A Yule adventure

By Robin

Once in a moonlit Christmas night
A little naughty elf sneaked out
She run into the silver light
With rimefrost glitter on her coat,
and on her striped pajama blue

When by her best friends house, she threw
A snowball at the windowglass
And out of bed her friend Red flew
And climbed down to the snowy grass

Their eyes were glittering when they saw
A wash-line with elves pants in row
And Santas longjohns white and red!
To mischievous deeds our elves were led

Then tumbled giggling in the snow
And trudged towards the icy lake
Their pockets full of nuts and cake
For all wild creatures they did know
From every bush and hole and nest
Friends scurried out to be their guest

Adventure made their spirits grow
They started sliding on the lake
But suddenly the ice did break
And both were half in water, -NO!😱

But Santa watches all her elves
And there is nothing she dont know
About how they behave themselves
About all naughty tricks they throw
Her eyebrow rose, her look went stern
When will those elves ever learn?

Her trusted arctic fox she sent
And to the rescue, off he went
He pulled and dragged
and pulled some more
And very soon two frozen brats
Lay safe but sorry on the shore

Red ran so fast with Blue in tow
To have socks and trousers dry and warm
Upon that thought their pace did slow
And Blue tugged at her best friends arm
-Lets be silent, lets sneak in!
She whispered with a voice so thin
Next their plans were just no more
For there stood Santa at the door…

Red squeaked quick- It wasnt me!
And Blue turned round to run away
But Santas eyebrow rose “-I see.”
-You better come here and obey

She took their ears into firm hold
And marched them inside from the cold
In front of her large cosy stove
“-Now, all wet clothes comes off right now.
Those bums will sure be warm dont worry
You also will be very sorry”

“-No, wait! said Blue -We didnt mean
To wake you up and get all wet!”
The sweetest elves you ever seen
They were so full of sheer regret
“-We’re sorry ’bout your cake and pie”
“-We’re sorry that the ice was thin”
Red gave her puppy eyes a try
Blue tried her most innocent grin

But their pajamas quick went down
And they were over Santas knee
The brats’ protests just made her frown
Despite their whimper, cry and plea

Said Santa: -Elves likes mischief, that I know,
her voice went firm and stern and low
-You will not play on unsafe ice
And I will not have elvish lies
I need my loved elves alive!
And…-no pajamas in the snow!

She took good care of each offender
Their bottoms turned so red and tender
There were sniffles, yelps and pleas
They thought the spanking’d never cease!

“-Now little Blue and little Red
I tuck you in a soft warm bed
With honey milk and cookies sweet
To soothe your backsides stingy heat.
‘Cause you are kind and meant no harm
To feed your friends and keep them warm
You have good hearts i sure can see
And Thats how Yule is meant to be”

“-Thank you” said our Red and Blue
A honest “-sorry” whispered too
Santa smiled, they got a hug
Sandman gave their sleeves a tug
-You are forgiven, no more weeping
Santa winked and they were sleeping

She put candy in their socks
And in the four socks of her fox
Then through the window Santa saw
Her Yuletree with elves’ pants in row!
She chuckled at the silly sight
“-But what’s at the top so red and white?
-Well i dont get this elvish gag..
Why did they hoist the Danish flag?”

Next she blinked and frowned and stared
” -Those rascals stole my underwear!
But its Christmas night and spankings done
And I do enjoy goodnatured fun
Another day we’ll have more chats
Now, Merry Christmas to all brats!”

6 Responses to A Yule adventure

  1. Alyx says:

    Wow, Robin, I was really tickled by this! It’s so magical and playful, and I can see the winter wonderland scene in my mind. (When I was in China near the Russian border, I saw an arctic fox in person, and it was gorgeous. I love that that’s Santa’s animal! 🥰) I’m amazed at your ability to rhyme in another language! Finally, that line about the Danish flag and Santa’s underwear made me laugh out loud. Thank you for your participation and sharing your poem with us this year! 🤗

  2. Woodsy says:

    Really good bratty fun, Robin.

  3. Nicky says:

    Soooo cute. I love it. I always love a good story with a stern, strong, female Santa who spanks naughty elves.

  4. patti says:

    Oh this was a lot of fun, I especially liked the ending.

  5. Peachie says:

    Haha Robin, great poem, very playful, just what we need for the holidays! The Danish flag bit made me laugh so hard. So funny. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy holidays.

  6. Wookie says:

    Hi Robin, lovely to hear from you and get the chance to read this beautiful poem! I loved it. Your skill in language is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you are your family are all ok. Wishing you a very gott nytt år!

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