TWO more gifts under the tree!

The very nicest thing about this holiday exchange is how the presents can be from tried-and-true favorite authors, or brand new discoveries. Both pleasures are equally delightful, and that’s demonstrated in our latest additions to the gift exchange.

I wasn’t familiar with lengendarydanger’s work, but am happy to have a story from this brand new (to the Xmas exchange, anyway) voice. Go on and check it out on her blog, Over The Knee Society: Charcoal For Christmas.

The other author, and her blog, Shae’s Fiction Ish, has been around longer, and she’s even submitted a story to the holiday exchange before. We’re glad to have her back, and you can find her story here: A Red Christmas.

Of course you can also find links to their stories, and all the other’s submitted thus far, on the Holiday Exchange page. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their gifts!

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