One more gift under the tree

I know you spanking fans will be thrilled to hear that Stardawn has contributed to our holiday exchange this year with a story on her brand new blog! You can find it on the Links & Xmas Exchange page, or go right to her blog: A Little Christmas Gift. Be sure to leave a comment and let her know how much you loved the story!

And while I’m at it, let me mention a great stocking stuffer (which I picked up for myself, since I’ve been good this year 😉 ) — the spanking anthology “Twelve Seconds,” which was edited by Stardawn Cabot and Claire Britain. Get your copy today, and be sure to leave a review! The money goes to charity, and you’ll be treated to some of your favorite authors, and new ones soon to become favorites. 😉

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1 Response to One more gift under the tree

  1. stardawn19 says:

    Thanks for the plug’s Alyx… both of them! I was really proud of all the authors that contributed to our second anthology. It was really a great expirence!

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