Angels and Allowances

By Bystander


Winds howl through the night, shaking windows and banging unlatched gates back and forth. A figure sits upon the doorstep taking comfort in the noises surrounding her.

It is the eve of Christmas Eve, yet Christmas, as she had known it to be, felt like a million lifetimes away.

This was a Christmas she did not want to celebrate, her heart filling and breaking every time she thought about it.

Looking up to the sky at the various stars twinkling brightly, the lone figure allowed her gaze to fall on the biggest star in sight. Memories came in front of the star as clear as day and since she was alone, she allowed the tears to flow freely.

Crying was a weakness that she could not permit herself to show in the presence of others, but every night when the rest of the world was silent then she could allow herself to be as weak as she needed to be.

Time passed and the wind picked up more and a chill began to envelope the already ill figure, blowing a kiss to the sky and finally drying her tears, she entered her house and locked up. After checking all was well inside, the pained lady took herself to bed. After much tossing and turning she eventually fell asleep.

Usually upon falling asleep she would be plagued by nightmares, tonight was different, tonight a volley of angels their presence known in her dreams. Each angel had a concerned expression and outstretched arms.

As she walked towards the first angel she could feel the warmth and love radiate from within those outstretched arms. Stepping closer, the angels arms encircled the young lady, whispering words of encouragement and comfort whilst holding her tight.

This was the same with every angel she approached and she wanted to stay there forever and never leave the warm, care filled and safe atmosphere that surrounded her. Before the angels left, they informed the young lady that she was to allow herself to cry in front of others, she was allowed to ask for help and she was allowed to need the help.

She was also informed that she was NOT allowed to shut herself away from the ones who loved her, she was NOT allowed to force herself to do too much and she most definitely was NOT allowed to neglect her health.

The last words of advice left to her as the angels slowly faded from her dream was to hold onto Christmas Day with both hands and try to enjoy the time with those she loved.

She awoke with a start and lay processing her dream, resulting in her going to her saviour site, logging on and typing out her dream in the form of a Christmas submission.

Xmas graphic courtesy of Webweaver’s Free ClipArt (with tweaks by the Blogmistress)

24 Responses to Angels and Allowances

  1. Ash says:

    That was really sad, By. 😦 I really liked your description of the world around her; the wind and the sounds and the stars. It kinda makes you feel like you’re there too.

  2. Hupotasso says:

    Thank you for your gift, By. I’m struck that in your dream, as in some of mine, angels are not only a source of warmth and compassion– they’re also a tad Toppy. (Smile.)

    You’ve conveyed so evocatively both the pain of despair, and how are dreams can reveal to us truths we know well, but sometimes remain buried under depression’s enveloping shrouds.

    • bystander says:

      Thank you Hupo. I think that burying what we know we want or need is the easy part. Digging it up and coming face to face with it is so much more difficult and that is when we find that though we may have quietened vocally around our angels, they have heard every unsaid word. I hope you allow your angels to encompass you this Christmas Hupo.

  3. Alyx says:

    Bystander, that story was really moving. I hope you have absorbed the beautiful message you portrayed so well, as it is as true as it was touching. *hugs* Thank you for sharing your gift with us — it means a lot to have you participating in the Christmas exchange…and the Global Village too! πŸ™‚

    • bystander says:

      Alyx, thank you so much for allowing me to post and for always welcoming me to the village. The picture you accompanied with the story caught right in my heart, such a beautiful and fitting picture. I absorbed the message before I even wrote the story, allowances are strange things I think, it isn’t as easy as some may think to accept that there are things that you are allowed and that it is okay to want to believe in them.
      I promise I will come by the village more often.

  4. gingerwolf19 says:

    I’m in awe, I think I needed to read this it strikes home and made me smile. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your dream.

  5. Peach says:

    Yeah it was a bit sad but very touching. Hope things get better in 2016. Thanks for sharing this moving piece By. Happy holidays to you. *hugs*

  6. kati000 says:

    Isn’t it good that there are these angels that guide us, in our dreams and in real life ? Your story made think and I hope there will always be angels around for you.
    Thank you very much for your Story, By ! I wish you happy holidays and a good New Year 2016 ! *hugs*

    • bystander says:

      Thank you Kati and happy holidays and hugs to you. Angels truly are something to be treasured. They somehow manage to be there to guide us even if we don’t believe we need guidance. May your angels always guide you πŸ˜€

  7. Micah says:

    I’m so glad that you posted for us, bystander. Thank you for the Christmas gift.
    I’m really glad the angels are guiding you to begin the healing process. That is a real gift you’ve received. Merry Christmas Bystander…

    • bystander says:

      Thank you Micah, it is a gift I am grateful for and words of advice I am sure I will hear more than once, as well as a warmth I will feel more than once, Merry Christmas Micah, hugs as always. πŸ˜€

  8. cj says:

    Bystander thank you for the beautiful intense story. You described emotions many of us feel but can’t always express so eloquently. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  9. Beck says:

    Wow Bystander, this story certainly evokes emotion. I read this submission a few times and each time I had a different response. It’s one of those stories that I think touches everyone in one form or another. Great job and thanks for sharing your story!

    • bystander says:

      Beck, I don’t know what to say except for thank you. And thank you for your stories too, you are an amazing writer πŸ˜€

  10. Exquisite. It brought tears to my eyes, By. You have a lovely lyrical tone which never loses touch with the emotional heart of the piece and I loved it. It reminds me of that line from The Winter’s Tale which always struck me, ‘A sad tale’s best for winter’ which says something about the nature of life, about how we need all the stories to be told.

    My favourite of the Xmas gifts, thank you.
    *hug* xxx ~ TMT

    • bystander says:

      Thank you so much TMT. Emotions are the only truth we have, I find comfort in that and often find myself held in the emotions of others stories, those are the ones that transport me to a different life and help me see through new eyes. Hugs returned

      • Tenth Muse Top says:

        Yes! John Updike says that art ‘offers a certain breathing room for the spirit,’ while Aristotle states ‘The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance’ – and it is the ability to sit with emotional truths which distinguishes the best art and writing. If the artist is brave, she carries her audience with her – and from that endeavour, we are all enriched. You did that in your piece. πŸ™‚

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