed Nyx’s hand “please stay with me”

Nyx smiled and laid next to her “of course hun” she played with her hair as Cana snuggled close and fell asleep once more holding tightly to both red and to Nyx. And for the first time since her Dom had abandoned her she felt safe, warm, and loved. She had hope for the future to come.

11 Responses to Hope

  1. cj says:

    Ginger, what a wonderful story of hope. I love your characters names. There is such warmth and love between them. You can feel the bond and trust growing. I have to say eating Santa’s cookies is worth getting out of bed.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  2. Alyx says:

    Gingerwolf, your participation was a real surprise, but I’m happy you overcame your reticence and allowed your friends to persuade you to participate. I think sharing one’s creativity has really positive effects on one’s spirit, and this is the season for it!

    You displayed real vulnerability in Cana’s character, and it was lovely how Nyx showed so much understanding and caring. There’s definitely hope at the end that Cana will recover from the loss of her Dom, which I know must’ve been painful. Thanks for sharing your Xmas gift with us! 🙂

  3. xgccipher says:

    Excellent and well written ginger, thank you for sharing this

  4. ScreamQueen says:

    Oh my gosh I love those names Ginger!! Such a good short story, and I love the description of the pink shading from the spanks. I hope you write more like this sweetheart.

  5. Belle says:

    Ginger your a very talented young woman

    Very good story

  6. ABC says:

    Definitely a story that fits it’s title. Very touching Gingerwolf thank you for it. You did a great job. Also I love unique names and Cana is a cute one. If I wasn’t done having babies I’d add Canaan to my girls list and call her Cana. One day I’ll have some pets with really awesome names, even if they’re a bowl full of guppies 😊 Thanks again!

  7. samsote says:

    Excellent writing ginger 😀
    I think you put a lot of yourself in this, and it feels very real. A couple typos here and there, but a great story 🙂

  8. thanatos150 says:

    Very cute story Ginger! Liked it a lot 😀

  9. Micah says:

    Great job, GInger. Thank you for gifting us with such a nice Christmas surprise. I know I’m a little late to read it as I’ve been away from my computer but it’s like having another Christmas gift to open. Thank you.

  10. Ash says:

    Thanks for your gift, Gingerwolf. I felt sorry for poor Cana. It’s hard to deal with a broken heart. 😦

  11. Robin says:

    Thank you for a great story Gingerwolf! I really liked the way you describe the feelings and vulnerability of Cana and the caring relationship between the two characters. Its tough to lose someone but your story is full of hope!

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