Already so many presents under the tree….

Okay, I’ve created the new template for our 2021 Holiday Exchange, and posted a few stories. Normally I would put them up one by one, and write a new post for each author. However I am giving myself permission this year to do less work, and I hope the authors will forgive me for making them share the limelight a bit. 🙏

I have to prepare to visit a my former partner (and still much loved friend) who lives in another state and has Alzheimer’s. I don’t know what the future will bring, so it might well be the last time I see her in person. Between the pandemic craziness and this roller-coaster grieving process (and the family drama that sometimes comes during the holidays….you know what I’m talking about 😝 ), I’ve just run out of time on a lot of stuff!

But this is not the time to talk about stressful stuff. This is the time to celebrate one of the things that help us ESCAPE from stressful stuff — namely our Holiday Exchange and all the wonderful people who participate! So go ahead and enjoy all the goodies on the Holiday page (or see the links below) and be sure to comment on the individual stories so our authors know how much you appreciate their efforts.

To start us off we have Woodsy’s stories, The Tiptoeing of Candlestones and The Naughty Silence of Carly’s Angels. Woodsy is a talented poet who sent me his stories way back in October! His vanilla work can be found on his blog, Woodsy the Performance Poet, but contact him directly to ask about the rest of his kinky stories. 😉

Next enjoy Wookie’s story, They’re Just Words!…. Wooks is a long-time reader and writer of fine discipline material, and I could’ve sworn she also had her own blog at one time. Or is that just wishful thinking? 😊

KM first participated last year, and her story this year, That’s Seven Then…, brings back Kris and Libby, the pair we enjoyed in the previous story. Here’s hoping she keeps finding more interactions between these two, because they are a very cute couple.

Patti says she wrote her story, Zero to Brat, a few years ago. But you’ll see from the holiday theme within it that it’s perfectly timed for the Christmas exchange. And be sure to check out her blog, Patti’s Stories, for more of her work.

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