One good whack deserves another….

Okay, okay, I know that’s not how the saying goes. But it’s still true. 😉  And even more so when it comes to good anthologies. So without further ado, let me pass on some great news from spanko fiction writer Clare Britain:

‘Second’ Call For Submissions

Last summer we published an amazing anthology of Lesbian Spanking Fiction… and this year, we want to do it again! Yes, we are going for round two.   And guess what?  That is also our theme – Seconds.

We are looking for stories from 4k-10k words that deal with the theme of seconds.  That’s to say, second chances, second time, second helpings, second date, seconds on a clock … the way you interpret that is up to you. You can twist it anyway you want, and as you saw from the submission last year, we know you can all get creative.

So, it’s that time of year again.  Open those word processing programs and get started!

Submission deadline will be July 1, 2018 and like the last book it will be edited by Stardawn Cabot and Claire Britain and will be published with the proceeds going to a charitable organization.  Our first Anthology, Fourteen Firsts: An Anthology of Lesbian Spanking Fiction, to date has sold nearly 600 books and raised hundreds of dollars that went (and is still going) toward the Red Cross, especially toward those that were affected by the devastating hurricanes last year.

If you are interested, please contact Stardawn Cabot or Claire Britain and let us know.  We will eventually need your full manuscript in a .doc file, a short bio, and links to your blog or author page (if you have one).

Happy writing everyone!  We are looking forward to all the wonderful stories you create!

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2 Responses to One good whack deserves another….

  1. Claire says:

    Excellent, thanks for posting this Alyx, we already have a few people interested!😁

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