It must be a record…

The number of post-Christmas stories I am receiving for this year’s Holiday Gift Exchange totally outnumbers the stories that were on time. But as a record number of brats are involved, I guess that’s no surprise! 😉   (Yes, yes, I know mine was late too…*SWAT!* for even planning to point that out!)

Anyway, another wonderful gift has been added to the pile under the tree. This time from Ellie, and you can find it on the Links page, or go straight to her blog, Tales of a Rogue, to find it: It Takes Three.  Be sure to let her know how much you enjoyed it. Thanks for participating, Ellie!

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2 Responses to It must be a record…

  1. Ellie says:

    But Alyx, your story was la-…never mind!

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