A cool spank poem (not mine!) and more

Hey there. I hope this post finds you well. I want to be upbeat and positive, but to be honest I’m scared as heck. Every day I read stuff about people refusing to take this pandemic seriously, or not understanding the term “exponential growth.” When something is growing exponentially, it has the potential of reaching enormous amounts in a very short time, even if it seems to start out very slowly.

If I asked you to give a penny the first day, 2 cents the second day, 4 cents the third day, etc., for a month — in other words doubling the amount you gave me each day — do you realize you’d be paying me over $10 million on the 31st?? It’s crazy! So please, please, PLEASE do take this seriously. If not for yourself, then for all the people who are even more at risk and would probably be the very ones “sacrificed” if we have to triage health care because we don’t have enough supplies and beds for everyone.

I’m staying indoors because I am in a couple of “higher risk” groups. But if other people are running around and passing it on (without knowing it), or contaminating the areas I MUST go (like stores to buy food), I will not be pleased. *sigh* Okay, enough growling — I promised you a poem, didn’t I? 🙂

I was surprised to read a poem about spanking which was both hot and moving, and avoided cliches. I was even more surprised to find it female-focused when written by a man. But if you can’t put aside assumptions and embrace diversity in a pandemic, then when the hell else can you do it! 😀

Woodsy said: “…this was just me turning the kind of poetic storytelling stuff I sometimes do to… like I say, kind of a cosmic spank theme (I figured what the hell, throw the universe in), after a sort of half dream one sleepless night…  and I thought a poem might be a novelty….”

I thought it was brilliant. And if you want to check out more of his work (albeit not spanking related), I will post a link to his blog at the end. So without further ado, here it is:

A spanked and starlit kind of girl

In you,
I’ve fallen beyond my universe…

into a sore and glowing place,
where all the injustice
of galactic collapse,
all the guilt
of withered moons,
all those mean,
unseeing worlds
and all indifferent trails of dust
are paddled raw
and swept aside

by the
swift and overwhelming sting
of your comet palm,
swinging out of orbit
to crash
like my own personal apocalypse
across my lunar surface.

I’m a space girl,
and lost
in a blue floating dance
across the simple,
loving tribute of your lap.

Caught out in mischief
and marched across the cosmos
in disgrace,
I kick and I howl across your knee,
free at last
to dissolve.

I am a spanked
and reborn thing,
hungry for the humiliation of your smacks,
the throbbing
of a defeated bottom,
glowing in its own starlight.

I wait,
aching for more,
stung by the pause
and desperate for a spanking
that’ll make the whole galaxy spin backwards.

I wait,
pink and tender
in the eye of my own perfect storm,
and your hand lands
like space dust woven out of mist…

stroking and gentle,
a wave of fingertips, rolling out to sea…

so barely stated,
it leaves hardly a ripple on the ocean glass
of my burning,
desperate rear –

and yet…

and yet…


I arch my back beneath your grip
and I stretch and I struggle
and I yelp and I yowl,
like a dam bursting…

straight into your embrace.

You smile at my ecstatic,

and the spanking begins again in earnest.

Suddenly, I am rediscovered…

even here, in the universe of the dispossessed.

OW!  OW! OW! OW! OW!

I am home…

and now the stars are singing my song.

— Woodsy

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41 Responses to A cool spank poem (not mine!) and more

  1. cj says:

    Thanks for posting Alyx!!

    Sounds like your Toppy nerve has been ignited by the ignorance of many.

    I am hunkered down on the farm with most of the family. I have had a few adventures in the woods. Yesterday left me knee deep in the swamp. 😂 My son was greatly humored! So you see even in strict quarantine I can find troubling situations. Yeah me!!

    • Woodsy says:

      You have woods you can explore? I’m thinking kid/ candy store
      (maybe without the swamp)

    • Alyx says:

      Yes, it would take more than a virus to derail CJ’s ability to find mischief! *shaking head* Glad to hear you and your family are otherwise healthy! Take care.

  2. Mil says:

    Love the poem, Woodsy! Thanks for sharing it. It’s beautiful 🙂 I’ll go check out your blog.

    • Woodsy says:

      Thank you. I had fun writing this.
      It was actually a really tough week, but some part of me just nestled deep into my submissive place and this kinda bubbled up (if that isn’t way too freaky an image) 😮

  3. patty says:

    Enjoyed your poem🍀

    • Woodsy says:

      Thank you

    • Woodsy says:

      You really a nurse? ( read the t-shirt)…
      I was thinking your job must have intensified like crazy in this pandemic situation.

      • patty says:

        Yes, I’m really a nurse. There is no rest for us. Have today off cause I’m not feeling well.

        • Woodsy says:

          I hope you feek better soon.

          I have a friend whi is a firmer paramedic. He’s jjust doing a unch if work to get fully qualified in a new role he’s been working towards and now finds he’s a,so being called back into his old job, because they’re looking for extra front line staff.

          • Woodsy says:

            (really need to get my keyboard sorted… please excuse the freaky typos… you think it’s possible to have a brat keyboard?)

            • Xen says:

              Anything is possible with brats. 🙌

              • Amanda says:

                That’s a great motto, Xen! 😉

              • Woodsy says:

                Brave, brattish and not afraid to be spanked. There’s the future of humanity right there. 🙂 🤺

                • Xen says:

                  Ok… I’ve got to ask. Is the fencer icon a coincidental “brave” reference, a reference to “Warrior Brat,” or have I accidentally connected to more identifying information than I realized? Because… I’m a fencer, and that’s not necessarily private, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned it in the spanking blog sphere before, so seeing the icon freaked me out a little…

                • Woodsy says:

                  Sorry, no,it was the only swordvighty icon zI could find. It was a reference to “warrior brat”… I was hoping to find a littkr Jedi dude or something.
                  Sorry about the coincidence – I had no idea.

                • Woodsy says:

                  Fighting a losing battle with this keyboard.

                • Woodsy says:


                  Just in case it was a brat keyboard, I tried channelling my inner top and spanking it. So, does that look like “oow” in keyboard-speak?

  4. Xen says:

    This was great Woodsy! The “YEOW” made me laugh out loud. I’ve been peeking in at your blog for a couple weeks, but I never feel quite competent enough with poetry to comment on it. I can always understand a spanking though. 🤣

    Alyx, I think anyone with sense is scared. It’s exploding in the US right now, I think it’s about to get ugly everywhere here, meanwhile my mom thinks social distancing means hanging leaving a seat between her and her friends, and my dad with lung disease is probably still shaking hands with everyone at work (he says he isn’t, but I’m skeptical). I don’t really know any “young people” so I don’t have to be exasperated with them.

    • Woodsy says:

      That’s the level of my poetic competence: “This’d be a cool place for a YEOW !” 😂
      Seriously, I figure the thing that counts is to write from the heart. Always used to call myself “a writer of STUFF” because I didn’t want to stick any labels on it.

      It’s starting to take over life here in the uk too. People are not really sure what they can or can’t do, they’re frightened of the illness and the sudden change in social atmosphere.
      We have some folks trying to focus on the opportunity to change how we view our lifestyles and the way we treat each other…

      But it’s all happening so fast and the inevitable blanket news coverage (‘cuz suddenly this is THE news agenda) feels like overload to people who already find the news too scary to engage with.

      • Woodsy says:

        { Truthfully, might also have been tgat I liked the word stuff. It’s one of my go-to words, along with thingy, wotsit and gazillions. }

    • Alyx says:

      Hey Xen, you know, one of the few funny things about this situation is how many kids are complaining about their parents! 😀 You’re like the 4th person I’ve heard whose parents are taking things far too lightly. It’s a weird kind of role-reversal when we tell them how important it is and they are too stubborn to listen. *LOL*

      • Xen says:

        The funny thing is my parents *think* they’re being really careful. My mom was saying that going to the grocery store is the scariest part of the day and I’m like: why are you going to the grocery store every day??? They live across the country from me… I think part of it is that their state government isn’t taking it quite as seriously as ours is.

        • Woodsy says:

          Does it vary that mich between States?

          Prime Minister here in the uk just announced more severe lickdown measures. Looks like it’s pretty much a case of stay at home for the next few weeks.

  5. Robin says:

    Hi Alyx, I’m sorry and worried you are in several risk groups. I wish you didnt have to go out grocery shopping but could ask someone who is not in riskgroup to do it for you. Please do if you can? My mother luckily is careful. And I buy her food and stuff. But I am worried for her anyway and my mother in law and everyone else in risk groups.
    I do think though, that there’s a good chance not catching it, if one follows all precautions even if one has to go out among people sometimes. Especially washing hands very thoroughly and not touching the face. The trouble is when its not possible. Like all people in risk groups that still have to work. Do you have to go to work Alyx?
    What you wrote was very good. I think the authorities should stress it even more than they do how important it is for people in risk groups that everyone else also follows restrictions. They could engage those who make commersials perhaps. Instead of manipulating people to buy crap we dont need, they could use their skills to open the eyes of ignorant people…The people who think they are cool and daring and not afraid to catch it, might sober up if they had to take in the fact that what they do could kill people they love, or innocent sick children and elderly people.
    Thank you for sharing the poem, and thank you to Woodsy who wrote it. I loved it, it was really both cool and hot (lol) and I think poetry and other art, things that makes us feel better, are so important now.
    Like Mary Oliver said: “poems are not words after all, but fire for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry” And that’s also for me what all you authors stories are to me. Ok sorry, I know I’m overly emotional these times.😅
    Take care and stay safe!❤

    • Alyx says:

      Thanks, Robin, I wish I didn’t have to go out either! It’s kinda scary. I am lucky in that I convinced them to let me work from home, but I do have to go in every once in awhile to collect money/checks and look at the mail.

      What’s hard is that some of the people who should be cautious don’t seem to realize how they should be taking things more seriously. My parents just asked me to come over for lunch today, and I didn’t want to hurt their feelings so I went, but they just got back from Japan and should be quarantining themselves! Another guy I used to see walking asked me to come over the next time I’m in the neighborhood, so we can hang out and maybe go for a walk. He’s 94 years old and should be trying to stay away from people! *facepalm*

      I like that Mary Oliver quote….isn’t she the one who said, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” I should look at more of her work. I hope you and your family remain safe and healthy. 🙂

      • Robin says:

        Yeah, its hard to avoid entirely to go out. Im glad you can work from home anyway Alyx! I agree its worrying when people in risk groups are not careful. Its also hard to say no to old people and parents who really want to socialize. I try to take a walk with my mother now and then, into the field or forest but we keep 2 meters apart. I dont go into her house anymore. I realize though, we are very fortunate here in the countryside where we can meet outside if we keep the distance. There are almost no people around even normally here…Also its normal for us Swedes to keep distance. Its like the norm to sit far apart from each other in subway etc…🙄 Thats kind of sad, but good at this moment…

        About Mary Oliver, yes you are right thats her quote too and I love it🙂. And I think about it. Being in the middle of life I feel its kind of time now- if not before- to take a little time to think about the plan for this wild and precious life. 🙂

        • Woodsy says:

          Here in the UK, we have a tendency to avoid sitting next to someone until absolutely necessary either. I remember I used to chat to this guy on the bus home, Even when we got used to this, if he got on the bus after I did, he would never come and sit next to me. But if, once he’d sat down, I went over to him and started to chat, he’d happily talk. He wanted the company but there was something about taking the initiative… and I think it’s a general social thing.

          Not read Mary Oliver, but that’s a fantastic quote, and it fits where my heart is right now, so I think I’ll seek her out.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks for your good wishes Alyx . I wish the same for you and your loved ones!❤

  6. Robin says:

    Woodsy I loved your beautiful, brilliant poem. I went to your blog which seemed very interesting too and I will love to go back and read more when I have more time.
    Take care and stay safe!

    • Woodsy says:

      Thank you so much Robin.
      These are emotional times, aren’t they? In next to no time, everything has suddenly changed.
      It’s like suddenly this one thing has taken over everything.
      But it’s like you say, this is when we hold the stuff that fires our hearts and imaginations.
      There was a post a while back about the claim that’s made of spankos being the boring end of the spectrum, but the richness of colour and invention and sheer feeling in the stories here is fantastic.
      We might lock down our bodies to keep them safe, but this doesn’t lock down who we are.

      • Robin says:

        Yes emotional and shaking times indeed.
        Thank you for your reply Woodsy, I wanted to give you an answer, but i can only agree with all my heart 😄 and tell you how much I love your way of expressing it.🙂

        • Woodsy says:

          Thank you.
          We have sll this communication tech, and so much of it (especially on social media) seems to be trying to squash our voices into small packages, so that we’re all slogans and mottos and easy labels.
          Seems like, if we come tnrough all this stuff, the world will shift for better if we emerge with bigger voices… the kind of voices that can fill a whole field full of night sky and stars, just ‘cuz we’re standing in it.
          Or something… a bit of lockdown cabin fever poetry bubbling up there. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Amanda says:

    Wow, I’m not really big on poetry but I really loved this. It was beautiful, Woodsy!

    Thanks for sharing it, Alyx! Also, hi 👋🏽 I don’t think I have delurked on your blog before lol.

    • Woodsy says:

      Hi, and thanks.
      Not sure I am big on poetry myself. I kinda like just to write what I write. It’s funny, when people think of you as a poet, they can read stuff that’s a story… or just a reflective thingy… even darn nearly and essay… and they’ll assume it’s a poem. 😮
      I had a friend who worked in a local pub once, and when she heard me trying to describe myself as more of a prose writer, she said: “I always think of you as a poet because what you write is lyrical.” She was trying to get me to just embrace it but, like most of us, I guess, I sometimes suck at embracing stuff when I can struggle with it instead. 😂

    • Alyx says:

      Welcome, Amanda! Hi, and thank you for delurking. 🙂 Always nice to meet new people. 😀

  8. MP Jordan says:

    Hi Alyx, I was looking for more on Woodsy. It looks like he stepped out! His site is closed.

    • Alyx says:

      Hi MP Jordan, Woodsy is definitely worth checking out! Both his kink and non-kink are great. His site is still up, as far as I can tell. All the links on my site (this page, the Links page, and the latest poem post for Xmas) all work for me. Try again, maybe it was a server hiccup?

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