Great news!

My friend Pippin has created a beautiful site, which will be a repository of a multitude of F/F kink material! Something long overdue, and something which I know will be of interest to you naughty readers out there. πŸ˜€

She is still in the process of loading things on there and is taking a short break to recover from her labors, but will be back at it soon. Be sure to let her know how much you like her efforts (it’s a lot of work, trust me), or if you have leads for her, be sure to let her know that too.

Check it out: Sapphic Kink

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25 Responses to Great news!

  1. Dawn says:

    New website: Yum!

  2. Sparrow says:

    Thanks for posting this link. Pippin has a marvelous sense of humor and the site is quite entertaining and well done. There is not enough Sapphic DD available. The SD Forum and Library was sadly missed. Sapphic Kink promises to fill the void and to be great fun!

    About the shortage of SDD stories, I have found this genre to be poorly represented in ebooks available from Amazon and B&N. Aside from the works of Loki Renard, (who is, IMHO, the Queen of Spanko Kink in all categories,) there is a great honking need for more SDD writers, of collected short stories and novels. Indeed, in all areas of entertainment and literature, with and without kinks and fetishes, it is evident that lesbian romance and mystery writers are a mear fraction of the LGBT talent that is available from ebook sellers. I for one would be quick to purchase collected shorts or novellas by the writers whom you have showcased, especially yourself and TMT. There is no doubt that there is a huge untapped market out there. Here’s a thought: You Gize could get together and form your own publishing company!

    I’m such a dreamer!

    • Alyx says:

      Needless to say I agree with you about the shortage of spanko kink and Queen Loki. πŸ™‚ And that idea of an anthology of collected works of more than one writer in the genre is intriguing….will have to look into that! However I don’t know about the “huge untapped market,” to be honest. The question has come up before about how many of us there are, and I tend to think that lesbians are a minority of the population, and spanko lesbians a small fraction of that. Then when you count the number that like to read….well, it gets pretty tiny. 😦

      • sparrow says:

        I suspect there is a larger audience than you perceive, just as I suspect there are a great many lurkers who never make themselves heard, never write reviews as other than anonymous, and are living deep in their closets, believing as you say that they are a tiny minority. I believe Kinsey grossly underestimated the percentages in his study. I also believe that we have not progressed very far since Kinsey in understanding human sexuality. I think a lot of what is called “kink” is far more normal and universal than has been acknowleged. We may be a minority, but we number in the millions Mostly in silent isolation.
        That is why I believe that, If the stories were available, they would sell, because there is a need. Sort of like “If you build it, they will come”. I think I will hang on to my dream.
        In the meantime, I am so grateful there is you, Loki, TMT, Pippin, etc………… grateful!

        • Loki says:

          *clears throat* I can answer this one, I think on account of having some actual sales figures to hand. I’ll put it this way. There’s no ‘huge untapped market’ of lesbians who want spanking material. Some people do buy F/F spanking material, but not a lot. Even my very best and most popular F/F ebooks have struggled to break the 100 copy mark, though some of them probably have now. What this means is that for most writers (those who don’t have an insatiable urge to write F/F) it really isn’t ‘worth it’ most of the time.

          So why have I put out 13 or so ebooks in the genre? Because I really like the genre and it’s the community that’s rewarding rather than the income. I don’t think ‘lack of market’ is any reason not to put out ebooks though unless you really can’t afford the time it takes to do so, so I would encourage anyone already writing in the genre to go ahead and put out a book. I’d be more than happy to help if people need it.

          I do think a group anthology would be amazing, and it would probably do very well because those sorts of things do tend to do well. In fact, I’d put my hand up for doing a collaboration.

  3. SP says:

    Ooooo, sounds great! Long overdue indeed, πŸ™‚ hehehe. Thanks for letting us know Alyx! Heading over there now….

  4. Fantastic! I agree that we definitely need more sites/writing like this. I’ve got a story in Say Please (coming out this spring) which definitely covers the F/F kink corner of the world. Can’t wait to check out this site.

  5. pippin says:

    Thank you so very much, Alyx, for mentioning my little website. πŸ™‚

    I was tired of complaining about the dearth of kinky material relating to F/F. So, I thought I’d do something about it. Besides, it gives me an excuse to tinker with code. 8)

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