Woo-hoo, the gifts are starting to trickle in!

Micah’s gift, Irish Lace, came in just 6 minutes before Tigger’s gift, Tigger’s Letter to Santa did! You think they timed it that way??  😀  In any case, thank you to both of them for sending in some lovely pressies. Use the links above, or check out the Links page, and let them know how much you love their stories.

And if you haven’t started on your gift yet, you’re officially LAST MINUTE! So get going, so Santa doesn’t have to put you on her naughty list. I hear she has a special stocking stuffer paddle for those who are late….

(What am I saying?! That’s NOT supposed to be incentive to drag your feet, brats! *SWAT!*)

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1 Response to Woo-hoo, the gifts are starting to trickle in!

  1. Peach says:

    I will get it done today Alyx! … altho you did mention a “stuffer paddle” 😉 😉 heehee

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