New story, and a call for submissions

Hey there, Spank-fans! There are a couple of announcements this week:

Firstly, there is an anthology being created of spanking stories, and they are looking for authors! I know from past Holiday Gift Exchanges that many of you are talented writers. So please do consider submitting a short story? The theme is “First Time,” and that can be interpreted any way you want. A first spanking, a first relationship, first prank, even the first time you had crème brûlée. *quiet moan, remembering my first time* 😀  Find out all about the anthology on Micah’s blog: Anna Reilly Spanking Romance.

Secondly, I’ve written a new story, and it’s up on Amazon: The Art of Romance. It’s a love story (hint is in the title *g*), but there’s discipline in it as well. After that, it’s back to work for me on my novel. There will be at least one more book going up before that one is finished (either Rowan and the Queen or the Gypsy series), but I’m hoping it’ll be up before the year’s out. *fingers crossed* Thanks as always for all your support. 🙂

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5 Responses to New story, and a call for submissions

  1. Anna says:

    I was excited to see a new story you’ve written. I bought it and hope to read it tonight or tomorrow. I’m proud of you for being so diligent, Alyx. I’m also happy because it means more reading for us. Hurray!

    • Anna says:

      Now I’m confused. I had no idea it would put me as Anna instead of Micah. Sorry for any confusion…

      • Alyx says:

        *LOL!* That makes two of us. 😀 Actually I figured out pretty quickly it was you, Micah. And thank you so much for buying the story. Your support means a lot, and I am happy (and relieved) to have finally gotten a new one up. 🙂

  2. Day says:

    Hi Alyx! I love your stories, do you think we’ll see another Cassie and Nicky story soon?

    • Alyx says:

      Hi Day, and welcome! Sorry not to answer sooner. I’m really happy you love my stories. 🙂 I’m sure there will be more Cassie and Nicky stories in the future, but I can’t say it will be soon. I’m currently working on a SuperTop story, and then after that I was thinking of working on a story for my gypsy character (Gitana). But I will get around to Cassie & Nicky eventually…..they still have more adventures ahead, I’m thinking. 😉

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