A Barracks Christmas

By Ginger Wolf

It was the night of Christmas eve and all through the barracks was silent and still,
the Sargents away for holiday and Privates all drunk for the rest of the day,
one Little Private lay awake in her bed,
see her room was a mess and she’d not been sleeping or eating quite like she should, which was why she was ill with an ache in her head,
so she felt ever guilty as she lay there tucked in,
pouting about medications and orders to rest by friends she held dear whom she’d let in,

She had no one to to call hers or to keep her in line or discourage her need to curse, so why should she even try but those thoughts would often make her cry.

Teary eyed and tired she drifted to sleep till she awoke when she heard someone speak “what is this mess when the years nearly through, now Private this is not what’s expected of you.”

Eyes wide our Private did stare at this woman quite fair. She was dress in red with black trim and was quite tall or so it seem in the light so dim.

“No cookies, and a mess of a room, and no feeling of cheer, something is very wrong here my dear” the woman sat down in the rooms one empty chair “talk to me love and explain your frown”

Our Private sat up and twiddling her thumbs this odd feeling of trust fill her like air to her lungs. And mumbling she spoke “well Ma’am you see….. could we go for a smoke?”

Shaking her head then stood our stranger in red, “there will be no smoke tonight but it seems a test of my Authority there might”

She stood over our Private who’s widened “I know I’m just a private, Ma’am but I see no rank upon you” she said as crossed her arms “who are you to say I cant smoke or that I should have hope.”

The woman let out a sigh this was going to prove to be more difficult confessions and she moved to where the Private did lie.

“Have you not yet remembered who I am young Cana” shaking her head she took her seat on the bed, as Cana remembered from Christmas’ ago how the spirit of Santa had run through the house and her lack of self care had to go, she tried to scramble away before this price she would pay.

“No… no way, last time you were just an influence on one who cared and had say ”

Santa did smirk “you my dear need a reminder that you in your self hate need to be to yourself kinder”

Cana then glared at floor “I dont like self care it’s a chore”

Santa took hold of her hand and with a pull over her lap Cana did land.

She struggled a moment before submitting to her ~opponent.~
She settled with a roll of her eyes her true needs disguise.
And Santa just smirked at this brat being so irked.
“Self care is no chore and neither is it to be ignored”
Her hand found the button on the seat of Canas Christmas pjs “or forgotten” in the blink of an eye they were undone despite the brats outcry.
Blushing red to her ears Cana held back her tears.

Then Santa snapped her fingers “ok enough of the rhyming it wont do for the lecture you need”

Cana couldnt help but laugh “I noticed it too but see as where I am I didn’t want to question it Ma’am”

Santa landed a hard swat on the left “don’t go be a sassybutt when your room is a disaster” she landed several more swat going left to right and getting a few good one on Cana’s sit spots making her squirm and grind her teeth but she refused to whine not yet.

“Old boxes of pizza and Chinese all around beer and wine bottles sitting out some only half drank, half a pot of coffee 4 days old and a massive bag of laundry from 3 weeks time” Santa delivered 10 more spanks to our brats bared behind “which explains why you have no underwear on under this cute lil onsie”

Cana squirmed and blushed at the comment trying to tone out the sting the swats had created. “Ow…..” she whispered before speaking “I know it’s a mess but I work 12 hour shift I’m tired is all”

Santa gave her a hard spank to her thigh. “So tired you just cant stay up late talking online right?”

Cana winced that was true she spent hours online where she could have cleaned up. “You’re right” she sigh sniffling a little “time isnt the issue I just choose not to clean”

Smiling softly Santa continued her lecture “if were just the room this would be over but we still have to address the issue of you not sleeping or eating for days on end” at this Cana groaned and Santa began her lesson from right to left for several minutes building up a burn in our young Private’s bottom making it a pretty shade of red.

“Sleep in essential to health and so eating you know this cause Nyx taught you well, you learned her lessons and now you repay that help by going 3 days without food and 2 without sleep”

Cana lay on her lay tears brimming in her eyes as she squirmed and ti escapes the words and the burning in her bottom. “That’s not fair using her against me” she hit her first against Santa’s leg before both hand were quickly pinned at her lower back and restrained there.

“I’ll let hitting me go as I know you’re upset but I’d like you to explain why”

Cana sniffled and with an almost sob told Santa how Nyx had been hurt by someone she loved and grown distant over time leaving Cana almost entirely alone after Basic by the end she was crying and sniffling into the bed while Santa rubbed soft circles on her back.

“And this is why you refuse to clean or eat or sleep properly, because you feel you were left behind again by someone you loved” Cana nodded and Santa sighed softly finally the root of the issue “this will be the final part of your remind Dear” she landed a firm spank to the brats bottom “not having a Top or a Mentor does not justify self harmful behavior, I know it hurts and you feel lost but you have to reach out to someone” she landed several spanks to the brats thigh as Cana cried softly into the bed squirming still.

“You are loved Cana, even if you dont love yourself right now you have people who have Chosen to love you”

At that Cana sobbed “I know and I’m sorry I should take care of myself better because there are people who care” she cried hard and Santa delivered the last 2 spanks hard to her sit spots, her hand stung from the long spanking but she knew this brat needed a hand not the brush this year

“You are very kind to so many you should be kinder to yourself too” she released the brat who immediately sought to be held while she cried hard into Santa’s shoulder. Santa held her tightly till her sobs subsided and then tucked her back into bed.

“Will you stay Ma’am…… just till I fall asleep, please” Cana asked her voice raspy from her tears and Santa smiled

“Of course I will Lil one but only till you drift off to sleep” she held Cana’s hand and after she drifted off Santa pull out a box with small little reminders for Cana to take care of her self when she didn’t want to and then off into the night she went hoping next year she would be seeing the brat in a happier state and noting still how much she had grown since she first met her mentor 3 years ago.

12 Responses to A Barracks Christmas

  1. LoganTyler says:

    Awe this is sweet Ginger Wolf! Thank you for your gift. ☺️

  2. Alyx says:

    Thanks for your gift, Ginger Wolf! It’s nice to revisit Cana from your previous story. I wondered how you were going to manage to rhyme all the way through, so it’s funny your character commented on it too! *LOL* Wishing you a Merry Christmas in the barracks!

    • gingerwolf19 says:

      Lol yeah I started it and it happened and as i went along it got harder and harder to keep it going 😂😂 had to find a way to make it stop.
      I was hoping for a more lighthearted tale but apparently my muse had other ideas on how to make me face the issues at hand 😅 I swear the universe is extra Toppy some days when it’s not throwing my curve balls at least.
      I hope you had a Joyous Christmas day!! 😊 mine was decent for the first one so far away from friends and family.

  3. laineytales says:

    Thank you for such an amazing gift. Seasons Greetings 🙃

  4. Ash says:

    Thanks for the gift, Ginger Wolf. 🙂 A messy private? Do they even exist?

    • gingerwolf19 says:

      Lol in large amounts as well as Privates who may or may not drink 13 shots and 5 or 6 mixed drinks in a night and leave bit Marks on people 😶😶😶 nope I would have neeeever seen or Done that.

  5. Beck says:

    That’s a really nice story Ginger Wolf! I like the lecture that Cana receives about loving herself – that’s something I think we all need to remember sometimes. And the rhyming was really clever, great job! 🙂

  6. Wookie says:

    Great story Ginger Wolf. I loved the characters and your clever use of rhyming. Thanks fir sharing this. I look forward to more please.
    Happy New Year. 😊

  7. Robin says:

    Thank you Gingerwolf I loved your story and your sweet private. Its a good lesson she gets from Santa; to be kind to and take care of herself. Hope you had a good Christmas and will have a great year being kind to yourself you too!🙂

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