This is not clever or interesting….

but Fizzy has convinced me I have to announce this or no one will notice. 😀 I noticed the “Bug Alyx Here” page was getting way too long, so I decided it would be easier for everyone to post little comments (and also talk to each other, and not just me) if I created a messageboard instead. Messageboards are older technology — primitive by current standards — but we already have an awesome forum and don’t need another. So a simple board should do the trick.

You’re still welcome to post on the Bug Alyx Here blog pages…I love it when you do. But if you don’t feel like scrolling down 600 messages, you might want to check out the messageboard. Oh, and it’s on the Bug Alyx Here page (not the Bug Alyx Here [Prev] or Bug Alyx Here [Prev2] pages). This is where Fizzy informed me that “No one uses the tab at the top if there is a drop down list! No one will ever find it.” And outside of curious Ash-brat, apparently she is right! *snort*

Aaaaaanywayyyyy, if you click on the top tab, the link is there. 🙂

P.S. Yes, I am working on a story, and I’m about 3/4 done. So if I’m MIA, it’s cuz of Gay Pride Week, and that. *g*

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