Falling for you (Jo’s slice of healing and humbug)

by Woodsy

I’m wearing the little red skirt with the fluffy white trim,
the red tunic top,
belted at the waist
and that naughty little elfin smile –

the one you alone bring out of me.

I’m a decoration
and a cabaret
and a Christmas stocking,

desperate for the feel of your leg…

a fallen bird from a magic tree…

mirrored in those silver globes,
still twinkling with
tantrum deceptions
and mean reflections…

still cracked with all those lost-girl tears,
even after such delicious years.

I’m wearing the Christmas I never quite fell for –

dancing it,
prancing it
all through the house…

Not for the sleigh bells.
Not for the carols.
Not for the tinsel, the presents, the sparkles and fluff…

I’m wearing my naughty girl Christmas for you.

And when my pixie boots
run dry,
when the dance falls flat and I’m starting to cry,

I open my stories
and humbugs
and tantrums
for you…

so you can
flip up this skirt that excites you so much
and light up an angel
right over your knee…

rebuild me in needles of green-scented sting…

It’s our little Christmas.
It’s our little thing.

I’ve flirted as much as a broken girl can,
danced my way out into space…

’til I’m caught in mid-air
and I’m starting to fall,
right through the core of my own special place…


* the only present I ever really wanted *

to catch my bottom
light me home

in a ribbon of wingbeats and spanks.

For Carly’s “response” to Jo’s poetic compliment (and further stories involving this couple), do check out Woody’s blog: https://woodsydotblog.wordpress.com/2020/12/01/the-stars-without-jo/.

8 Responses to Falling for you (Jo’s slice of healing and humbug)

  1. dmm dmm says:

    Oooh, I like this one. I really appreciate the rhythm and the way it bounces back and forth from rhyme to unrhymed and so poetic I’m jealous. I love all things Jo and Carly.

    • Woodsy says:

      Your enthusiasm is always so hugely appreciated.

      And your own creative voice seems to be seriously flexing its lyrics al wings right now – Jo

  2. Alyx says:

    I think I’ve told you how much I love this one. It’s sassy and lighthearted, but also deeply touching. A lovely celebration of the holiday season…..thanks for gifting us, Woodsy! Your talent never fails to stir me. 🙂

  3. Peachie says:

    Great poem. It’s very touching. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing with us, Woodsy. Happy holidays.

  4. Robin says:

    I so love the way you use the words Woodsy! How you can fill a sentence or a word with so many aspects or feelings or reflections. Like the deep secret meaning of a spanking for the two involved, the increadible intimacy of it, and the Christmassy scent of fir needels all in one expression.

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