Sweet and hot…

Tenth Muse Top has created another amazing story, this time for Valentine’s Day. I love it — it’s magical in the way that Aer so very skillfully knows how to write, and hot, and extremely funny! Check it out: Valentine’s Day.  And then let her know how it melted your chocolates! 😀

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73 Responses to Sweet and hot…

  1. sparrow says:

    TMT ROCKS! The descriptions of the chocolates by themselves were orgasmic, and the story, as you said, was tantalizingly hot, charming, and really funny! Awsome talent!

  2. Awww… thanks for the heads- up Alyx! It’s lovely to see so many familiar faces stopping by my blog, even if I am corrupting them with dark fantasies about chocolates. Tut Tut. *g* … Maybe my next tale should be set in a gym? Or…. a meditation retreat? Somewhere holistic and um… healthy where the only -very oure- temptation is the slight desire to bend over and think of England!

    🙂 xxx TMT

    • SP says:

      Yay for a gym story TMT!
      My pilates class is quite inspiring with everyone in *ahem* dodgy looking positions and all. lol Oh and the instructor always says the darnest things, like: depending on your balls size, ….bottom up higher … to a roomful of giggling women (and one gent). 🙂

    • Alyx says:

      Funny, I very often think of England when I am bending over. And then I’m usually yelling for England. 😆

      (It was an amazing story, honey. I loved it. 🙂 )

  3. Raine says:

    Hmmm… Chocolate and spanking, that’s a good combination. 😉
    That was terrific TMT. 🙂

  4. cutey says:

    I loved it. At the begining I thought that the artist would be the one taking charge and then it turned around so lovely like. It was great.

  5. Loki says:

    Whenever I read anything by TMT I find myself drifting in the story in the same way I might find myself drifting on a small boat on a lazy summer afternoon. Except I’m not sure how I got on the boat or where the lake came from. It’s the pace I think. It’s so languid and patient. It chides one for wishing to rush ahead. The tension builds slowly, the story is layered bit by bit. Every word is placed with care and reason. Then there’s the voice – the author’s voice so strong and distinctive you can almost hear it. I very much enjoy being taken to these exotic locations with these exquisite women. It’s another world, one which we are all allowed to press our noses up against and gaze into.

    • Alyx says:

      Mmm, that was beautiful, Loki. And quite well put. Her distinctive voice is unmistakable….especially in person or over the phone. *vbg* No, seriously, her stories are quite extra-ordinary. 🙂

      • Loki says:

        Alyx that was naughty. You are a tease. A top tease. Something should be done about that.

        • Alyx says:

          I’M naughty?? I see what you did there, with your clever statement which could be interpreted two ways! I shall interpret it as “a top who is a tease”….which is unfair. I simply confirmed that Aer’s voice and accent are as sexy as you all imagine. 🙂

          (And if you meant it [as I suspect] the other way, as one who teases tops…well, that’s simply untrue. But *cough* someone will no doubt do something about it anyway! :lol:)

  6. *just blown away*

    Loki – that literally brought tears to my eyes.

    My way of being a writer is that it is a solitary occupation, battling with words and concepts and characters who tend to have have minds of their own, – but also battling self-doubt and all the usual insecurities that sit on the opposite shoulder to the Muse who inspires the process… So… to read such a lovely response to my work is truly a gift. *Thank* you.

    🙂 TMT

    • Loki says:

      We all think we suck. (That’s a less poetic way of saying it.) There’s some evidence however, that people who worry about being bad at things are more likely to be good at things than people who think they are awesome at them. There’s a name for the idea, but it has slipped my mind. Don’t worry though, you’re empirically awesome at writing. Those are the results from the lab.

      • sparrow says:

        (Adaptive motivation? llk.media.mit.edu/courses/readings./Dweck.pdf)

        I agree with Alyx. Your poetic description of TMT’s work was beautiful, and stunningly accurate.

  7. Basketball Girtl says:

    I think I you take this link which just looks just the same as Sparrows and try positioning it in a different browser it may work. I had not trouble with it on my smart phone but when I try to use these computers some things are becoming more difficult. Place the following link in the address box on the browser and it should work 🙂
    I used moxilla fire fox as the browser.

    • Alyx says:

      It wasn’t the browser, Basketball Girtl. (*g* Changed your name, didja?) I use FireFox too. It was a period after the word “readings,” but your link worked, so thank you. 🙂

    • Basketball Girl says:

      Thanks for figuring that out Smallfry 🙂 Sorry, I lack attention to detail and the ability to make any sense after being awake 28 hours. But glad the link worked. The article was interesting, glad Sparrow posted it 🙂

      • Alyx says:

        I beg your pardon! “Smallfry”?? Just who do you think you’re addressing, young lady? *raised brow*

        (Have not had a chance to read the whole article yet, but yes, it is interesting.)

        • Basketball Girl says:

          Sorry ma’am. Guess Smallfry is off limits? May I ask why? Is it because I can’t call you by any nickname or ones you don’t endorse because it is disrespectful and/or you don’t like the nickname? (truly just curious not trying to be bratty)

          • pippin says:

            Alyx prefers ‘snuggly wuggly teddy bear’. Fits her better, don’t you think? *g*

            • Alyx says:

              Basketball Girl, above you can see an example of why I assumed you were bratting me by the “Smallfry” nickname — because that’s what most of the brats do! *swatting Pippin with my snuggly wuggly paw*

              But if you were using it in a “serious” manner, then I’ll answer your question seriously: I would consider that particular nickname to be disrespectful to a top. Not sure if you’ve seen past posts on the subject, but one brat in particular (*cough* Mo *cough*) who has met me in person would call me “Shorty” because she was taller than me, and she knew she could needle me with that. Other brats delightedly picked up on that angle to tease, and I believe “Smallfry” was one of the words used to try to provoke me. (Pippin can’t call me that because she’s even shorter than I am. 😀 )

              So I would always tend to assume nicknames, especially slightly derogatory ones, are being used in a provocative manner, and the brat in question wants dealing with. (In RL I prefer nicknames I’ve chosen for myself, and “Alyx” actually happens to be one of those. 🙂 )

              Is it different for you, then? I’m guessing from “Basketball Girl” that you’re probably something of a jock, and so maybe you and your friends all throw all kinds of nicknames around in a friendly and affectionate manner?

              • Well said, Kitten. 😉


                • Alyx says:

                  Aw, Hon-ey! 😳 (Okay, there are other nicknames I don’t mind, even though I didn’t choose them myself. *bg* But it obviously depends on who’s using them!)

                • Basketball Girl says:

                  You seem to know all the rules and how to communicate effectively. Can’t you help some of us out who don’t know all the rules yet. Maybe something similar to the concept of ‘word of day’?

              • pippin says:


                Good things come in small packages. *bg*

              • Basketball Girl says:

                I was poking at you a bit, but did not mean any disrespect. I would not intentionally be disrespectful towards you or anyone else. Not my style, I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
                And you are correct that I’m used to lots of nicknames being thrown around. For me, ‘getting’ nicknames make you part of the team or group and are kinda earned. I am generally the smallest person on any team I’ve played on, so I have had several nicknames related to my size: Short stuff, Smalls, Tiny, Mighty Mouse, Baby Fish to name a few. And others that maybe considered slightly derogatory: Doofus, Trouble, Rookie. But the names are all in good fun and when I see people from the different teams they still call me the names.
                I can see your point about nicknames and I’ll stick with Alyx from now on, but know I was not trying to create any ill will or be disrespectful.

                • Alyx says:

                  No, Mighty Mouse Basketball Girl, I never thought you were being deliberately disrespectful…you strike me as being too intelligent for that. 🙂 And you didn’t create any ill will, not at all. But as I said, around here it’s generally expected the brats would use such nicknames in order to provoke, and so that’s how I responded. No offensive intended, or received, yes? (People I see from college still call me the nickname I had then too…but if I told you that one, I’d have to kill you. *LOL*)

                • Basketball Girl says:

                  No offense intended or received. 🙂 This handbook is complicated, I must read it more thoroughly. I keep ending up in trouble without trying, mostly. Thank you for telling me when and how I’m not following the rules, I do appreciate it.
                  You know, there are several ways of getting people to talk and the best thing about them is the people don’t remember and it doesn’t hurt (intended to be bratty) 🙂

  8. Dear BG,

    We-ell, the Top’s approach tends to be ‘Patience, Strategy and Action’… so I suppose the Brat’s approach should be ‘Reconnaissance, Strategy and Action OR Inaction, depending on your intent. 🙂

    (And as a helpful rule of thumb, Alyx is always right about everything, even when she isn’t. Or so she tells me. *wink*)

    🙂 TMT

  9. Basketball Girl says:

    *bowing to you*
    Wow! You are a brilliant and formidable Top, your brat is lucky.

    • Alyx says:

      *clearing throat* TMT doesn’t have a brat, though I will agree she is a brilliant top. Just to make that clear. *g*

      • Tenth Muse Top says:

        Yeah, right. *LOL* And, very shortly, my ‘no-I’m-not-a-Brat’ will *not* be sitting comfortably for an entire week after that one!

        • SP says:

          Ooo, *whispering to others* hey ladies, this time there’s really gonna be a show. I just know it! 🙂 Please grab the food and get ready. hehheheh

          • Raine says:

            Ohhhh things are getting interesting here. *grabs popcorn and soda and sits next to Peach*

            • Alyx says:

              Sorry to disappoint you, SP, Raine, and Allm9. There will be no show….unless you lot want to provide the entertainment? *raised brow*

              • allm9 says:

                (*taps SP and Raines shoulders whispering*) well as they say in the military “duck n cover” OR is it “RETREAT” ? uhmm live to fight another day? (how about that one?)…

                Dont worry alyx i just cant see you EVER disappointing anyone its just not in u ..right? (well give or take waiting for a new story but thats really just impatience on our part)..( so does sucking up get brownie points?)..see im TRYIN to be better! 🙂

            • alsyn says:

              hey raine can i sit next to you, i brought mm’s great big smile….alsyn

        • Alyx says:

          Yikes. *clears throat again* Okay, I can see this calls for some damage control. Let me be even clearer:

          1) TMT is my top. I call her my “sometimes-top” because she is also my lover, and our relationship encompasses a whole range of things which far too beautiful and complex (and private) to be summed up in a single label. In other words, the way we relate is not about her topping me 100% of the time.
          2) However she is fully and completely a top, and as BG noted, a brilliant and formidable one. Also, I AM lucky as heck to have her as my lover. 🙂
          3) TMT may indeed have a brat (or brats), as her inclination goes. My protest was about the characterization of me as one of them. There is nothing wrong with being a brat, but I truly don’t believe it describes me.
          4) I won’t argue that I have bratty moments (believe me, it has been pointed out to me *snort*), and those moments are addressed as you might expect by my sometimes-top. (And NO, I’m not going to describe them right now, so forget about it!) But having bratty moments are, I believe, different from being a full-blown brat. And I know some might disagree, but there you have my opinion, for what it’s worth. 🙂

          • Basketball Girl says:

            My only question is if TMT does not have enough full-time brats, where does the line start in hopes we could be her next brat or it is some application process. Or more likely given TMT’s high intelligence, when do the impossible games begin?

            • Tenth Muse Top says:

              *smile*… Now *there’s* a challenge! *thinking* Hmmm!

              Thanks for the compliment, BG and for making me smile!

              🙂 TMT

            • Alyx says:

              Psst! There’s a long line in front of you, BG. But let me just warn you the application process is pretty stiff, and the audition itself….well, I still wince when I think about that one! 😀

              • Basketball Girl says:

                All the respectable, knowledgeable ones have long lines 😦 But maybe if I get in line soon I can eventually make forward progress in the line. Thanks for the warning, I doubt I’ll ever get close enough to participate in the audition. Sounds scary, especially if you still wince.

          • Tenth Muse Top says:

            And.. in truth, it is me who is the lucky one.
            *k* XXk

  10. allm9 says:

    hey if it happens will anyone use the cellphones for video? then we all can watch on youtube!;) from the safety of our own homes! (snicker snicker)…oooh and i like popcorn with LOTS of butter on mine please and thank u!

  11. Basketball Girl says:

    I do not know the relationship dynamics around here. I assumed that TMT had a full-time brat (not you). When I ‘characterize’ your individual persona (the fictional one on this site), I picture you as a caring, patient, fun-loving Top, who deserves the utmost respect. And since you can wield anything made of wood, it scary when I am guilty. 🙂 All that to say, I do not think of you as a brat at all.

  12. DisneyDyke says:

    I think that distinction you draw between what you sometimes do and what you are is an extremely important one, Alyx.
    We all have moments that seem the exception to our rule, I guess.
    Well, actually I have kind of a problem doing just that, distinguising between things I do and what I am. It is a problem and it is tiring. It also means keep changing my view of myself on a dayly basis (more than that). One ends up feeling fragmented.
    Of course, labels are allright when one chooses them but maybe it’s wise to choose (at least) some of them carefully. If we are not comfortable defining ourselves as something, maybe that’s just easily explained by the fact that we are not that something. A brat in your case.

    • Alyx says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about changing your mind on a daily basis, DisneyDyke. You strike me as someone who’s still very young, and you have lots of time to figure things out. Not to mention that no matter how old one gets one is (hopefully) always evolving and growing! (I’m thinking the brat definition, while an oft-discussed subject, merits a blog post soon. Hmm…..)

      • Basketball Girl says:

        Thank you for that comment about individuals always evolving and growing. You just helped me realize a couple things. I’ll elaborate later, if you want more information. But thank you very much!

        • Alyx says:

          Glad if something I said in passing helped anything at all. 🙂 And thanks for reminding me that I should update my quotes section. *LOL*

  13. allm9 says:

    uhhmm ok if i may be so bold..can i maybe ask another question (besides this one! lol) uhhh, well..shoot even just writing it is making me feel like a bloody idiot!..so yeah. (quite literally rubbing back of neck, chewing bottom lip right now)(*mentally slapping myself upside the head..stop acting like a fricking moronic idiot and suck it up!*). What you wrote alyx, about you and TMT confused me totally. Well needless to say i guess this is where my total lack of comprehension and naivety is being proven again but uhmm, yeah (still rubbing neck and turning beet red) i take that this site its more kidding and stuff..but i thought people automatically had to be in a relationship? I’m also sorry as I know I’m rambling (nervous habit ..sorry) but i’m not sure how else to say it so i hope you understand what i mean, as its taken me a few days to get the courage to ask.

    • Alyx says:

      I’m sorry to say that I don’t understand what you mean, Allm9. At least, I’m not sure what the question is, unfortunately. Something about people being in a relationship? Please feel free to clarify. I rarely take offense, and if I don’t want to answer I’ll let you know. 🙂

  14. allm9 says:

    yeah, i’m not the best at explaining myself sometimes, sorry i sounded so confusing and stupid, whats in my head doesn’t always come out properly. Ok assuming here again, but i figure i don’t know how to say it differently. I thought anyone who did this dd relationship thing were naturally living together, in either a f/f or m/f relationship (no i don’t mean friendship either just to clarify) for it to work..how can u be a brat or have a top if u aren’t together? because if their not around how would they even know you did anything wrong/caused mischief? and i swear i’m not asking for details just trying to clarify my misconceptions..Heck i didn’t even know this sorta thing existed until a few weeks ago, Plus i take it that its just not something y’all jump into right? i figure there’s gotta be tons of trust for it to happen right? what about people that can’t/have a hard time with trust? It could never occur? (ok uhmm i read this and reread it over 40 plus times so i think i got out most of the errors and i hope it makes more sense! 😉

    • Alyx says:

      Okay, I understand what you’re asking now. Thanks for clarifying. Before I answer let me say that this is just one person’s opinion/experience, and everyone does things their own way. There are all kinds of relationships out there, and TTWD is no exception.

      I believe the ideal way to conduct a discipline relationship IS when the two people involved are living in the same place (and I don’t necessarily mean the same house). It’s true that it’s easiest to see if things are not going as they should if you see the person on a regular (preferably daily) basis. That said, there are lots of discipline relationships that involve two people who are top and bottom/brat, but not romantically involved. Some relationships are between friends, or between people who are just together because of the discipline involved. (And btw, when I say “just” I’m not denigrating it. A top/bottom relationship, even if the two are not lovers, can be full of caring and intimacy too.)

      In addition, some relationships in this age of the internet are bound to develop between people who are in different cities/states/countries. Just like there are long-distance romantic relationships, so are there long-distance discipline relationships. And long-distance relationships of any kind face special challenges, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for everyone. But finding someone you “click” with, especially in something as personal as TTWD, means sometimes that the person won’t be any one of those that are geographically closest to you.

      In the case of a long-distance relationship, trust and honesty become especially important. In my case, I would never think about lying about something which I know I would be corrected for. What would be the point? How would that help me in the long run? How would that strengthen a relationship which is supposed to be based on trust? It’s fine to “play” about things and pretend to hide them, or perhaps even cause your top to give you the third degree to uncover something (which actually as a top I have a limited tolerance for, if it’s serious discipline *g*), but if you’re not just playing then I think it’s self-defeating. And when it comes to the actual discipline, there are many methods depending on who you’re speaking to. Some people wait till they see each other in person, some people assign writing lines or early bedtimes, some people instruct you to spank yourself. And I’m sure there are even more methods than that.

      Again, it’s not for everyone. And having someone there all the time to interact with you and correct you immediately is the ideal situation. But unfortunately sometimes we have to live with less than the ideal situation in RL. Hope that answers your question.

      • allm9 says:

        Yes ‘m it did answer my question/s rather well thank you very much. Plus, thanks for taking the time out to answer my ramblings because i know you didn’t have to! However, it caused more questions..Ok what the *bleepity bleep* does TTWD mean? Anyone can feel free to tell the clueless one here! 🙂 (and yeah that would be me! )..Also, really?? You’re not pulling my leg? You can smack yourself? AND if it is possible doesn’t self preservation make it impossible? Not like you can hit yourself as hard as someone else? can ya? or wouldn’t you just hit lighter or give up sooner since you’re in control, again since self preservation is inherent? Sometimes i really don’t feel like the sharpest tool in the shed! ;P

        • Alyx says:

          TTWD = “This/the thing we do.” Just another way of referring to the “s-word.”

          Yup, you can smack yourself, and quite right, self-protective instincts would almost always keep you from hitting yourself as hard as someone else might. And if your top is telling you to keep going for 3 minutes or to give yourself 20 whacks, I suppose you could give up sooner or lie about what you’re doing. (Though a web-cam or over over-the-phone punishment might cut down on that. *g*)

          But what would be the point? Again, who is it serving to lie about stuff? If you’re in it seriously you’d want to get better, and if you’re in it for play, you’d enjoy the spanking anyway! 😀

          • allm9 says:

            Thanks again for taking the time to answer. I really do appreciate it. Compared to everyone here i feel like i am so slow and naive it isn’t funny. Everybody understands what you are saying while i’m still struggling just to comprehend what the*bleepln* abbrevs..mean! 🙂 Anyhoo, thanks again.

  15. disneydyke says:

    Merits a blog post? Now you realize you are just setting yourself up for poking and bratting and whining? Please, Alyx, please, at least write a post!
    I’m relatively young, I guess, yes. But not that young. Well, a lot of that is context, isn’t it? Being 22 can mean being a young adult (but adult nonetheless), being young and energic but sensible and mature… Or it can mean being lost, just as lost as 18 or possibly even more.
    I have time to figure things out, yes. I also need to get to the figuring them out part.

    • Alyx says:

      I’ll think about writing a post, if I can find the time. 🙂

      You are young enough to have lots of time to figure things out. Especially given the fact that most people are still trying to figure out the hard things into their 70s and beyond. On the other hand, by the time you get up to your 70s you also worry a lot less about stuff that’s not important. *g* I understand feeling like you want to get stuff settled and move on because you think you’re behind where you should be. But trust me, the years pass so fast you’ll wish later that you weren’t in such a hurry. 😉

      • Thank you so much for those words. I’m truly going through a bad time. I feel I shouldn’t be going through a bad time, but the fact remains I am. And kind words, even kind words from “people in the internet” help a lot. So thank you very much, really. I will try and believe maybe not one month from now, maybe not even one year from now, but someday… I will get there, little by little, baby steps (this is my motto these days). Thank you, really.

      • disneydyke says:

        Thank you, Alyx. Those are kind words and kind words mean a great deal to me, even from people in the internet, yes. I’ll try and remember maybe not one month from here, maybe not even a year, but I will be better someday. I just need to get there one day at a time, little by little (my motto these days, seems stupid sometimes but I can really see it helps when I actually believe it) and assuming sometimes it’s one step further then two steps back too, that kind of thing. sigh. Really, thanks a lot.

  16. sparrow says:

    Alyx, I just read your reply to Allm9 in which you mention TTWD relationships between friends who are not lovers and how this can be loving and intimate without being romantic. You may recall I was agonizing over finishing my first attempt at writing a story and, even though I thought it was pure dreck, I did indeed finish it .. Oddly, it contains not only two different kinds of romantic TTWD relationships, it is really more centered on a non-romantic TTWD relationship between two friends who had never been lovers. At least, that was what I had intended it to focus on. I can’t believe I found the ovaries to actually send it off to Pippin about two hours ago…but I did. I should probably apologize for sullying Pippin’s beautiful site with this amateur mess, but at least I can say I tried….you will be relieved to know there will be no repeat attempts and I am not going to quit my day job.

    I have to say, I have been having way too much fun on SK this week!

    • Alyx says:

      That’s great news, Sparrow! I know part of the reason Pippin created the site was to host writers who didn’t have anywhere else to post their stories, so I’m looking forward to reading yours there soon. 🙂

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