The Best Christmas gifts…..

are often the ones that are completely unexpected. And that’s what happened this afternoon, when I found this gift in my inbox. The author said she (forgive the assumption if you are a he or they, and please correct me if I’m wrong) has enjoyed the Christmas stories as a lurker for years, and this year has one to contribute. I’m sure you’ll agree with my hope that this isn’t the last story we have from her, as it’s a wonderful piece!

I’m also happy to discover a blog I hadn’t been aware of before, and am looking forward to checking out more offerings by J. For now, you can find J’s story on the Holiday Exchange page, or click on this link which will take you to J’s blog: An Untitled Christmas Story. Be sure to the author know how much you appreciated her story! 🙂


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2 Responses to The Best Christmas gifts…..

  1. Xen says:

    I have a story If you’re still taking them, but I can’t figure out where to email the link…

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