Something to keep you brats safe, and an unexpected extra story

Tigger and Claire must’ve had too much holiday eggnog, because they’ve decided to put into writing some of their naughtiest misdeeds! 😀 I’m sure you brats (and tops) will enjoy their “Brats Survival Guide,” which is also found on the Links & Xmas Exchange page. Be sure to let them know how much you enjoyed it, and if it gives you any naughty ideas, I’m certain they will disavow any responsibility. *g*

We also have a second story from Lainey, who said she was bored and wrote this one in a couple of hours! I think she’s just trying to make us look bad. *LOL* 😀  It’s also up on the Links page, or you can click on it here: Three Colours Red. Enjoy, and make sure to leave a comment on her gift!

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