The gift that keeps on giving…

Good news! Christmas continues with another story, and the reason this is a gift that keeps on giving is that it’s only part one. 😀  So lots more spanky goodness ahead!

Beck has gifted us with another story about those kinky athletes we love, Cameron and Madison (and Reece and Sawyer). So go check it out on her blog, Beck’s Coordinates, find it on my Links page, or just click here to go straight to the story: The Game. I know you’ll be as grateful as I am that’s she’s participating this year, so be sure to let her know how much you love the story. 🙂

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2 Responses to The gift that keeps on giving…

  1. Anna says:

    I love your wheels of justice series! Everything was so well written and enjoyable to read. Please do more stories like that in the future (where a hunk of a woman spanks another bratty meek one). Thank you for everything!

  2. shaesfiction says:

    Oh yay! That series is one of my favorites!!

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