New story up (a belated Thanksgiving :)

I meant to have my next book published as a sort of Thanksgiving present, but RL intervened, and it didn’t happen. So here it is, a few days late, but it does come with all the gratitude I’m capable of. I am extremely thankful for anyone who’s supported my work, whether or not you’ve purchased a story/book. The letters, reviews, and purchases lift my spirits and keep me grounded at the same time. Mahalo nui loa (as they say in Hawaii) for all your support.

And so here it is (finally), the series which started as a fun tale set in post-Tudor times (approximately), and evolved into a deeply satisfying relationship — the story about Rowan and Queen Brise. Old-time readers will note that the “middle story” is completely new, as the original piece was written by Tenth Muse Top, a woman whose work is stirring and irreplaceable, and I know we all grieve its disappearance from the Net.

I’ve tried to provide a different direction for the trilogy, and I hope you will all find it hot in its own way. 🙂   Oh, and a great big THANKS to Mil, who helped me with the cover. I’m sure discerning readers will note her special touch resulted in a much more professional look than usual! I do my best, but I’m clearly not the artist in the relationship. *LOL*

Find the thumbnail of the new cover on my “business site” (, or use this link: By Authority of the Queen. Any reviews will be MUCH appreciated! 🙂

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