Happy Boxing Day!

A day so named because a top will be boxing her brat’s ears for a late story submission.  twisted  No, of course I’m only kidding. I’ll be turning her over my knee instead, as we all agreed should happen to whomever didn’t make the deadline, yes?

Be sure to read Fizzy’s story, though, now up on the Links page. It’s hilarious….and parts sound strangely familiar. *g*

One other little bit of news: I updated the link to The Mockingbird Song, as one of the authors kindly sent me the link on Amazon where you can buy their book. I know some of you expressed interest in that, and I’m always happy to support F/F kink writers. 🙂

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44 Responses to Happy Boxing Day!

  1. Fizzy says:

    I didn’t miss the deadline, it’s an early Halloween story. :p 😆

    • Alyx says:

      Keep it up, missy! You obviously didn’t pay attention to SuperTop in my last story. *raised brow*

      • seyfrey says:

        Hi Alyx,

        I am a total newbie in all of this (and in more than one way 🙂 ). I apologize for entering a specific thread, but I have about a million questions and was wondering if I could contact you via e-mail to ask at least some of them ?


        • Alyx says:

          Welcome, Seyfrey, and no apologies necessary. Of course you can contact me via email, but I don’t claim to be any expert on the subject of TTWD! 😆 I also welcome you to post any questions on my messageboard (found here: Bug Alyx Here), as we have a lot of friendly and helpful folk who are glad to welcome newbies, since we were all newbies once! 🙂 They are a caring bunch and I learn new things from them all the time.

          • seyfrey says:

            Hi Alyx,
            thank you for kindly answering my post so fast! First I thought you had simply deleted it *sad face*.
            So to give you an impression of the level of knowledge I’m at:
            – what does TTWD stand for ?
            – how do I technically write you an e-mail ? When I wanted to answer via gmail I was automatically sent to the posting site again. I guess the question is: where do I find your e-mail address ?

            Thank you also for the reference to your blogging site, but as this is one (still 🙂 ) rather shy and private brat, I seem to yet be at some distance to asking questions “publicly”.

            Thank you,

            • Alyx says:

              Hi Seyfrey,

              I rarely delete posts (and certainly not as long as the poster is polite and of legal age) — the way the blog works is that the first time you post it is required that I approve it first. (And if you happen to change your user name or email address, or even just misspell it, it will require moderation again — i.e., it won’t show till I approve it.)

              “TTWD” is short for “This Thing We Do” or “That Thing We Do” — i.e., spanking. 😀

              And my email address is found on the “About” tab on my blog, or I shall post it for you here: Alyx.Fic@gmail.com.

  2. Micah says:

    Fizzy turned in a lovely story but you’re right as always, Alyx. It was late! And since it’s Boxing Day maybe we could have 1 more gift here. Perhaps you could administer the spanking right here for us. Ya know….kind of a ‘blow by blow’ type of posting. I’m thinking it could serve as a warning for any brats that may think it’s okay to miss deadlines and I’m sure it would inspire the Tops in the art form of spanking. Just a suggestion…(wink)

    • Fizzy says:

      Please see my comment below, Micah. I believe your logic is faulty in that this bunch of brats may be incentivized to miss deadlines in the future, therefore Alyx’s best course of action is to NOT spank me. And certainly not publicly. 😀

    • Alyx says:

      Btw, Micah, though I decided not to spank her publicly (this time *g*), I will make sure she reports back on her punishment. Just because I agree with you — it will inspire brats and tops alike! 😀

  3. Mil says:

    Looking forward to reading your story, Fizzy. Hey, if Alyx doesn’t buy your Halloween story excuse, you’re welcome to use the excuse I was planning to use. That being the Pagan Christmas is not until early January… which if I rememebr correctly, Alyx is sympathetic to. But I could be wrong. My memory isn’t brilliant. Good luck!

  4. Ash says:

    Alyx, I thought we agreed the penalty for later sumission WASN’T going to be a spanking… You said ut yourself! 😀

  5. Micah says:

    I’ve attached a quote from TMT taken from Alyx’s original post about the Christmas gifts.

    ‘Rule 342: Any Top worth her salt will bend, break, remould and invent rules as becomes necessary to always have the upper hand – consequently, any person questioning the Top’s interpretation of the Rules is no *true Top* and must be treated accordingly… as an extremely uppity *brat!!*’

    So ya see ladies. It’s official. Alyx wins no matter what. It’s just a matter of what direction she plans to take in this missed deadline incident. Gee Fizzy. Maybe bribery could help….or do you know anything on Alyx that could get her in trouble with TMT? I mean, blackmail can be a good bargaining tool.

    • Ash says:

      😦 That’s cheating! *pout* I’m just lookin out for a fellow brat here… and you’re saying a Top doesn’t have to be true to her own word? She can just change her mind? *sigh*

    • Alyx says:

      Micah, *SWAT! SWAT!* I can get in trouble with TMT fine on my own, thank you! *glare*

      But you’re right that I win no matter what. 😀

      • Ash says:

        Of course you can, because according to TMT:

        “Any Top worth her salt will bend, break, remould and invent rules as becomes necessary to always have the upper hand – consequently, any person questioning the Top’s interpretation of the Rules is no *true Top* and must be treated accordingly… as an extremely uppity *brat!!*”

        I mean… TMT is your Top, right, Alyx? 😀

        • Alyx says:

          Of course I can what — get in trouble on my own, or win no matter what? 😀

          TMT is most assuredly my sometimes top. *g* “Sometimes” not because she’s not every inch a formidable top….I think we can all get a sense of how thoroughly toppy she is. But because she doesn’t need to ride herd on me all the time. (Unlike your top would need to do, Ash. *SWAT! SWAT!* You would definitely need a full-time top. 😡 ) She just needs to tug on the reins every once in awhile. 😉

  6. Mil says:

    I thought it was those who went over the word limit got a spanking. Which was Ashling. Oh, and Alyx and Micah. 😀

  7. Alyx says:

    Okay, I will settle this once and for all.

    I had actually forgotten about that little exchange (the one Ash so “helpfully” posted *narrow-eyed look*), I just remembered Mil teasing me about possibly being the only one who did not meet the deadline, and it became fixed in my mind that spanking was the penalty.

    If I said that I would not be spanking anyone for being late in order to avoid encouraging you brats, then I do believe I should abide by that.

    HOWEVER quite apart from and completely unrelated to this Xmas exchange, Fizzy and I have an agreement regarding procrastination, which is that she does it far too often and needs help with stopping said bad habit. As her top I will be spanking her for waiting till the last minute and thereby actually missing Christmas morning, when one usually exchanges gifts. It will not be a public chastisement, however there will be a Xmas theme involved….think holly berry red. 😈

    As for your suggestion, Mil — I think a spanking should go to whomever leads everyone to believe they are a visual artist, and keeps their writing ability a secret, mm? *raised brow*

  8. Micah says:

    (Hugging Alyx)…sorry if my teasing erupted into something bigger than intended. I was a little surprised by the fervor expressed for their brat leader.
    (Hugging Fizzy and whispering)…isn’t it wonderful to have Alyx looking out for you and consistently there to help you be your best? You’re a lucky woman.

    • Alyx says:

      I was not at all surprised at the brats rallying around, and I always enjoy your teasing, Micah. *long hug back* The debate between top and brat will ever be thus…..and I’m sure most of us wouldn’t have it any other way, eh? 😉

    • Fizzy says:

      Thanks Micah, *hugging back* yes I am very very lucky. 🙂 (And sore. But mostly lucky.)

  9. Kayla says:

    Oh how I have missed the banter. Glad to see everyone is keeping everyone on their toes. Alyx I’m glad to see that your putting up more of your work. Can’t wait to read your story as well Fizzy. 🙂

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