Let’s exchange Christmas gifts this year!

Normally I hate shopping, but we were talking about Xmas stories, and I came up with an idea. Let’s all write little Xmas stories, and post them as little “gifts” to each other! Maybe 1,000 words or less (if you want to write a small poem that’s wonderful too, and if you go a bit beyond 1,000 words I won’t mind), and with a Xmas theme or Xmas object in it. If you don’t want to make it kinky, you don’t have to. Just about anything goes, actually. What an easy top I am! *bg*

Let’s have it all posted by 12/24 (for you last minute procrastinators), Hawaii time. Not sure if it should be on the blog or messageboard, but I’ll let you know for sure soon. In the meantime, get started thinking about it….you still have lots of time but it’ll come sooner than you think!

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148 Responses to Let’s exchange Christmas gifts this year!

  1. bahamagirl1996 says:

    That sounds like a wonderful idea Alyx πŸ™‚ I don’t know what I’m gonna write about , but I gat time to think about it . Hey , my birthday is on the 9th &11th of December , so I expect too presents !

    • Ash says:

      You’re birthday is both on the 9th and 11th? O_o

      • thanatos150 says:

        I may give it a try too, but I’m not sure yet. My birthday is the 26th (this month) btw xD Sadly I don’t have two though! 😦 xD

        • Ash says:

          Well I think I’ve told Alyx it was my birthday soon several times to get her to post a story, but it didn’t work. πŸ˜€ Ya don’t need more than one. I did get happy birthday on my real birthday though! πŸ˜›

          Besides… if you have two birthdays a year, don’ you age twice as fast? I am fed up with aging even once a year… I just like the pressies. It seriously pissed me off that Taylor Swift’s song “22” came out shortly after I turned 23. 😦 Not that Taylor is 22 either!

        • Alyx says:

          Definitely give it try, Thanatos! I wanna see a story from another Scorpio. πŸ™‚

    • Alyx says:

      How did you manage to be born twice, Bahamagirl?! No wonder you’re twice as naughty as the average brat! πŸ˜€

      • bahamagirl1996 says:

        Lemme tell you how dat happen . My ma say I born on the 11th but the the people by the registry got my day and year wrong. Daddies the same way , but he old and in dem days dey was lucky to know if dey was boy or girl. Mama say he tell her his mother told him dat she know he born between February and March of 1925 ,so seein dat she een sure she jus put down the first date what come to her , dat was der 2nd a February . But come to find out he was born on the 22nd a March of that year. Somethin bout one of his grandma dem remember the moon or some foolishness like dat . So das how it go, so I get two set a cake ,but only one gift 😦 Or and I as innocent as a lamb πŸ™‚

  2. Ash says:

    Well if they are on the blog, should we post them as a comment? Or should we email them to you so you can make a story post or something?

    • Alyx says:

      Well, we can do it either way. But I was thinking it would be easier if you guys could just post whenever you wanted, so therefore a comment? I’m easy either way, though.

      • Ash says:

        I’m cool with anything, and if we leave it as a commen, you don’t really have do do anything. πŸ˜€ i’m looking forward to read everyone’s stories now. I had an idea last nigh when I was half a sleep, but now I can’t remember, though it was probably stupid since I was only half conscious.

  3. Peach says:

    Ooh, I like the idea! Sounds like so much fun. It might be easier if we send the story to you so you can put them all in one section. Whatcha think?

    • Alyx says:

      I was thinking it would all be in one section, yes. But whether all in the comments section, or a post, or a page…not sure yet. Anyway, just start working on ’em! πŸ™‚

  4. sandy1984 says:

    Great idea, I might give it a try, although I’m seriously rubbish at writing…especially for someone that spends half her life daydreaming!

  5. Ella says:

    Awesome idea Alyx!!! Will you be writing a chrismas story too? PLEASE πŸ™‚

  6. Mil says:

    Oh, kinky homework! Great! Do we get punished if we’re well off the word limit?

    • bahamagirl1996 says:

      You wrong bout dat Mil ! You een lookin out for nobody . How could witha good frame a mind say dat if we gettin licks if we go over ? What kinda a friend you is man ! I not your friend anymore. See if I senin you one piece a cake thru der mail.

      • Mil says:

        Not my friend? No cake? What if I substitute the substitute sub for just one lick, can you at least send the recipe? I want what you’re having, BG! πŸ˜‰

        • bahamagirl1996 says:

          I think dat could work a lil bit . Since you still my friend and all I senin you the 3rd piece thru the post πŸ™‚

    • Ash says:

      Mil, don’t call it homework!!! My brain will go directly into procrastination mode. πŸ˜›

    • Alyx says:

      *snort* Trust you to find the kinky aspect of any situation, young lady! I’m not going to call it “homework,” because I know it would cause all of you to start working on it on Dec. 23rd! *rolls eyes*

      • Fizzy says:

        Start working on it at midnight Dec. 25 east-of-Hawaii time, you mean! We are professional procrastinators here. *proud*

        I know what I want to write…just wondering whether it might get me added to Santa’s “naughty” list. πŸ˜€ (’cause if it doesn’t, I’m doing it wrong!)

        • bahamagirl1996 says:

          Don’t worry fizzy, I could get you on dat list. I was on dat lil while naw, I even have a preferred naughty coupon for those who jus wanna see how it is to live on der wild side πŸ™‚ lemme know naw. I gat you

        • Alyx says:

          I’m happy to hear you’ll be participating, Fizzy. πŸ˜€

          And never fear, I suspect you are on Santa’s Permanently Naughty List! *shakes head*

          • Ash says:

            I mist be on the permanently good list, because I always get plenty of pressies, and never coal. Though this year I wish for a Toppy girlfriend… but we’ll see. If Santa knows what us good for me she’ll give me that. πŸ˜€
            Or socks… I think there is a sockmonster in my house.

            • bahamagirl1996 says:

              You really campaignin hard bout you good. I een know why you believe you een on the standby list for the naughty, you right der next ta Mil dem . Lucky for you I gat a extra coupon for and der rest a dem who tryin a play good

              • Ash says:

                You think that if I’m naughty Santy will give me a toppy girlfriend? Because I mean… naughty girls need toppy girl friends to keep em in line… 😳

  7. jenny29 says:

    The talk of birthday spanking in US really amuse me. Makes me wondering do Top get birthday spanking too?

    • Ash says:

      I wonder that too! πŸ˜€

      Also… I don’t really get why they spank people on their birthday. πŸ˜› Someone told me it was because the doctor used to smack people’s butt when they were born, but I don’t know. Is that why English speaking people sometimes refer to something as “spanking new”? I personally think that the person who came up with the birthday spanking was a spanko, and just wanted to give people an excuse to spank him/her.

      • Alyx says:

        You could be right about that, Ash. πŸ˜† However I never thought about the phrase “spanking new” being associated with being smacked by the doctor when you’re born. That makes sense, I’ll bet that’s where it comes from!

        • Ash says:

          Well me neither, but then I thought… ya know… there are a lot of spanky references in the English language, and then it just suddenly hit me! I have never thought about it before, it just came to me when I was commenting. πŸ˜€

    • Alyx says:

      Hah, you must’ve been talking to Fizzy, Jenny! But NO, tops do NOT get spanked on their birthdays. In fact, we are allowed to spank brats on our birthdays….that’s in the Top Handbook. πŸ˜€

      • Ash says:

        What Top Handbook? *raising eyebrow* Sources please.

        • Ash! These opening rules of the Top’s Handbook are the only rules which may be shared:

          1) All previous versions of The Handbook are now obsolete and must be destroyed immediately.

          2) The information contained in this Handbook is for the eyes of Tops and Tops alone.

          3) The sources, data, techniques and notes in the Handbook must never be shared with anyone who is not a Top. (Unless the guidelines are being applied in a practical sense, but in this case, the person benefiting from the wisdom contained in these pages will certainly not be able to focus enough to read anyway)

          4) If you are reading this, brats, you are in trouble.

          5) Run. Wait! -Leave the book- Now run!

          • Ash says:

            Awww…. But… Alyx is a switch…

            Also… What if I desire to be a Top? πŸ˜€
            Could I please pretty please with sugar on top have a little look so I can be as Toppy as you one day? *angel face*

          • Um boss lady , I love you and it wasn’t me πŸ™‚ I most believe it’s mil dem tryin a cause problems . Ash jus need somebody to love. If I in dis I can’t run so I guess I gettin spanked first den 😦

            • Mil says:

              BG! Talk about being thrown under the bus! TMT, it’s not true. I think BG has had too much of that special cake again ;). Although I’m sorry for BG’s asthma, I’m not sorry she can’t run from a spanking… if there’s a spanking. Is there a spanking? *hopeful*

          • Mil says:

            LOL btw. πŸ˜€

            • LOL you all! Responding in order:

              Ash – ‘pretty please’???? Really? 1) Top’s do not frame requests like that 2) If you have to ask, you’ll never make it to Toppiness One which is the level required to open the Top Handbook.

              BG- ‘it wasn’t me’ is understood to be one of the defining statements of a true brat and earns the speaker Special Attention

              Mil- There is always a spanking. *g* Of course, not necessarily the one you were hoping for.

              Rule 341) The way to differentiate a Top from a brat is that a brat will jump out of her skin when caught illegally perusing the Top’s Handbook, while a Top may not give any sign at all she has noticed you’ve just entered the room

              • Micah says:

                (listening incredulously)
                TMT…..I can’t believe you let them know about rule #341. You had just mentioned earlier that only rules 1-5 can be shared!
                Alyx! Do you still have the cane TMT gave you? You may need to get it out for our Top lady…

                • Ash says:

                  Yay! So Tops do get punished??? πŸ˜€

                • Peach says:

                  *sits down next to Micah, waiting for my popcorn and um… some entertainment?*

                • TMT was humming a little tune. ‘Would it be undermining,’ she thought to herself, ‘to observe that Micah obviously has not read the entire Top’s Handbook from cover to cover?’

                  See, if you had, Micah Dearest, you would have taken into account this one:

                  ‘Rule 342: Any Top worth her salt will bend, break, remould and invent rules as becomes necessary to always have the upper hand – consequently, any person questioning the Top’s interpretation of the Rules is no *true Top* and must be treated accordingly… as an extremely uppity *brat!!*’

                • Ash says:

                  *whispers* In other words… she would cheat to get her way. *smirk*

              • Ash says:

                But I’m not a top yet… I can be a Top in training. πŸ˜€ Therefore I am excused. Tops in training can also misbehave, but they also get to smack butts for tops on a much higher level. πŸ˜›

                • Seein dat y’all havin y’all 5 cents, I jus will be in the corner over here so the boss lady could see in tryin a be one quarter good. Peachie, don’t sit by Mil! She ger cause you extra licks πŸ˜‰ and not the good kind either . Um Alyx, where you is while dis happen?

                • Brat logic! A wonderfully surreal mixture of fantasy and joyous irrationality!

                  If I *were* your Top, Ash, I would have you drop down and do 30 push-ups just for this, before asking you to stand in the corner while I consider just how many swats would bring you into a more sensible frame of mind! Of course, any further comments you wished to make would, quite literally, be taken into account! *g*

                • Ash says:

                  30 push ups!!! What a cruel punishment! I can’t do 30 push-ups yet. 😳 And since I haven’t been working out lately, I feel even weaker than normal. 😦

                • Ash says:

                  Out of curiosity…(Β¬β€ΏΒ¬)

                  If you were topping (or sometimes topping) someone for real… would you really make them do push-ups? And why?

                • bahamagirl1996 says:

                  Ash, curiosity killed the cat and gets us brats spanked ! What you tryin a do dred! You jus see the bosslady, den tell you to tread lite and you jus tryin a die right der man

                • Ash says:

                  My brain is overtired… so it’s not working properly! 😦 I really should try to enforce a bedtime for myself.

                  Besides… TMT might overlook my curiosity… 😳

    • Fizzy says:

      Excellent question, Jenny! Tops may manage to wriggle out of birthday spankings…but Switches definitely get them! πŸ˜† (and I know a certain switch who has a birthday coming up in the next month or so….hehe…..)

  8. jenny29 says:

    80 so the brats not allowed to spank the Tops, even as birthday spanking? How unfair is that…I thought the birthday spanking given to the Tops are some kind of birthday wishes, to wish luck and all the good things? Or so I read in the brats handbook :P.
    Nah, now I am imagining they put the intimidating face to wriggle out of their birthday spankings :D.
    So, in a few days the Scorpion girl will get birthday spanking from her Top right Fizzy? Maybe you could get us place to watch? πŸ˜€

  9. Alyx says:

    Alyx watched in much amusement as the brats fell over themselves and each other, trying to gain attention now that a Real Top had visited the blog. Even Micah appeared to be angling for a scolding or a spanking from TMT. Of course, knowing firsthand (emphasis on HAND) what “special attention” from TMT was like, she wasn’t going to do anything to garner that attention herself. However she did think it only fair to give them a word of advice.

    She cleared her throat. “Be warned, my friends. While TMT can be wickedly playful, she is also not one to be provoked by continuously tiresome bratting. None of you are doing that now, of course. And since you are all very good girls at heart, I know you won’t. Just keep in mind that all tops, and especially English ones, demand the utmost respect.”

    She patted her bag of implements, which she just happened to have stashed nearby. “Now, to answer those questions:

    1. Yes, it’s true, switches have twice the fun. *bg* But no, we only get HALF the spanks.
    2. Yes, I still have the canes TMT gave me. Ask Fizzy. *eg*
    3. Yes, sometimes tops do get punished. But you will never know how or when, so get used to living on your fantasies about it. πŸ˜€
    4. Where I am where all this is happening is where it makes the most sense….right behind TMT.
    5. I invoke the 5th.
    6. Nice try, but the Brat’s Handbook, like all brat undertakings, are mere suggestions, understood to be abandoned at the first opportunity — i.e., when the tops aren’t looking.”

    P.S. Get to bed, Ash! Before you end up sleeping on your tummy!

    • bahamagirl1996 says:

      Muddos Alyx! At least you gat some sense, I still in the corner in case you was wonderin. I hope the bosslady go easy on the sick and the sufferin πŸ˜‰ Bosslady ! I love you πŸ™‚

    • Ash says:

      I am in bed! πŸ˜› I’m just not sleeping yet… *smirk*

      Awww…. but I have turned my sleeping pattern around. 😦 It’s now 3.18!!! Though… actually that is an improvement compared to this last week. I just can’t sleep… though presence of iPad might be a contributing factor….

    • Fizzy says:

      Re #2 – No one asked about canes, Alyx. Hm, a little Freudian slip there? Suggesting that I know where the canes are, so you can get your birthday spanking with the implement you prefer? *nodding* I think TMT will be interested to hear that one. πŸ˜€

      I think Mil is right, Switches get twice the spanks.

      See, there is no Brat Handbook, that’s where you’re wrong. The first rule of Brat Club is, you do not talk about Brat Club. shhhhhhhhhhhhh *g*

      [Sadly I will not be able to retrieve replies or post for a few days, due to an unfortunate and unintentional breaking of a rule or two or three. *remorse* But like the legend of the phoenix, all ends with beginnings. What keeps the planets spinning, the force from the Top’s hand. Or whatever. Back in a few!]

      • Alyx says:

        You will not be able to read this for awhile, but when you do may I direct your attention to Micah’s comment, in which a cane is asked about. Clearly there is a reason your studies have suffered, and it’s not just too much online gaming. *growl* Obviously you need help in focusing, and luckily for you I know a particularly good technique for that. As you will discover.

    • Micah says:

      After receiving Alyx’s advice, Micah decided it would be prudent to apologize to TMT. Micah’s brat side loved to poke at Tops to get their reaction but no way would she ever want to offend one of them…..particularly TMT who has always been so supportive and caring.
      “Sorry if I’ve caused you any trouble, maam,” Micah said contritely. “I would never offend you on purpose. Although I admit to enjoying bantering back and forth, I don’t want to do so in a way that’s not fun for you as well.”

  10. I do so appreciate a well considered apology, Micah. Thank you. I’m not offended and also I love being kept on my toes, which you do. Makes the challenge fun. *g* (And I would never mention how close to hoisted I got there *vbg*)

    Ash… seriously re the press ups – I don’t know as I don’t know *you* personally, but *occasionally* part of the point of a session of discipline is to move the brat out of a fixed headspace – that mindset full of prevarication. There is a certain usefulness in being able to unsettle, instill just a little frisson of fear and that means being firm, but not necessarily predictable. The suggested push-ups made you stop and think, didn’t they?

    BahamaGirl standing in your corner with your bottom all tingly wondering if you are going to get it any moment and be summoned to the knee. *hug* *smile* You make me laugh so much you might actually be the unspankable brat!

    Alyx… I love it when you take the 5th! As a Top it is so effective… and as the other… not quite so. *vbg* Btw… you are so right, switches do have the most fun. Thanks for having my back, Hon. x

    Oh Fizzy… you just can’t help being naughty – I love it! πŸ™‚ And… noooo… wrong implement.

    • Ash says:

      Well… I guess so.
      Mostly it made me think… “Oh man… I can’t do 30 push-ups… should I be able to?” Hehe… 😳 Well… I could, it would just take some time. πŸ˜›

  11. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Hey Alyx, I was wonderin? You think der is a KFC or Dominoes pizza in heaven? My mind been on dat lil while naw. I had my sister take a survey by where she work and her co-workers say they think one maybe there but differently Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hell. Cause nothing like that up there, what I hear, someone gone and smuggle 1 combo up there an nearly cause a riot man! But if you can shed some light on this lemme know πŸ™‚

    • Mil says:

      Pretty sure Elvis opened up a chain of KFC’s in heaven, BG. And Jimmy Hendrix? He started an Amsterdam inspired waffle cafe. That’s where all the funky youngens hangout.. Amy and Kurt etc. πŸ™‚

    • Alyx says:

      The facetious answer: I think to be truly heaven, there would have to be every single eatery that has ever served a tempting food item — so yes, fried chicken and pizza joints and Jack-in-the-Box too. Not to mention the Owl Cafe in New Mexico, which served me a mouth-watering chicken fried steak with cream gravy. *moment of silence, broken only by drooling* And furthermore, to be truly heaven we would be able to eat cinnabons and gelato and bacon to our hearts content without any health problems at all. So sayeth Alyx-the-Religious-Glutton.

      The serious answer: I think heaven won’t have any of those things, because our spirit bodies won’t need to eat. *sob* And even though I believe our spirits will be outrageously joyful and peaceful in the other realm, I will miss being able to taste with human taste buds soooooo much. That, and sex, and massages, and spanking, and puppies. Not necessarily in that order. πŸ˜€

  12. Ash says:

    Anyone up for a Halloween challenge? πŸ˜€

    • bahamagirl1996 says:

      What you have in mind?

      • Ash says:

        Oh I am just working on a story. Well I wrote something a while ago, about someone going to a costume party… dunno why I came up with that, think it was because I imagined a woman dressed as a amazon and I thought it was hot… but yah anyways… I went though ideas I had for stories, and then I saw it… and I was like “Wow! If I can finish this story, it would be great for Halloween!”
        So yah… I am going to try to finish it for Halloween. πŸ˜€ And therefore… I thought it would be cool like if others had stories for Halloween too… hehe.

    • Alyx says:

      Ash, I think it’s wonderful you’re working on a story, and be sure to let us know when it’s up! But much as I would like to participate, I have too many things going on (including writing projects!) at the moment, I’m afraid. 😦

      Still, I hope you get some people taking you up on your challenge. Hey, maybe we should tell Fizzy to re-post her Halloween story from a long time ago??

    • Alyx says:

      Okay, Fizzy’s story, Subnormal Activity, is posted on my Links page. A disclaimer from me: Any resemblance to anyone, living or not, is entirely coincidental!

      • Ash says:

        Okay Alice… I mean Alyx. Or was it the monster that resembled you? πŸ˜€

        I wish someone would write a story with an Ash character. I think I would look good in a story. Just to add some good bratty seasoning.

        • Fizzy says:

          “Okay Alice… I mean Alyx. Or was it the monster that resembled you? :D”

          *Fizzy rolls around on the floor giggling until she cries*

        • Alyx says:

          *swat!* I was NOT Alice in the story, nor was I the monster, wisearse. To be honest I’m not sure which top Fizzy modeled me after (I’m certain it was a top *narrow-eyed look*), but I do know some of the other aspects of the story were from conversations which occurred on the old SD forum. The pot, for example, and the reference to microwave meals (there was a discussion about how bad they were for your health). I’m pretty sure all the brats have aspects of the author, however. πŸ˜€

          • Ash says:

            Owiee! Ok ok. 😦
            But you at least acknowledge that maybe possibly one character might be based on you? πŸ˜‰

            • Fizzy says:

              *wiping eyes* I just loved your first thought being that Alyx was the brat. πŸ˜† No, actually no character was based on any one person. As she said, I did use specific in-jokes from the old board, but the characters who said them in the story weren’t based on the real people who posted them, if that makes any sense. It may not.

              Hey Ash, where’s your story!?! It’s November 2! want story!

              • Ash says:

                Well i didn’t actually believe that. I was just teasing. πŸ˜‰

                Oh the story. Well today I had work, and I slept less than two hours last night, so I might be too tired to finish it tonight. I was gonna out myself to bed early. I am glad it’s not homework! *LOL* I was set on getting it done for Halloween, but I am the queen of procrastinating!

                Though I must say… I’m a little surprised people are so excited about reading my story! O_o Please don’t have high expectations… It’s not a master piece or anything.

  13. Raine says:

    Sounds like a great idea, Alyx! I’ll try and see if I cna come up with something before December 24! πŸ˜€

  14. bahamagirl1996 says:

    Happy Halloween Alyx !

  15. Ash says:

    Okay okay… I published my Halloween story, you guys. It’s a little late. Please don’t spank me.

  16. cutey1991 says:

    Hey, Alyx i know i have a habit of disappearing for months at a time but i still read your blog. I love the idea of a christmas story. I’ll definitely write one.

  17. Peach says:

    I counted 11 yes so far (including a few maybe). Getting excited at the thought of reading so many (naughty hehe) stories over the break!! I hope everyone is working on it, especially YOU, ma’am. πŸ™‚

    Author list so far: Alyx, BG, Ash, Peach, thanatos, Sandy, Ella, Mil, Fizzy, Raine, and cutey.
    Did I miss anyone?

    • Alyx says:

      Yes, I’m getting excited at the thought of so many “gifts” too! πŸ˜€ And I just want to remind everyone that they don’t need to write a novel, okay? A very short little “scene” or a poem (or even a Xmas haiku) are all very welcome! It’s the thought that counts, right?

      And yes, young lady, I AM working on a story as well. Which is partially why I’m not always around (and why people wait forever for my email replies). You just worry about your own contribution! /:-]

      I’m thinking maybe I should create a little section on the “Links” page for it, and post everyone’s separately, so people can have a chance to comment on all of them. Haven’t figured out the format yet….but I will. πŸ™‚

      • Ash says:

        I sort of started scribbling mine down with a pen… but I think maybe mine is going to be longer than 1000 words. 😦
        My story is going to be set in Norway, because that is where the Top is from. Also… I don’t know if you guys knew this… but… there is a rumour that Santa lives in Norway. πŸ˜€

  18. Micah says:

    Hey Alyx. I’ve got a short story ready. Just let me know when and how you would like it posted. By the way – if I find a picture on a website and want to attach it to the story, is that ok? I don’t know if it’s legal, etc

    • Ash says:

      Already? Wow, Micah, you don’t procrastinate much do you? πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to reading your story, and the other stories people will be posting. This is going to be great! πŸ˜€

      I just finished my exams so now I have time to focus on mine… though so far I have celebrated with playing computer games, but I will write one too… eventually. πŸ˜›

    • Alyx says:

      OMG. I mean, that’s great, Micah! *g* (*Making note to start seriously working on mine!*) If you send it to me I can post it on a page for you, and I will group all the story pages together on the Links section. I figure it I give you all your own pages, it will be easier for people to comment on them individually.

      As far as a link to to a picture, I can do that as long as you send me the link. However if it’s not one of those “free for non-commercial use” type of images, we probably should credit the site/person where we got it.

      But here’s a question for everyone: Do you want to read all the stories at the same time? Meaning should I put them all up at once? Or would you like me to post them as they come in? Let me know.

      • Peach says:

        Personally, whatever you decide is fine with me. But if you really wanna know people’s preferences, you can always put up a poll. πŸ˜‰
        Yay I vote for a poll. Heheh

      • Ash says:

        I think posting them as they come in is a good idea. That way we don’t have to go through the trouble of deciding which one to read first! Cuz there is gonna be so many… right? *hoping*

        I umh… I’m gonna work on my story soon… I’m still playing computer games… ooh and I made a gingerbread house… that I bought at the store and decorated (honestly… who are we kidding? No one is gonna make the dough themselves right?) Honestly… what luck is it that the day I am done with my exam I find out there is a new The Sims 3 expansion pack I didn’t have? Imaging finding that out while I was trying to do my exams!? But no worries… I’ll get the story done in time for Christmas.

        I would suggest a spanking penalty for those who miss the due date… but then… we DO want people to finish in time. πŸ˜‰ *wink* *wink*

    • Alyx says:

      Okay, just send me the story, Micah, and I will post it up for you. πŸ™‚ If you’d rather post it yourself that’s fine too, just let me know and I can direct you to the comments section of the page I’m going to create. (But I think it’s better to have an actual page for it.) Looking forward to reading it!

  19. Amy says:

    Is it took late for me to participate! I love this idea! Plus I don’t get to write lesbian literature that often!

    • Alyx says:

      Of course it’s not too late! (Heck, I’m expecting half the brats to start on Dec. 24th!) Send me your Xmas contribution and I will post it. Glad you’re going to be participating, Amy. πŸ™‚

  20. Ash says:

    Alyx… haven’t you gotten any Christmas stories yet? I’ve written like 900 words so far, but the story haven’t really begun properly. I made a mind map today, so I know what I want in it. πŸ˜€ Seeing as mine is set in Norway, it needs something cultural I think.

    • Alyx says:

      I’m sorry, I have gotten a wonderful Xmas story from Micah, and a cute Xmas poem from JustBrat. But I have not had a chance to put them up yet because of a very unexpected requirement to clean all the rooms in my house! *wail* This is NOT something I need right now, with all the other craziness of the holiday season and being short-handed at work. But I will work on it tonight, so hope to have something soon from those admirable EARLY gifters!

      I still have to work on my own story too, Ash. But I WILL have it done in time, in spite of many things clamoring for my attention, so you better finish yours on time too! *meaningful look*

      • Ash says:

        You have to clean all the rooms in your house!? *fainting* And I’m having a hard time cleaning my bedroom… I’ve been meaning to do that too. *LOL*
        I’ve been busy lately too. I got back from London being very tired, because I did A LOT of walking even if I did have a day-ticket for the tube, and then I had to work the very next day, and work have been SOOOO busy! Mon, I’ve been doing overtime. I can’t wait for my next pay day, so it can be worth it!

        Of course… I’m trying to get my story written in time. It WILL be done in time. I mean… seeing as I have been umh… telling people they should join… then at least I should write a story myself! Otherwise it’s not fair, and I’m a very fair person. *nod*

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