A special gift under the tree

Hi everyone, this gift is being given by Leandra Summers, whom as most of you know publishes lesbian romantic and spanking stories on Amazon. Well, in honor of this year’s gift exchange, she is making one of her latest published works absolutely free, for one day only!

On December 14 (Monday), Marty and Maria Book 3 of her popular Mountain Town Series will be available for download. Here’s the ASIN link: Marty and Maria.

There is one important way you can thank her generosity in making this book available for free: leave a rating or review on Amazon. This is true not only for this book and this author, but for all the stories/authors you have enjoyed (including yours truly  😉 ).

I don’t usually emphasize this so much, but (as Leandra reminded me) lots of readers don’t realize just how important these ratings/reviews are to indie writers. It absolutely can make or break the success of writing career on Amazon. So if you want to encourage more TTWD stories, as well as support the authors you’ve enjoyed, the best way to do that is to leave a review.

Note: Purchasing the book is not necessary to leave a review. The only requirement is that the reviewer must have purchased something from Amazon using the card they have on file. Okay, soapbox over. Enjoy your gift, and don’t forget to unwrap it on Dec. 14!

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