Well, it’s not a Christmas story…

but it is a Christmas present (albeit belated). Thanks to everyone for being so patient, and to everyone who participated in this year’s Xmas exchange. My story is up, and dedicated to all the citizens of the Global Village. (TMT: tag, you’re it! 😀 )

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5 Responses to Well, it’s not a Christmas story…

  1. LOL!!! Yup and I am so close to finishing it….but…LOL I now have to decide whether to change some bits, because some sort of magical story telling ray was in the air and you and I must have picked up a similar vibe of inspiration from the cosmos! *groan* Watch this space as I will publish ASAP…BUT in the meantime – congratulations on a very enjoyable story!

    • Micah says:

      Don’t worry about any similarities between the stories, TMT. We’re greedy and can only get excited at another magical story. I guess you two ladies are proving that ‘great minds think alike’!

    • Alyx says:

      I must echo Micah — it doesn’t matter about similar elements, as I know we will both have our own unique take on anything we write. *smile* Though I am glad to have put mine up first, as I am quite sure it would suffer in comparison. 🙂 Just looking forward to the climax of your long-awaited story, TMT! 😀

    • Peach says:

      Um TMT ma’am, how soon is ASAP I wonder?! It’s been like haaalf a week already! Peachie’s bottomless patience is wearing thin. 😉
      How much longer ma’am please?

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